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Kung-Fu Special Pt1 - Enter the Dragon with Mr Bob Wall - Old Skool Movements Podcast

by Old Skool Movements - The Podcast
June 13th 2021
We're joined by the man that has fought against Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris and lived to tell the tale. In what could've been his very last podcast interview, we speak with the 1970 Heavyweight Pro Kar... More
Mhm. Easy. Yes, we're here for another episode of the old school Berman fucks cars. My name is Lucas and chris And on today's show, we've got it like we wanted to do kung fu for a while, and golf on food because it was part of our travel and massive weight. It deserves it deserves a good talking about. So, we've held back a bit, aren't we? You want to wait until the time was Right? Yeah, a bit more justice. Yeah, there's something special. Right? Yeah. We've got a guest to launch our kung fu memories on the Oscar this podcast. And yeah, I didn't love kung fu man. All right, let's go, ladies and gentlemen, it's an honor to have this martial arts legend. I saw on my screens since I was a kid, and he's been kicking us ever since. He's joined us now on the Old school movement podcast. It's mr bob war.

Ladies and gentlemen, Well remember he's 81. He's an old. He's an old wall now. Sure you can still kick your ass though, You can still kick out. You all got to do is see my hands and you know, if I can kick your ass? Yeah, you still work out bob. I'm interest, you still work out Doing these three days a week, 81. Still do the split you fast and I knocked him out before they even yeah, let's get to you. But they knocked out right now. I love that. I want to take it back back in the States before the kung fu films were about before martial arts was really known. What got you studying and what got you into martial arts? How did you get into it? Everyone wants to be Bruce lee. But Bruce lee wasn't about in your days when you first get into it. So what, what pulled you into martial arts? Answer to your question is When I was 13, I was five ft tall in £93 and I had a vicious father. You can't see them here, but I can tell you, hey hooks car here, stab me with screwdrivers.

Hit me in the face with hammers, beat me with bailing wire. So at 13 I decided I was going to kill my father or leave and luckily I voted the gun. He was smoking one of his lucky strikes in the dark. And this voice said, don't kill him, There's a better way. I didn't know for years. It was God spoke to me, not said there's a better way. Don't kill him. Leave, get out of dodge. So I didn't and I wrote 100 and 68 miles in 1952. There were no streetlights in America. I don't know what what you guys are, but I moved in with an uncle and he had a big car lot at 10th and keys in san Jose where I was born and went back from a, my dad had moved us out to a little town called Turlock. If you're going to assert the earth and enema you do it in Turlock. That was that exciting of the town. But anyway, so I start washing cars but went to high school become a mechanic. But prior to that I got beat up by everybody Because I was a typical abused kid and I'm raised in a shit shack.

I don't have $5. And so there's this kid named Richard, bring Daryl And he was 17 in the 8th grade And it was £260 and he had a brain, maybe a carrot, It's about 65 but he shaved and drove his car and so he beat me up again. But it was a real bad mistake this time he beat me up, but I had to write 18 miles each way on my little bike from my shit shack and he took my bike and put it on drinking fountain, which used to stick up like that. And he broke all the spikes as folks and then he took a switchblade and cut all the tires and so you know, I cried as usual. But then I snapped became the cycle that I am today. I was sniper in the army. I killed a lot of people in, in respect to my country, but that's the day I became a psycho. He went to the bathroom and picked up a brick. He walked out and I smashed him in the face and I popped an eye out, broke seven of his teeth, his nose jaw.

He was never the same again. He almost died. But I was disappointed because I was trying to kill him, but I took the bloody brick around every kid in school and I said, listen, you ever beat me up again? I'm gonna kill you. And I'll take a rock, a bat, a tree club, I'll take a rock and jump on a roof and I'll jump off and crush your skull, I will kill you. I went cycle where everybody was scared shit with something, even though I was five ft tall, £93. And but then about, you know, six or eight months later I had the incident going to kill my father and God spoke to me and said, don't do it. So I left, I got hooked on martial arts because I started wrestling when I was 14 at five ft £93 in an area of £93.98 pound weakling. And I got this shit kicked out of me. I I got my butt kicked thoroughly. First year, second year I said, well if I'm gonna get my butt kicked, I want to pick Bubba, I want to pick the big guys, you know? So I started wrestling with big eyes and of course I got my butt kicked early.

But after a moment or two they started, I don't feel sorry for me or what, but I was like a bad penny kept coming back to take the beatings and I would come back and back and back and I think maybe they got tired of beating my ass. So the second year I won a few, but by the third year I went undefeated, fourth year I went and defeated and I got a scholarship with SAn Jose state and then I went there and I'm a wise ass now I'm 5 £730. I wouldn't like me today if I knew me then because I was a real wiseass. Got the fast corporate world, I wear a white ball on a hat. I go out with a hot blonde and hot brunette and and I have them set my car up. I'm sitting with my bow on a hat and kick everybody's ass and they come back and the hotties. I think there are more jealous of the hotties in my corvette. But anyway I got hooked on martial arts because of wrestling because of getting my ass kicked. And then I go to judo and I got my house kick. And then I became a black book 1957 signed by the girl Khanna's son research.

And so in 1957 I decided to move to L. A. and train with the world's baddest MF on the planet to this day. There is nobody That can beat Jean Lebel and he's 88. He created Emma. So I became one of his flat belts in 59. And then I studied everything. I got many, many, many black boats legitimate not bought. And I started tai boxing. I started american boxing. I said ju jitsu. So I'm a wrestler, judo guy and different than the average bird. I went to the street and tested my theories. I don't really work because everywhere else survival well causes why I have so many broken hands and shit. But there were a lot of cheeks and jaws and shit. Anyway, I feel testing martial arts so I know it works and what doesn't invite anybody to come over and kick my ass today at 81 and I can assure you it will be embarrassing for your dumb ass. So did you actively pick fights on the streets to test it? No, I never did. I never started to fight anybody anybody first.

But honestly I don't like bullies and I don't like egotist, I don't like bad people of course like good people like you guys, I like documentary makers, I like history seekers and creators and so on. But anyway, so, and I uh decide I'm going to work for myself. And so my last job was his head bartender, whiskey of yoga, which is the hottest club in the world in the sixties. And I saved enough money to open my first school. You know my then girlfriend Lillian testimony, I'm irish, she's Sicilian. And we opened our first school and then I gave joe louis who was one of the great great great fighters, he was my partner and I gave him half of the school. He got out of the Marine Corps 65 and he had about $40, didn't have a car. So I moved in with me and we live together and trained and he was way better than me. And so again, now I'm doing standup fighting. He kicks the shit out of me daily.

So I guess if you have anything to say about Bob Wallace, he's had his ass kicked. But will you kick my ass? He won't be kicking a virgin's ass. I can assure him I was still ahead to tell the tower. That's the thing that you're still About. I think it's a little more challenging to kick my ass today at 81 than it was then. I got I got to meet the Great Bruce Lee in 1963 and at a kung fu demonstration, Was that the international? Was that the international where he showed the one in? No, no, no. It was one week after he beat up one man. Jack would like to hide the facts in spite of a dozen people were there with him getting his ass kicked and Bruce beat the hell out of them. So it was a week later, jean nouvel always told me go train with everybody, Everybody's got something good. So I went to watch this kung fu demonstration with a guy named bob Osmond who unfortunately passed away. But for martial arts, he was a big guy. 6 to 2 30 most of us were smaller. And so I went to watch this demonstration in this clown.

I think he's still alive, named chris chan. So if I'm lying, chris Comey and we can have a rematch, motherfucker after I knocked you dick stiff. Anyway, he starts talking shit about, oh I see karate people here, it was about six of his wild oats, I. E. Non chinese and he says I'll show you kung fu is better than karate. And so he said anybody wants to come up here, karate people, you can hit me as hard as you want. Three guys run up there is about six of us, we didn't go. But anyway, you guys went up there, what do they do with prosciutto chops? Now that was real 63 he puts his arm and now it's not hit me as hard as you want to hit me in the nose to tease the hair, the head or the stomach just hit me in my arm, his arm just extended in the air. So I'm going to a bunch of bs. Anyway, they go chop chop chop because the hurdle and he says all right, you know the usual company? And he says, he says now I will break your arm.

This is good old chris chan from san Francisco punk, motherfucker. If this is not true, please call me, we'll have a rematch punk. So anyway, out there again. So they did their little kudos and he said, oh, I put your name and I'll break your arm and I go and they didn't buy him to get in there are more but they left, I'm standing, I'm going, hey man, you can break my arms, show me I can't wait. I like show me, don't talk me to death, show me I go out there and he whacked back wagon. It was pretty clever, took two fingers and whacking me between the wrist and the hand. And of course it doesn't break my arm, but he did raise a will give him credit, get hard, but it wasn't exactly an arm breaker. So after about eight or 9% break my arm, you said you were gonna break my arm, show me break my arm, don't talk me to death. So finally I just reach out and I got freaky long arms, believe me when I tell you gotta be 66 of arms like anyone freak for guys six ft, £190. Anyway, so I just reached out and slapped him spend around falls down and pretends he's knocked out, he's laying there was a little feet fluttering by the way, chris if this is not true, call me up we'll have a rematch.

So anyway, help me. So anyway, I, all of a sudden I realized I'm stand there, I still had my bourbon and soda in my left hand, Just step forward and all of a sudden look at 200 Chinese faces on, probably just got myself killed. It's fucking Chinaman have knives and shit. So I quickly walk off stage now today I could do stand up comedy for three days, but in those days I didn't know one joke. So anyway, I walk and I go to Osmond. He goes, we have to get the hell out of here. I think you just got a skill, we don't want to run real fast like Jackrabbits, let's go to the door. So we're walking to the door. Obviously this is a tough guy walking straight at me and I'm gonna knock in. My first guy sticks his and he's just, I'm Bruce lee, that was the funniest thing I've ever seen, wow, he said, you're as bad as I am, okay, we want to talk to four hours and we became best friends and that time lately, and I fell in love with him. He was brilliant, he was kind, he was charismatic.

But let me tell you, he wasn't exactly the martial artist that he was 10.5 years later, when I got to teach them crescent kicks, he'll kick spinning back, sidekicks, etcetera. Believe me, why am I the only man alive to be a bit on this movies? Because he beat the shit out of me before everything, we were so close and I type, he'd say, well, I'm gonna break something like china and you can't break different, you know? And so then he proceeded to just kick the shit out of me a long time. We did everything four or five times. I'd go, well, you're not too smart, you're really not too smart. It's one thing to take one or two or three Bruce's kicks or punches about the fourth time you're going, it doesn't say smart bob on my forehead is because some of those kicks that you took it in the dragon, What kind of horse when you're not full on? They kind of hard. He was trying to break me. I heard one of the sidekicks where it threw you into the crowd. You actually landed on someone and broke their arm. One of the one of the Yeah, yeah.

That was that happened at the end, because we were doing real deal fighting any professional fighter watches our fight scene. You know, there's no fake bs, You watch him kick me in the head, you watch him kick me in the groin, And I got lots of pictures. You want to see me three ft off the ground. He's kicking me in the groin. I wonder if he was really kicking me. Oh yeah, we were buddies and I harassed him. It doesn't say smart bob up here, got your little time and you can't break shit. So three months he's trying to break me. Well, I was one sore and I was some beat up guy, but I took it. Yeah. What about what about that flip kick in that in the Dragon? Did briefly do that was to start now. No, stuntmen. He didn't do backflips. Yeah. You know what? We were making a movie, Bruce lee, in my opinion, humbly, is the greatest film fighter of all time, besides being a great human being quite bright, unbelievably charismatic, unbelievably talented martial artist.

But no, he didn't do the back foot. I get a kind of perception that Bruce lee was very grounded in his whole physical appearance. He looked after himself and he was very disciplined in everything that he done from eating to fight him. What was he like off camera like when you went filming and that? You know what's funny? He was off camera 90% what he was on camera. He was just he was brilliant. He was kind of, one of his best friends was Kareem, Abdul Jabbar and Kareem when I met him as Lew Alcindor, going to U. C. L. A. seven ft £220 black man who was getting his ass kicked, He's going to the pro. So he decided he started trained with Bruce lee and he would come every saturday with chuck Norris and I and we were like a freak show because you got Kareem, Black man 72 with Bruce lee, 757 china, right with chuck Norris, half indian. Red Man. I was the only uh white guy in the room. Uh we'd go almost every saturday for a couple of years, Bruce would take us down to chinatown and we do dim sum.

Now here's what's funny about Bruce is with different 11. So the first time chuck Norris, I go down and meet him and he had these three favorite restaurants in chinatown for dim sum. And and then we walk in, we see we're here to meet Bruce lee. Where's Bruce? Oh, him and kitchen in the kitchen. Absolutely. We go in the kitchen, he has a he has a table oh, off everything, silver or everything and he and cream are sitting there blue in those days. I go, what are you doing back here? Some china waiters fit in soup, don't want so I see food come right from china to my table. I said, I can't imagine you mentioned they're a bit bob about about your gym, your dojo, you went in and bought and Got hold of with Joe Louis but he sold his half to chuck, not not long after having it. And I heard a story about you bumped into a guy called Arnold one time where you at where you at your gym?

No, but aren't Schwarzenegger? Yeah, yeah, that could be the guy. Yeah, I heard you bumped into it one time. I know I'm very well, good man, brilliantly talented. Probably if not the greatest bodybuilder of all time, funniest, so be very smart, you know I gave him all the credit in the world. Heard you helped him move into his first apartment, like you were one of the first, he sort of contacted when he came over to the States back in the day, it was actually there to random his first apartment. It was very funny chuck Nora tonight he's showing us the apartment santa Monica. But anyway, so we walked into his bedroom and he was known as the Austrian oak. Got a big kick out of it because we walked in his bedroom. He's got this awesome oak bedroom. Ben. Oh he and chuck go in the bathroom. Well I've been in the bathroom before. It's, I didn't bother, I didn't think I needed another education but he's got two stacks of wood that looked like a mail slot. It was a slap. Yeah here and then another stack on the top.

So being the noisy little turkey that I am I'm irish. So you've got to give you a little clip. So I pick out one of these pamphlets and it says $2.95. How to develop the outer head of the tricep, I put it back in the second, $2.95 how little how to develop the inner head of the triceps. So Arnold walks out with chuck and I go when he goddamn heads our triceps way all the body parts, he was making a few 1000 a month, he hasn't been here two months. He's a character smart, he's very talented, brilliant actor, phenomenal, Body builder, funny S. O. B. But immoral as anybody I've ever known. Yeah, did you teach him any martial arts that you want to learn Martial law? Yeah, Yeah, well I always like the big guys, you know? Yeah, I taught lou ferrigno and him and I choked out wilt chamberlain, I'm a joke master, I got these freaky long arms, so I always like looking out big guys, you know? But yeah, yeah, I gave him a few lessons but in exchange chuck, Norris and I went to Arnold and Lou and we don't know crap about bodybuilding and we got so much knowledge from Arnold and Lou and they're both phenomenal because they use lighter weights but they super nated, they didn't go for the big heavyweights, there were very specific about technique, I'm very specific, I've choked out thousands of people, so it's all about technique, it's not strength and so I admired that, but yeah, Arnold and Lou ferrigno both taught chuck and I in fact Carlos Chuck's real name and I love to death, he said when he was 49, he said my 50th birthday, I want to have the best body I've ever had said, Okay, so we're buddies were really close, I'm older than him, but I give respect to the youngers and since it was better in Karachi than I was and I was better and he was.

So anyway, I bought him three months training, private training with lou ferrigno. But being the clown that I am no ice as being irish and my father was one quarter english, I'm a wise ass. I combined, honestly, you know, english irish. So anyway, I set him up and I basically allude that we're going to, it was single in, we're gonna go to a sexual interlude, I don't say it, but I kind of promote that thought. So we gotta lewis Alice in santa Monica and at that time he's moved since then, but he had a long driveway and a detached garage, which tells you it was a real house, but he had turned into a magnificent gym. So anyway, I had him have his gorgeous blonde wife come out and she kind of just weighed at Carlos and his word walking down this driveway and so then she ducks dodges and goes in the back Louise there 335 lb of them.

We walk in and of course Carlos thinks we're going to have a sexual interlude up but I'm not so I can't take a chance right to me. When we walk in all of a sudden louis walks out, he darkens the fucking sky. I need to work out, looks at his use of swear, but he substituted he was able to convey to me his displeasure transferring the sexual excursion to having to work out with this monster proceeded Shit out of us. Remember correctly, I think I cute first I put you through your paces. Carlos said you did this to me, you've got to take the entire three months. So we did. And louis is amazing, he's just amazing. So we had a blast, we've had so much fun. I have met so many fabulous people in life, you know, not only to teach Ford Reagan, my favorite and Bush, I taught Elvis Jack pounds by keith, I'm so blessed.

I have the greatest life. Yeah, yeah. There's an array of people that you've worked to that you've trained, you know like when when kung fu martial arts movies came out to the U. K. We saw a lot of the you know the you know the classic kung fu's like the like the Thunder and mantis and the drunken masters assault on early Jackie chan film, but went into the dragon hit the scene, it was like an explosion. It was like something we've never seen before. We had all these different characters from around the world conversion on one island to battle it out to be the best and your character really stood out for me because to be honest, when I was a kid, I hated your character. You were such an evil dude. You made you weren't alone. You do yourself. I hate you. I hated your character. Yeah. He tried to Bruce, you made his sister killed herself. It was just like Bruce, kill him, kill him. And when you was gonna fight, when, when you and Bruce had to fight, I was like, this is the time when I'm gonna see Bruce kick this through tasks and that fight scene just stays in my mind for so many reasons.

First the bulls don't hit vaccine. Was that improvised? Was that in the script we had a blast Bruce lee and chuck Norris where my buddies and I wanted to do whatever they wanted. So you'll, you'll get a kick out of this. So Bruce calls me, says okay after I did with Dragon for $75 a week by the way, and I'm making way more than that and he says, I want you to play this part, you know, at the time it was okay to I look at the script, I said F off was going to ask you and I don't look like an old kata. I'm irish. It's O hara. So I knew myself anyway, I love that kid and and he was the greatest film fighter of all time. So I give him so much respect. I've heard bob, I've heard bob, but in between takes in in the Dragon also, that Bruce lee didn't mind old doobie or to Of course he did. Yeah, Bruce Lee was a great human being. Yes, he did marijuana. I never knew about it because for years I told him I said, if you do drugs don't come around me, don't bring it around me.

But yeah, he smoked marijuana. But 1972, I was teaching a writer as well, producer and he was brilliant. And he wrote a film called Alice B. Toklas. Look at Alice B. Toklas and it was about marijuana being cooked into cookies. And so I had to take a break. I said, look, I'm gonna go for three months, I gotta be in, in, in Rome, I gotta be in Italy and I can't teach you. So I had to cancel my private lessons and this guy, Larry was brilliant. But anyway, he wrote Alice B. Toklas. So when he found out I was going to work with Bruce lee and chuck Norris, he gave me a copy of the movie. No, I don't know shit, I don't know how to spell marijuana. Nobody ever says you go smart bob, particularly if you aspire Mohammed ali, you're not very smart, you always want to box me. I said does it say stupid baba beer? No baby, I'm gonna spending leg sweep you. I'm in a fake front round came in head but no baby, I'm not stupid, I'm not gonna spar the phenomenal.

Amazing, unbelievable. One of my heroes mom at least, but I could kick his ass because I have a few tools he didn't have, I go over there and I never watched it to this day. I watched L. S. P. Two. I gave it to Bruce. Well I don't know, that's the first time I knew he did marijuana. So we're in this hotel and if you have been to Rome he runs down to the hotel and I know what he handed 50 bucks. 100 bucks to the chef comes back up, it's got marijuana, not in cookies, brownies and he tries to give me one and I try to get him a glass of wine. He spit it out, he said this is a test and I said well this is shit too, I'm not eating that crap anyway The rest of our life, which was 72, every time we trained every day and on the set, off the set, Whatever. I love this kid, you go to the son of a bitch's house and every room has a weight machine. This G. D. Kitchen, you had a universal gym, media punchy everything.

Anyway, we ran together a lot. And so anyway, we would go upstairs. When we were in Hong kong, we were doing it to the dragon And he had a two story house And the 2nd story, he had this refrigerator and you run over there and you get some brownies. I'm the problem. I created the brownies from Alice B Toklas, but I don't do it. He said one brownie, you know, give me a glass of wine, give me brand, give me whiskey, give me champagne, but I don't want to lose anyway. So we were opposite. But it cracked me up because I've never done any drugs, But can Bruce after two marijuana least brownies, he would burn the cards up of course, to the refrigerator. 568 10, 12. And he was like lunches. He was like, nobody else. Yeah. It was very, very exotic. Very, very busy. Let's just say he wasn't exactly mr calm like me.

Yeah. Yeah. We're very calm. Yeah. So he'd say you want a brownie and know you have a brown, yellow glass of wine nana to three brownies later, I fred, how are you doing? Then he raced back and ate half of the refrigerator. So loved brownies, Bruce Bruce loved brucie bonuses, man, he loved his brownies. And right now I'm giving you an insider stories. But the important thing is I love that kid. I think he was one of the most brilliant martial artists of all time. He and chuck Norris and joe Lewis and a few others. Jim, Harrison Burlison. I mean, I I trained with the best and what do you think of guys like steven Seagal and john Claude van Damme, He's a punk is a punk. Little Weasel. I stood understood, 1999 is jammed my foreign space and I said, is that you start off finish Steven Seagal and he cries a punk stevens ago as a chickenshit, fat ass punk.

So I guess you don't like him then, but I have no respect for him, you know what, what was that martial artist? You give respect, you get it, if you give disrespect, you get it. I don't like punks like Stephen skull, fat pigs, you know that give no respect to anybody but himself. Come on, I stood on his foot, jam my foot in his space and I said, you start off finish and he cried like a little bitch, he's a wuss. So you're saying him up and shit, even to God's a chicken shit punk and you beat him up. I know, I just stood on his foot and scared the shit out of him. Let's just say that he had to do in his underwear, let's just say I gave him polish underwear, yellow in the front, brown in the back, and he's a chickenshit, huh? He didn't do nothing about he just he just let you do that, you know, he did. He cried, I don't want to fight you kind of you because you're a killer. No shit punk, motherfucker, wow, wow. When's the last time you saw him?

When's the last time you saw Stephen to go, Oh my God, 98 When I stood on his foot, jam my foot in his face and said, you started, I'll finish you punk. And he cried, he cried like a, which is a bitch. He said, well, I'm sad to say I started his career, started writing me letters in 82 he was jean, Claude von Berenberg. And and the usual letters in those days because I'm world professional champion. So I actually get before even I did Bruce lee movies. I get a lot of calls and and he said, I'm a huge fan of yours in the great Race Bruce lee. I got six of us letters I saved just in case just like steven Seagal article. I want you to see the backs, not fiction. I deal in facts. So, little Weasel says, I'm a big fan of yours in the Great Lakes, Bruce lee and blood level one and 99 questions about Bruce lee and one about me. And I go, oh, I guess I don't, your hero is. Yeah. Anyway, several letters later when I said, I don't have a fan club, I don't have a movie studio, I do this on my own.

We're done. Goodbye, Bye bye jean Claude. I'm very good. Oh my God, Mr Wall six letter. I'm coming to America. I want to be a movie star. If I could just get a picture with you, it means so much to my career. Okay, come on. The day he arrives, unfortunately for little weasel, needle dead jean, Claude Van Damme, fake punk, you can't fight. I don't like real martial arts, I don't like punks, I like needle dicks anyway, so he comes and who's there, but chuck Norris and here Wallace, super foot well, middleweight champ and he walks in and of course I'm mr Hero, but as soon as he sees chuck Norris, he pushes me out of the way, he goes, oh my God, Mr North. And so all of a sudden next thing he goes out of his car and get some g comes back in And he's like in his 20s, this is 85 and we're in our forties. So you know what, 20 year old things when you're 100 forty's you one step from the grave, let me tell you, a 20 year olds might be making a mistake because I got on my right up my wall here.

Age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill. You don't want to fuck a little old man because no longer does a life sentence means the same to us. We'll kill you. We're not gonna spend a lot of time doing it, I will kill you. I will fuck you up. 40 ways from sudden. Anyway, the weasel comes in and I say, if we do 50 or something do 10, 30 minutes later, he's puking his guts out and we got 2.5 hours to go. So he's a weasel. He's a phony little chickenshit. But because chuck Norris was there, he felt sorry for him and he hired him as a, as a weasel go for and that's how he met and I'm golden and that's how he got his first part Blood, Blood sport. Okay. And then the second film failed and they told him they were going to get rid of them when they don't want to do his third film. And he begged me to get my black belt Denis Allex Ceo, who co starred in the film, set up all the fight scenes, His highest grossing movie today because of Dennis Alexey, Oh my God, 60 and one greatest heavyweight kickboxing.

Amazing. So bob going back to the end of the dragon, the fight scene with the glass bottles. I heard Bruce got injured during that. What was that about? Bob? Klaus was a terrible director and didn't like Bruce lee and bob wall because we were not actors, we were only martial artist. So he uh yeah, started this bs about use real glass and be realistic, Bruce and I were cool with it. But Bruce said, you see in real fighting, if you guys are real fighters, your forward weapon where it's left to right, that's what you throw. You throw your closest weapon. But in film fighting it's just the reverse. You have to do it slower. So Bruce was standing right leg forward and he said, and I'm standing left leg forward and he said, okay, bob, you're gonna These are real real glass. So there's real danger here. We're not kidding around. Take the bottles and if you go back and look at the end of the dragon scenes, you'll see several takes where I break them.

I got a shirt and and then I got a long one and a long one that I had a short one anyway, so we do the scene. And Bruce said to me blood brother, he said bob and what? You try to stab my right peck? And I'm gonna. But I know him pretty well after 10 years, I don't have to ask him twice. My character. Ohara hates his ass. So I'm in character, I hate Bruce lee's s understand. He said don't come out with with the front bottle, come out with the back bottle because it gives me time to show it on screen. And so he's gotta hit me between the wrist and the elbow. He's standing right leg forward, you go back and see and you'll see it. He's standing right leg forward with a kick. I showed him trained him crescent kick, so we're doing the scene and he says bob, I want you to try to stab me with the bottle in your right hand which my left hand was forward. So normally I would throw my forward weapon but that's not screen fighting, that's real finding that street fighting.

But I gotta come at him with a backhand so there's time for the camera. No matter how fast to see it, he said try to stab my right peck now. I'm not trying to stay in his left pec. I'm not trying to stab him in the groin, I'm not trying to stab him in the thigh. I am following direction from the Greatest Film Fighter of all time Bruce lee. My job is to try to stab his right pet. So we do it 56 times perfect. The last time I come out and previously he hit me between the wrist and the elbow, my bottle flies away. But this last time he hit me behind the elbow because I'm trying to stab his ass. I'm not he's not my buddy. I hate waiting to character Joel is fucking Chinaman. Ohara no, I'm trying to stab them. It's mistiming on both of our parts. I'm not gonna lay it all the blame on him. I'm getting faster and faster because I'm getting more hate it's a six or seven take hits me behind the elbow.

Guess what? My arm does not fly. Therefore he jams his distant to the model So certain dummies I won't name them. I don't know shit said bob all. Didn't throw the bottle away. Well listen you stupid motherfuckers. Whoever you are, wherever you are die because I wasn't instructed to throw the bottle away. I was instructed to stab Bruce lee and the right back. Yes, he was standing right leg forward and jammed his fist into the bottle. She wasn't there. If he hit me between the rest of the elbow, that's how he got cut. It's a fat, no bullshit. I've all the cast members in enter the dragon, all the fighters you had, you had john Saxon and jim kelly yourself briefly bowler, Who was the strongest? Who is the hardest in your eyes? Who's the hardest? Yeah, it was the toughest. The toughest. Oh, by far, Bruce lee. Barring Bruce lee. Barring Bruce lee. Who is the toughest? Well, well, there was no second place.

But yeah, I'm a world professional champion. I'm undefeated. I'm looking at my poster right now. It says first world professional karate champions, joe louis, super everything, bob wall, heavyweight mike. Stone light heavyweight chuck, Norris, middleweight skipper Mullins, lightweight, deal with the fuckers were they were the best of the best. You just read out the best of the band. Nobody on that poster killed people accept me. So I'm not bragging. I just happened to be a killer. My money's on you, my money's on you. So you've answered one question that amazing. Listen, I love jim kelly. I hired him and steve Sanders Mohammed, If you go back when jim kelly walks into the dojo, has to walk up and bow to his instructor with steve Mohammed Sanders, Mohammed Steve Sanders, Mohammed is a dear friend. Number one phenomenal marshall or something to superior, bad motherfucker. Okay. But he created, he and a buddy of his created the BKF black friday federation back in the days when the only way you got a point if you were black, he wants to buy it.

And so we needed to create the BKF Anyway, it's an hour. So I hired, I wanted him in the movie, I loved jim only the second time he ever did. He did a Latina parking, Belinda, he had no experience. But he was tall, handsome, good martial artist and a really good guy and in my opinion. And I feel sad that he's gone with us because he was a good man, but he hit the ball out of the part of the black people played it, he was all worried. Yeah. Do I love you? Yes. Okay. Just be you. I read somewhere that Klaus cut out some backstory for a horror that there was going to be like a backstory showing you how you became hans bodyguard and that all got robert clouds. Cut it all out out the film. I read somewhere. Well if you hear anything bad about bob Klaus, it's true asshole. I would have liked to have seen some of horror back story in the film. I thought he was an asshole. Let me tell you what you get after Bruce got cut and he was out for a week and you and I trained every day but we couldn't train doctors really bad serious cut.

He jammed his fist in the bottle and we're not kidding around if you guys are real martial artist, you know when you're not kidding around. And so the second day after the cut, Freddy Weintraub when I love one of the few honest men in Hollywood came to me and he said, you got to leave Hong kong. I said, why? Well, Bruce is going to kill you. He said, really fuck you, let's go to the house right now. The way over Bruce's house and he asked him, he said, well the rumor is that you're going to kill bob ones? Are you kidding me? I love bob. There's no chance. He's the only man alive has been all my movies. No chance. It's not going to happen. So he said, let's call a few of these asshole rumors starters so again get a chain our whole life and you something. I speak Cantonese. I listened to him. Holy five or 6 people, how did this rumor gets started, bob Klaus? Where'd you hear the rumor bob clouds or did you hear the room bob Klaus? So Bruce and, and Freddie and I get in the car and drive back to the hotel. Same hotel I'm staying, walk in the fifth floor where this little weasel, lousy director bob Klaus is we opened the door and I slapped the little son of a bitch.

I'm a freak. Like I told you I got the freaking out. You better be 66 if you want to have a, or a dick by that Adams, that's another story. But I slapped the son of a bitch, he falls on the floor, I stand in his hand and twist it back and forth because I'm an evil, sadistic, mean son of a bitch if I have to. And I said, you better stop the rumors, you punk ass, bald ass piece of shit. You're never going to finish this film because you're going to be an ambulance ride to the hospital and you won't hear the siren Bruce said, yeah, we want no more rumors. But two years later when he was safe in Seattle. Yeah. Oh, bob wall was going to kill Bruce lee. Yeah. Right, right, right, right. I got a big hammer. I just left hand, Right hand. I go, come on when you're safe. Say it to my face. MF. Yeah, Yeah. I love, I love your negotiation with people bobby. It's very unique form of negotiations.

You have people in your past. I like, I like, and I'm hoping today for any invitations that bad motherfuckers think they want to come over and meet, wow, I'll send a limo. Well I love to actually love to actually, let's look at that actually to have your bob is ready, but anyone wants to have it out, bob is ready to Fight. I'm ready bring violence to me baby, you got Bob 81 and he's offering the hand rolled out or beat up the bubble. Hey bob. Don't you want an easy life now they just don't want to just chill, smoke, drink your whiskey and just chill when you rather that now instead of offering out in the world, main thing I don't want to do is piss off master gland and my wife because my sex life depends on my wife. I'm a retired horror and to, I don't want to get beat up by master lin. Yeah, that's fair enough that you know what?

You know what in life? Certainly I clicked 70. I don't want to deal with clowns, jerks, bad guys, bullies, Stephen fucking what's his name? R Siegel. You give me good people. Give me honest people, Yeah, real deal. I'm not the best martial artists from just the baddest and I'm gonna outlast your ass so I stay in shape because of my ego. Yeah, yeah, keep shooting you were stabbing you or blowing up your home. But I'll do all those things if I have to, you don't have to do that bob. You have two great. If he was like, you're doing now, that's what you have to do. Keep spreading the message of martial arts. That's just be an honest man. And like you guys, we love martial arts and the key word is back to the beginning. It's respect. That's it. If your fellow person respect regardless of their color or their anything, you give it to the good people, the honest people, you know, all the great people on earth from Bruce lee chuck, Norris, mike stone, and you guys, the truth is We should be kind.

You know, I wake up every day of my life for the last 40 years and when I wake up in the morning or somebody be kind to an animal, I don't care if it's a crow, a bird, squirrel, rabbit, I don't care. And then I'm gonna be kind to a human being. So I think kind therefore if you f with me, Yeah, but I click over kind and kill like that is a thin line. A little bad to get you to bring to reality. I'm gonna be so happy. Thank you for being an asshole, Make my thing, but I don't want that. Yeah, I want to be kind. You want to be caught, your choice to disrespect me and then we'll dance. We'll see, right, that's right, bob is ready for a fight bob. It's been great talking to you. It's been a pleasure speaking to a kong fu villain legend, who I hate it as a kid. But now I'm chatting to you now and you're a great guy, bob bob.

All the best in life respect. Thank you very much. All the best to you two are coming on great interview. You guys are terrific. You guys ask great questions. You've done a great job and let's say thank you God to the good kind people and fuck off to the rest, huh? You said it all for us. We missed all the ones that can't be about anymore. Be kind be honest, but most importantly we have bad motherfucker. If you have to be, we'll be able to stand up for what you believe in and do what you gotta do. I'm one of those guys love that, love that bob bob. Thank you. It's been a pleasure man. Thanks out my brother, it's been good. Thank you. You guys do a great job. Thank you. Thank you blessings to you and your family and yours bob. Thank you very much. Thank you for the interview, respect anybody that promotes martial arts in a good way and you guys are great interviewers and you've done a great job and you probably exposed me as being a foul mouth Irishman, which is true.

Other than that, I think we did well, you know you guys bless you, both. You and your families. Thank you bob. Hi guys, challenge. Have a great day. Thank you for your time. Thank You Bob. Remember one parting word. Never have weekends. You don't want a week wife, You don't a week girlfriend. You don't want a week interview. Have a fucking strong end? Strong. I'm a strong end guy. Strong. Yeah, keep that, keep that survive. Thank you. Why is it blessings Jiao? Well may make bob Warman. I was that was a chat and a half. A guy likes the child. Tell you that chat likes to chat man. Yeah man. What career? He said that all the celebrities that he's trained and walk with movies. Yeah. Even nine different black belts of different different decisions. Yeah, It's been busy and I was 81. He's just, you know, living his life games still do a little bit of training.

He says, yeah, living the good life, you know? But yeah, we've gone now. Mr Lucas and chris and I hope you enjoyed the show, man. Who's back Some more kung fu bits. I'm soon, but stay tuned as always. Until next time, Bruce. Yeah, those, those were the days there were, there were days I remember you must attend the morning ritual in uniform outside.

Kung-Fu Special Pt1 - Enter the Dragon with Mr Bob Wall - Old Skool Movements Podcast
Kung-Fu Special Pt1 - Enter the Dragon with Mr Bob Wall - Old Skool Movements Podcast
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