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by Clifton Pettyjohn
November 26th 2020

In this episode, Clifton celebrates the one year anniversary of the "what NOW?" podcast. He discusses the challenges, growing pains, feedback he's received from the listening audience, ... More

I did not start this podcast for listeners. I started it for me, I didn't really think a lot of people were going to listen. So when I see the numbers and I see that the people are listening and then I re read the reviews, I'm thrown. I'm blown away. I'm thrown and blown away sometimes because it's like, wow God, you are so amazing. All I needed to do was open up my mouth and you would do the rest some of you, all you need to do is open up your mouth and watch God do the rest, some of you, all you need to do is write your book, write your play, write your, write your business plan, whatever it is that you need to do, just do what it is that you need to do and watch God do the rest. Don't keep trying to force something that just isn't meant for the right now. Something what's up everybody you are listening to the What now podcast where we discuss ways of effectively addressing life's most difficult moments.

So, on november 26 1999 1999 2019, I'm taking it way back guys way back, but november 26 2019 a year ago from when you're hearing this podcast, if you're listening to it on the day that is being released, I sat down at my table and I decided let's go for it and I hit record on my cell phone with my headphones that came with the cell phone and I just begin to talk. I didn't put a lot of thorn in it. I did not script it. I did not edit it and I just uploaded the first episode of the What now podcast and here we are Today, a year later in my, my mind, what a journey it has been.

I want to thank each and every one of you that have listened, Those who have been sponsors that have, that have collaborated with us over the year, those who have collaborated as guests, those who have shared my Popes, those who have, who have written reviews, those who have inbox me and supported me, those who have suggested topics, those who have just been there from the beginning, even our newest subscribers, our newest followers, I appreciate each and every one of you. You are beautiful, you are intelligent, you are the bomb. You know, I can't think of anything else to say you are amazing, there is no one else that's like each and every one of you, you are irreplaceable and I appreciate you. So I want you today to sit back and enjoy the episode that I recorded to celebrate our one year anniversary and guess what guys, We're just getting started, What's up everybody, Welcome to the Wood Now podcast, That's right.

The Wood now podcast where we discuss effective ways of facing life's most difficult moments that you already know. It has officially been a year. So I'm sure you have at least heard one episode or maybe you just heard the introduction of one episode. I hope you have, I hope you've heard more than one. I hope you've enjoyed it. I hope you're considering leaving us a star review on Apple and writing a little description that are writing a little something about how you enjoy the podcast. Listen, we no longer use that word difficult, we have scratched it out, we have whitened it out, we have erased and we have replaced it with defining so we have conversations about effectively facing life's most defining moments. Why do we call them defining moments? Because those are the moments that alter the trajectory of our lives. However we have the right the authority and the responsibility to define those moments and not get stuck in a moment, understanding that we are far greater than a moment and not allow that moment to define us.

My name is Clinton Petty john I am a purpose strategist author, transformation coach in spiritual leader. All right. I am the established voice of transformation. I teach individuals how to revolutionize their lives through purpose, identification and execution. But for the sake of the podcast, you can call me cliff, you hear me? You feel me why? Because today we're just going to have a conversation. That's the only thing that happens on these podcasts. We have conversations and I hope that the conversations that we've had throughout this year have strengthened you. They've empowered you, They've encouraged you, they fortified you, they defensed you. They've helped focus you or refocus you. They have shifted your paradigm. They have caused a paradigm shift within you. They are they have helped you understand just how powerful and amazing and wonderful and radiant and brilliant you actually are.

That's what I hope that this podcast has done for you. Listen, check out my T shirt at the root of who I am is God. Listen, I'm gonna put the link Yeah, I'm gonna put a link in the description. I want you to check out the reform. I want you to check out the movement and I want you to check out the T shirt. I want you to cop the merge. All right. I want you to go get you. Submerge support division. Support the mandate that the great mandate that Michael Weston has upon his life. All right. So, what are we going to talk about on today? Guess what? I do not know yet, but I'm going to start talking and it will come to me. All right. As I said in the intro of the intro, we are celebrating our one year anniversary. So today, here's what I want to tell you. Just do it, be like Nike and just do it. I've said it before. I said all the time. I can't express it more today than I've ever expressed it before.

There are gifts towns abilities, greatness inside of you that is waiting to come out. It is waiting to develop. It is waiting to show itself but it can never show itself. If we are still waiting for the perfect opportunity, guess what? This is the perfect opportunity. Today is the perfect opportunity. Not tomorrow, stop waiting for it to be perfected and understand that it's only perfected the more and more and more that you do it. You hear the podcast so you heard me make mistakes, you hear me stutter, you hear me use the wrong words, you hear all of those things. Why? Because I'm going through a perfecting process. If I sat and waited until everything was perfect, there would be no what now podcast today and I think we've shot like over 80 episodes. I could be wrong, I can't remember, I know a 70 80 we might be at 90 now.

Soon we will soon be at 90 but I am forever grateful for those who said you've only been on the year, you had three seasons. I like to stop it around that 30th mark. I like to, those are benchmarks. There are certain benchmarks that I've said For every 30 episodes around that time. So I like to stop the seasons rate then and there When I originally started this podcast, the concept and the idea was for me to share my voice. Why I talked to my therapist, I was going through writer's block for my second book. Those who may not know, I am an author. I've written a book called from stagnation and transformation is a 21 day coaching actuacion designed to manual mint purpose. Cliff sounds fancy. Sounds beautiful, but what do you mean? It's designed to provoke you to action All right, you can read it applied the principles to your life and begin to see transformation and all core areas of your life. Now we all can use a little transformation in all the core areas of my life.

So I believe that it is written from a perspective that can reach all of us. Okay, head over to www dot clinton. Pettijohn dot com forward slash transformation and get your copy on today. Now before you get your copy there's a preview you can download. I always tell everybody download the preview first. If you find in the preview that your grip that you're caught that you need more of it, You need my my myself it then that's what I want you to go ahead and make that investment, why I want you to invest in your now. So you can produce, produce a future that's connected to your purpose. Alright, reverse reverse. Let's get back to what we were talking about. So, I am an author as I said, I've written a book and I was working on my second book and can I be honest with you sometimes I was trying to force the writing process. Here's the thing about purpose and here's the thing about a vision, you don't have to force it to come to pass. You just have to lay back in it and embrace it. Sometimes we are attempting to cause things that just aren't meant to come to pass right now because we feel as if that's a measuring, there's a measuring stick that we should are a benchmark that we should have accomplished by now.

I feel like, well my first books been out awhile, so my second book should be out now that maybe somebody else's measuring stick, but it may not be yours. So, I'm sitting in a therapy session in my I'm telling my therapist how I'm just at a place where I'm going through some writer's block. I don't know how to get past this writer's block. It's not because I'm avoiding situations in my life, I'm ready to face these situations head on. Let's do this thing because you'll find out as you are writing, it's gonna cause you to revisit some of the areas of your life that you spent years running from, but you'll get to a place in your life where you're no longer are comfortable with running, You're tired of running and you begin to understand that in order for you to go to where it is that you desire to go to, that some things you got to go back and deal with baby, you got to go back and deal with those things, I'm talking pretty fast on this episode. I'm really excited y'all. First of all, today is thanksgiving. I am thankful for family. I am thankful for you. I'm thankful for each and every one of you.

As a matter of fact, I'm thankful for love. I'm thankful, thankful for my process. I'm just thankful for life, you call for help, for strength, for a sound mind, for the ability to think and reason for the ability to create The ability to be innovative, the ability to, to speak a word and watch that thing come to pass. You know, I'm excited about life. I'm just excited about all of that. Your 10 toes down. Let's go. Here we go. So, I'm sitting in there, he's telling me what cliff I'm telling him about writer's block. And he was like, well cliff, do you have to right now? And I remember sitting there and thinking, well, what does it mean? Do I have to? Right now? I'm an author. Of course I have to right now. He said, is it necessary for you to right now? He said, can you talk yourself through? I said, what do you mean? Can I talk myself through it? He said, you have your radio show. Why not create a podcast around the topic of the book, which the book was called? What now? He said, and you just begin to talk and then when the right time comes, you created the content to convert it into a book.

See sometimes we are attempting to create the final product when we haven't created the content that can convert into the final product. So I said oh wow, never thought about it, went home just just like oh man let's do this thing because the one thing I learned about myself is if I don't do it immediately did I begin to lose the momentum to drive the desire the passion for and I didn't want to lose all of that for this project. So I came home, you hear me, you heard me tell this story before No equipment at all and I just started recording, I did not edit, you can listen and tell that I did not edit, but I love it because I can listen to episode one and I can listen to today's episode and I can see the growth from it. Some of you are sitting back and you're trying to perfect some things that you need to experience the perfection through the growth, you need to experience the perfection through the growth, you need to experience the excellence unfold throughout the growth and I begin to get on, I just opened my mouth and I enjoyed it so much and I was like oh this is what I wanna do, I love it and here we are today!

When I first started it was just supposed to be me sharing my voice, then all of a sudden I started opening up to other people to share their voice And it began to grow into what it is now. And I want to shout out California and I want to shout out France. Your California has been holding me down since day one. I don't know who it is out there in California that listens, but if you are listening to me now and you want to reveal yourself, please do my greatest numbers in California is blowing it out of this works. I mean, y'all listen California, Y'all have been strong France overseas, Y'all have been strong, thank you for listening, thank you for your support but not just them. Thank you all because we're almost at 2000 downloads into some, it's been a year and they said 2000 downloads is not enough, but for me it is because if you listen to the old episodes of the podcast, you understand when I say I did not start this podcast for listeners, I started it for me, I didn't really think a lot of people were going to listen.

So when I see the numbers and I see that the people are listening and then I? Re read the reviews, I'm thrown. I'm blown away. I'm thrown in blown away sometimes because it's like, wow God, you are so amazing. All I needed to do was open up my mouth and you would do the rest. Some of you, all you need to do is open up your mouth and watch God do the rest some of you, all you need to do is write your book, write your play, write your, write your business plan, whatever it is that you need to do, just do what it is that you need to do and watch God do the rest. Don't keep trying to force something that just isn't meant for the right now. Some things just aren't meant for right now. They're just not meant for right now. Some of you are waiting on the right equipment. I know, like I said, when I started, I didn't have a microphone. I didn't have a proper lighting, I didn't have backdrops and today I'm not using the backdrop. I was a little lazy. Didn't feel like setting up, but I didn't have any of those things.

I had Nada, do you hear what I'm saying. And then after that, one of my friends, he's a singer, so he has studio equipment. He let me use his studio mike for a while. But then after that I said, okay, that's still not enough. So I purchased the ring light. Then after that I said, wait a minute. I want my own mike. So I got my own mike. So I was able to see the progress throughout it all. I was able to see the progress throughout it all. I even started editing. Like I said, at first, I was not editing at all. I wanted it to be raw and I get it, that is great. That I wanted to be wrong. But then one day I stumbled upon some editing equipment, editing uh software, I'm sorry and I listen to the sound quality edited versus not editing. I said, oh no, I like this a little bit too much. So we started editing the podcast. Y'all I'm gonna tell you, I'll be honest. I did not research, I did not do any of those things. I just knew I enjoyed listening to podcasts, so maybe I'd be pretty good at it.

But like I said, I didn't think a lot of people would listen. That's why when I see the numbers and especially the numbers in areas that with people that I don't even really, I don't think I communicate with anybody in California right now. I know I don't communicate with anybody in France. I know, I don't so it just is amazing me what God will do, It amazes me what God will do. So I'm forever grateful and I just wanted to get on to encourage each and every one of you to understand that it is time out for sitting down and waiting and sitting and waiting and sitting and waiting. Now. You already know, I talk about the weight method in my book, but in the midst of the Weight method is the acronym, the first thing we have to do. We have to work work on that thing that we are, we are capable of working on many times. We look past the thing that we are capable of working on because it's not the thing that we want to work on. It's not the thing that we want manifesting right now. But you got to work what you got right now. So that when the other thing comes, you don't have to try to work the two things together.

That's the thing that's gonna convert into the thing that you want. You gotta do what you need to do, so you can do what you want to do. All right? So, that's the w for work then the anticipate. What are you anticipating? Be honest about it? What are you anticipating? And I'm not just talking about us verbalizing what we're anticipating. I'm talking about the work that we're doing the prayers that were praying, the confessions that were making all aligning together to create an atmosphere that shows that we are anticipating the thing that we say. We're anticipating. Because I promise you at the work, the confession, all of those things are intertwined together. Then we are not actually anticipating what we're verbalizing. We're anticipating what's manifesting now. The I ignored. What is it that has us distracted? Isn't that what we don't have, what we desire to have, where we desire to be the quality of it that we desire to put it out.

We have to begin to ignore, that we have to ignore the negative voices in our head that keep telling us. It's not good enough, it's not uh marketable enough and you don't sound good enough. You don't sound educated enough. You're not intelligent enough. You don't look good enough. You got this going on, you got silence all of that, ignore all of that stuff. And then t excuse me we have been w was what worked that a anticipate the I ignore and now we have the t. Trust some say trust the process you're struggling with. Trust in the process. Trust the processor for me. The processor is Elohim, Yahweh Yeshua Yamashita. That is who I trust jesus the christ. I trust God whoever it is that you are subscribed to trusted. You trust the universe, trusted you. Whatever trust the process if you have to. If you can't as I said trust the processor the one who holds the process in their hand trusted trusted trusted, trusted trusted.

It may not look good. Trust that it may not sound good. Trust that it may not feel good but get is working for your good. It's working for your good. If I could use you know a biblical reference. All things work together for the good of those who love God and are the called according to his purpose. Okay now here's the thing. It all works good and I say this all the time. It's very uh practical. It all works good but it does not say that it all is good. It does not say that it all feels good. It does not say that. It all looks good. But when you stir it all together, it begins to create something that's not just good for you. But it's good for the world that you are creating. It's good for those that you have uh impact over. It is good for all of us, you know, as a human race. So therefore I want to encourage you don't sit and wait idly make sure that you're waiting has substance to it. Make sure that you're waiting has something inside of it that is connected to what you are attempting to attract.

Put it out, write the book. But wearing about an editor, all of that comes after you do it, whatever it is you've been called to do baby. As I said uh Nike you need to be sponsored me. I'm always using y'all just do it. There's nothing else left for you to do but focus enough to understand that you have everything in you that you need to do what you need to do right now. And then for those they are willing to step out there and do it. God, I pray that you will send divine connections and resources for them as they step out and do it with what they have every time they reach a benchmark, every time they reach a stage in the process where they are in need of something that they tangibly don't have. I pray now that you will send the resources from the north south, the east and the west God as they step out and do what you have called design and created them to do.

Happy one year anniversary. Thank you guys for sticking with us. We have some amazing things planned as we are transitioning from audio and video strictly to video with audio. So I want you guys to sit back and enjoy the rest of this season and the seasons that are to come as well as everything else that we are about to put out. Listen, if you're out there, You have an idea for a podcast, you have an idea for a radio show but you're saying I just don't know what to do. No problem. Link up with me. Let's collab, let's sit down. Let's talk. Let's put that on paper and then take it from the paper and cause it to be created and cause the energy that is needed to get out here and be effective. All right, so I want you to hit me up 302 6485544. You can text idea to that to that phone and we can sit down and we can talk or you can email me at info at Clifton's in the subject line definitely put idea and then write what your idea is.

If you're out there, you need co coaching. You need coaching. Listen, I offer A 30 Minute Complimentary Power Call Purpose, Power Call. All you have to do is visit www dot coach Clifton's dot com. Alright, listen, the rest of you, I want you to have the most amazing day rest of the week, rest of the year. Listen, our gear is not over yet, it is not over and don't you there, give up on a year that has not given up on you, there is still great potential, there is still great possibilities. Some of you are waiting on some contracts, you kind of given up on those contracts because of everything that is going on. No, no, no, no, we're not gonna give up on that, your name is still going to be placed in the heart and the mind and in the ear of those that it needs to be placed in so that you can grab hold of that contract, you can grab hold of whatever, whatever it is that you are waiting on in 2020 Why?

Because we need to complete what needs to be completed in 2020 so we can transition successfully to 2021 without being distracted by the things that we did not fulfill in 2020 so keep working, keep grinding, keep visioning, keep expressing, keep motivating, keep encouraging and keep understanding that you're what now moments are not difficult moments are, they are defining moments because you have the right the authority and the responsibility to define them and not allow them to define you, as I always say, create a great day walk with purpose and by all means execute your vision peace.

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