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S1 E17: This Day Is NEVER Easy....

by Clifton Pettyjohn
January 1st 2020

In this episode purpose strategist, author, transformation coach, radio host and spiritual leader Clifton Pettyjohn shares what January 1st means to him and his family.--- This episode is sponsored... More

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What's up everybody? My name is Cliff and you are listening to the what now podcast. That's right. The what now podcast where we threw conversation, discuss ways that we can effectively address life's most difficult moments. So sit back, relax and enjoy tonight's episode blog, talk radio. Welcome to the What now podcast. Yeah, yeah. Hey, what's up everybody? Welcome back to the what now podcast. My name is Clinton Petty john for the sake of this podcast. You can call me cliff and guess what guys? I'm recording this at midnight On January one. Therefore happy new year to everyone that celebrates, you know, this time of new year and my prayer for each and everybody including myself is that this will be a year where we do not make resolutions, but this and I don't do resolutions anyway, but this is a year of action for us when we put feet to our faith, we're not just wasn't sit back and wait for something to happen that we tap into the creative expression that has been delegated and designed for us.

And we begin to make some moves that create that which we desire. Okay, so that's my prayer for you this year. Is that you connect with the creative side of your purpose and you begin to create in a manner that you've never thought dreamed in or imagine. All right, I believe that for you. Did you believe it for yourself? Keep confessing it until you do believe it. So man, guys january 1st tell you what? First at the time where we celebrate a new year, you know, a lot of people. This is the time where you know, I didn't deleted everybody. I needed to delete, I deleted amount my contacts, I blocked him on facebook book. I blocked them on instagram or block them on Snapchat. I blocked them on all social media. They can't get in contact with me at all.

This is a new year. New me and I don't have time for anybody that does not value me and that's great. It is a new year. But for me this is a bittersweet moment. I do like to celebrate the newness. Uh those who know me, you already know that I celebrate my New year's during Rosh Hashanah. It gives me momentum entering in to, you know now 2020 but some years back, we had to say goodbye to my mother on january 1st. Um and to be honest with you guys, I know people say it gets better with time. I don't see that. Uh you know, if I can just be transparent for a moment that some of you might not even want to listen to this because um And my voice may sound raspy because I've been recording since 10:00. So this is not the first episode I record, it's actually the second episode of the podcast, but it will be episode number three because I did the radio show before the podcast, get what I'm saying.

But January one is kind of bittersweet too. I love the new list. I love everybody's excitement and my prayer is always that everybody keeps that same excitement throughout the year. Statistics do show that as excitement begins to gradually slow down as early as tomorrow. Um so my prayer is that you gain that momentum. But for my family, this is not a time that I'm not saying we don't celebrate because we do, but at the same time it's kind of hard to celebrate and not acknowledge the fact that the one who served as our backbone as our rock as are many of our connection with God before we made a personal connection with him. Our prayer warrior. Um Cook. She was so many things to, to all of us, to me, She was my mother.

She was my best friend. She was the one that understood me when nobody else understood me. Um and trust me, I'm not the easiest person to understand at all. Did you hear me when I tell you Cliff Burton Maureen, petty job, if not the easiest person to understand at all. Once you get along with at all, you know, I'm thankful for the time I spent with her from childhood on up, I watched her sacrifice for years, your sacrifice for years. So that others, including myself, could live a comfortable life and she worked so hard. I always tell the testimony, she was a single mother, she worked part time and full time jobs while going back to get her degree. She always sacrificed, I tell people all the time, I want to shop my brother out.

Um those who may not know my brother juan p a lot of people know want to, you know, um people used to tell me Cliff, you have your mother's heart, You have your mother's heart. Now my mom is the person that will take anybody in and her love was unconditional. Do you hear what I'm saying? She told me a lot of lessons about love and forgiveness. Okay, But I gotta be honest, er I have to be honest, Clinton does not have his mother's hard, I worked to have that I do and I'm gonna say I may have a portion of I may have 5% of, you know what I'm saying, I beg but my brother has my mom's heart as it relates to loving everybody and you know, just he has her heart.

I yet to have that got into that place. If some of you may say cliff, you're talking nonsense because I know you, yeah, you made no mention, but you may not know the magnitude or the extent that she went through. Uh, we didn't have much growing up. We did and now, but a lot of people wanted to be to our house and that's something I didn't understand until I got older because I began to understand that it wasn't the sense of what we had from a material standpoint, but it was the environment of love. It was the security that was there. I watched my mom and doing a lot of things, a lot of things. But the one thing I can say about her is she never lost that nurturing side of her and that loving side of her, even when she got sick like her, you know, you watch her go through it. But yet at the same time, she still was encouraged. I am willing to figure out somebody else's problem or somebody else's circumstance or somebody else's situation.

You know, mine is focusing on exactly what she was going through. Um, this podcast may just be for me just to talk this thing through because like I said this day is never easy. Oh and I, and I don't, I'm going to say this. Sometimes people don't need to hear, they're in a better place. Sometimes people don't need to hear, oh, but they loved you. Sometimes people don't need to hear that. Sometimes people just need you to sit there can be solved just to know that you're there. You don't have to try to come up with the right words to say. I've been in that situation before to where I felt like, oh my God, I don't know what to say in that situation. So I've dodged those situations with people before, Not good to dodge it. But sometimes people don't want to hear what you have to say. Sometimes they just need to know that you're there, that you're tangible, that you're touchable in a physical sense or maybe I can't touch you physically. But if I need to call you and I just need to cry on the phone.

If I need to call you, I just need to talk on the phone. If I need to call you and just sit in silence on the phone. Sometimes people just need to know can you be there for them, don't try to come up with anything deep, prolific, super spiritual to say, just be there. Um, I say that because I know what I experienced with that and you know, being there for others as well. So today I do, I do asset, solicit the prayers from my listeners for my family. Um, and we're not a family that talks about it a lot, we're not, we're not a family that talks about a lot. We just realized that it's there, but we don't seem to talk about it a lot, but I wanted to make a change in my personal life and I wanted to talk this thing out this year as opposed to sitting in my bedroom all day listening to um Jamie Foxx singing, I wish you were here because I usually have that on repeat.

And I'm not saying it's not going to be on repeat because you know, that's a song that probably, um, resonates the most with me. And I also love, is it Carolyn Ramsey? I don't know if it's telling, it might be telling Ramsey's, I'm okay, don't cry for me, I'm okay. I love that song as well too. But um, you know, I solicit your prayers today for my family. Uh, because sometimes when somebody has been that foundation, they've been that rock and like I said, it's been about, oh Lord, 15 years now and somebody might say 15 years, you have to be over it by now, anybody said they're old, but I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna say that, I'm not gonna say, um, but when somebody was such a valuable and integral part of your life, you just don't get over and I went through different stages, I went through where I stopped living.

I just stopped living. It was just existing. And I realized that first of all, God didn't create me just to exist. That's number one, number two, she wouldn't want me just to exist. She probably knocked me upside my head. She knew I went down here living my best life, you know. So, um, I went through those stages. I went through where I didn't want anybody around me. I went through great depressive state. So I went through where I separated myself from everybody. When I say everybody, I mean everybody, I'm going to do an episode uh soon about how I thought it was best for me to be outside of everybody's life and not be involved in everybody's life. But I went through various stages. I went through various changes. I went, um, I'll say this this much, nothing is the same. Said she's been gone. Whether it's with me, with my family, with those who became our family because everybody knows my mom, my mom was a mother to a lot of people.

She was access to a lot of people. She was a big sister to a lot of people. She was whatever, whatever anybody needed. That's what she was to a lot of people. And life has truly changed since then. Since then, I will say the place of phrase because my former pastor used to always tell us and everything from the place of free, the first place that that I found in this is that I believe that it calls me to develop a more intimate and personal relationship with God. It also calls me to connect with my father. Um now that's a story for another time. My mother didn't keep me from my father. Matter of fact, you know just segway into another story for another time. I used to get mad with my mother because I felt like mhm should have been angry with my dad and made me angry with him. But she never talked bad about him a day in her life.

But as I said, that's a story for another time today. I just want you guys to think of us today be praying for us. But most importantly in your life it's a new year does enjoy live your best life. Value the people that are in your life now because people are here today, gone today, don't smother them, but value them, love them, honor them, support them, be there for them as much as you want them to be there for you. All right, listen again, thank you for listening to the show. I pray something was said that you know blesses your life. All of us cruise. All right, I appreciate each and every one of you and I will see you on the next episode boobs. Mhm Yeah. Can you identify any areas in your life where stagnation is manifesting now, I know some of you might say no I can't. I want us to look at stagnation for what it really is.

Some people have identified stagnation as something that's not growing or that's not producing. I don't believe that stagnation to me, stagnation can also be that yes, we're growing. Yes, we're producing however were growing and producing in a manner that's disrespectful to the purpose and the greatness that resides inside of us. And listen, we all have areas where we can identify that we could be doing a lot better in. There's greater potential in those areas than we are experiencing. And guess what? I have a tool that will help you begin to experience transformation in those areas of stagnation in your life. And that tool is called from stagnation of transformation. That's right. That is my book from stagnation of transformation. So I want you to hit over to my website www dot Clifton petty john dot com. I want you to hit there. I want you to hit the transformation tab there.

You're gonna find a free preview of my book. That's right. A free preview of my book and I promise you after you read the preview you're gonna want to invest in your personal transformation through purchasing the book. So again, hit over there, purchase the book, let me know you purchased it. Here's what I always say guys If you purchased the book, you read the book, you applied the principles in your life and yet you still are stagnant in the areas that you are applying them to and you're not experiencing any transformation. And you can prove to me that you have applied these principles. I will give you a 100% refund. That's right. A 100% refund. Why? Because I believe in the application of the principles that are outlined in this book. So again, visit www. Dot clinton. Pettijohn dot com and purchase your copy of from stagnation to transformation. Mm hmm.

S1 E17: This Day Is NEVER Easy....
S1 E17: This Day Is NEVER Easy....
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