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by Clifton Pettyjohn
January 16th 2020

In this BONUS episode, purpose strategist, author, transformation coach, radio host and spiritual leader Clifton Pettyjohn shares a conversation about PURPOSE! This conversation originally aired on... More

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What's up everybody? My name is cliff and you are listening to the what now podcast. That's right. The what now podcast where we threw conversation discuss ways that we can effectively address life's most difficult moments. So sit back, relax and enjoy tonight's episode. Hey, what's up everybody? Welcome to transformation radio two point Oh, that's right, transformation Radio two point where we provide a safe space for the uncomfortable and unpopular conversations that are connected to our personal life transformation. All right, my name is Clinton Petty john, I'm a purpose strategist transformation coach, author and spiritual leader. I provide tools and strategies to transition you from a life of merely existing to living a life full of purpose. How many of you want to live a life full of purpose.

How many of you may feel you're living a life full of purpose right now raise your hands. I can see you how many you feel you living a life full of purpose. How many feel that your life could have just a little bit more purpose. A little more definition or a little more weight to it if you feel like that, that's okay. That's why you tune into this broadcast. That's why you contact me. So we can sit and talk. I believe in the power of conversations. That's the whole point of this show and transformation radio, which airs this friday guys, we're coming to you live this friday night at nine PM as well. This is a treat for you guys. This is the first month I believe where both shows have been lined up in the same week. So we're going to hit you hard twice within the same week and we believe that the conversations and the information that's going to be shared in both shows are going to help transform your life is going to help position you for purpose.

Some of you may be ready to give up on this year because you know, we've already went through, we're almost through 10 months and you feel as if it's only two months left and I had all these great plans and all these great ideas and all these great hopes Went on a transition to 20 2019 but guess what guys? It's still time, you know why? Because we are not subject to a ball drop and were not subject to a specific date the day that we make up our mind that we want to live and walk in purpose. That's the day that life really began. I know I've experienced that merely existed and sometimes I have to fight not to go back to the merely existing to understand that I do deserve to live a purposeful life and I want you to understand that you deserve the level purpose purpose for life as well. Tonight song was like Katy perry is colorado some of you if you listen to some other shows, I've used it on some other shows as well because I have adopted that as you know our show theme.

So why? Because I want each and every one of us. Yeah. Let me slow down. Sometimes I get a little touch with. Well I get excited but I want each and every one of us to know that we have the ability to rise. We have the ability to rise regardless of what circumstances we are facing regardless of what letdowns we've experienced regardless of who we've let down including ourselves. We have the ability to rise And you know what it's not even just that we have the ability to rise. It is within our D. N. A. Success is within our D. N. A. Because success is within our DNA. We have the ability to arise from what we have classified as our last failure. I don't classify. and as your last failure or even as my last failure. And sometimes I have to remind myself that was not a failure. That was just something that was teaching you a tool or strategy that you're going to be able to use as you continue on in your journey called life.

One of the things I've known, I was in the 39 years going on 40 guys. I'll be 40 December 23. But I realized that the more that I thought I had life figured out, the more I understood that I knew nothing, the more that I thought I had myself figured out, the more I understood that I knew nothing and it's okay that we don't know anything because sometimes that's what wisdom is found. That's where you know well knowledge is found and then when we apply it it becomes wisdom. But that's where knowledge is found. When we are willing to become vulnerable enough to say everything that I thought I'd never I know nothing and that's the point where you can rise. So I encourage you. Even on tonight I'm gonna do the same thing. I want you to call in. I have a guest on tonight. I don't see him on yet but I want you to call men and when you call in if you have questions for myself and go for the guests, I also want you to share with us areas of your life that you can identify Number one, the need to run, the need to rise that we all have areas that we can rise in, that we can do a little better.

And even if we're doing good in those areas right now we always can aim to do better. You know why? Because we will never master perfection, we will never master perfection and there's a difference between excellence in perfection. I believe that we need to do everything in excellence, We need to put us all in everything that we do. I always tell people that either work for me, volunteer for me or that are around me. I don't want you doing anything for me that you can't put your all into at that moment because if we're not gonna put our all into something, then we can expect to receive the greatest result from it. So I want to know the area of the areas that you identify that you want to see a rising not just next year, but right now you want to experience arising and that you're willing to put in the work because I'll tell anybody the bible says Faith without works is dead and I always say education without application equal stagnation.

That's just my personal belief, I believe that we can be educated and empowered as much as we want to want to be and if you know anything about transformation radio or the transformation center which is a faith based community that I happen to be the leader of, We are established on four pillars and those four pillars are educate and power activate in the lead everything that I do and anytime I get an opportunity to speak or to carry on a conversation, I want that conversation to educate you, I wanted to empower you, I wanted to activate that which is in you so that you can be released into the dimension of trump that is connected to your right now. I don't want you just sitting and planning for the future all the time, never experiencing anything in the right now, I want you to understand that the your future is dependent upon what you are willing to execute right now, do you understand that what you are willing to execute right, determine the future that you will live.

You have the ability to live an abundant life, You have the ability to experience success in all four areas of your life. But the reality is that sometimes we don't realize that we have that ability because you know, we have certain different circumstances situations that we've allowed to have power over us. When the reality is, we really have the power, we're all right, let's go into the show, y'all got me excited, talking about rising, but when you call and I want you to share that, I want you to share. You know, the areas that you can identify that you want to see a rise in your in your life and what you're willing to do in order to experience that rise in your life. All right. So as I said tonight, we have an amazing guest. I don't see him on yet. Um but we're gonna go on without going on with the show. But before I even get to the guests anyway, those who tune in you already know what I'm about to say. I may not say it the same way every week, but every month. But I emphasize this, I'm telling you guys this is very important to me and everything that I never endeavored to do.

I endeavored to create an environment and a culture where people with diverse backgrounds and belief systems, systems feel safe and appreciated. I don't want people around me that agree with me all the time. Believe everything that I believe why, Because I can't grow. I don't gain any knowledge of anything other than what I already know because everybody around me is the same. No, I like diverse people. So I want everybody to understand that your diversity is appreciated here. All right in this show. Now, listen, I'm open up the phone lines throughout the entire night. You can call in any time after I get the phone number. Okay? But I want you to understand I'm going to limit each callers call 60-90 seconds 60-90 seconds. That's a minute to a minute and a half and the reason why I'm doing that is out of respect to our guests as well as respect to others who may want to call in, okay? Um so don't get upset. If I have to cut you off, then there may be times that some people may get a little longer than 60 or 90 seconds.

You know, I'm kind of a person that likes to go with the flow of things based upon how the conversation is going. If you do get cut off and somebody else doesn't get cut off, please don't take it personal. Just understand that is all connected to the conversation that we're having and the next time you call and you may be the one that does not get caught off, cut off and the person that got to speak for an extended amount of time the last time maybe the person that gets cut off for Gary. Now, also, here's what I want to say. Each caller that calls in is expected to be respectful of my guest, other callers in myself. Yes, we all have the right to disagree with anyone. However, we are expected to do so in a manner that displays re that respect. I can't emphasize that enough and I believe that if we are all willing to listen from a place of respect, then we all can learn and grow together because that's what it's all about.

It's not about one person growing and maturing and becoming better. It's about all of us growing together as a community, us growing together as a nation, us understanding who we all were created and designed to be and how it can all intertwined within each other's purposes. All right, we achieve more together now. The calling number is 5163871756. Again, 5163871756. And I want to hear from you. I want to hear your thoughts on the show. Maybe maybe you have an idea to make the show better. Maybe you have an idea to enhance what we're doing. I want to hear from you. I want the feedback from you. If you're enjoying it. If you've enjoyed our guests. Listen, we've had some amazing guests on this show. We've had life coaches, we've had spiritual leaders, we've had authors, we've had people who have, I was gonna say escape and I'm gonna use Escape because that's how I use it to escape the traditional church culture, but still have a personal relationship with God.

My goal is to get as many people on here that represents our demographic and our demographic is a variety of people. So we have some other guests lined up. We have some other life coaches that are gonna come on, we have some other authors that are coming on guys that have amazing books and I encourage you everyone that's been on before. I encourage you to support them, Everybody that's coming on. I encourage you to support them If you had missed any other shows, I encourage you to go by my website www got clipped in petty john dot com. There. You're gonna find all of the former shows, all of the shows that you know that have already taken place, you're gonna find all of that you can listen in and and be empowered and being encouraged to be strengthened to understand who you are. And that's the thing. Another thing that I made sure about the people that are booked, each person has a positive message. Now, along with that positive message, Sometimes they are going to say some things that are gonna ruffle our feathers, they're going to say some things that are going to upset us, they're going to say some things that are going to speak to the areas in our life, you know, that there are still experiencing some hurts and some pains and that's gonna make us, you know, take a step back for a minute.

But if we listen from a place of wanting to be healed or a place of wanting to be delivered or a place of wanting to be hold. And that's one of the things I emphasize in everything that I do is wholeness, There is nothing like living a holistic life and I'm not just talking about when your whole, in one area of your life, I live off of the principles of the seven core areas of your life, and I believe in those seven core areas that it is possible for us to live a balanced life in those areas. Now, granted that doesn't mean that we're going to experience perfection in those areas, but we can develop plans in order uh to bring about results of success in those areas. And as we begin to do that, we live healthier lives God guys, and the more that we live healthier lives, we attract healthier people, healthier opportunities. We attract all of those things because now we begin to look like our purpose.

And that's another question I would ask you tonight, what is your purpose? Do you know what your purpose is? Do you know why you were created? And I always ask this question and I always laugh because I do it in a workshop or a seminar and I always get the one person that says I was created to praise and worship God and I get it and I love it, I love it. And some of you who may not listen to me, I always share my faith, I'm not inflicting it upon anybody if you would like to know more about my faith. Listen, I'm the one that will talk to you about it, why? Because I personally experienced it and the transformation that I experienced, I want everybody to experience. However, I do respect whoever or whatever God. You subscribe to you. You know, as I said, you're going to hear me talk about my personal faith and I will respect listening to you talk about your personal faith as well. But uh that story that I tell is always from that and they say, you know, I'm created to praise and worship God and I always tell them, I love that answer because personally, I do believe that we were created to glorify God.

But then my question becomes, okay, how do we praise and worship God? How do we glorify God? I'm not just talking about a wave of the hand. I'm not just talking about a dance. I'm not just talking about a screen. I'm not just talking about a hallelujah. I'm talking about how do we begin to honor the creator that took time to create us? Now, I know some of you may have some negative feelings about yourself, but I want you to understand that you were created in his likeness, in his image. You were created with greatness inside of you. And because you were created with that greatness inside of you, you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to tap into that greatness, because that's the only place that we can honestly consistently praise and worship him, glorify him by finding out what it is that he has called and created us to do and doing it with our whole heart and doing it in excellence and the more that we begin to do that, then we begin to bring Glory honor and praise to him.

It's not always in the dance. It's not always in the lifted hands and trust me. I love it. I believe in it and I does it myself. I give it to him. However, I have to make sure that after that dance is done after that Hallelujah is done after the wave of that hand, I have to make sure that I have a plan of action in order to glorify him in the corporate world, to glorify him beyond the four walls of the church, to glorify him at work and and to glorify him in my home and my community everywhere that I go, I want to make sure that I am an agent of his greatness. I'm an agent of his love. I'm an agent of his protection and I'm an agent of his word. That's how we bring glory honor and praise to him. So, uh, and then again, also mapping out a plan to live holistic lives when we are living healthy lives. That's the greatest way to bring glory to him. And I know I definitely need to work on.

And that's one of the areas I've identified is working on my physical body. Because right now some of the choices that I make physically aren't bringing Glory honor and praise to him. You know, and we have to make sure that we are doing that all across the board from our physical to our emotional to our mental and our families with our finances in the marketplace wherever you are. You know, you want to make sure that you are doing whatever it takes. You know, in order to live that holistic life. Now, some of you may shy away from the idea of a holistic life because some of us and I've been there, we buy into what society says and and we, we will, especially with social media now, social media has us looking at other people's lives are what we assume is their lives. Because let's face it, very few people post the negative stuff.

The majority of the people post everything that they have going on positive. They don't pose what they have going on. That contradicts, you know, the other posts that they have in their lives, they only post the things that they feel are appealing to other people. So sometimes we have to block all of that out. Let the block all of that social media garbage and social media crap out. And I'm not saying that all the social media is negative, but you can't believe the hype, You cannot believe the hype I heard somebody was talking about talking about social media on today and they were talking about, they have been released from their job and they were talking about how they cut off social media because they didn't want to feed the diary. Uh they didn't want to view the diarrhea that was gonna go on on social media, there was an interesting analogy to use based upon rumors behind them being letting go from let it let go from the company.

And sometimes you have to do the same thing. You have to have a social break and not even just from social media but from everyone else around you because sometimes people have conversations with us, not realizing the impact of that conversation they are having with us. There are some people that can tell you something, they release it and that's it. Well, there are some of us that if we receive what somebody says where processors, so we are going to process that thing maybe sometimes A day, two days a week, two weeks a month. The months turned into years and we're processing what they told us and they moved on in life and we're still carrying that very thing around. So sometimes you have to detox yourself from everybody. Uh some places that you used to go, everyone at, whatever it is that you have to detox yourself from in order for you to center yourself in order to live a holistic life.

And I talk about energy and I talk about synergy as well. And I talk about centering yourself and what I'm talking about, sending yourself, I'm talking about just where you begin to allow yourself to be lined back up strength. There are things that happened in the middle of our lives that hit us and shake us and move us. I recently started going back to the chiropractor again. And one of the things he asked me, he said, well when was your last setting? And I said well I was 17. He said, Oh wow, that was a long time ago. I said yes, I'm 39 now. So what's that? 22 years ago was the last time I had an adjustment to my body. Now I get massages done. Um And I believe that massages are very important as well. But I believe that also, you know, you need you know, chiropractic practices as well in your life. And one of the things he was, he was telling me was how he said your left side, you know you're right side is shorter than your left side.

He said, have you ever noticed that? And I said yes, that's why I had to go to the chiropractor before. He said yes because I don't believe that it's shorter then the other side. He said, I just believe that your body has tensed up and when it tends stuff, it tensed up more on your right side. So you're off till he said, so what I'm gonna do is he said, do you remember the techniques that you had when you were younger? And I reminded him of the techniques and I said some of them were laying down and some of them were my back against the wall and they came and grabbed me and you just hear a whole bunch of crack and he said, well the method that I use, everything is done with you laying down and he said it's not going to hurt, he said, but it might feel uncomfortable and I laid down, you know, face down and the first thing he worked on was my neck because he said, the one thing he realized was that there was no, um, you know how you have shocks on the car and when a car goes over a bump, those shocks caused the car to like jump up and down and it might jump up and down a little bit when he pressed against my shoulders, there was no bounce there at all, it was just stuck.

And so he started at my shoulders and he began to adjust some things and I mean it was loud cracking have been a while and it hurts. He said it was not hurt, but it hurt why? Because I hadn't allowed myself to have that maintenance in a long time. And the same thing can be said from an emotional or mental standpoint, even a spiritual standpoint when you have to know how he was talking about how my virgin grays need to be able to breathe. And he was talking about how tight they were and how they get air bubbles inside of them and some of us spiritually we have some air bubbles inside of us that are not allowing us to breathe freely spiritually. Some of us from an emotional, on a mental standpoint, we're experiencing that some of us physically, you know, and then gained a little weight and my breathing is different. I can hear myself breathing. I sit back from the mic a lot because if I set up on the mic, you guys are gonna hear me breathing, you're gonna hear my heavy breathing in the mic.

You know, the more that I talked, you know, So I I realized the adjustments that need to be to be made. And he began, you know, he worked my net when he started with my shoulders, I went in my back and the more he went in the top of my back, that was where I heard a lot of the major crack and then in the small of my back and then he came back and rotated my neck. And here's the thing about it when it came to my neck. When he started working on my neck, he told me to look to the left. Does, why did I just look to the right? When I said look to the left, he told me to look to the left and I did it to get guys and they told me to look to the right now when I look to the right, my neck rotated, you know, the rotation of my neck was very good. But when he told me to look to my left, I could barely rotate my neck. I hadn't realized that. And some of us and this is why I always encourage people to get a coach. I encourage you to get a spiritual leader, I encourage you to get a therapist, I encourage you to get in support groups and and and and and get around people that can help push and motivate you towards purpose because I realized the pain in my neck, but I did not realize that I could not rotate my neck to the degree that I should have been able to rotate it and some of you right now you can't rotate your spirit to the degree that you need to rotate it.

You can rotate your emotions the way that they need to rotate. That's why we can't get over some things that we used to get over. You know, whatever it is that you just can't rotate in a just an about face, the way that you need to about face anymore because you need that adjustment. He started doing these crackers and all this different stuff and I realized, wait a minute, okay, I can rotate it now and even when I rotate it, I don't feel the pain of it. But here's the thing, some of us are willing to go in for that first setting. We're willing to go in and ask for advice on that free consultation, See what I do is I give a 15-30 minutes free consultation, whether you're you're acquiring my life coaching services or you're acquiring my consultant services. I want to give you that 30 minutes to bait you in. But what I realized what some people is, Some people feel as if if they take that 30 minutes that that 30 minutes is supposed to solve all of their problems.

One of the things he told me was listen, I'm gonna adjust your back and it's gonna feel great to you, it's gonna feel good to you, he said, but in order for you to be healthy, I need to see you at least once a month in the beginning, he said now as time goes on then, you know, we may space it out a little more depending on you know, how your back is feeling, he said, but you know your body, if your body starts to talk to you and you know, you need more, didn't just once a month, then it's your responsibility to call and set up an appointment. Did you hear what I just said now I want you to think about that parallel that to your life. Some of us are going through some things in our lives and we expect people to know what we're going through. We expect people to use all nine gifts of the spirit or we expect people to be psychics or mediums, well we expect people to be mind readers or we expect people just to know when in reality we have the ability to communicate what's wrong with us.

I remember one time I was talking to my Apostle, um some years back and something happened and I was a person like this guy. I wouldn't tell you what was going on with me. Now. I'm not telling you guys to go out here and tell everybody your business. No, that's not what I'm saying. You know what we got. Well, if somebody that needs to hear this, um I'm a person that sometimes I'll go through solid and honestly when I traced it back a lot of times, it's pride that the reason why I do that. But I know some of you out there are silent going through wars, but you are there for everybody else and you just expect everybody to be like you, everybody, everybody is not like you and you have to understand that sometimes um Oscar said the bible says, that's not the bible said, I can't remember what whose sudden this alert, the closed mouths don't get fed on the boulevard. Sometimes we haven't experienced some of the breakthroughs that we need.

We haven't gotten some of the answers and the solutions that we need. We've extended our suffering sometimes because we haven't opened up our mouths to the right people. And this is isn't it amazing how sometimes we we say, you know, I have trust issues, but we'll find ourselves trusting the wrong people will share information with the wrong people that have no skill whatsoever to help us do what we're going through. And it is good to have peers amongst you that you can talk to about what you're going through girl. I got your back, man, I got your back, Whoever I got your back. But sometimes you need to talk to somebody that's gonna say, okay, I got your back. But listen, here's the plan that we're going to implement and sometimes we don't talk to people because we don't want the responsibility of a plan. Ask me how I know, But if we're gonna rise, we're gonna students. So, you know, the holistic life and all four areas of our lives, we have to begin to flip the script and change that.

We got to begin to make moves that we never made moves before. We always talk about it and it's become such a clean 10. If you want something you never had before you got to do something that you've never done before. And that is so true. But the reality is are we willing to do something that we've never done before? I know with me, I want the message of transformation that God has given me to reach masses of people like I really do. I want everybody out there that's struggling in their heart and in their mind that can't sleep at night, that stress throughout the day, that blood pressure is raised, that have become emotional eaters that have learned how to beat themselves up. They can't forgive themselves for former decisions that they made. They can't forgive themselves because they still keep making the same decisions over and over and over again. They can't forgive themselves because of what somebody thinks about them or somebody has said about them.

They don't feel as if they're worthy because of what somebody has said or thought about them. They don't feel like they're worthy because they've never seen uh success to the degree that God has still success up inside of them. I want everybody to experience the message of transformation to understand that it is possible for you, no matter where you're starting at just start, it's possible. I wanted to get to everybody, but the reality was I had an excuse every time an opportunity was offered to me to get that message across two more people are to a greater mass of people because it was an uncomfortable vehicle or avenue in which I had to do You know, I'll give you an example, shout out to mr von uh Mr von mason as well. I was a guest on her show well over a year ago. Well over Yeah over a year ago. Uh and then I came back in september was june of 20 18, Then I came back in September of 2018 and afterwards she talked to me about, you know, the idea of a show and you know, she was like I just want to push you, I just want to push you want to push you.

I believe that more people hear your message, you know, thank God for her and other people who have heard the message of transformation, value the message of transformation and are willing to take their platform to allow me to share it and see this is why I like guests on here because I believe that the way that somebody is paying it forward to me, that I can pay it forward to other people that I believe have a powerful message, have a powerful testimony, have a powerful story that have yet to be discovered and some of you out there are listening, you're listening to the show now and some of you out there and you're thinking, you know, the thought of you being a guest on the show dropped in your spirit and you laughed about I don't want you to laugh about it because I want you to understand the fact that I'm standing behind or sitting. I'm sitting on this microphone right now. The fact that I'm sitting behind this microphone right now, Honestly, it's a miracle if you knew my story.

If you knew my history. If you knew how I felt about myself, the thoughts that I had about myself, the ideas that I had about myself, the times that I wanted to take my own life, the times I want to sleep wishing that I did not wake up again. If you understood all of that, you would understand that. It's not a crazy idea that you would be a guest on this show. God is just steering your purpose up to show you where you're going. He's trying to show you where he's pulling youtube, where he's about to pull you out of and the story that he is developing inside of you that needs to be heard by the masses. Let me take a little drink y'all. Yeah, I'm a little under the weather today. So I do apologize. But the Massey, I need to hear your stole and nobody can ever hear your story as you keep it locked up and some of you keep it locked up. Some of you keep it locked up because you're like me. I used to think, remember when I was writing my book from stagnation of transformation, you can check it out on my website www dot clinton.

Betty johnson. How come there's going free preview of as well as options of purchasing. I encourage you to purchase one through me. If you want to sign, I will sign it. And I leave a little message in there. The volunteers. Yes. Turns into a prophetic message. Are encouraging the purchase. Right. Well, hit all over there after the show. It was listening to the show will then head over there. I remember writing the book. Remember cologne that whole process? Well, a couple of years, honestly, I prolonged it because there were so many struggles in my life. Number one, if you are a writer and you're writing about part of your story that will require you to revisit some areas of your life that you don't want to revisit and sometimes the reason why you don't want to revisit, you know, I don't want to share my stories because there were areas in my life that I'm attended that I had that would but I never really completely dealt with those areas and because I hadn't dealt with those areas now, those areas were crying out to me on the child within me was crying out, the little boy within me was crying out because I still was not healed a hole in that area because all I thought I could do was put that area in a box, put it in the back of the closet, bury it under everything else.

And I never have to deal with it again. But when you are a writer, you have to unpack some things and the more you unpack some things you find boxes that you felt as if you had gotten rid of, but you forgot you didn't get rid of, you just tried to bury them with everything else that you had going on. So because of that, you know, I ran from it, but then there was also the idea of would want to hear me, even with this radio show, my mindset was who's gonna tune in to hear me, nobody wants to hear anything that I have, nobody's gonna sit and listen to me for hours, who wants to hear anything that I had to say. And I struggle with that in ministry as well too. I just felt like my voice was not important enough. And sometimes we experienced that because we try to release our voice uh to people that just aren't connected to our voice. And then sometimes God allows you to be in places for you to be released around people Born ready for your pose because he lost the three.

Even if nobody else believes in it to you and I had to build that confidence and build that understanding. Uh and now I'm more confident, especially as a teacher, as a prophet there often than me, Oh that are crazy and not confident, you know myself. I just believe, yeah. What God, Destiny thing and I want to share this episode. Excuse me, your number seven up we have this understood humility is not coming. Yeah, I don't talk about the gifts and then the power stability within me, humility is that no, that honor God through the gifts, talents and in me by always pulling it back to him, I realized that everything that I'm able to do is because yeah, nothing that I can do. Nothing that I'm successful.

Uh and I've done outside of him. Others may feel like their success came because, right, because if anybody can mess something, if anybody can mess something up, I know that that's me many times, but I thank God for him being who he is that in bringing about success in my life. But as I was saying, I kept putting off writing the book and putting on, but putting off the show, oh, intel Far man and Gorilla want to get things done and I want to encourage you to understand whatever it is that you're putting, oh, that you have to get done now. And I'm not talking about rushing a process, but I'm talking about those things that should have been far beyond the process by now. That book that should have been written that soul, that should have been written those collection of poems that should have been written the wraps, that should have been written, um, the clothing line that should have been started the business that should have been started whatever it is, the ministry that you keep running from.

I'm talking about the things that he's established that that are right now that are connected to you right now and you need to start wherever you are guys. I'll be honest with you saw my setup, you probably might laugh, I have a box set up around this might, I mean, probably the best thing that I have right now is the mike, I do have a professional mike. Um I'm gonna have to go back through here. Both had to start something and when I started I started with a headset and you can tell the difference when I started with a headset, but I had to start head to start. I remember talking to my brother, um, Elliot Car Law and I remember he said Cliff, it doesn't matter what you got, you know, as the story to just keep putting out content and keep putting out content and keep putting out content. And he said, and then everything else will fall into place. I want you to know you're waiting for things to fall into place for you to put out the product or for you to put out the content and the honest, be honest with you, the things that you're waiting to following the place are waiting for you just to be played, waiting for you just to be placed.

Now, if you have questions about that, as I said, you can call it 51638717565163871756. We have about what, Another 15 minutes, I welcome you to call in. If you don't want to do it live on the show you can head over to my website and schedule your complimentary consultation, You can schedule it, let's talk about purpose. Let's get you started. We got to start somewhere and I believe that tonight, you know, the purpose of this show was for you to understand that you need to start somewhere, you don't have to have all your eyes dot and you don't have to have all your tea's cross, you don't have to have the finest designer suits, you don't have to live in the best home or drive the best car you might be walking, you might be riding a bike, you might be riding the bus, but there's people have need of your story and if you never stand up where you are right now and tell your story, you don't understand it is your story that compelled you to where you need to be.

It's your story that's gonna cause the breakthrough to come. It's the story that's gonna help your life be transformed to be honest with you this message of transformation. Writing from stagnation and transformation. When I was writing from stagnation and transformation, the crazy thing about it was I struggled with it because I felt like I was still stagnant in a lot of areas of my life and guess what I was. And guess what? There's still some areas of stagnation in my life as well that I have to take the principles outlined in the book and apply them the way that I applied them in other areas of my life and some of you are ashamed of of some of the things that the idea is that you have because you think people are gonna laugh. Listen, you gotta get uh I'm not gonna say that, but you have to get uh f people in your spirit when I say if I mean, forget you can plug in whatever word you want to plug in and not get it from my angry uh place. You know how sometimes we say, I don't care what nobody say about me, but we we honestly care were just angry at that moment.

No, I need you to out of your emotions, get out of your emotions because we only can experience success when we govern our emotions and sort of allowing our emotions to govern us and really get an f those people in our spirit, forget those people, forget about their opinions, forget about their thoughts. I was just reading um about a young man that wrote a book, I can't think of the name of the book, but it's a book of poetry, but he was explaining not 0 98 cents. And he was talking about how he uses his 98 cents in order to produce purpose. I'm paraphrasing, you know, using my own terminology, but to live his life. And he said, your two cents don't mean anything to him as it relates to his life and his purpose and what he's been calling created to do. And sometimes you have to get that about you. And I'm not saying don't seek counsel and don't seek help and don't seek understanding. but sometimes you have to be willing to step out there, you know, in the unknown and do just what the crazy things that are dropped in your spirit be crazy enough to pursue.

And guess what if they don't work out that's okay. Get enough fortitude in you to learn the lesson you learn from it. And now the next time you step out and try something else, you have a greater understanding and can apply greater wisdom in what you're doing next. Some of us we are we have a fear a failure. And then some of us have a fear of success, whatever it is, it's holding you back. But I live by this phrase now Do what scared? Even if you are scared to do a step out and do it scared because you're gonna conquer that fear by doing it? Some fear is only conquered by applications. And some of us that's where we're stuck at right now. We have all the ideas. We have all the strategies, We have all the plans, but we have not implemented them because we're just waiting. I'm just waiting. I'm waiting on God. The key of David that was gonna show me, he's gonna show me, he showed you in the plane now.

He wants to see, okay, can you walk it like you talking boy like you talk, Yeah. Big eagles fan, but can we walk that thing out? Can we really walk that thing out And I'm here to tell you tonight, you can walk that thing out. And everybody seemed like I was all over the place doing this at this hour, but this is the purpose of the show. The purpose of the show is, as I said, to have the uncomfortable, the unpopular conversations with you and part of the uncomfortable and unpopular thing is get people's voices out of your head. I don't care if they're your mentors, I don't care who they are, Get their voices out of your head, especially, especially, especially if, you know, God told you to do it. That's some of y'all not gonna like me saying that they only tell you another thing if you're an entrepreneur, stop seeking advice from employees and there's some of y'all not gonna like that and I'm not disrespecting employees and I'm not disrespecting people that you know, live according to that system.

But if you're an entrepreneur, you're why you're different than that system. So any advice that you're giving from that system, if you're going to wrestle with because that's not how you're wired. I'm just saying, I'm not saying that if you're an entrepreneur, you can, I'm not saying that, but I'm saying you can't, I can't go to an apple tree if I'm an orange, I can't go to an apple tree? And as the apple tree, how do I plant another Horn Street? I can't do that, why? Because the apple tree is going to produce at the apple seeds gonna produce app, we're trying to produce something based off of seeds from somebody or groups of people that are producing something else. Sometimes you just gotta step out there and there is enough, you got you too, you've got instagram, you've got facebook and I'm gonna tell you be wise, be wise, be wise and those who you seek advice after I'm saying call me talk to me, let's talk just a conversation, no commitment required, no commitment required.

Mhm whatsoever. The only thing I asked when people do call in and get the consultation session is that they listen, hey make an investment in you by purchasing my book but I still give you the option to do so or not. You know that's in your hands whether you want to purchase the book or not and then if you decide decide to sign up for the services then you know that's a blessing to the both of us but I just want you to be able to spread your wings and fly and let yourself go like just go lou a couple of shows that the um for the intro song we use lose yourself by Eminem and some of you are afraid of losing yourself. I know I am sometimes in moments like just being free enough, not even worried about anything else like a free fall like you just in that moment, you just so called up in that moment, y'all. And some of your your purpose is waiting for you to just get caught up in and like that you've got greatness in solid value.

You have the ability to rise. What are you willing to do? So are you willing to rise? If you're willing to rise, then you definitely camera possible that this mm every situation. Every obstacle, everything that you are facing, you can arise. You understand what I'm saying? I believe you're saying. Do you believe what I'm saying? That's the main thing. Do you believe what I'm saying? Do you believe that that greatness is inside of? Do you believe that there is the possibility uh inside of you for you to rise above those circumstances to rise above those situations to walk in your purpose. Do you believe? Do you honestly believe that? And if you don't, that's okay, you don't even have to believe it. You don't have to believe it in the beginning. But you have to take the steps in order for you to begin to believe.

Nobody is expected to fully believe when you start. But you've got to believe in something. You gotta believe in something that's connected to your purpose. You don't have to we our minds couldn't handle the entirety of what we have been called and created to do. So God gives it to us in a little and then he gives it to us in level sperm we think it's a fast. But he used to, unless he masters used to us then we can begin to apply it in southern areas. Yeah. Yes. The best way to do that's gonna make it you need to learn, start somewhere, start somewhere. No more excuses. No more. You know, putting it off now is the time for you to step into everything. That's yours. It's yours. Okay. Take it, go get it. That's all I have for tonight. Um As I said, you know, we'll send anything on tonight that you would like to have a conversation from schedule.

A complimentary consultation with by visiting www dot clinton patty john dot com. Follow me all of my social media platforms by type Betty This finding has not just saying this is going to be joining us. They oh I'm sorry. The incredibly and he's in ministry as well and I believe that he has a story that's going to bless four lives. I'm telling you. It's going to bless you. Mhm. Did you ever imagine that you could be blessed there? So I want you to tell tell everybody about. Yes. The society nine p.m. We're right back here. Oh no. The change to listen to the nice replay. Listen to the replay of any other show that we had. I encourage you all visit www dot clinton patty john dot com scroll down the home screen as you scroll down the home screen, you're gonna see transformation radio or transformation media click on that bam, it's all spread out there for you.

Also, we do webinars once a month. We do webinars once a month. The last webinar we did, y'all it was fun. I enjoyed it. I love it is cold. How do you view yourself in relation to your relationship to your purpose? Do you see yourself as an asset or do you see yourself as an asset? I'm telling you, it will transform your life. You can, you know, get that by visiting our store as well. And that will give you all of the webinars of the uh that's W W W dot click the pentagon. Mhm four slash store four slash store. You can get everything that you need right? Yeah. All right. Again, follow me on social media to check out my website and as I always say, create a great day walk with purpose and by all means. Exactly look. Mhm, mm hmm, mm hmm.

Can you identify any areas in your life where stagnation is manifesting now? I know some of you might say no, I can't. I want us to look at stagnation for what it really is. Some people have identified stagnation as something that's not growing or that's not producing. I don't believe that stagnation to me stagnation can also be that yes, we're growing. Yes, we're producing. However, were growing and producing in a manner that's disrespectful to the purpose and the greatness that resides inside of us and listen, we all have areas where we can identify that we could be doing a lot veteran, there's greater potential in those areas than we are experiencing. And guess what? I have a tool that will help you begin to experience transformation in those areas of stagnation in your life. And that tool is called from stagnation of transformation.

That's right, that is my book from stagnation of transformation. So I want you to hit over to my website www dot clinton petty john dot com. I want you to hit there. I want you to hit the transformation tab there. You're gonna find a free preview of my book. That's right. A free preview of my book. And I promise you after you read the preview, you're gonna want to invest in your personal transformation through purchasing the books or get hit over their purchase the book, let me know you purchased it. Here's what I always say guys, if you purchased the book you read the book you apply the principles in your life and yet you still are stagnant in the areas that you are applying them to and you're not experiencing any transformation and you can prove to me that you have applied these principles. I will give you a 100% refund. That's right, A 100% refund. Why? Because I believe in the application of the principles that are outlined in this book.

So again, visit www dot clinton Pettijohn dot com and purchase your copy of from stagnation to transformation. Mhm.

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