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by Clifton Pettyjohn
July 19th 2020

In this episode, purpose strategist, author, transformation coach, radio host and spiritual leader Clifton Pettyjohn shares an interesting yet transformative story from his recent unscheduled visit... More

Hey, what's up everybody? Listen? If you have not heard about anchor, it's the easiest way to make a podcast. Let me explain. Number one is free. Yeah, I got your attention now, right. Number two, there's creation tools that allow you to record and edit your podcast right from your phone or computer. Number three anchor will distribute your podcast for you. So it can be heard on Spotify Apple podcast and many more. Number four, you can make money from your podcast. That's right. You can make money from your podcast with no minimum viewership. Number five is everything you need to make a podcast in one place. So right now download the free anchor app or go to anchor dot FM to get started. What's up everybody you are listening to the what now podcast where we discuss ways of effectively addressing life's most difficult moments.

Yeah, Okay, what is up everybody? Welcome back to the What now podcast. That's right. The What now podcast where we discuss positive ways of what do we discuss on here? That's right. We discussed positive ways of addressing life's most difficult moments and facing those moments, we don't run from those moments anymore. We face them. We address them. We grow from them and they're not difficult moments to us anymore. We have matured those of us that have been listening since the beginning of the podcast. We have matured from defining them as difficult moments and we're now defined them as defining moments why not? Because those, those moments define us but we've taken back the power the authority and the ability that has been given to us by our creator to define those moments ourselves. We have that authority. We have that, right? And we have that ability.

So we've taken it back. My name is Clinton Pettijohn. I'm a purpose strategist off their transformation coach and spiritual leader. I provide tools and strategies to transition individuals from a life of merely existing to living a life full of purpose. But for the sake of this podcast you can call me cliff. Alright listen, thank you for your love. Thank you for your feedback. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your downloads. Thank you for your listening. You're listening, thank you for all that you are doing to ensure the success of this podcast. When I started out this podcast, it was simply a way for me to release some of the things that were inside of me, I was going through some writer's block or basically I was being lazy, I gotta be honest, I was being lazy, didn't feel like writing so I figured if I just get on here and start talking, it would give me material and content for the book. But you guys started listening and listening more and listening more so now it's kind of become, you know an extension of who I am.

So I thank each and every one of you for listening. If you have any ideas about the podcast, you can always email me at info at Clifton's Pettijohn dot com Also, if you need help, you need to have a conversation with a conversationalist to help unlock some things that are deep inside of you. There's purpose locked up inside of you. And sometimes throughout life we allow other things to pile on top of our purpose and we've smothered our purpose. We need people to help us come dig and dig and dig and dig so that we can get to the root of what we need to get to the root of. So that purpose can freely breathe and freely. We can freely be who we were called and created to be. So if you're at that stage in your life, you can visit W W. W dot coach cliff Burton dot com again, www dot coach Clifton's dot com. Now some people are saying they're having problems with that link. So you can always visit www dot clinton Pettijohn dot com.

And that's gonna direct you to where you need to go but set up a complimentary call with me. That's right. A complimentary call. We can do a video or through phone or however, but listen, there are no strings attached. I just want to help get you position or give you a jump start to fulfilling or even identifying your purpose. Okay, so reach out to me, just text help to 30 to 6485544 or visit my website. Okay, so let's go. Here we go. So today, I just got back from the eye doctor probably about an hour ago. Uh those of you who know me, you know that God gifted me with a special set of eyes, a special set of eyes that have required specialist my entire life. Um I've been blessed and I am blessed to have a team of doctors that have worked with me, a team of our doctors that have come together from optometrist to ophthalmologist to a range of doctors that specialize in in various things that have worked with me.

I've had multiple cornea transplants, I've had cataract surgery, I've had a lot of procedures done on my eyes and thanks be to God, I'm grateful that I'm seeing better. Even today the doctor was like, I'm surprised something going on that's going on with your eyes. He said your vision has gotten better. Listen, I want you to understand that sometimes you may be going through pains. You may be going through frustrations, it may not seem and feel the way that you desire for it to seem and feel. But you need to understand that your vision is getting better. Your vision is expanding, your vision is enlarging. So some of the things that you're going through maybe growth pains as it relates to your vision. We're talking spiritual, we're talking natural, we're talking financial, we're talking from a business standpoint, we're talking from relational e we're talking from all Korea areas of our lives. I want you to understand that just because you feel pain just because it does not look good, does not mean that your vision is not getting clearer for you.

All right, I want you to understand that. So he said, you know your vision is looking good, you know. So he started asking me what was going on. Well here's the thing. Let's rewind to saturday. Uh rewind to last friday. What do we gotta go? We have to go back farther than that. Okay, two weeks ago I started having pains in my in my right eye. I figured it was just uh have long eyelashes. So I figured the eyelash had just got in there I can wash the eyelash out. I tried to do it with water. I tried it with all my drops, My medicated drops, my non medicated drops, nothing would work. Finally I decided to go to the doctor if you know me, I wait till the very last minute to go. Not always a good choice, but I do. So I get there and he thinks the next thing we think it is is maybe a stitch buster, be a suture had popped because you know, I had the cornea transplants. So they are laced in suitors and every now and then as my eye grows and takes off the cornea takes on the shape of my eye and continues to set itself inside of my eye.

The graft of it, you know, continues to set itself to fit the shape of my my eye every now and then a stitch bust or super burst because it's no longer needed. So it bursts you have a little bit of irritation. He takes the little tweezers or whatever they're really called. And I don't know the medical term for him and he pulls them out. He pulls the stitches out is sometimes I feel the pain because those of you who know me also know that a lot of times the numbing drops don't work for me. Sometimes pain medicine doesn't work for me. Okay, so uh that's what he normally has to do. So I went in thinking he's just gonna have to pull it. You know, we get in there. He says no cliff, there's no stitches that need to be pulled or not pulled, no suitors that need to be pulled. Excuse me. He said, what has happened is you have a corneal abrasion, you have a tear on the clear part of your cornea. That's kind of a serious situation because I've had the cornea transplants and this is the I that rejected.

So because it rejected, I had to have two cornea transplants. So we're very careful with that. So anyway, he puts a contact over top of it. He said that's gonna serve as a band aid, go home for a week. He told me what I needed to do, let it heal came back after that week. It was healed. Everything was fine. Well around this friday, I started having paying sharp pains in that. I kind of felt exactly like it felt when I had the corneal abrasion, hear what I'm saying? It felt like I felt, I felt like it felt when I had the cornea abrasion, some things and some pains are going to feel the same, however, does not mean that it is the same. Now here's what I decided to do because the pain was similar to the corneal abrasion and he had told me to put a contact over the eye for the corneal abrasion. I figured if I self medicate, put the contact lens over my eye again, then clearly everything's gonna be fine. I'll be able to go throughout the day and I'll be paying free.

Well that did not happen. I was in pain most of that day, woke up saturday, had an event, get up to go to the event. I'm still in pain and I'm going through the event. I'm in crazy pain. I'm in crazy pain. So I decided I said, well saturday, let me call the doctor that's on call. I know this story is kind of boring to some of you, but I'm telling you, if you stay with me, you will be blessed. It's a point to it guys. Just stick with me here me out. Okay, don't give up on me yet. Hear me out. Okay Yeah. Are you thinking of selling or buying your dream home then? Contact Harrison Dominic in the people's agent as a licensed realtor. And both. Delaware and Merlin, Harrison desires to help you sell or buy your home and he promises you that your experience with him will be great.

Call or text him today at 3022600659. Or email him at Harrison dom market at g bell dot com. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Anthony baker JR is the ceo of a nonprofit community organization called helping the homeless as an organization. They are committed to changing lives and making other smile. In addition to providing hands on services for the homeless community all over philadelphia. They also have a big brothers mentoring program where participating youth are taught the value of giving back to their community to learn more about the organization.

Call 2154878589 or email them at H. T. H Philly at gmail dot com. So we're leaving the event and I decide now is the time for me to call the on call doctor. Now this was a situation that kinda had me upset because they all called doctor Voice mailbox was full. So literally I can show you on my phone, I had to call the on call doctor 22 times before they finally called me back. So the on call doctor is a doctor, I'm not familiar with. Hear me out. I'm not familiar with this person a matter of fact I didn't even know that the person worked for the practice. So when I'm speaking to the person about everything that I have going on, I'm giving them a list. I've been in the game for a minute y'all. So I've been in the game for a minute. I know everything that they need to know you know basically on what's going on.

So I'm telling her, she tells me you know well let me contact your doctor and I'll get back to you. So she contacts my doctor. He gives her another series of questions to ask me. Now I know from these serious series of questions, he's trying to decide if he needs me to come in immediately or he can give me a solution to get me over until monday. So he's asking me a series of questions that um as I said I'm familiar with these series of questions are meant to identify whether my cornea is going through rejection. Okay I explained to her as she's asking me these questions I said you know I'll be honest with you, you can stop asking me the questions. I said you can call dr Doyle back and tell him I am not in rejection because my vision is not blurring although I am sensitive to light, she said okay I'll call you back. So she calls me back, he gives me what I need to do.

Okay so he tells me what to do in order to make it till monday so I can get into the office on monday. So I go in the office on today. He asked, well no sunday I wake up and then I realized in my good I'm the I'm not having painting. I noticed that there's like a knot on my eye beneath or above my eye led at the bottom of my island. So she ends up calling me back. The on call doctor calls me back to tell me Dr Doyle wanted to check on me to make sure everything was okay. I told her what was going on. She called me back. He wants to see me today. I go in today, okay, listen, I went in today and as I was going in today, the first thing they do, you know, the the technicians call you back. They either decide whether they're gonna dilate you, check the pressure of your eyes, all those great things which used to be challenges you all that. I have some stories that were crazy about those times. They took I had special technicians on top of the specialists that would have to work with me because a lot of them couldn't get my eye pressure.

A lot of them. It was really challenging because of these specialized that the creator had given me. And uh so anyway, she said, well, I'm not going to dilate you and I'm not going to check your pressure until he looks at your eyes because she saw, you know, kind of how crazy they were looking, you know? So anyway, she said, but let me check your vision now, here's where it really got funny to me because first of all, I need a new prescription for my glasses, okay, I need a new prescription for my glasses. I'm getting the coin together to get those. Now you want to donate. Feel free to cash up. Is the money sign Clinton Pettijohn. Money sign, Clinton Pettijohn, I would greatly appreciate it. They are very expensive right now. Um but she said, okay, let's check your vision. So she checks my vision. And I'm reading at a better level than I was reading the last two times.

I was in there with my old glasses. Now I'm reading at this level, and she was like, wow, okay, this is good. She's like what you say, you're in pain and your eyes are her. And she was like, but you're seeing better, your vision is better. And that's why I was talking about at the beginning, just because you have pains going on, just because you have symptoms going on does not mean your vision is not getting clear. So don't be distracted by the pains, don't be distracted by by whatever it looks like, because as I said, my eyes don't look that great right now, they do not look that great, but it's not about what they look like, it's about what they're producing and right now they are producing at a level that they haven't produced that in a while or may have never produced that. I don't know, I haven't compared it, That's the same thing with your vision. It may not look pretty right now. It may not be as put together as you desire for it to be put together. But it is my question to you is if you take a step back, is it more effective than it's ever been?

Okay now let's keep going. So she checks it after going another waiting room, waiting on the doctor to come. Okay? So he comes in and he says the same thing, how are you doing? I always say I'm well how are you? He says he's well whatever. Um he said what's going on? So I told what was going on? He looks he said oh I see, he said this is crazy. He said I know it can't be anything with your cornea because of your vision. And I said okay okay let's see where we're going with this. He said yeah, he said because your vision is clearing up, it's clear that it's been in a long time and I felt like God just kept reminding me of that and reminding me of that. So I feel the need to remind you of that. Your vision is the clear it's been in a minute but your vision is waiting for you to catch up with the clarity of the vision. Okay now hear me out. So he looks at my eyes and he sees and he noticed that the but and I've noticed that if you watched it in my videos or seen a picture of mine, you've noticed as well that the bottom part of my eyes are very puffy and at first I thought it was from you know sometimes I don't get eight hours of sleep because I like to work late at night.

But he looked and he began to tell me, he was said uh what's going on is he said you're the glands of your eyelids are swollen. So instead of them producing what they're supposed to produce which is a clear liquid like watery liquid. He said they're producing like a white foamy liquid so your eyes aren't staying as what as they need to stay there, not as hydrated as they need to be. So that's causing the irritation that you're feeling, he said. But it's not your eyes is your eye lids. It's the thing that's supposed to protect your eyes. It's the thing that's supposed to protect your eyes. And I started really processing that thing as he was talking to me and I realized something, wait a minute cliff. It is not the vision that's the problem right now or the vision that's in need of care right now is you the protector of the vision.

I realized that if I am not? And I've said this before and we've talked about this a lot. However I realized too that sometimes I still get caught up and get going and going and going and I'm not protecting what needs to be protected, protected and I'm not taking care of what I need to take care of sometimes because I get so excited I get in such a hurry, I get in such a rush. I love watching people's lives changed. I love watching people's lives transformed. But the reality is it's great and awesome to watch people's lives transform people's lives change. But the greatest level of awesomeness that I can achieve is to watch my own transformation. And I realized that there are areas of my life that I've neglected the need of transformation. And because of that now it's not producing the tear ducts or whatever needs to be produced in order to protect the vision the way it needs to be protected.

So I have to keep working on me, I have to keep working on me. Yeah he gave me, he told me what I needed to do and uh every hour the I. V. S we re wetting drops and they have to do a hot compress against my eye. You know once a day and I started thinking about that in self care like whatever you're doing sometimes you have to pause as my little cousin says, you have to pause and begin to take care of you. I want to ask you a question today. Have you paused to take care of you? Are you drinking the right amount of water? Are you hydrating yourself spiritually physically, financially, emotionally, psychologically? Are you hydrated? Mhm. If you're not taking the time to do it, are you happy? Are you taking responsibility for your own happiness? You have to own your happy? Nobody else can make you happy?

You must own your happy. Uh huh. And I realized I really slack. Like one of the things I told myself is I gotta get I have to detox my body. That's from all areas as well. Spiritual, natural, emotional, all of the the seven core areas of my life. I have to detox myself because I believe that sometimes we get so many toxins piled up inside of us that it begins to affect our health, our health in ways we haven't thought that it would affect it. So you know I I really got onto to just encourage everybody to understand. And like I was talking about with my doctors. What I love about my team of doctors is they specialize in different things like my ophthalmologist. Um he actually is what you call A. D. O. And the D. O. Specializing your environmental environmental things that affect your site in your vision.

So he handles that from that aspect. My um opthamologist. I think that's what you call her? Yeah. Yeah. My opthamologist, she specializes in you know like the serious size of the eye diseases and other things that medically affected. So I'm getting it from both sides with them and maturing enough enough maturing enough to study it on my own. So what I'm saying is you have to surround yourself with people that specialize in each area. That you need help in each area. That you need a little more strength in each area. That you need a little more working. You need to surround yourself with with specialists in those areas. And I'm not even just talking about from a friendship standpoint or even from a team standpoint. Now we have social media, we have youtube, we have zoom, we have all of these resources. You need to be feeding yourself in those areas. Things that oppose the toxicity, the toxic toxicity that you've allowed to be inside of you.

Yeah. So I was just a little encouragement. Hope you weren't bored. I just wanted to I always can gain meaning out of everything. But this really blessed me today to go to the eye doctor and not know exactly what was going on. But to find out that my vision is clear than it's ever been. I just have to do what I have to do in order to protect my vision, do what you must do to protect the vision that is inside of you as I always say, create a great day walk with purpose and by all means guys execute your vision piece. Mhm Yeah, many people define stagnation as not producing or being at a standstill. I get it. However, I would like to add a little weight to the definition and say that I may be producing, I may be moving however, my production and my movements are disrespectful to the purpose that's inside of me, to the greatness that's inside of me.

If that's going on that stagnation as well and that's okay. Guess why? Because I have developed a tool, I wrote a book called from stagnation and transformation and that book was written specifically for individuals that feel stuck that feel lost, that feel like they're just wandering in the wilderness that feel like they just need something, it's just missing. It's okay. I want you to hit over to www dot clinton petty john dot com forward slash transformation there. You're gonna find a complimentary portion of the book. That's right. A complimentary portion of the book. I want you to read that portion after that. It's gonna ignite such a fire inside of you that you're gonna want to purchase the, your personal copy of from stagnation of transformation. So I want you to do that as well. Why? Because I believe that it will give you a 21 day jump start to fulfilling or re identifying purpose and whatever core area you find yourself stagnant in.

So again, visit www dot clinton Pettijohn dot com forward slash transformation.

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