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S3 E15: Jalmeel Conway

by Clifton Pettyjohn
January 4th 2021

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Today I sit down with one of my mentees for the past 8 years. I have witnessed his growth and evolution, personally and professionally. Jalmeel has been recognized as an emerging l... More

think about if you acted on every idea um perhaps you may have several businesses right now, right? You may be a multimillionaire because you acted on those ideas? Who knows? However, think about it from this standpoint, if you acted on every one of those ideas, perhaps you may be overwhelmed all the time. Perhaps you may be having difficulty managing the different businesses that you have, you may be having difficulty managing the movie, different moving parts, even as for myself, being an entrepreneur, Solo preneurs, they would call uh call me. It's sometimes interesting because I have these ideas for my business, but at the moment I am not at a scale where I can do that. Um but let's talk a little bit deeper. Some of the ideas that I have are good ideas, but a lot of the ideas that I have, number one are not tied to my identity. Secondly, they're not they're not connected to a need or a gap or they don't answer a question. You just heard the voice of identity strategist, Michael Weston Michael spent 10 years as a marketing and branding expert and now he focuses on helping clients identify breakdowns by discovering their identity.

Michael wants to invite new entrepreneurs to a live interactive course where you will receive real time feedback and support as you begin to develop your new identity aligned business. The name of the course is fresh idea, Nettie and we'll explore these three questions, Who am I? Who is my idea for and how does my identity connect to my idea for more information. And to sign up for the course visit www dot fresh dot super normal dot com what's up everybody you are listening to the what now podcast where we discuss ways of effectively addressing life's most difficult moments.

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Or email them at New Made New maid is spelled P. N. E. U. M. A. D. E. Or you can call them at 302 990 8907. Mhm. Huh. Purpose something I did not know until very recently. I didn't believe I had a purpose. I thought that my life was pointless. Um It wasn't until being people like yourself uh and other like voice of reasons that I've got to know over the years that I actually started believing and the purpose that I already was hearing God tell me my life was for and actually following Oh for example, um you made me, Yes, I'm the same name.

Uh take this course um from uh Michael Weston, I believe I'm saying right? Hopefully um you actually heard the ad at the beginning of the show and I encourage each and every one of you to sign up for that course. Yes. So that course was very eye opening. It was like because I went into the course, like I don't really want to be here. This is nothing for me. Like it's like, what, what can you tell me that? I don't already know and hey, the way the course was designed, it's just like, it's a eye opener to stuff that you may already know, but don't know how to voice our not knowing how it's actually going to play out. His course actually was very helpful and to wow, carrying out what I already knew. The purpose was What's up everybody you are listening to the what now podcast where we discuss ways of effectively addressing life's most difficult moments.

Mhm Hey, what's up everybody? Welcome to the what now podcast. That's right. But what now podcast where we discuss effective ways of facing life's most difficult moments and you already know what's up? We scratch that word difficult out. We've erased that word, difficult. We why did that were difficult out? We have eliminated that were difficult and we have replaced it with defining because we have the right the authority and the responsibility to define those moments and not allow ourselves to be defined by those moments. Why? Because you are greater than any moment that you may have experienced in your life. My name is Clinton petty, john I am your trusted voice of transformation. I teach individuals how to revolutionize our lives through purpose identification and execution. Tonight we have an amazing guest with us. He is a mentee of mind, Jamila Conway. We're gonna get to him in a little bit.

But before we do just a few housekeeping things, I want to throw throw out there at you. We are transitioning just from audio to audio and visual. So make sure that you guys are going by my Youtube channel and blowing them numbers up. That's right. Get my number's up. Get my number's up. Don't just subscribe to, I want you to subscribe and listen to the content. You know, we are in season three of the what now podcast and we've had some amazing guests. I've had some amazing conversations with you guys and apparently I like to use the word amazing a lot because I'm sitting here like you said, amazing a lot in less than three minutes. All right. But we, the content over there, y'all Like I said, it's great as far I'm telling you as far whatever it is that you are born through in life there is somebody that has a similar story to yours now. I'm not saying they are just like you or you are just like them, but they have provided some principles, tools, techniques and strategies that they picked up along the way that can help assist you through your journey.

The one thing about a coach and people say, well why do I need a coach? I don't need a coach, I can figure it out on my own. If you play any sports, you understand the role in the responsibility of a coach as a coach? No, it is not my responsibility nor any coach that's worth his weight or her weight. Or there wait, there are weights responsibility to give you the answers, give you the solutions, do the work for you. We simply navigate you to the answers that are locked up inside it and you might say, well if all the answers are inside of me, what do I need you for? You need me because sometimes we get so focused on finding answers and solutions externally when we don't even realize that everything that we need is inside of us. So any good coach is going to help you navigate to those internal tools, techniques and strategies that are inside of you. Okay, so that's why it's important to have that.

But as I said, subscribe. If you don't like the video, you don't want to look at this beautiful face, that's okay, that's okay. You can listen to this beautiful voice on multiple platforms. So make sure you subscribe in whatever way that you desire to subscribe. If you're out there and you have an idea for a show, you have an idea for a podcast, you are a creator and you are creative and you just said I need to know what it is that I need to do next. Listen, reach out to the www dot coach Clifton dot com. Let's set up a complimentary coaching session. All right. And if you don't know what complementary means, that means free baby. It's free. There's no strings attached. I just want to help you take your first step. And if you have not already, I encourage you to go over to my website, purchase your copy of from stagnation of transformation. All right. Uh The First Day of that book is called 1st Step.

So that's why I want to help you take that first step because sometimes that is the most vital step that we will take. Why? Because we're beginning to make decisions that we have not made before in our lives because we want new results in our lives. All right. So let's go. Here we are. We have an amazing guest on tonight that I'm using that word. Amazing again. But yeah, he's a pretty cool dude. He really is is a pretty cool dude. He has a crazy story. Crazy story. God is it has done some amazing things. Yo, clef I need you to go to your face, ours, your internal sensors or something because I'm sick of this word. Amazing. He got his doing some awesome things to do. Um, and I'm gonna allow him to share that on tonight. All right. So without further ado, I want you standing up all over the bill as we welcome the man of God to this precious platform. His name is Jamil, our king, calm way.

All right, everyone clapping your hands as we received the Man of God. What's up man? The first thing that just came to my mind is how not churches you are and how churches you just sound. And I enjoyed it because you know, you don't give me that churches side or this church. You know, I I just did that for you because I know you are a a old man trapped in a young man's body. So I figured that if I gave you that church inside it would make you feel more welcome here on our platform. I am in a 72 year old batches, preacher hooper, listen, trapped in a 29 year old body and here's how we're going to start the show off right there. Name your top five churches on your top of favorite church on uh, Top five.

Number 1. This is the church that coaching all the way, you know, we we have to go where the founders started. Uh Victory. Uh huh. Victory is my # two. If it had not been for the large number three Yeah, I don't know why I got so many I don't think I can name anymore. Now I want you all to understand to notice that he did not name a soul That was written after 1979. All of his songs were written prior to that y'all we are trying to help him Come into the 2000 at least the 199. Well I do Have a couple like 2000 songs I forget but you know later Talk to me, give me one cycles by Jonathan McReynolds. Okay, okay, that's cool that that song is that that that song is my life and seriously it was like um he felt like he wrote that song for me and giving my testimony and I was like oh wow, I play that.

And um what was it the song last time he was here, he was listening to. Yeah. What by Matthew steve with Matthew Stevenson, I don't know if you wrote it but no child. You thought dr Stevenson wrote y'all? Well, I know, I know, I didn't know. I don't want to give him not getting credit. No, he did not write y'all we always been around for a while. That's dr Matthew Stevenson and one of my favorite vocalist Chandler more Chandler moore was on that track as well as long as with the N. Y uh choir sing or whatever they are singers, whatever it is, none of them can sing like me. So that's all I really care. But anyway, listen, welcome to the show. I want to thank you for sitting down with us on tonight. I start every conversation. I have to remember what my camera is. I want you beautiful people to understand that I'm focused on you as well. But um, I start every conversation with an icebreaker question so I'm going to do that as well on tonight.

Tonight's Icebreaker question Is if you could have one super power, this is my favorite iceberg of course. Oh, what would that superpower be and why? I'm not sure what, because I don't want to say though wrong name for it. But the ability to feel um other people's emotions. So what it would be different. I don't know, we'll be waiting for that. Don't worry about the right word. Just just tell me why because it did. I'll explain everybody. I'll explain why I'm left. You know, that I for years, even still to this day, I have a problem of, you know, connected to people on certain things and it was really weird. Especially like an early in ministry and people would come to me and I would just be like, oh, okay, you're sad because they die.

Mm hmm Okay. And I was not the one that I will be like, I would like, I'm sorry that they died because in my head is like, dude, they don't have to deal with this world anymore. They happy. They but as I'm maturing uh with life coming to understand that I still have to, you know, give that connection, get that connection with people and understand what they're going through at the moment. The same way I want somebody, you know, to understand what I'm going through. So that will be my superpower. Also, also it was just funny to me because we had this conversation today, we're just complete conversation that they about empathy and expressing empathy and I will say he has gotten better with it. Like he said like he's like, okay, so they don't have to put up with this world anymore. And I'm like, yo that because I'm not going to say my beliefs have not changed.

I still believe like they in a much better place. Hopefully uh you know, putting people in hell. Child, child, his church, I'm telling you this man is church. You know, the first thing the church does well you do anything that disagrees with them or if they feel as if they don't know what you're doing behind closed doors, how did they put you right in hell? I don't have a heaven or hell a little bit, I'm just saying hopefully, you know, they got it, they got that they are personal connection with God and they're going the right direction, That's my hope. Okay. So we're gonna start a little different tonight, we're going to get to the introduction of yourself as we go along. But their personal relationship with God. What is it? What what does that mean? Because a lot of people feel like that's a new age thing where people use that as a way of not having standards or not living in holiness because we know that holiness is right.

But here's, here's where I always and then we're gonna get to the question here is why I always venture off when I think of holiness, I think of home. So when I think of wholeness, I think of all core areas of your life when my problem comes in many times with a lot of people who cry holiness, he's out of shape. Whether mentally emotionally, physically to me hold, this means that we are taking here of the totality of who we are. But that's just, that's just for me personal relationship with God. What does that mean to you? What does that look like to me that my relationship with my creator. So, and put it into like Lemons time, it's just the connection I had. Like, so if it's, it's whatever you make of it. So it's not know if there's no right or wrong way to say connection to God and my, um, I was very big on, you know, holiness is right and you ain't living coach, you're going to go to hell Burn and uh after, yeah.

Um after, you know, some soul searching and after the church looked at me and was like, wait, you can't be preached the gospel. You're gay. Uh, you can be preaching the gospel, You're, you can't, can we start whether you're gay? She's like, I gotta shut this whole interview, Daniel. I did not know he was, I want to apologize to my listening audience. There's no way possible. I would have done this to you guys. Oh my God, I feel like I deserve it is gone right now. I did not know this man was gay on my platform. Go ahead. Yeah, I'm laughing because you know, the funny thing about that, when you said that, I think about the people that say, you know, Cliff God has called us to work together and I want to be on your show. And I tell me, are you sure you want to go check out some episodes? They check out some episodes and they realize that some of the people, uh, the lives, you know, the, the diversity of lives that are on the show and oh no, I can't be connected to that.

Okay, who was that hurt? And I mean, I didn't ask you to be on my show, but you know, I would just think about that when you said that, but you can go here, I'll let you be on the show, we'll make this one exception. God. This is my first person on the show, right? Uh We were not gonna do that because you know, I hate to tell people's business and things like that. You know, I can be messy, but I ain't gonna do it. It's a holy ghost. This is not the type of platform. We're not we don't those people here. All right. We live up we uplift. I won't tell them. I won't tell you. Listen, there's your business. I do that on my show. First of all, you already know that the listeners know my business because who tells their own All right? That would be the only man I know that just go out and tell everything. I like I was scared when I first met you because you were just You tell everything every little thing. And I'm like, you need to tell us the to be honest, I used to be like this.

I used to be the biggest liar in the world. I was a compulsive, A uh, impulsive. I was whatever type of law you wanted to be because I believe if you're going to be anything you need to be that you need to be the best that you and I'm gonna tell you this year. There was a time when nobody out lobby. There were times I even convinced myself that the lie was telling was the truth. So once, once I embraced the reality that I didn't need to lie to fit in or need to lie to be liked, or needed to lie to create a world where people would accept me. I just went hard with the truth. I just helped, you know, and I believe it helps people to, I believe that if I'm willing to put myself out there and share my story, it'll help somebody. No, I know you know this, but I guess yeah, listeners wouldn't know this. I personally, you know, might have had a struggle with lines um, in the past man. Um man, you know, I think the creator god, uh, the alpha and Omega for working me in a way that this lion spirit that was upon me is no law there.

No let me stuff. No, but seriously, it was, it was a point where the dumbest things you could think of. I lied about where we moved to a new town when I was younger and uh I told the people that lived next door to me there are rules, oh this well that I was reading for school and it was so funny because I barked building the photo copies of the book because they didn't give us a real book to take home that gave us photocopies and I took it, I showed it to him and I was like, this is the book I wrote and I'm now I'm looking at it. Young people probably looking at me like, oh this poor child, he's just lying, don't know that if we all know that this book was written by a well known author, but you know, the eight year old media was just the most compulsive liar and it's just ridiculous.

My mom just said I had a big imagination and then one day she had to tell, so no baby, you don't have a big impact to make sure you're just alive, you get it from your daddy buddy. Okay, now I want to ask you a question about them all. Um we're not going to stay here long, but I want to know why did you feel that you needed to, because there's some people out there that that you know, they're having struggles, but there's some people just lie just a lot, but there are some people that lie and then they honestly do feel bad about it, but they don't know how to come back and say listen, yo I I made that story up, What was it that you felt you needed to lie or why did you feel you needed to lie so much? Um so my mind was a little interested, I didn't need to lie, I did it, it was just like an impulse to try to make myself bigger than what I was trying to, you know, let get attention and I'm not going to say, I wasn't like getting attention at home, but it was more so my mom being like a single parent for most of our lives, so I was in like in charge of the house while she was taking care of everything else.

So I was showing attention to the younger ones, but I wasn't like receiving that baby in or that, you know that nourishment that uh huh I wanted, so I felt like I needed to go out and search for it somewhere else or find ways to make myself bigger than what I was to get that attention. And as I'm getting older, I'm learning like, uh my, my real life is crazy enough. I don't need to lie. I real life is crazy enough. Now let's talk about that because you were talking about you started doing it because, you know, it was for the to make yourself bigger than what you are and they're listen, this is I'm sticking here because there are so many people that need to hear that they are enough. One of the greatest defining moments in my life was when I came to a reality of regardless of who wants to be with me, who wants to be my friend, who wants to be involved with me, who wants to be a part of the ministry, who wants to be a part of the business, who wants to be a part of my life that I am enough, you know, and that, that sometimes is one of the greatest struggles in life now as a child you were talking about that did you transition into your adulthood with that same, I have to be bigger than what I am mindset.

Um I remember when I first met my now ex husband, the story I was living at this time, I just, I moved out of my parents, my mother's house uh the year before just got out of a long term relationship. So I literally like had nowhere to live and I was getting help through this program in New Jersey. Um and they were provided housing. So when I met him, it was, it was a nice house I was living. It was almost like a boarding house type of situation. I told him I owned the house. Um I had a six figure job. I just became a lieutenant colonel and the army like something like really off the wall. Extreme. Yeah. Like I said all this stuff and then he just looked at me and was like, none of that is true. But I still love you and I was just like, yes, it is, it's a hard true.

It's hard, true. And then like, and now I look back at it, we actually, it's funny because we talk about it now and I look back and like you know, I used to lie about the stupidest thanks, I get it. I understand that. But you you hit a major key and thinking that you had to be bigger than what you were not understanding just how valuable you were. I talk a lot about identity and I talk a lot about discovering who we are getting to the core and the essence of who we are. Um, and I believe that a lot of people that are out there, that are successful in business, they may be experienced success experiencing success in ministry, even success, Personal success is in their lives that still don't understand that they are enough and it calls them to continue to drive and drive and drive. Now. I believe you need to be ambitious.

I believe that you need to continue to set goals, conquer those goals and continue to set and conquer goals. But if you're not able to celebrate the small goals that you're accomplishing because you have to keep going and keep going and keep going and keep going and keep going and keep going, then you haven't tapped into that, that assets of who you are and to understand that you are enough. So now I want to throw some words out there to use game, we played called Word Association. You can either sing a song with the word in it. I am blessed with this anointed voice. You know, I can't be doing that. People. How did we call anything? The anointing these days? Uh oh geez, listen or you can just tell the first thing that comes to mind when you hear this word and sometimes we continue the conversation from the word. Sometimes we come back throughout the conversation to that work. All right, So the first word is which one do I want to start? No girl. Here we go, purpose.

Oh, purpose. Something I did not know until very recently. I didn't believe I had a purpose. I thought that my life was uh pointless. Um It wasn't until being people like yourself uh and other like voice of reasons that I've uh got to know over the years that I actually started believing and the purpose that I already was hearing, God tell me my life was for. And actually following uh for example, um you made me Yes, I'm gonna save me. Uh take this course um from uh Michael Weston, I believe I'm saying right? Hopefully. Uh you actually heard the ad at the beginning of the show and I encourage each and every one of you to sign up for that course. Yes. So that course was very eye opening.

It was like because I went into the course, like I don't really want to be here. This is nothing for me. Like it's like what, what can you tell me that? I don't already know and hey, the way the course was designed, it's just like it's a eye opener to stuff that you may already know, but don't know how to voice our not knowing how it's actually going to play out. And his course actually was very helpful and to oh carrying out what I already knew the purpose was and understanding that those things that I already know. So yeah purpose is something that I'm learning to you know cooperate with. Ah you hit a key right there. See every now and then y'all hit trigger words on this show and you hit a trigger word as it relates to purpose. You said cooperate, cooperate with cooperation a compound word co and then operate all right.

And I think that that's one of the things that we have to learn how to do because many times we try to force purpose and even though purposes forcing us to slide to the right we're trying to pull purpose to the left and tell purpose like no no no no no. I know you think you know what I'm supposed to be doing but I promise you if you come over here it's gonna make more sense. Instead of becoming more fluid. I talk about being fluid as it relates to. I had to learn how to be fluid in relationships purpose. So that's great to to come from a space in a place of not thinking that you had a purpose even though God had been ministering to you. Your purpose is amazing to see where you are now. So let's go to the next word. The next word is life like oh grateful. That's it. I think grateful sums up what I think the word like is I am so grateful for it.

It ties back to the purpose thing. Like there was a point where I didn't think life meant anything at all. And now I just look at it that I am grateful for this gift that God has given me and trusted me with to live out the purpose that he has for me. So grateful would be um I know that's not really the word but grateful. Whenever I think about life, I'm just, I'm grateful like Lord thank you. Yeah, I think we all go ahead. No, I'm just like, it's just like so many times I could have been gone and I'm grateful that he just keeps choosing to let me see another day. Even if you don't let me see tomorrow, I'm still great. You know, um elderly Carlisle y'all heard me talk about him on this show. He's the young man that breathe life back into my voice.

He helped me recognize really recognize the power, the influence, the authority that was within my voice. I say it all the time. If there was no destiny conversation which was his show, there would be no transformation radio and it definitely want me know what now. Pop the wood nail podcast, he did a teaching series last month or gratitude. And as you were talking about being grateful, I was thinking about having gratitude as it relates to just life. You know like and the more gratitude and grateful we are, the more it opens us up to possibilities. Oh, greater things coming into our lives. So that that was exactly what needed to be said. Now the next word is faith. Yeah, it's faith. It's funny because me being the Turkey boy man guy that I am faith was so fallen to me.

It was not a part of my everyday vocabulary, it was not something that I actually, you know practice And it's 2020 has not taught me anything or has taught me anything, it was safe because there are, I cannot In my head come up to one moment where there was a bill that needed to be paid, there was how am I going to survive this and God didn't provide. So as the year was going on it was just like my trust and God um just grew and I tie that to my faith in God actually trusting him. Um just thinking about like the course of how my life has just unfolded, that's going to be a book. Um okay that my faith has went from, you know how they say if you just have a mustard seed um I don't even think there was before like these recent years I had a mustard, it was my faith was smaller than an atom and if anybody knows science atoms are you know, takes most of the items to make the object.

So like I'm talking about um so that yeah, that's what that was. Oh yeah, I got you, I got you, that's what's up, I'm telling you that when you develop a personal relationship with the creator, it becomes a walk, you really begin to understand and and that's what I love about your journey is um I've seen you grow from a religious individual to a relationship individual um where you uh you were so indoctrinated as if I may say uh you love the whole and that's great that you love that because we need that side of things and people that serve in that uh sphere or mountain of influence as well, where you know, you love the whole protocol side of things and some of the organizations.

But one of the things I remember when I met you that the creator had me specifically drill into you and some of the others was was that aspect of relationship, you know forgetting about all of that other stuff for a moment in understanding the importance of developing that consistent relationship with God. So now let's talk this last word and then we'll get more into the conversation. This last word is success. Success. Uh huh. It's what you make it success is what you make it to some people, you know, for to be defined as uh to define success will be like you have to reach this certain point in life are like this certain figure in your bank account. I will personally say to me like successes where I am right now just continuing to grow that success for me, I might not be where I wanna be like financially or where I want to be relationship wise, so forth and so on.

But the fact that I'm still moving towards those things is a walking success story to make awesome and I like how you broke it down because like you said something defined it as like reaching your major goals and accomplishments. One of the ways I defined defined success is setting a goal of accomplishing if my goal was that this morning I got out of bed And I Read one page of a book. I was successful because that was the goal that I set and I accomplished. So I like that now I didn't even give you an opportunity to tell the people about yourself and I want you to take uh this opportunity now just to give us a backdrop of who Jameel is, you can go as far back as you're comfortable with, so how you got to where you are right now, who who? It's very funny uh I do not like talking about myself.

I I don't know why I love talking all day long, but since I started this transition from Jamil a liar to Jamel uh what you get is what you get, I don't like talking about myself because I feel like sometimes they give hold up, hold up, hold up, got just a drop that keep it moving, I got a transition from to build a liar, I got stuck right there, Go ahead. I'm sorry that that was it's the truth because it's so like what I'm saying is uh Djamila liar, loved talking about travel because that was his opportunity to embellish whatever story he felt like telling that day and to make it to bill the President of the United States. Um But Jamil Dada, whatever you get you get a guy is like, I try to stay away from talking about myself because I feel like that's giving myself opportunities to uh be a lot too make the truth stretch, right?

But at the same time, I'm also trying to tell my story because I know that my story is willing to connect to somebody, it might be just I need to tell it for one person, and if that's one person then that was what it was meant for. Um So my story started very young um very churchy boy, grew up in the church, my uh grandparents all deep in the church, my grandfather is a bishop in one of these major church organizations, the church of uh you know, I'm gonna go do them like that, that church. Um So like that that was my that was my life. So I'm gonna say I had a very moderate upbringing, um single parent household from the majority of it.

Um okay, parents talk, but it wasn't like the closest or whatever. Okay, see look, I'm so not used to not telling my story while adding stuff in that it's it's kind of weird now. Um what I'm still working on this, Let's see, so let's let let me talk about me now. So I'm Jamil and I am a guy who was molested um thought about suicide. Um actually tried to kill myself multiple times. Uh self sabotaging. Huh? You name it? I probably thought about it, doing it to myself and others, just a very broken person. But recently in the past couple of years I'm learning To one love myself, be comfortable of the person that I am and whatever is going on with me.

Um not trying to be everything to everybody, but not the the healing part for myself. Um a happy gay man. Oh and I say all that and but I don't want none of that to define who I am Because one I'm still a work in progress with help from people like yourself, I'm learning to express what, what's going on and not bottle everything in and allow that to pull me down into depression. Self doubt, self harm. Uh huh. I'm a convicted felon. Uh and I had to get past that um as a defining factor in my life because I I use that as an excuse for a while that my life had no purpose, that was the main reason and we can talk about that too.

Uh a few years ago that I was just like I have no purpose left in this world, and I was in a downward downward spiral until this deep depression where I was like, oh Lord, uh why shouldn't I died that day? Why why would you keep me here? Because my life is nothing. So that's where I am. I'm a to sum it all up a working process, you know, I'm glad you did that. And I purposely uh I'm not gonna say made, like you say, was encouraging you to do that, because that is the first time, you know, and I can say that that's the first time I've heard you communicate that completely. I've heard you break all of that up. Um I've heard you do it in a joking way. I've heard all that, I've heard me have to tell you stuff and you'd be like, no, that's not me. Yeah, okay, that's me. You know?

But I've never heard you take ownership of the moments in your life and then after taking that ownership of it stating, but that does not define me. Uh, so, you know, from a personally, I just say I'm proud of you for that. If you don't, if you guys don't understand anything about my show, um when I created this show, one of the main things that I wanted to make sure that I did was I wanted to be purposeful. Everyone I invited on the show now, granted there have been opportunities for me to bring big name people on the show, um, and some people that probably was surprised and I've had some people that have big names, a certain industry, but when they came on the show, they were able to tell their story. And if you remember there was one young man, we didn't do two part show because he just broke down crying in the middle of telling his story because he had never expressed it that way.

I don't care about the likes, I don't care about the downloads, I don't care about the popularity of the show, I care about the effectiveness of the show. Now do I want it to grow? Of course, do I want it to make me some money? Of course I do. I want this to be a stream of income. I'd be dumb not to what this, but the ultimate purpose of this show is that we all can finally come to a reality. The everything that we went through Number one was not a mistake. And number two, the scripture says it very well. We quote the scripture all the time. However, we have a hard time applying it to our own experiences. The scripture says that all things work together for the good of them that are the cold, you know those who love God and are the called according to his birth, It doesn't say all things are good, All things look good. All things feel good. All things sound good, but it says putting all of that together, it works for good and sometimes we are ashamed of a part of our story that may be the missing element two cause that light bulb or have that Aha moment like Oprah talks about it or experience a revelatory moment in our lives to help us realize as he just had.

I'm, there is purpose in my life and I'm actually executing my purpose. I just haven't valued it enough. So I commend you on, you know, sharing that story because there's somebody out there is listening that is facing some of the same things that you were talking about that. Now we'll be able to connect with you and that's a great way to segue in it because into it because now you are sharing your story, you're sharing your story and you're about to share your story in a major way. You have created a podcast. So let's talk about your podcast, tell us the, the concept of your podcast, the name everything, how, how you even decided one day, you know what, I'm gonna create a podcast, uh huh How most of my good ideas nowadays come to celebration one of our usual every day conversations.

I was bouncing things off of you and I was like uh huh all right. So the, create the backdrop for this. Um and the like sometimes like october of last year, I lost my job. Um and I was in this little downward spiral again and I'm like, well I know God is hope provide, I just don't know how, so I'm sitting there trying to figure out everything I can do to, you know, uh huh make things work and not paying attention to actually what he was just saying, Hey, if you just listen, I'm going to show you what to do. So that went on for probably the whole month of october and uh starting november and we were having a conversation and you basically was like, people need to hear your voice, people need to hear you sorry. And I told you that I was in the process of writing my book now. He was like, oh wow, okay, that's cool.

And I was like, yeah, writing my book. And somehow we got to the part where I was like, oh, I'm also doing a podcast. I'm not sure how I'm doing it yet, but I'm, I'm doing a podcast or a video show. I don't know, I'm doing something. Mm hmm I just eat. It was like I needed to do something want to just get my mind off of what I didn't have coming in like financially, but to and my and my thought process get me more focused on what my earth ultimate purposes is to uplift people, uh challenge the norm of what is accepted in society as normal, right? Right? Um, so we were talking and he was like, so what's, what's this show will be called and I was just like, my God. And I said my blood because I wanted to give a platform for people that have stories similar to mine, these mind blowing stories and these works that people are doing that don't get told every day.

And I wanted it to be where people to me everyday people that are doing incredible things that don't get the recognition or nobody knows about. I wanted to bring those to the frontline where people can actually see like, wow, what I'm actually doing is I actually am, you know, causing a difference in somebody's life. And so I reached out so a couple different people and I was just like, hey look, I got this project I'm working on um it's gonna be a podcast, our Youtube channel. I'm not sure yet. And I would love to tell uh have you come on and tell your story to the people? And I was so blessed and honor that everyone I reached out to. I was just like, sure, no problem. I would love to um like within the first week of probably had close to like nine people that were just like when we recorded, oh and it was, it just went from there.

Uh So it's actually the first episode will hit the heirs on january six. Mhm So that's accommodation. Now, can you tell everybody because I heard that you have the guests that you have is just, oh man, I can't even find a word to describe the individual. Could you share with everybody who your guest is? So I had an amazing some amazing guests have some authors, I have some community activists. Um I do got this one particular guess that just I can't express the words for this person they are, if you need assistance, I can give you some words for no thank you. Um they are like the thorn in my side, you know.

So a lot of people look at that story and they hear the thorn and they saw and they think of the annoyance that that thorn was but that thorn served a purpose. Right? So I look at that that person as that thorn in my side that's serving a purpose in my life and it's driving me towards the purpose that God has for me. So don't don't look at it as a bad thing, people you know they can be very annoying and over churchy and yeah, I did not just call me over Turkey. I know Lord have mercy. I know you that goby over Jersey um because they call you and be like like they'll start singing the Lord is high above the heavens. Uh Right, see that's that Elijah miller that just came out right That I will sit out, I will call speaking in tongues.

Oh I will, I will call them speaking in tongues now and talking about some lunchables lunchables lunchables. Um and the Holy Ghost ain't in that And there's no anointing in that voice. The Holy Ghost ain't a lunchables number one. Who is that going to fill up? Nobody wants a lunchables. Do I look like I eat lunch? No, I don't, I can't do nothing seriously. A full course meal child is it? Have you not understood my flow yet? That's right. But trying to keep like a serious case and not laugh. And I know this boy has been since tell you were talking at one point. I said chinese agreed to free. I did not call him all here to preach now. He want to preach because he's running from that car. He needs to get in the pulpit because I did not call him or here to preach. Yeah, I said, wait a minute. Was just like when you were talking said that's something most. So you look at that tour, I said, well Lord doesn't need me to back him up. I don't got the ipad in here. I was going to back him up and he was going to break that word ground.

He grew up in there. I didn't know what was going on because if you look at the root Word of phone, you know, I love words, I will, I will denote the words. So I chop it out on this planet. Okay, So you said your your new show is dropping in a couple of days. Okay. Which platforms is available on what they were dropping? What tom is it dropping all of those things? So it is dropping on January the 6th on all uh listening platforms. Sorry. Um, there will be a youtube channel, you can catch clips of it on instagram and all the handles are going to be the mind blowing show with Jemele Conway. Um, that's a long handle. So the mind blowing show. Well, I'm just saying just most of them is just the mind blowing show. Okay? Like the instagram, but like if you like having trouble finding it, just put my name with it because I noticed later after uh, created everything.

It's a lot of mind blowing content out there. Some of it may not be very mind blind. Um, but shade, shade charlie, just maybe mind blowing to a different listening audience than what it would be mind blowing to you're listening on, right, that was shade and it was not even necessary. Uh, I'm still working through my self deliverance of my shady, non sympathetic. So, so I need, y'all, you know child, that's why it's great to be in a safe space or secured environment where you can just be who you are without any judgments. So we do not judge you. We embrace the totality of who you are here, all the wooden nail podcast. So it comes out Wednesday. Okay. All major listening platforms. Uh, what, what are some goals that you set for the show this year? So the major goal and it, yeah, the major goal said is just to be a voice for the voice.

So those individuals that feel like their story is not great. I feel like they're really not do anything. I want them to realize no matter how small, um, it might be in your brain, it's big. Um, no matter how are these troubles might be, it's for purpose. Like I want to get those stories out, I want to encourage somebody. Um, some of the guests that I have on, we get into some crazy conversations, some about going through child abuse. Um, mother station, sexuality. Yeah, Church hurt you, name it. We cover it. It's a no host bar um, conversation, which is very different for my politically correct Churchy. So, oh, so I have to show a whole different side of me that I am not used to the public saying uh huh I do get a little ratchet, just a little bit, yes, a little, yeah, just a little bit china.

Could tell, I could turn a song on right now and pull the full ratchet this out of don't make me do that right now. But I just know that I could, I could, I could go here to this phone and I can say google Bigsby or Alexa play child and you will forget where you're at. I say that's not the truth because I know how to hold my cool, hey, google plates work for me. I'm glad google don't work. I just turned it off. It was actually great plan. I turned it off but I just go ahead little you say little ranch and I said what are we measuring it again? Go ahead. I made compared to yours is little Oh yeah graduate. Yeah. So my book is a little uh yeah so this this this uh this venture um I haven't set limitations on it.

Uh huh. The conversations you will notice they don't have a set flow of where they have to go how they're going to go. The link literally. I don't even think not one of my episodes that I've already recorded have the same length, some are short, some are long. But to me it's more important about the information that was given. Yeah. Uh in each one of these uh podcast video cast whatever you want to call them. I don't even like putting a label on it in a sense because I feel like this is just set one is not the finish. So it's not this this might be a whole book series. We don't know yet. This might be a tv show. We don't know what God has the story. Uh talk. Yeah I didn't get my offer letter from transfer transfer. I can't talk right now transformation. Yes I have not got my offer letter from transformation network yet but I'll be looking.

I'll check my inbox how it I don't think that's how it works. I thought I said at the beginning of the show, if you have dr dr dot reach out to us. I didn't say us reach out to you, you reach out. But I'm on your show. So let's technically reaching out and I talked to you like I talk to you more than I talk to my fake boyfriend child that we don't even have time to talk about that because that's that right? There is a whole nother show for another time. So that's going to have to be the after dark version of the show. That's a whole another story there. But yeah, that's talking to me and actually submitting your information is to but you know, you talk we did discuss about the show and everything. So if you you know interested as we're developing transformation uh network definitely we can collab, you know, we definitely can collect their that's what's up.

But okay so now all of that's great, let's talk about the book. You were talking about writing a book. What's up with the book there. So I don't have a really state um again, like almost all my great ideas I somehow bounced off of you and you just always got that encourage and worried to go for it. Like do it be about it, you know, just do all those little catchy phrases. You know, just like Nike I'm not trying to infringe on the copyright anything. So let's like legally, Okay. Nike he's not trying to infringe on you. However, if you are listening, I use you. So if you would like to be a sponsor and send me merchandise, you can just definitely email my administrative office at admin at the transformation center dot life in center is spelled C E N T R E. Go ahead. Okay. Okay. Do uh, yeah, let them know.

Um, yeah, so, uh, this book is, it's coming together very well. It's like a tell all. Mm Yeah. I gotta get it clear with a couple of people at the same time. I don't really care how they feel. Uh huh. It is going to be very, very uh edgy to tell all. Like when I say tell all, there's things that I have not even talked about on the show yet that are in this book. Um, the only person that I've got clearance from is God and that's the only one I cared about. So we go, we were working on it. Um, this probably be something that will be out at the end of this year. Oh, I have a very strict time frame that I'm working with and the end of the year is where I'm looking to release it. Huh. This hamster is how I'm going to end 30.

Okay. That's what's up. That's great. That's great. Now, here's what I want you to, I want you to give our listening audience all of your social media handles as well as again, remind them how they can connect with the show because even though there aren't any episodes out to, you know when this show is being released, they still can subscribe to it because it is, it's going to be available on Itunes, it's going to be available on Spotify anchor is your hosting platform. They can write you, I leave you voice messages on there as well and it's all other major platforms as well. So give them, you know, you're contact information. So the best way to get in contact with B is uh through any social media platform, I literally have all of um uh would be, is Jamil a Conway on all social media platforms. Um the show's facebook page is the mind blowing show.

Um you can find us on facebook instagram and twitter um and it's all the mind blowing show and if you just shoot me a message, I can personally send you out links uh, to the podcast to the Youtube channel. Uh yeah, so we're also on Youtube at the mind blowing show with no Conway. Um, and hey, I'm, my, my inboxes are open, even if it has nothing to do with the show and you just need somebody to hold up. Okay, shot, I thought you was telling him to shoot, They shot, I was holed up, No match man can show, you know what you're out if you're out there, I will not be the shot. How you said my inboxes are open. I was setting a wait a minute. Where are we going with this? How did we get here? My inbox is are not open in that way. Yeah, because I'm working on me right now and all your fake boyfriend and my fake boyfriend, they're not really my boyfriend, they're just my friends that I just spent most of my time with them and they are out there like encouraging me and poor and to me because I was used to pouring out all the time.

So stay my baby boy. I don't believe that we're gonna leave it at that and we talked about that on another show as I said that we're gonna start releasing some dark side of what now of the wood now. Park after dark of podcasts that I think that would be really cool. So I can I'm gonna tell you this. I don't know if people are ready for that side of me. I really don't know if they're ready for that. I need uh I would be down with that though, but I don't know if the people are ready. I think they said no, he wasn't ready. He wasn't ready. But that's every that's everything. You gave them all of your contact information. Yes. Okay. So now I have two more questions for you over this last child. It might have been two hours. I don't know. I've been keeping track of time. You've given us a lot of information. We've laughed a lot. Uh, you've been very serious child. You took us to church, You did all, you took us to the club because you was ready to get up at work.

See, I told you I could pull that ratchet out. I told you I could pull it out. I'm annoying it for that. If you want to be church here, I'm I'm annoying it to pull that ranch in this out of the branches, this out of heat. So if everybody was to forget everything that you said, what would be one thing that you would want them to walk away with? If you don't remember anything else, you are enough simple as that. Yeah. You know better than that. Now, here's my last question. Uh this is a question I've actually brought in from transformation radio in every conversation over there like that and we're gonna start to in every conversation over here like that. And that question is, who is God to you first? Oh, that's good. That's good. I'm still defining that. I'm in my like, redefining phase of my life and it used to be where God was just the scary deity that I looked at like, oh God, I don't our old oh God, if I don't do this, I'm going to help.

But now I'm more so looking at them as in like that, my father, that's somebody that's gonna love me unconditionally no matter how what I do, he still loves the it he still believes in me and I just have to be honest with myself because he already knows what's going on. So just be honest with myself and and it's gonna be okay awesome. Great way to in the show. I always ask that question because here on this platform and then everything that I do, I believe in diversity. I do not believe that we all have to have the same background, the same belief system. We have to think the same way. I believe that there is so much growth, impossibility and diversity. And I believe that every time we encounter in an individual, we are encountering God. We are Gods created ones.

He lives inside of us. Therefore we are having an experience with God. I asked that question also because nobody ever answers it the same way. Many times I've asked that nobody has the same answer, which means if you can communicate to me who God is to you, someone else communicates to me who God is to them the next time I go through something, I may be able to pull from your experience with God to help me understand that God can help me through that time of my life. Listen to me. I want to thank you for joining us on tonight. Thank you for sharing so freely. We are excited about the podcast that you're releasing the show that you're releasing what everything that is going to grow to. We're excited about the book. We're excited about your life. We're excited about your encounter with Truth. We are excited about your encounter with truth because there's nothing like living from a place of true listening audience. Here's what I want you to do. I want you to text the word truth 230 to 6485544 again, 30 to 6485544 then lets me know you have listened to today's podcast and it also gives you an opportunity to enter the drawing at the end of the month, as I always say, create a great day walk with purpose and by all means execute job fish piece.

Yeah. Many people define stagnation as not producing or being at a standstill. I get it. However, I would like to add a little weight to the definition and say that I may be producing. I may be moving. However, my production and my movements are disrespectful to the purpose that's inside of me, to the greatness that's inside of me. If that's going on that stagnation as well. And that's okay. Guess why? Because I have developed a tool. I wrote a book called from stagnation and transformation and that book was written specifically for individuals that feel stuck, that feel lost, that feel like they're just wandering in the wilderness that feel like they just need something, it's just missing. It's okay. I want you to hit over to www. Dot clinton Pettijohn dot com forward slash transformation there.

You're gonna find a complimentary portion of the book. That's right. A complimentary portion of the book. I want you to read that portion after that. It's gonna ignite such a fire inside of you that you're gonna want to purchase, the your personal copy of from stagnation of transformation. So I want you to do that as well. Why? Because I believe that it will give you a 21 day jump start to fulfilling or re identifying purpose and whatever core area you find yourself stagnant in. So again, visit www dot clinton Pettijohn dot com forward slash transformation.

S3 E15: Jalmeel Conway
S3 E15: Jalmeel Conway
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