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by Clifton Pettyjohn
April 16th 2020

In this episode find out what happened when, purpose strategist, author, transformation coach, radio host and spiritual leader Clifton Pettyjohn chose to say yes in one of the most fearful moments ... More

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What's up everybody? My name is cliff and you are listening to the what now podcast. That's right. The what now podcast where we threw conversation discuss ways that we can effectively address life's most difficult moments. So sit back, relax and enjoy tonight's episode. What's up everybody? Welcome back to the Wood now podcast. That's right. The What now podcast where we effectively address life's most difficult moments and we all have those moments in our lives guys. So I just want to thank you for joining me on tonight. For those who may not know my name is Clinton petty john for the sake of this podcast. You can just call me cliff and tonight we're gonna dive right into the subject. All right. Now, as you saw by the title many of you are probably wondering, he said yes, Is he getting married? What's going on now? Ah, y'all. None of that scratch all of that.

All right. I'll talk about that on a later at a later date right now. I'm not even looking for relationships. I'm not moved by relationships. I don't want to be in a relationship, but what we're talking about, I said yes. Uh, the date that I'm recording this is March the 31st, March the 31st and today on March 31st, 1999 around 7:30 p.m. The service started and I officially said yes to the call of God Will publicly said yes to the call of God. That was upon my life. I remember it just like it was yesterday. I was nervous. I was sweating. And as I always share with people when I first started ministry absolutely positively sucked. Do you hear what I'm saying? I sucked to the point where you couldn't even define the level or the intensity of my Sacasa City and I don't even believe that's a word. But you know, for the second this podcast, we're going to use that as a word.

I was fearful. I was nervous. I was apprehension, apprehension. I was apprehensive. And the reason is for my whole life, I never was a very vocal person. I always was very quiet, always was very reserved. I was very passive. Um, so to be called to ministry was like the craziest thing that I had ever experienced in my life. Now granted from childhood on up, you know, I receive prophetic words that God was going to use me to be a great vessel to be a prophet to the nations that he was going to use me to speak his divine words that uh, they talked about the gift of healing and the other gifts that we're going to manifest in the midst of my life that are, it came to pass. That was true at that time. I could not believe it because in my mind, I'm thinking who in the world or how in the world is this going to happen? Because number one, you weren't even gonna get 10 words out of me now, some of you that hear me minister administer now or you know, you're a part of my purpose empowerment sessions or the coaching sessions that I do or you watch any of my videos, it's probably kind of hard for you to imagine me being a person of very few words, but that was me guys.

I mean I was so green as it related to, you know, public speaking now granted I'm a study. I love the word of God. I'm asking God to help me to fall in love more and more every day with it with a greater intensity that I used to have because I could study the word for hours and I had a leader that would always challenge me in the word of God, our leaders a possible and pastor both challenge me in the word of God. And I can say, you know, right now, that back then I did not take the ministry in my life as serious as I now understand that I should have. And you know, I apologize to the young people, I apologize to those that had invested a lot into me, but I just could not take it serious because I just didn't see the value of it. And one thing about it is no matter what it is that you've been called creative design purpose to do.

If you don't see value in you, you will never see the great value in what you were called. And designed to do because even when you begin to see value in what you were called and designed to do, you will measure it against others that you find to be greater than you. And then you'll find yourself taking steps back and thinking, man, there's no way possible that God can use me to do that. But I'm standing here now to tell you like, yo God just continues to blow my mind. He just continues to amaze me at the opportunities that he presents to me. And the fact that he desires to use, as I say all the time. Little old me. So again, March 31st, I said yes publicly. And I remember as I said, I did it, you know, being fearful, apprehensive. I remember the message I preached uh, what is it? Uh Philippians 4 19, I believe for my God shall supply all of my needs according to his riches and glory. And the title of the message was all you need is me.

And it was a prophetic message. I didn't know what it was at the time when I sat down, my leader said, you know you minister prophetically because I didn't know what I was saying. I was just up there just shaking and those of you who know me now check this out. I stood in one spot now that might not mean a lot to a lot of people. But if you know me now and you've been a part of my ministry, you understand that uh I like to walk, I like to interact with individuals while I am ministering while I'm teaching or whatever it is the creator has me doing at that time. I stood in one spot as I said, I shook, I was nervous but I got through it and I want to encourage each and every one of you to understand that regardless of what it is that you have been called and created to do regardless of what it is that you are battling in your mind with doing. Because some of you, there are some great things that the creator is dealing with you about or that your team is dealing with you about and they're trying to push you to do these great things. But you, in the back of your mind continue to tell yourself this is impossible.

There's no way possible that I will be able to do this. So, as you all join me in celebrating another year of ministry. Um, I am learning how to pause and celebrate because sometimes we feel as if it's just not big enough to celebrate, but I'm stopping and celebrating and one of the things I'm celebrating is, and this is nobody, nobody gets the glory. But God is that I did not give up and there were times I wanted to walk away, I wanted to throw in the town. It looked like I walked away. It looked like I took through in the town. I paused, I took a redeye retreated for a while, but I did not completely walk away from the mandate that was upon my life. So today I celebrate that I celebrate that I celebrate the people's lives who have been impacted by the God in me. I celebrate that on today, I celebrate those who were ready to give up on life.

But they heard a word. God used me to minister a word to them, or God used me to hug them or to pray for them or use me to speak a prophetic word in their lives or or God used the gifts inside of me to bring forth healing and deliverance in their lives. I celebrated, I celebrate the opportunities that God has given me to Minister hope and restoration to a people who felt as if that there was no way possible that God loved them and would embrace them to a people who were struggling with their identity, that were struggling with decisions that they have made and just struggling with the concept of God wanted to forgive them and that there was hope after the crazy decision that they made. I celebrate that on today. I celebrate on today that when I wanted to take my life, wanted to take my life, I did not take my life. I celebrate that on today, I celebrate that God is getting the glory out of my life.

I celebrate that when I sucked when I absolutely sucked when I sucked beyond my ability to comprehend to you guys, I wish I had some young people that were that were part of the ministry, because I know sometimes they were like, what is he doing? I mean, they love me, you know, they love me, but my God, sometimes I wonder what in the world, what was that? But it was all training ground. It was all an experience. And I was embarrassed sometimes. And sometimes the embarrassment embarrassment came from me not preparing because in my mind, I thought to self sabotage, self sabotage. If I did not prepare, then my leader wouldn't make me do it. But I thank God for leaders that made me do it. Even when I didn't prepare so that I can learn the lesson of falling on my face and the power of getting up dusted myself off and getting back and doing it again. I'm grateful for the flowers. I'm grateful for everything that they invested in me.

I'm grateful for the time they spent with me. I'm grateful for the importation spiritually, naturally, naturally, naturally, financially, everything that they took the time to teach me, they taught me things verbally, they taught me things just and and and them living their everyday life. I spent time with them in church, I spent time with them outside of church. Matter of fact, my first out of state speaking engagement, I was having probably that's how far my eyes go. My problems with my eyes go. Um and thank God for what he has done with my eyes. But again, that many times it's just a testament of my lack of focus or my, me focusing all my distractions. But I had to minister in New Jersey is my first out of state engagement guys. And this probably was one of the greatest lessons I ever learned in ministry. One of the greatest lessons I ever learned. The ministry. I had to minister out of state.

Okay. And I think I'm not sure if I could drive at the time, I don't think I could drive at the time. So I was going to cancel that engagement was in New Jersey vineland, New Jersey. I think that's how you say vinland or vineland one of them anyway, my possible and pastor canceled their schedule and they drove me up the violin, we stayed in violent, I ministered, they sat right there, They served, you know, they served me why I was, this just blew my mind and the concept of it blew my mind and I really didn't understand it and I'm bringing this up because there's some things that I don't want you to miss, especially if you're young and ministry and this can be applied in business as well at any type of mentor ship that you are experiencing. Don't miss those moments, don't devalue those moments, but they took off, they canceled their engage their schedule, they cleared their schedule, I'm sorry, they cleared their schedule to make sure that I went to New Jersey and did what the creator called me to do and remember guys, I told you I sucked, oh God, I'm laughing about it now, like I just look at it, I was getting better about that time, but yo I was not the most sought after at all, you know, and I'm laughing about that, but that was one of the greatest lessons that they taught me, they taught me support, they taught me the pushing, they taught me the importance of rebuke and I know we live in a generation now that it's totally against rebuke and I get it, I do get it if the rebuke is coming from a place of abuse in a place where people have not been healed in certain areas.

I get it. However, there are times we do need stern, I know what I'm gonna say for myself. I needed a stern talking to, I needed a firm hand, a firm voice in my life that was saying now call, if you need to get that together, that's raggedy. What you are attempting to present to God is raggedy and you need to get that together because that's not the excellence that needs to be represented in your life and in your ministry. That's not the legacy that you need to be leaving behind. Uh that's not the seas that you need to be sewing because you're going to have to reap that along as time goes on. So I'm grateful for the flowers, I am grateful. I can express how grateful for grateful for grateful I am for them because they took time with me when I wouldn't even take time with myself. They took time with me when I wouldn't even be truthful with myself and let alone truthful with others.

They took time with me when I was not the hardest thing on the block. You know, they took time with me when I didn't even know who I was. They took time with me when what I was saying did not match what I was doing. They took time with me when I did not want it for myself. They loved me enough to know when to push, when to pull back, when to let go and went to Graham near and I'm grateful for that. And I'm telling you being in ministry, I'm, I gotta be honest. That's rare. That is rare. And I'm forever grateful for that. And as I celebrate on tonight, I would be, I would not do any celebration. Justice would not do God justice if I would not honor them and every opportunity I get, I do honor them. If you know me, you've been a part of any teachings I've done. You understand that? I give God the glory, but I also give God the glory for placing those vessels in my life at a time when I needed them the most.

And to be honest, I did not understand how valuable would the value of what they did for me until I was out there and had to stand out there on my own. But I'm grateful. I'm extremely grateful for them. So as I'm celebrating on tonight, I pray that someone hears this podcast that you're just getting started in ministry, getting your feet a little wet in ministry. You might even feel like you suck to the level that I suck. But I'm gonna tell you this, there's no way possible you did is are you do ain't no way possible that anybody could have sucked to the level that I sucked I'm telling you, God, y'all just don't understand. And there's no the thing about it, that's how, you know, you suck. I don't even think there's any recordings of me from back then. Oh, I'm having a good time with this. There's no recordings of me from back then. Thank you God, that there was no recordings, but I would like to hear it just to compare it to today. But we thank God that God was patient with me.

I thank God that my leaders were patient with me and I thank God that I had to learn how to be patient with me, but not patient in a manner where I just allow myself to settle. And there's still some areas that I'm working on that, because, you know, we all have those areas that we can come up in. But today I celebrate the fact that I said yes, that I said yes. And I pray, as I said, that somebody's out there, you're listening, you either want to walk away from ministry or you're just getting started in ministry and you're discouraged in ministry. And you feel as if there's no way possible for you to do what you've been called and created to do. I want you to understand it is possible. Slow down, slow down, slow down, enjoy the process is that the creator is taking you through and ultimately understand that what God is building. If he's gonna build and establish what he desires to build and establish with you, is going to take time, nothing that's of, that's of any value of, of great value is built in a moment.

These things take, take time, build that foundation. I remember the flowers used to always tell us, build your ministry off of the Word of God, build your ministry off of the Word of God. Don't be just excited about the gifts and the manifestation of God's power, but building off of and in the word of God, get your routing and get yourself rooted in the word of God and then allow God to do the work that's inside of you and find you people that will help you confront the you that's holding you back from being the greatest you that you possibly could be. And the great issue that you possibly could be is the you that's connected to your creator and what he has created and designed you to do. So today, as I celebrate, I celebrate you as well whatever stage you are in life, whatever it is that you've been called and created to do. I take time today to celebrate you and I believe that even on tonight as I was planning seed with some of you and watering the seed and the and others that I believe that God is about to bring increase in the midst of your life right now as you are home and we have all this time on our hands if you are an author right?

If you are a speaker work on your speech is whatever it is that you have been designed to do, you are a singer, work on your vocals. If you are a songwriter right? The greatest music that you've ever written before to keep your heart and your mind stayed on the creator and I guarantee you, I said this on my radio show as 2019 was ending out. This is the year that God restructures and positions some things and because of that restructuring and positioning, this is the year that the creatives will shine if you are creative, I speak to the creative monster, the creative genius that is inside of you and I commanded to be released in the intensity and energy that it needs to be released for such a time as this as I always say, create a great day what with purpose and by all means guys execute your vision piece.

Yeah. Can you identify any areas in your life where stagnation is manifesting now? I know some of you might say no, I can't. I want us to look at stagnation for what it really is. Some people have identified stagnation as something that's not growing or that's not producing. I don't believe that stagnation to me stagnation can also be the yes we're growing. Yes we're producing however were growing and producing in a manner that's disrespectful to the purpose and the greatness that resides inside of us and listen, we all have areas where we can identify that we could be doing a lot veteran. There's greater potential in those areas than we are experiencing. And guess what? I have a tool that will help you begin to experience transformation in those areas of stagnation in your life. And that tool is called from stagnation of transformation.

That's right. That is my book from stagnation of transformation. So I want you to hit over to my website www dot clinton petty john dot com. I want you to hit there. I want you to hit the transformation tab there. You're gonna find a free preview of my book. That's right. A free preview of my book. And I promise you after you read the preview, you're gonna want to invest in your personal transformation through purchasing the book. So again, hit over there, purchase the book, let me know you purchased it. Here's what I always say guys. If you purchased the book you read the book, you apply the principles in your life and yet you still are stagnant in the areas that you are applying them to and you're not experiencing any transformation and you can prove to me that you have applied these principles. I will give you a 100% refund. That's right. A 100% refund. Why? Because I believe in the application of the principles that are outlined in this book. So again, visit www dot clinton Pettijohn dot com and purchase your copy of from stagnation to transformation.

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