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S2 E32: How HUNGRY are YOU?

by Clifton Pettyjohn
September 29th 2020

In this episode, purpose strategist, author, transformation coach, radio host and spiritual leader Clifton Pettyjohn "Clif" touches on the subject of being hungry in relationship to purpose... More

another reason why sometimes we get out of sync with our purpose because we're out of sync with ourselves With out of sync with ourselves with out of sync with ourselves. That's why I had you do the exercise to breathe in and breathe out and breathe in and breathe out so you can breathe in who you really are and breathe out of you. Everything that you have attempted to modify in your life baby. You are great. You are amazing. You are enough in and of yourself ask me how I know because the greatest creator of all time created you full purpose with a purpose or created you on purpose with purpose for purpose. How about that? There we go. The greatest creator of all time.

He perfected you when he created you. Yeah. Many people define stagnation has not producing and I understand that but let me add a little weight to the definition of stagnation stagnation maybe where you're not producing, but it also may be where you're producing at A level or in a dimension That's disrespectful to your purpose and your creation. I've written a tool that will assist you to number one find out the areas that you have stagnation and and the number two is gonna give you some tools, strategies and techniques to transition from stagnation to transformation. And that tool of that book is called from stagnation of transformation. I want you to head over to my website right now and I want you to download the preview of the book after you download the preview of the book. Read it after you read it in your hook.

I want you to come back to the website and I want you to purchase your copy of from stagnation of transformation. Why? Because I want you to make an investment in your now to produce a future that's connected to your purpose. So again, I want you to visit www dot clinton Pettijohn dot com forward slash transformation at the top. You're going to see a tab that says book preview, clicking, download it, read it and I want you to come back and purchase your copy of from stagnation to transformation. Mhm Yeah what's up everybody you are listening to the what now podcast where we discuss ways of effectively addressing life's most difficult moments. Yeah. Okay. Hey, what's up everybody? Welcome back to the what now podcast where we discuss effective ways of facing life's most difficult moments and remember we scratch that word difficult out because we matured as we listened to the podcast and taking this journey together to understand that those moments are not difficult but they are defining why because we have the right the authority and the responsibility to define those moments and not allow those moments to define us.

My name is clipped in petty john I'm a purpose strategist, author transformation coach and spiritual leader. I provide tools and strategies to transition individuals from merely existing to living a life full of purpose. That's right. A life full of purpose. Now you might be struggling with the concept of there being purpose in your life. Well, here's what I want you to do. I want you to take a deep breath in, hold it, breathe out. We'll take another deep breath in hold it, breathe out. Now. The reason why have you do that exercise is two fold number one. If you were able to complete the exercise, that means yes, I am talking to you because there's breath remaining in your body and because there's breath remaining in your your body, therefore purpose yet remains. Therefore greatness yet remains. So therefore I am talking to you and the number two, it helps us center ourselves.

It helps us center ourselves and make sure that we are present. One of the greatest lessons I'm learning more than I've ever learned in my entire life is the importance of being present. Now. Many of us may be physically and spaces and places, but we're not emotionally, there were not spiritually, there were just not there because we're thinking about other things. We're doing other things. We have that phone in our hand. Listen, I know how it goes. We have that phone in our hands. Thousands of things are running through our mind. But here on this podcast, I want us to take time just to breathe in this present moment, breathe out everything that's bothering us concerns us, all of those things so that we are breathing in the freshness of the opportunity that is presented before us. All right? So anyway, this is an unscheduled podcast.

It's about 12 20 a. M. Tuesday morning. I should be sleep, especially since I have to get up At 5:30 AM. However, I'm not able to sleep. I'm not able to sleep. So most of you who follow the podcast or you follow me on social media and you know, you can follow me on any platform just by typing in Clifton, Pettijohn. If you follow me, you already know that. On sunday we laid my father to rest. Um, one of the most challenging or trying times of my life. It has been a lot, has been a lot. It's been a lot for me because uh with my father, father passing now, I have lost both of my parents and I know what we say, terminology was, y'all just flow with me. Um, they've transitioned but they're still or alive in me.

I get it. I get it. Okay, I get it. However, I think the reality is beginning to set in. I was telling my one of my sisters just how surreal it has been to me throughout the entire process and how on sunday it started to become real. But really today, the reality really hit me and set in. So I want to thank you all for your prayers. I want to thank you for your support. I want to thank you for your text messages, your D. M. S. I want to thank you for the cards that you mailed to the house? I want to thank you for the support that you've given myself and even those that have given support to the entire family. Thank you so much. Because it is much needed is much needed. If you've ever dealt with loss in any capacity, in any capacity, you understand the importance of having a strong system around you at those moments when you need it.

So thank you, I cannot express enough how much we all appreciate everything that you have done now tonight. What I want to talk about this morning, what I want to talk about, I was listening to Les Brown for those who may not know who Les Brown is less. Browne is a beast. He is a giant. He is one that has been changing the game for years, in the speaking industry and in the training industry. And he said something that was so profound to me and it's not anything that's deep, but it really hit hard with me right now. And he said, people who are hungry are willing to do today, what others are not willing to do today in order to have what others will not have tomorrow. I really want us to sit back and think about that as it relates to our life, as it relates to our purpose, as it relates to our dreams, our ambitions, our goals, our vision.

However you put language to whatever it is that you desire to accomplish my question today would be or tonight, whenever you're listening, how hungry are you? How hungry are you? How hungry are you for it too? Come to pass. How hungry are you? For you to be successful. How hungry are you to begin to take the steps that you need to take in the right direction and how hungry are you if you're taking those steps, but it doesn't seem to be yielding the results that you may desire or the in the timetable that you have placed upon it. I talk a lot about time. I talked about respecting time. I also talk about the reality of that. Sometimes our timetable does not match God's timetable and those who listen, you already know that I respect who you subscribe to, but I have to talk to you from my own personal experience, I can't talk to you about anybody else. But Yeshua Yamashita jesus, the christ, that's who I have subscribed to that has what has worked for me that has what that, that has.

You know what I'm talking about? Something that has, Yeah, I'm telling you it's almost 1:00 AM so anything is liable to come out of my mouth anyway. Um I'm recording from another place in the house. I want to see how this sound comes out as well to see if this is somewhere I want to start recording from a little more frequently. But what we're talking about, I lost my train of thought. That's what happens to me sometimes. That's why people tell me I need to go buy a script, but I don't like going by a script because I love the organic field. I believe that the organic flow uh puts a lot more passion and energy into it. But then sometimes you have these moments where you forget exactly what you were saying. So now you have to push poles to go hear what you were saying and then come back. So listen, I'll be right back. Thank you. Mhm Yeah, today is a great day to start your own podcast, whether you're looking for a new marketing channel, I have a message you want to share with the world or just think it would be fun to have your own talk show, podcasting is an easy, inexpensive and fun way to expand your reach online.

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No, we sent you and it gives you an opportunity to receive a $20 amazon gift card as well as it helps support our show. So I'm back. So what I was talking about was our timetable. Sometimes we put timetable on certain things in our lives because we're looking at other people's lives and the amount of time that it took for them to accomplish a goal. Or sometimes we put a timetable on it because of our own personal perceptions and expectations as it relates to life. Or sometimes we put it on there because what we see on tv And we feel as if that we haven't accomplished this by 20 and we haven't if and if and if And if and if and if and if I'm back and if we don't accomplish it by 20 or about 25 or about 30, about 35, 40 45 or you know, continuing on then we aren't successful or we have to change what our goal is.

And the reality is that sometimes it's not that we need to change what our goal is. Sometimes we just need to hone in all of the energy that we got and begin to put it in the direction that it needs to be placed in. Are you hungry? Are you hungry? And I'm gonna tell you the truth sometimes, I don't believe some of us are as hungry for success as we think we are because some of us don't know what it's like to be physically hungry. Now. I know we know what it's like to miss a meal. Sometimes I know we know what it's like to not know where our next meal is coming from and I can relate to all of that, to be honest with you, I've had high highs and I've had some low lows. I didn't know where my next meal was coming from. I went to bed without being able to eat. I woke up in the morning with nothing to eat, you know? So I've been there before. I I know what that is. But when I'm talking about this hunger, I'm talking about where your stomach is really empty.

You don't have nothing. You don't even have a cracker, a mentor, a piece of candy. Your mouth is dry, your stomach is touching your back now. We'll take a lot for my stomach to touch my back. The way that thing sticking out right now, but your stomach is touching your back, You're dehydrated, you're all of those things because you just need something to nourish your body. That's the same thing that can be said when it comes to purpose and us being hungry for purpose is our purpose, stomach touching our back. Or we dehydrated because we know that there is greater for our lives and we have to search out that greater and feed ourselves that greater because that is that is what it is that we need because sometimes with your purpose which you are feeding your purpose no longer provides the nutrients is that it needs in order for it to respond in the manner that it needs to respond to you.

So some of you may feel stuck, you may feel stagnant you make and if you're feeling stagnant, why don't you hit over to my website www dot clinton. Pettijohn dot com forward slash transformation, purchase you a copy of from stagnation of transformation, but some of your you are feeling stagnant, you feel like my purpose just isn't talking to me anymore. Your purpose can't talk to you anymore because you're not feeding it what it needs in order for it to be responsive to you when you speak to it, it can't respond or the response of it is delayed or you guys are no longer in sync with each other? How in sync are you with your purpose? Talking about hunger, how in sync are you with your purpose? Do you flow together with your purpose or now do you feel as if you are two steps behind your purpose or your purpose is to two steps behind you. Are you singing outside of the pocket as it relates to your purpose? And there are some singers that can sing outside the pocket and it's still flow and you can know they're singing outside of the pocket but they can flow rate in that range.

And then there's some singers that if they get outside of that pocket or they get behind the note or in front of the note you hear and it completely throws it off. That's the same thing in relationship to purpose. Some of us are completely 10 steps, 15 steps behind our purpose. Some of us don't slid to the left, sled to the ride, reverse, reverse and our purpose is looking for us and saying, what were you at? I can't even find you right now and we're saying I can't find my purpose because we're out of sync with it. How hungry are you as it relates to purpose And I'm just sitting on here just doing a bunch of talking, but I really want us to understand just how much the creator desires for us to experience success. And I think for too long we have uh waited on something that's waiting on us.

I always say that many times, you know when we're young. Wait on God, wait on God, wait on God! Now if you read my book from stagnation of transformation, you already know that I break that whole scripture down. They that wait upon the Lord. I'm not gonna do it on here because I want you to go purchase the book. You feel me, I want you to make an investment in your now to produce a future that's connected to your what purpose? Okay. But I break that word weight down because sometimes, and I'm talking not talking about W. E. I G. H. T. That's about that. Right? I think I did. Okay. I'm a madman. But I'm talking about W. A. I. T. Sometimes when we wait on something or we're waiting on a rod, we're not necessarily ready when that rod gets there. That's not waiting. Or that's waiting until you're right, gets there for you to get ready. But when you are waiting on something, then you are preparing yourself that when it arrives it doesn't just arrive in a ready state, but you arrive in a ready state, that's equal to the readiness of that which has arrived now.

Cliff, What are you saying when you are waiting on your rod and you're excited about who's coming to pick you up or you're excited about where you're going. Then when you're waiting on that rod, when they get outside, they don't have to blow the horn, they don't have to come get you. They don't have to threaten to leave you, You are waiting for them Now, I've been left before in my younger days. So whenever I uh what that taught me was that if I have a rod coming, then I need to make sure I'm preparing myself. Yeah. That we're preparing myself are preparing myself for when my ride arrives. The same thing is relative with purpose. When it comes to purpose and it comes to you being hungry for it. Then you're going to do everything to prepare yourself for whatever season you're in surrounding your purpose, surrounding your purpose. Um One of the things that I always explain to people is that I thank God for the grace that's upon my life to help individuals advance in purpose, advance and purpose.

But one of the realities that I had to face in my own personal life, you know when I was in transitional moments and still facing it sometimes is that although I say I'm ready, I haven't prepared myself to be ready. Mhm. Think. Mhm mm hmm fit for sport, fit for life. Numa Wellness inspired offers mobile massage services. Gordon? Walker JR specializes in deep tissue and sports massages, massages range from 60 to 90 minutes. Numerous hours of operations are Monday through Friday 9:30 AM to six pm. Happy hours are between 1:30 p.m. And 5:30 p.m. Monday through friday. During this time, clients receive massages at a discounted rate.

Gordon also specializes in paraffin treatment, ear candling, mobile first aid cpR and A. D. Classes as well as mobile notary services coming soon, zumba and yoga classes for more information into schedule an appointment visit www dot Numa wellness spa dot com or email them at new made 7816 at gmail dot com. New maid is spelled P N E U M A D E. Or you can call them at 302 9908907. Yeah. When you're prepared to be ready you have a written out plan doesn't mean that your plan is perfect. Doesn't mean that your plan is great. Doesn't mean that your plan is written in a manner that others can fully understand.

But you have a plan in place that you can communicate and articulate in a manner that will cause people to understand how important your purpose is to you because if your purpose isn't important to you then I don't wanna hear anything you gotta say baby. I don't hear nothing. I don't want to hear Nathan. Do you hear me? Because if you aren't sold on it, how can you expect me to be sold on it? So again, are you hungry? Are you sold on your purpose or you sold on what you've been called created and designed to do? Do you know what your purpose is not? Want to say this as well? Stop trying to make your purpose complex. Stop Trying to make it complex. What you need to know is the root of what it is you've been called and created to do. If I can get you rooted in what you were called and created to do that. Everything else that's more complex is simply coming from the roots that's already been planning.

Some of us are trying to perfect something that we haven't even started. We haven't even started. We haven't even started. I think about the podcast. No, no, no, no. I'm not even gonna talk about the podcast yet. I'm gonna talk about the radio show for those who don't know. I host a radio show called transformation radio where we transform lives through organic conversations regardless of how uncomfortable and unpopular those conversations are. When I was approached about starting a radio show, some of you heard this before, I was very hesitant about starting the show. I did not have professional equipment. I did not know what I was doing. I did not know how to work the switchboard. I didn't know anything as it relates to the show. I didn't have a team. I didn't have any of that stuff. I didn't know who I was going to invite on. You know, I was just, I was green as it related to it and I kept trying to wait until I perfected things to start the show.

Until one day I came to a reality that cliff. You're trying to perfect something that hasn't even started. You can't perfect it until it gets started and if you listen to my radio show, you listen to the first show all the way up. We're going to go to season three on next on this Friday. Matter of fact, October two We'll go to see. We'll be in season three. And if you listen to any other show, you're going to any of the shows, you will hear growth pains. There are some shows that sound is horrible. There are some shows that sound is great. There are other shows that sound is okay. There's uh in the beginning when I didn't know how to work, work the switchboard and I was on somebody else's network. They were on the show with me and you can hear us interrupting each other and talking to each other throughout the show. So you saw the growth pains of it until I learned how to work everything on my own and could stand on my own. And I no longer needed them on there with me and then we have our own network. Because I was willing to start, I was willing to start, I was willing for others to laugh at me uh because I laughed at myself when I started because of how green I was.

But here's another thing you need to understand too. Those that laugh at you if they have time to laugh at what you're doing, that means they're not focused on what they need to be doing. They're not hungry enough. What they're trying to feed themselves is the laughter of your efforts. But they're not facing the reality that there they can't match your efforts with their non efforts. How hungry are you? How hungry are you? How passionate about what it is that you desire to do. How passionate about it Are you the dream that you have locked up inside of you? The dream that you've allowed life circumstances and excuses in procrastination and sloth awfulness to paul. On top of how serious are about are you about that? How hungry are you about that? You don't have to hang your head in shame. You don't have to hang your head and guilt. You already know how it is with me when it comes to me, every platform that I create from transformation radio to the what now podcast to the transformation center, which is we're making some changes and transitions in narrative being called the center, everything that I do every stage I step on.

Whether virtually or physically it is always in a secured environment where people are free to be themselves. You don't have to be ashamed of where you are. I just want you to be honest about where you are, why? And this is the thing about, about purpose and about life and about success. We get nowhere when we are giving God an image or an alter ego that we've created. Why? Because God comes after his creation. He's coming after us in our purest form. And when I say purest form, I'm not talking about perfected form, he's coming after us in our purest form, what we can say, God, I'm a liar, I do this, I do that. I do. You know whatever it is, we can be honest and strip ourselves down to that and be vulnerable before him.

That's what he's looking for because he can take that. He said now I can work with that because that's what I created. That's not artificial intelligence. Some of us are trying to present ourselves before him as artificial intelligence and he's not looking to work with a robot. He's looking to work with you baby and your purpose is connected to you. And that's another reason why sometimes we get out of sync with our purpose because we're out of sync with ourselves. With out of sync with ourselves. With out of sync with ourselves. That's why I had you do the exercise to breathe in and breathe out and breathe in and breathe out so you can breathe in who you really are and breathe out of you. Everything that you have attempted to modify in your life baby. You are great.

You are amazing. You are enough in and of yourself. Ask me how I know because the greatest creator of all time created you full purpose with a purpose or created you on purpose with purpose for purpose. How about that? There we go. The greatest creator of all time. He perfected you when he created you. Yeah. Mhm. Mhm mm as a health and wellness coach. Gordon walker JR assists his clients and losing weight, gaining weight are just being fit. He also helps with meal plans. You can reach him at (300) 990 8907 or you can visit the website at Numa 20 for dot go herbal Life dot com.

That's Nouma 24 at goal herbal Yeah, it's just sometimes we look and our our told various things and talk things in our lives that cause us to feel like we have to begin to modify some of those things. Now I'm not talking about self growth. Excuse me, I'm not talking about personal convictions as it relates to your personal relationship with God. But I am talking about where we attempt to modify who we are based upon others thoughts in their belief system and that's a whole another show we could get into that. But my question tonight to you is how hungry are you One thing about me when it comes to eating and I haven't eaten all day or what you're cooking, I have the taste for at that moment now my appetite is starting to get back. I haven't had an appetite. Like I normally have, you know since my father passed but when it comes time to eat and I have not eaten I have not eight.

You don't have to call me twice to a table. No baby. All you got to do is tell me Cliff is and my time you say cliff is I'm standing right out there washing my hands ready to go because at that moment I'm ready to taste what has been prepared for me. Are you ready to taste what has been prepared for you? Your purpose was prepared for you? It was prepared for you. The creator prepared it for you. Are you ready to taste it and not just sample it? I don't like sample and stuff. I'm not a sample. Er I love to eat. Therefore I like to be able to taste that thing. We've sampled our purpose long enough. We sampled what we've been called, created and designed to do enough. We've sampled the greatness that's inside of us. Now it's time for us to eat the fullness. There are so my encouragement to you tonight is to get hungry, get passionate about what it is that you've been called to do.

And sometimes that hunger and that passion only returns when we start to deal with the clutter that we place in our lives uh to um how can I say this? The clutter we place in our lives to take up space in our lives that sometimes we didn't want to be productive. Have you ever filled your life? Just with stuff? Just to say you were doing stuff. It wasn't really productive and didn't really feed you and didn't really feed your purpose. Some of us do it with relationships or you know, as my book talks about situation ships or unidentified ships. Just a bunch of ships and I said ships. I didn't say the other word. But it could be that as well. You feel me because that's what it's full of. But the good thing about it being full of that is that that's what is used to cause vegetation and other things to grow. So that's the good part.

That's the blessing in there. But my encouragement to you is to begin to deal with all of that stuff begin to deal with it. Take it. You have to take your time, take your time but make sure that your steps or equal to the goals that you've said and that you're not holding yourself back based upon baby steps that you're taking when you have graduated from baby steps. Now start with your baby steps baby. There's some areas of my life that I'm still on baby steps, but there's some other areas that I've graduated in that our baby steps just won't work. So allow God to work, work out the process. But you make sure that you're doing the work. You make sure you're doing the work and you make sure that when you're waiting that you're waiting is productive. I'm telling you, I encourage you to go purchase the book and read that section. They that wait, they that wait, I want you. No, it's called. I will wait. I will wait. I want you to read it. It's going to give you a different perception of the waiting process.

And some of you may already have that uh mindset as it relates to waiting. But it will help enhance it. I promise you. Do you hear me? If it doesn't like I always tell people you purchased the book, it does not help you in any area of your life and you prove to me that you have applied the tools, techniques and strategies and it has done nothing Nathan at all. Then I will give you a 100% refund. Why? Because I believe in the product that much. But anyway, how hungry are you baby? Are you gonna eat or do I gotta eat yours too because I'm hungry enough to eat mine. And if I have to finish your play for you, I'm gonna finish your baby. Especially if that thing good and there's something I want to eat. I don't mind doing that. But it's better for me when we all eat together. So if you're at that place in your life and you need assistance, that's okay. I encourage people seek out therapists seek out life coaches, whatever it is that you need seek it out.

But make sure when you seek it out that you're honest with those that you're seeking help from and make sure that they're qualified to help you along your journey. You feel me make sure they are qualified. But then you also have to make sure that you are completely honest because it's not their responsibility to discern whether you're being honest with them. It's your responsibility to want it enough to be willing to be honest. Even if you feel it puts you in a place or space of vulnerability that you're just not comfortable with. You got to get uncomfortable for this thing. If you need to schedule a coaching call, visit www. Dot coach Clifton's dot com. The first call is 30 minutes. It is complementary. That means it's free. There's no strings attached and there's no obligations after that call. I just want to help you get a jump start. Okay, If I'm not the way I can't help you, then I will help navigate you to somebody who may be able to assist you along your journey.

But I want you to be hungry about it because as Les Brown said, people who are hungry are willing to do what others won't do today in order to have what others won't have tomorrow. And it's not even about the others because we're not in competition, but here what he's saying. And then ask yourself, are you willing? So today I want you to text willing and hungry, willing and hungry to 30 to 6485544. That's gonna let me know that you've listened to the podcast this episode of the podcast in its entirety. And it's also gonna enter you for a chance to win the drawing at the end of the month. All right. Again, willing and hungry to 30 to 6485544, as I always say, create a great day.

What would purpose and by all means execute your vision peace?

S2 E32: How HUNGRY are YOU?
S2 E32: How HUNGRY are YOU?
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