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S3 E18: Can we talk for a minute?

by Clifton Pettyjohn
January 31st 2021

Can we talk for a minute?



I get it. However, I would like to add a little weight to the definition and say that I may be producing, I may be moving. However, my production and my movements are disrespectful to the purpose that's inside of me, to the greatness that's inside of me. If that's going on that stagnation as well and that's okay. Guess why? Because I have developed a tool. I wrote a book called from stagnation and transformation and that book was written specifically for individuals that feel stuck, that feel lost, that feel like they're just wandering in the wilderness. They feel like they just need something, it's just missing. It's okay. I want you to hit over to www dot clinton Pettijohn dot com forward slash transformation there you're gonna find a complimentary portion of the book. That's right.

A complimentary portion of the book. I want you to read that portion After that. It's gonna ignite such a fire inside of you that you're gonna want to purchase, the your personal copy of from stagnation of transformation. So I want you to do that as well. Why? Because I believe that it will give you a 21 day jump start to fulfilling or re identifying purpose and whatever core area you find yourself stagnant in. So again, visit www dot clinton Pettijohn dot com forward slash transformation. What's up everybody you are listening to the what now podcast where we discuss ways of effectively addressing life's most difficult moments. Okay, Yeah. Hey, what's up everybody? Welcome back. Welcome to the What now podcast That's right. The wood now podcast where we discuss effective ways of facing life's most defining moments.

That's right defining moments. Why do we call them defining moments because we have the right the authority and the responsibility to define those moments and not allow ourselves to subject ourselves to the definition of those moments, clip break that down to me. Listen, I want you to understand that you are greater than any moment you may have experienced in life. Am I saying pretend that it did not happen? No, no, no, no acknowledge that it happened. However, you have the strip it of its power authority and influence in your life. There are some of you, I feel like I'm preaching up in here but I'm excited. I want us to get this. There are some of us that are stuck in the past and some of us stuck in the possibility of a future that seems to never manifest. I'm gonna help you out with that. You have to let that pass go and you have to let go. The assumptions of a future that you're not planning and building for.

Let's do our breathing exercises, let's breathe in you, hold it, breathe out this time, let's do it correctly breathing through your nose. Hold it, breathe out. What you just did was let go of your past, let go of the possibility of the future and you are focused on the now I now have you present. I now have you present what happened yesterday? What happened 10 minutes ago? Does not matter what happens tomorrow does not matter in relationship to your now. But let me explain something to you when you grab hold of the power of the influence, the authority that you have in the now then you begin to produce or create a future that looks like purpose but does not just look like purpose. That actually is the manifestation of purpose. Yeah I might be hyped because I just got off of a podcast interview with Asia on his show and I want you guys, I'll let you know when it comes out.

Great man, I want you to check out his podcast. I'm telling you I'm excited about the episode that I had a chance to be on. I'll put the link in the description so you can check out his podcast even before you listen to my episode because I believe we have to start supporting each other. Y'all. There are some great podcasters out there that you can listen to that will help you along your journey of they are changing the game. You know, I'm all about world changers, not just influencers. World changers why? Because it is important that we begin to change those things that we've allowed to be for so long. They never they no longer serve you change it up. Change it up. Why? It's important for you to begin to embrace change because then you can embrace transformation and you can head over to www dot captain Pettijohn dot com forward slash transformation to pick up your copy of from stagnation of transformation. Also while you're there, you'll see a book preview if you say cliff, I'm not buying your book yet.

That's okay baby, I want you to click on the preview. I want you to read the preview. I want you to apply it to your life. I want you to see the manifestation of that application and I want you to come back. I want you to tell me about that and then I want you to purchase a copy for you, a copy for your friend. I copy For your brother, a copy for your sister, a copy for your mother. A copy for your daddy. A copy for anybody that you believe the benefit from reading this project. All right, let me Mhm. Uh huh. You excited? And somebody said, well, what has happened to make you excited? The only thing that has happened to make me excited is that I woke up this morning real talk. I woke up this morning, I'm gonna tell you I was uh in a clubhouse room on last night and that clubhouse room, you know, completely expanded my mind and expanded my spirit and expanded me to a greater understanding of healing. And you know if you know me, you already know that that God uses me uh to minister about healing as well as for healing to manifest through.

But this room taught me now. I want you to hear me because that's what I want to talk to us about on today, I guess. I don't know, I don't know where we're going. I'm just getting on here uh to talk. One of the things that I vowed to my therapist at the time when I created this podcast was at any time that I felt the unction or the inspiration or the desire to share with our listening audience. I would hop on even without knowing exactly what I'm going to talk about. Why. Because I understand what just texting a young man who's going through a situation, and I was reminding him of how powerful his voice is. The one thing that I've acknowledged in my life is that for years I hated my voice. I hated to hear myself talk. I hated to be put in situations where I had to talk. I hated all of that. I didn't think I had much to say. I didn't think people would value what I had to say. I always thought that other people had more valuable things to say to me. But once I grabbed hold of the reality that there was power, authority, wisdom, knowledge, understanding revelation in my voice, I begin to take advantage of every opportunity that I had to use my voice.

Why? Because no matter what I go through in life, one of the things I understand is that I can talk myself through anything, I can talk myself through anything and let's flip that because here's what I used to think and I used to do. I used to could talk myself out of every situation, I could talk myself out of it. Until one day I came face to face with a situation that I no longer could talk myself out of and many of you have already heard about that situation. And once I came to that space I stopped trying to talk myself out of situations and I started talking myself through those situations through those situations through those situations through those situations. So whatever it is that you have that innate ability within you that give that talent whatever it is that's inside of you that you have that is able to get you through what you need to get through.

You need to allow yourself the space and the opportunity to do it. I was telling this young man so powerful, he's so awesome and he does not realize his awesomeness. And that's funny because sometimes I don't realize mine either. So that's not a judgmental statement. There's times that I have to be reminded of mine, that that's great times that I have to be reminded of mine. But here this, here, this here this doesn't really sound like I'm preaching today. If you want to send your off and on playing that I'll lose you all right there. Right? But listen, one of the things I realized is I had to get to a space where I begin to inspire and encourage myself more than I look forward externally. See, I don't need anybody now to tell me how great I am, how awesome I am, how amazing I am, how great my voice is, how powerful my words are. And I don't need any of that gratification from anybody else.

It's a blessing sometimes I know that when you open up your mouth and speak that people are being empowered. It's also encouraging to know that healing is manifesting people are experiencing things they never experienced before, That that portals are being open to them and dimensions are being open to them that they had never experienced before. That is great. That is wonderful. I love I love to hear the testimonies. Excuse me, one sec. And gatorade. If you are looking to sponsor a podcast, I think I drink y'all. Almost all of my podcast. If I don't, I'll begin to a spot right there. Okay, Anyway, yeah, all of that is great. But you have to get to a space in life where all of that comes internal first or comes more comes from you more internally. Then it does external. That's the inner work that we have to begin to do. That's that inner work that that we we just came out of quarantine. So we're still in quarantine.

Quarantine may have been expanding for some of us because we still haven't gathered or grasp the concept. Excuse me. Sorry, that was rude. We haven't grasped the concept of the person that we are running from is the person that we need the mopes and that's us, baby. I posted something today I got inbox about it, couple inboxes about it and the question was, have you ever just sat and thought I thank God for that person being in my life and my response to this was I do, I really do. It's a lot of people. I thank God for them being in my life. However, the greatest person that I thank God for being in my life, I communicate within a mirror and that's myself because if I don't show up then what happens something cliff, you gotta show up because you're you. But how many times have we shown up? Not as ourselves, what you pause and think about that as I put a little bit best believe all my lips, I want to see my lips, right?

I want us to pause and think about that. How many times have you done people a disservice or more importantly yourself a disservice by not showing up as you because you just didn't think you were good enough, You were intelligent enough. You didn't think you had the bandwidth to show up as yourself to in order to I guess entertain or give people what it was that they needed and the whole time you're thinking they're rejecting you and the reality is they're just saying, I just want you to be you baby. I just want you to be you baby. This evolution in my own life. I'm learning more and more every day how important I am 41 years old baby and I'm learning more and more and I'm learning more and more each day how important it is for me to show up as Clinton Maurice petty john and not show up as this defense mechanism that I created that I think will serve that moment greater.

There is nothing or no one that can serve a moment greater then you when that moment was designed for you. You know what I'm saying? There is nothing or no one greater that can serve a moment greater. That was designed for you. I don't care how articulate they are. I don't care how good they look. I don't care how wonderful their voice is. If that moment was designed for you baby, that moment is for you and for you alone. I encourage you. What was I just talking? Remember I was just talking about this, spread your wings and let yourself fly. Because sometimes what has happened is you've shown up with your wings click clutched. You don't even want to spread your wings and show how beautiful your wings are. You're afraid If you show the beauty of your wings, then that's going to bring forth judgment about you. You're afraid. If you show how beautiful your wings are, they just won't be beautiful enough. You're afraid if I show how beautiful my wings are today, will I be able to read replicate that tomorrow?

Will I be able to produce the same thing tomorrow? No, you won't be able to produce the same thing tomorrow because what will be needed Tomorrow is not what's needed today. Spread your wings. I'm sitting here. I think it's a Mariah Carey spread your wings and begin to fly. Now I was singing. But uh I don't want Mariah hating on me, but I want you guys to spread your wings and just allow yourself to be and I'm telling you I'm out of space in my life where I just don't here who does not like me showing up as me. Because here's two things that could be number one I may not be showing up for them, Or number two, I may be showing up for them and they're just not ready to embrace all that I am yet. However, if they here, however, even if they're not ready to embrace it and I still show up, it still will have influence as they walk away. Some of you just want to have that impact immediately.

There are some people that's gonna have to process what you say. There's some people gonna have to process what it is that you do. There are some people that's gonna have to process and here's the thing about me, I'm a very sarcastic person. Okay? I'm very sarcastic. I like, first of all I like to play a lot. I do. I like to play a lot and there's some days I say cliff you play too much, but I know where I come from and there was a time I just could not play and I refused to go back to that depressive state. I refuse to go back to that depressive state. I will go for the rest of my life. I vowed to be playful. Some people can't take it. I get it. I'm not everybody's cup of tea. Some people like coffee. I myself don't drink coffee unless the start. I drink Starbucks every now and then. I like, I prefer tea from Starbucks, the medicine ball. But I'm not a coffee drinker. Starbucks. If you're looking, just uh sponsor a podcaster, you are welcome to reach out to me. All right, I put the information in the link or in the show notes.

The show notes information in the show notes. Okay. Anyway, yeah, I'm not yeah, not everybody's cup of tea. Some people like coffee. Some people like soda. Some people enjoy water. And even with water, there's certain waters I just don't drink. Maybe I prefer boss, to be honest with you or volcano water. So, some people, your volcano water and all they want is their part. Am I saying anything's wrong with deer park? No, but the taste of it just doesn't do it for me. Does not do it for me and for you, some of you, you're just not going to be some people's taste. And then you're gonna have to realize that there is sometimes an aftertaste that causes you to value that what you want to drink, but you didn't get it to the aftertaste. Some of you are meant to leave an aftertaste in people's mouths versus the original taste. They can't take the original taste of you. But I promise you five years later or five months later, five years later, five weeks later, five, whatever later.

They're gonna taste that what you have given to them and they'll be able to eat off of that. As we were saying the church in the days, weeks and months to come. You just need to show up and be you. You just need to show up with your voice. You need to show up with your presence. You need to show up with your personality, with your personality. And that's why I was saying that I'm at a space now where I will forever laugh. I will forever joke. I will forever play does not mean I don't take things serious because if you know me your passion dot Kasarda, you already know what's up. But at the end of the day, I refuse not to play. I refuse not to play. Why? Because that fits into who I help. Will everybody be able to take it? But guess what? I'd rather them not be able to take me then me get home and beat myself up and cry myself to sleep because I refuse not to show up as me. Once again. Once again. Once again, Once again, Once AGI works. Uh huh. Works.

Uh huh. Yeah. Um works. Uh whoa, show up as you baby. That's all I have to say to you about that. That's all I gotta say about that is show up as you. You hear me? You show up at you now. I want to talk to our listeners. I want first tell you, I love you, I appreciate you. You have been amazing. You've been wonderful. You've been great. There would be no, I always say that no podcast without you. I want to hear from you, I want to hear from you. If there are any changes or any segment you would like me to add to the podcast please let me know if there are some guests that you would suggest to have wonderful what now stories, one of the things that I'm going to get back to because I kind of got away from it and I do apologize to each and every one of you. I kind of got away from the wood nail story concept because I was trying to and I said it on the on the episode that I was gonna intertwine transformation tv transformation radio with the wood now podcast.

I'm not going to do that because that is two different things on transformation radio tv. We will focus on transformative stories, transformative stories, the process of transformation on what now we will focus on exactly what now those moments that revolutionized our lives, our lives and what we are doing with that revolution there. So I want to get back to that. So there's any subjects you would like for me to cover and there's any segments you feel I should add to the show if there's anybody that that you know that's an author, a speaker, a spiritual leader. Just anybody that's a world changer. I want you to reach out to me at clinton patty. No, I want you to reach out to be at admin at the transformation center dot life and center is spelled C E n T r e C N Tr. I want you to reach out.

Someone will get back. But again, I thank each and everyone of you for your love and for your support. And now here's what I want to ask you all. What now, what are you doing now? We're going to transition into february by tom you hear it? I believe it will be february and I always talk about how sometimes we start the year off with resolutions. We start the year off with those, we start the year off, whatever it is that we start the year off with, but by the end of the month were discouraged and we're waiting for the next year. No, that is not how we're going to do it this year. We are going to continue to develop and build the momentum that we need in order to see our goals achieved in 2021. If you need help with it, I encourage you to reach out to me, set up a complimentary coaching call 30, or www dot coach cluster. Yeah. All right, try and think it was anything else that I want to say.

I just love and appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for listening. I do want you guys to get a little more active with giveaways. I have giveaways and you guys don't want any giveaway. So that tells me one or two things. You're not listening to the entire podcast, which kind of, I know you are because I hear your feedback or you just don't feel like texting the simple one word that I give you the text. But I want you guys to take advantage of those giveaways. Some of our guests have given me books. Uh well your books right now and there's some other things that I have, you know that I want to give away to you guys the show that I appreciate and love each and every one of you, but I can't give them away. If you don't let me baby, you gotta let me give them to. You got to be open to receive it. But any time you are open to receiving, you gotta be willing to do the work. So for today's podcast, I want you to text, what do I want you to text today?

Show up 230-64, 30-64 55 44. Text show up to that number. Unless we know you've heard this episode. This was a short episode and it also lets me uh it also gives you an opportunity to enter for the drawing at the end of the month. All right, y'all have fun. I just had to get old and empty out because podcast I just got off. That was such a great podcast. Right? Just his energy. His energy. And here's one more thing before we go. I want you two value your energy in the to where you don't keep allowing yourself to be put in situation for your energy the strong, but it's not. Yeah. All right. I want you to charge yourself, charge yourself up. Stop charging yourself up to waste.

I want you to get an environment, get it at space in places that thousands will end, have equal levels of energy too. And even have some greater levels of energy pull you up to where you begin to operate on. The frequency is supposed to be up. As I always say, create a great day walk with. Why do I keep forgetting I need to change. I may need to change that because for the last couple of times I forgot that. But for now, create a great day walk with purpose walk in, purpose walk, purpose, execute your vision a Mhm Today is a great day to start your own podcast, whether you're looking for a new marketing channel, have a message you want to share with the world or just think it would be fun to have your own talk show, podcasting is an easy and expensive and fun way to expand your reach.

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S3 E18: Can we talk for a minute?
S3 E18: Can we talk for a minute?
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