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Thundercats Special - Old Skool Movements meets Larry Kenney, the voice of Lion O

by Old Skool Movements - The Podcast
April 3rd 2021
We love cartoons and we all have our top three favourites, so this episode we’re delighted to have the voice behind one of the top cartoon characters from one of the top cartoon shows. Ladies and Gen... More
You are listening to the Old School Movement podcast with dad's chris and steve, you understand. Mhm laserjet lasers. This is the Old school movements podcast. My name's does. I'm chris and I'm stacks. And you guys know that We love everything. Eighties River. It's like films, fashion. But you know, we always talk about cartoons and action cartoons. Action packed cartoons is a thing that we love. Um we always prop up and mentioned cartoons, but today we got a special treat ladies and gentlemen, because on today's show we've got one of the voices are one of the most phenomenal cartoons of the 80's on the Old school with podcast. Today we have Gary. Thank you. Shea. Okay. On the podcast with larry Kenney whose voice Lion O from the Thundercats.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me hear this horn. Thank you very much. Thanks and tom and Gerri. I'm Gary. Yeah. You're Gary. No, you're lying though. Forget. Nice to be with you. We should probably mention that we were when we first started talking before we went quote on air. I messed up the guy's name and they won't let me forget it. They refused to let him get him paid back. Now we're even, yeah, we'll move on. We'll move on, we'll move on. So larry. So you know, you voice line an amazing character. But what made you want to get into voice actor? How did it start? Well it was a long time ago And the galaxy far away. Oh wait, that's something else. Actually. You know, seriously, my mother tells me that time I could talk, basically.

I was copying things on television, especially cartoons, you know, and I was kind of mimicking their voice and then I kept that up. You know, and and then when I got to school I discovered that if you could tell jokes and, and uh imitate famous voices, you know, we're cartoon voices, The chicks love that, you know, like, so I think I found out what I'm gonna do for a living. I so what was the first voice that you practice and master and said, yep, I'm showing this to the world must be like a metal blank order thought or you know. Yes, exactly, exactly. That was that was my hero. No, when I was growing up in the 50s, you know, 30 years before you do guys for growing up at that same age. And in fact, I'd like to tell people that comic cons sometimes, you know, they'll say thank you for coming here, you know, and I said, you're kidding me. Listen, I know how it feels because when I was a kid, if I heard mel blank was coming to town or Daws Butler or you know, jay ward, any of those great creators, I would have been the first one online too, you know, I would have spent overnight and ticket line, I would have been there all three days because I was, you know, I was fascinated with those guys and and and ladies and um yeah, so I know, you know, I know what it was like, and I love it when I go to Comic Cons and you get some of the reactions, you know, from people, some people tear up, you know, because they say, you know, you we're such a part of my childhood and and that means a lot to me.

It really does. That's why I have a great feeling of pride in the legacy of Thundercats and silver hawks and other things that I've done. And it's because of that, because I know what it means to people, you know, so you mentioned silver hawks, but we we may be no you for funder cats in the UK because um silver hawks didn't come out in the UK on, on television, so we're not familiar with that. But we know you don't like computer games as well, like uh Red dorm Redemption two and so on and so forth. Yeah, Yeah. Grandfather daughter and so on. He was also the bird for american cereal with cocoa pass. Yes. You don't have them over there. You don't get them over there. We don't get over there. No, no. And count Chocula. Well, Chocula. Yes. Yeah, frightfully delicious cereal but don't eat it. It will kill you. Like it sounds like the one at a pretty good.

Yeah, that's right. The Count from Sesame Street. Yeah. You know what I always in the back of my mind when I was a little kid, it's hard to explain to people but when I would watch cartoons or I would watch that's tonight show with johnny Carson. You know somehow in the back of my mind I knew I was going to be a part of it. You know what? That's crazy. Yeah. I just I didn't tell myself I didn't tell myself that I'm going to do that someday. I just looking back now I remember watching it not only as an observer, a tv fan and you know thinking the whole time what would I have done there? I would have made this joke, I would have done that. Yeah. Already already starting your craft from yeah you know building, building, building without even knowing it and here you are like you know and the whole world knows you the whole world, major character. So the character that we're going to talk about now is Lionel. He was called Lionel before wasn't he? But I didn't want it to sound like Lionel Apparently.

Yeah and you know I didn't know that until just a few years ago uh of course the show was 35 years ago on TV I didn't even know that until when somebody sent me a whole big bound notebook of Lyon a Thundercats stuff, original schematics, original original original scripts, you know and things like that and Lion O was called Lyonel or Lyonel Yeah and like I said I didn't know it back then I would have asked them back then I would have asked the people that Rankin Bass you know why is why is it lying there? Because in my mind Superman, his real name was cal l yeah yeah yeah yeah cal l and his father was generally or Marlon so I wonder, I wonder if that's why they changed it because of being Lyonel cal l and I don't know, I was thinking because I didn't want to get them confused with Lionel Richie. He's got the afro. I was thinking that his time could have confused them so that it's changing up.

You've obviously seen the memes right with. Yeah, yeah, because I'm sure, I'm sure because liner always had a nice puffed out afro, I swear you had an afro comb in his claw in his court. You had a slight afro comb didn't every minute I'll just call my hair, carry it somewhere. Right. So what inspired you to to to bring Lion O to life, What what kind of voice were you looking for? Four liners character? Interesting question if you think about it. Uh The voices of the Thundercats uh In Thundercats, the actual, you know five Thundercats? Uh We're not cartoon voices. In fact when when I went to the audition um they told us there are lots of people there. You know and they auditioned probably 1000 people in L. A. And new york. And but they said now for the Thundercats, Lion O. And Tiger and shit Tara Pan throw, we don't want quote cartoon voices, we want them just to sound like real people.

So um there was no really no need to come up with a Lion O voice. It's just my voice. Um But the difference is, well I'm sitting here talking to you guys. I'll say something like uh you know sort of moments come to my hand, I Lionel commanded. But on tv it comes out sort of the moments come to my hand. I Lion O command it a little more dramatic. But but that's but that's uh it was just my voice. Lionel was just my voice. And as a matter of fact In 2011 when Warner Brothers who have then bought the rights to the show um did a reboot? You guys remember the reboot come over there you briefly because it was the one season now and they didn't they didn't get advertised. A lot of people picked up on it a lot late after it came out and by that time it was too late one episode. But I thought it was drawn really well. Yeah. Voice, you've done the voice to that. Yeah, I did. I Claudius Lionel's father in that one. Got Yeah.

And I thought was a great series. I really thought it was gonna click uh you never know in this business, you know, and have all the right elements of great cast, great writing, great animation, great music, which we we had all that for the first Thundercats. Uh luckily that did collect. But the 2011 1 I thought had most of the elements, but it didn't catch on. I think one of the reasons was one of you fellas just said something about they didn't promote it. Uh The second thing, unfortunately from what I heard it's becoming more and more true in the industry is the toys uh ratings were good on tv but the toy sales were not so good. They yank it. Yeah, it is a shame. Yeah it is. But it was it did have promise to shame. It didn't continue. Yeah, there's a lot to compete within these days these days, you know, got compete with phones and stuff. So toys are hard to, yeah, it's hard to sell electronic gadgets, isn't it?

Well, you know, it never occurred to me until this minute I'm being honest about the toy thing. It's always kind of broken my heart that that that would cancel a series. But if you think about it now, especially with the collectors, the incredible market and collecting things. You know it's telling you going to comic con. You see rows and rows and rows of people staying in the action figures. So it's a big big business now. Yeah. So I guess I guess you need to sell more toys too. Yeah. Two adults. Yeah. I think the generations change because most of generations toys and comic cons they're not really to play with their just to put in ornaments like to have like they're being generation there. Yeah it's going by my daughter and she's got no interest if it's not on a tablet on Youtube or not interested. It's totally it's totally change. It's such a shame, such a shame childhood to channel. It's a whole new world back in the day. The toys made you look at him and he made the tweet came out before the cartoon, didn't it?

Made the cartoon, whereas normally it was always the other way around. And it's such a shame that you say that because of the toy sellers, they canceled the series and it didn't promise it did look good. Yeah, I thought it was good. Did you see the image of Lionel before you voiced them? They're already selling the Yeah, yeah. They showed us what he's gonna do look like. They had some some um not primitive but original drawings, you know. Uh first of all, I went to the audition and then um when it's my turn to audition, they hand you drawings of all the characters, a little synopsis, Maybe a paragraph what this guy is like, or this guy was like, and then, uh, maybe a couple of paragraphs of about the show, you know what it was going to be because nobody, you know, brand new. Um, and then, and then they said, they said pick one blue cat and one mutant, you know what I mean? Right, Mom ross, gang my slides, Jacqueline monkey in the Thundercats.

Hey, watch it. That's pretty good. That's pretty good. As a matter of fact, as a matter of fact, I picked Lion O because I figured the Lord of the Thundercats, he's the boss, you know, that's maintenance. And then for the, for the amusement, I picked Jackal Man. And uh, now again for lying. So I didn't have to wonder what kind of a voice to do do my voice because it was just you. But Jackal Man for Jackal Man, I'm thinking, well, first of all, any actor will tell you whether it's whether it's an animated show or a movie or a play or want to uh any actor loves to play the villain because you get to really go out there, you know, you get to really emote and as we say in the business, chew the scenery. Yeah. You know I mean Lionel can do this and this but mumm ra it's an ancient spirits of Cario carry.

I like I like the I like the drawing of Jackal men that they had. So I think I'll do Jack Oh man, Now what kind of a voice do I do? Well, to me, they were always kind of a sneaky, creepy, crafty kind of, you know, wolf work. So I thought, yeah, I'm making and then suddenly I got this uh this in my head, I started channeling an old show when I was a kid. And I don't know if you guys got over there, but it was called Rocky and Bullwinkle Venture. Yeah, well there was a character called Snidely Whiplash if you recall. I remember he was he was the prototype villain. He wore a big top hat, had a moustache like this uh Hello. Now I'm going to tell you the railroad track, but I thought that might work. That might work for Jackal Man, you know?

So that's what I did. I did uh um what the first line I didn't for audition was. We must get the Thundercats. Yes, I I love that. All the characters, all the voices were so distinctive in the fun because everybody you could, you know, you could hear a voice go, that's him, that's him and so on so forth. But why why didn't you choose Mumm ra? I've never been asked that question and I don't know, I don't know why I didn't choose him. I just don't have an answer for you. I think I think I saw the picture of gentleman 1st and they had them drawn like you know. Yeah, I said that, I remember I would have been fun to do. But you know, it turned out that Monroe was a very hard character to do Earl Hammond who portrayed him. Uh he worked harder than anybody else in the series because you know, two or 3 times an episode he was doing that ancient spiritually. Well he would roar, you know, sweat coming down his face.

You know, you know, you know mom uh on screen when he did all that he would, there would be this drool coming out of his mouth. Yeah, Earl did that mean? I don't know if it was on purpose or not, but After about the 1st 2 or three tapings whenever we saw that one of his lines coming up where he was going to do that, we'd all go get back up against the wall and he would go in transfers and the stuff will be coming down his chin and he would transform this decade. We love to watch it, but it was messy one. I remember one time, the 2nd, 2nd season I think I brought in a big piece of clear plastic, 20 ft long, like galaxy, you know, Calgary, the comedian. And every time he had to do that, we all picked it up, put in front of his living.

But that speaks that mom, right? That's the biggest one of my favorite. I love that bit and it was so creepy as well. But they had that, you know, the music behind it and its height into some free penis seems. Yeah it was big, it was big. I did actually I did play mumm ra on the DVD box set. They came out with a D. D. Box set, a DVD box set and Earl had passed away by that time. And uh they asked me if I would do just a little short mumm ra for it was like like like a lot of those DVD box sets, their added features, you know? Yeah otherwise why pay an extra $100 you know? And uh there was some kind of sort of I think it was some kind of an interactive game for kids to play and if if they won you know my mom would say ancient spirits of evil you won you listen that noise.

So I did playing from but I got to play. yeah I got to play him. Did you also avoid stuff as well? I played no not snarf but I yes actually I did play snarf very briefly on Family Guy. All wrong. Yeah. Yeah. Uh You get family guy over there? I'm sorry to be so naive. I just I have no no no no it's a long time. Um Yeah we got a call from Seth Macfarlane. Yeah he's a genius. He had he had he had played Lando in a couple of very brief uh Lionel appearances on Family Guy. Right? Yeah and I thought he was pretty good but for some reason he called us and said we like Larry to play Lion o in this little short bit we have coming you know coming up an episode. So I did and it's I don't know if you ever saw the episode but there it's in san Francisco and Peter griffin, Peter griffin and one of the other people in the show I think it's um um quahog, what's his name, crack my black.

Uh huh let's go them in the car driving in san Francisco. And at one point Peter griffin says yeah but you find a lot of unusual couples living together in this uh huh. The very next then they shoot to a scene an interior scene with Lion O standing in the middle of an apartment and he's just kind of staring off into space and all of a sudden Guitarra comes walking up and she says what's going on? He says oh nothing I'm just well I got a bad feeling that mum rise up to something, I'm not sure what it is and she says I'm going to the can and she walks in the bathroom. Yeah we're upon Lion O takes the sort of woman's pointed toward the bathroom door and says everybody everybody solar robo woman's give me sight beyond sight.

That's week at which one? A which point snarf comes running by what you doing? Lion O Landau says I just you wanna get stoned? I never played snarf but I did play a character called snarf. Egg Birds. Remember that at all? It was his uncle or it was uncle or something. Okay I think egg but was uncle. Yeah your uncle? Oh okay. Okay because you remember another one being in a couple of episodes? Yeah an uncle a relative as well as as well as doing lion though. Um Larry and he said you've done Jack woman a bit snarf and so on. You also done safari joe as well? Right? Safari joe, that's right.

You got a problem with that. It's a lot of character, a character seeing Safari joe kind of made me realize that you guys are on earth because there's also humans. It's not everybody's an animal, a slight Jackman or monkey. And it it brought it home, it was like a cartoon planet of the apes, but not just apes, there's every animal. Now you're talking, you know, run around and where this is where you just show your abs like you do. Uh but so far the joke was that someone that you chose uh well after the initial auditions and they decided who they wanted to play Lion O and Jack Lemmon and all the other characters. Then we started recording and then more more characters would be written into the show. You know, the only record 13 shows originally presented to a network. If they buy it, then you start, you know, make him look going like hell. Directors the writers have to write manuscripts, the animators have to animate new things, you know?

So uh and then they have two for the show to evolve. Of course they have to add characters and situations. Mm like any Yeah, you entertainment thing. So whenever a new character appeared, we would in the studio as we were recording, the director would say lee Doniger, she'd say, who wants to, who wants to show me what they can do with this character. You know? And you would kind of audition again in the studio and then we would all decided amongst ourselves. Uh he does it best. Let's let him, you know, So All the voices, you've heard all 130 episodes. Every voice was one of us five or 6 ft people. A lot of voices regions. Yeah. And where you are in the studio together doing all this like bouncing off each other and stuff. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We're always, we're always all in the studio and it was so great these days. They don't record things like that. You know, I've been doing some work on teen titans.

Go over here again. I don't know if you, if you get that. Okay, I've been recording some episodes for them. And then we also did a new Thundercats mm about 12 or 13 episodes. It was 15 minutes long on Cartoon Network. People over here. People hated it. Here was drawing different, it looked more like teen titans. The funding Castro. Yeah. Thundercats roar. Yeah, I played, I played, I played Jagga and that. Yeah, we all did lots of different characters. Yeah. It's amazing. Larry every time you say Thundercats you sound like, you know, I love it. You know, uh you know, I was you know I was on a tv show called Thundercats I but the thing is when you in the studio bouncing off each other did you have the sort of Canberra in your hand and you know you have the nunchucks?

That was there any props? Did you have the props? No getting a home and wasn't no no no we didn't have any of that. We trade something unique which was called acting very, no I uh no I can't imagine I can't remember exactly how many times I had to hold my arm up like that with nothing at it and go sort of moments in my hand. But I don't have any property when you felt better with what we thought we thought we might have a prop just to make you feel a bit. Yeah make you feel all power that. Yeah I wish I had thought of it back then. Of course they hadn't made that. They hadn't made the swords yet. The toy swords. Oh yeah, that's true. Yes, very true. Very people ask me every month in a while did you have to do redo the Thundercats? Oh every time it showed up in the script. Good question. But yes I did. I did to people think yes people think that you would, they would take one recorded, you know, get the best one and then just and then just yeah, you want me to do it every time the recording would have done would have been done to tape back then.

Oh yeah, so it's very difficult to just keep thinking nowadays. Not a problem. But back then in the tape Yeah, but your button deletes and uh yeah, yeah, it was like everything was a lot different back. How did it when you were in the studio? So so you, you had an episode where you had Safari joe, Jack Lemmon and liner, would you do all of that at the same time? I record separately or would you like a conversation with yourself from bounce looking forward. I personally enjoyed doing it and did do it every time uh in what we call real time, if I had seen seen where Jackal Man is talking with Lion O. Uh I think all the rest of the actors when they had that situation of course I had the situation more than everybody else because the Lion O is the guy and he's in more situations like that. But I like to do it where it would be like if this was a script, it would be like, gentlemen, what do you think you're doing here? Well, I know we came to see what you people are doing.

Get out of here right now, we're not going, you know, I had more fun doing it. I had more fun doing that way. I think it kept the flow better because when you edit, anytime you edit it sounds like you guys know you get some little different because you might have taken a breath differently. The other taking what I'm saying. Yeah. Where's the sounded different? I just thought it was more fun to do it that way. So I always did it that way. It sounds like that's amazing. That's a that's a real talent to be able to be able to do it. Yeah, That's amazing. So, Larry, tell us, Tell us, When did you realize that Funny Cats was a big hit? Did you realize finally that it was gonna be a big hit? I had a moment uh when it really hit me, first of all, you know, in this business, whether it's animated tv show or another kind of Tv show, a movie or whatever. Uh when you're producing it, you never know what's, you know, when we started doing Thundercats after a few shows, like we would go to lunch and then amongst ourselves, the actors.

So you know, this is well written show, it's it's good. Then we then we saw the animation coming back and that because you do, you do the voice first and then animate to that. You know, we said, wow, it's good animation. Then as soon as we heard the music we went, oh man, remember that music catches, What do you think of that? Oh, it's great when you hear that, the hairs on the back of the next Yeah, it makes it makes you just go, whoa, You know, because that was never heard on cartoons before, that heavy metal music guitar. So, so so we, you know, we were starting to say things like, I think this joke could do well, you know, I think then 13 weeks would go by and we got, we got up renewed for another 26 weeks and and one day, about a week before christmas, two weeks before christmas and uh probably in the middle of season two, I don't know, I want you to a toys r US store, huge toy store and christmas shopping.

And the last time I had been there and I walked to this one second where all the action figures were and there was a whole row of human and a whole row of probably ninja turtles, you know, the ones that were popular in the day. This day when I walked in, I looked and there were three aisles, both sides of the aisle, all Thundercats stuff and I said, my God, the show is a hit and, and you'll love this story, It's true. I swear I'm walking along and I pass, go around a corner and this is where they got all the Thundercats action figures. And these two little boys, maybe 10 and eight are looking at them. And I heard this one kid say I'm gonna get pan throw, he's the coolest one. Yeah, the kid says, nah, tiger is the best, I'm gonna get tiger. Well, I couldn't help myself. So I said, hey guys, why don't you get lion though? He's the one that says Thundercats. Oh, look at me like they looked at me like, you know, probably like I was a pedophile or something.

So I just walked away. But I got about, I got about three steps and I heard one kids to do the other one. He didn't even sound like a lion. I maybe they knew that's what I thought. It's like it's like you little bastard, if you if you want to do don't you know I'm Lord of Mandera bastard, you know fucker write me for a goddamn picture. Okay. It is now I think man hey, that's amazing that you know I've always hoped that I still hope that someday at a Comic Con or somewhere somebody's gonna come up to me and say do you remember I was I was one of those kids I think that I wanted to buy pam from Yeah. Speaking of Pan, from what I love about and the music, what I love about the funny cats music.

That pam Pro and the Tank had a fine tune. Just just I remember watching it going, hold on, this is a mr t moment he was you know I mean No, no no no no no, no. I was like nice, this this is a tank. This pant Pro was a bad man in those days, I always had a message at the end like make sure you kids drink milk or whatever they would say. Yeah, like but but it was like human and monster universe in front of cats, it was like they were having a battle of who could send the best message and who could have the best strange sentence? Remember the strange sentence? Like you must move my like gesture, he man and you get that like who was the best that stalling sentences. If I could just lift this rock me, you will receive the guests loved it. Every time I had to go pan throw shit Tara my leg.

I can't move you like completely like battle rappers. You like challenging for that style. I love, I loved it. But you did always come up. What's up? Big up larry isn't right. I heard that the psychologists used to read scripts to make sure there was their messages in there for, for, for you to get across the kids. Is that right? That is true. That is true. The reason for that is At one point, back in the late 70s, a group of people in the United States stuff started, woman started the group call the Committee for non violence in, in youth programming, something like that. You know, because there had been a lot of talk, I've been going around about the violence in cartoons and the over selling of the toys and all that kind of stuff.

And this movement became even larger. So that's why really Thundercats came about because jules Rank and Arthur Bass and there are people Rankin Bass. Uhh decided, let's make let's make a cartoon show that addresses those issues. That's why um, the Thundercats, we're not never going around starting fights and killing people and all that kind of stuff. They would always give the other guy even mumm ra a chance to do the right thing, which he wouldn't and then they'd have to kick his ass, you know? But initially they would give him the chance at least. Uh, So that's that's how I come. Yeah, but there actually was, I think it was two or 3 cycles child psychologists who read every script. And of course I wasn't privy to two. I wasn't there with them when they did it. Or I know for a fact they did have those people, but I don't know how the discussions went or anything like that, but they would decide uh probably shouldn't, probably shouldn't use this scene or do that.

Yeah. You're saying it's strange then why they gave Lyon a sword of Omens because you know, you used to be a fire lightning or whatever and you never see him slash anyone, you'll never see him, you know, you use it as a sword. So it's funny one I used, well they gave him such a such a weapon as a sword, interesting point. But then that appeal to boys there because you know, boys always gonna, especially back then there's a gun or a sword. Sure, I suppose he had his claw thing as well. He had the glove, didn't he had the glove which was like a big part of the african I'm stuck in about. Yeah, yeah. As I recall and it's been a long time. Uh Lando would use that the force of the sword maybe to like, I don't know, this lodge, a big boulder that would stop them in their tracks or something like that. Pick something up yet. Leave something of a handy tool than a weapon. That's how I remember it. A good screwdriver off. So are you still doing voices for cartoons now, is it?

Yes, I've uh yeah, I've done last week. I did a couple of episodes of teen titans go uh I think played a character named the chief and that's the only uh animated series I'm working on right now, I'm still doing commercials, has always been my main thing. You know? Lots and lots of chocolate cocoa puffs. You have skittles candy over there. Yeah, yeah, I was gonna ask you about that. Taste the rainbow. Yeah, I'm the guy at the end. Feel the rainbow. Taste the rainbow. Yeah, that's it. I love that. I love that. Yeah, that did make it love the skills that. But you know, it's funny because uh it's very rare in the voiceover business when you you keeping accounts for more than a few years. You know, uh you'll do all the commercials for some some company for a few years and then they changed their direction of their advertising or whatever. And uh you know, you say, well that was a good run three years count Chocula and and um Coco post both.

I did for almost 40 years for 39 and 38 and 39 years. I did those two. And even today, I still have skittles I've been doing for I think 22 years, so I'm very proud of that. You know, you must have a cupboard full of skittles covered, full of coco park cereals like all around your house. You would never run out. Amazing. Do you remember the scene larry and Thundercats when it's life sliced Jack Willman and Monk, you were surrounding Lion O. And they wanted to get the sort of moments and he wanted to line, I wanted to call the rest of the Thundercats but monkey and covered his mouth and then he eventually got to say ho remember that episode. I don't remember that. No, no. Okay we can reenact that with you just right now. Listen we can do that. I don't remember off hand. But all you have to say when I finished talking, all you have to say is Thunder Thunder Thundercats. Ho when I think. Okay, yeah, okay, I'll do this life and monkeys and you coming with Lion O.

Yeah. Okay. Okay. So yeah, the sword feast the sword where that's what we're trying to do under Thunder Thunder Thundercats O the Thundercats. They're loose. That's great. Thank you. Very childhood dream. Now with Lion, I've seen him in Lyon. Thank you. Thank you Larry. That was good. Um that was very good. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for being such a good sport. Thank you for being on this podcast as stacks just said, your absolute star Larry. Um you are a friend for life now, I'm sorry you're stuck with us for life. We're gonna be your pals and that's that. Um it's always nice to make new friends. It's always nice. Maybe we can be the new funder cats, but I'm not going to beat you, tyra. I don't know.

You look you look awfully good in that. You've seen the trainers Larry, have you seen the Thunder cat trainers? That puma has just launched? Yes. I just use some shots just in case you hadn't been there. Quite Yeah. Good. And they have a, they have a guitar, a 1, 2. Yeah. Guitarra ones are really good. They're probably the nicest ones are at the bunch. So cool to see something back again of funding. I don't think they're going to be released over here, but they're really cool. Anyway. Yeah. Somebody, somebody come in and on the post that I saw on facebook with that picture. Nice. But where they have to be puma. Well, it's fun to catch. It just works as a cat. Exactly, exactly. But as I say, Larry, thank you again. Thank you again. You don't know how much this means to us. You know how much we've enjoyed doing this podcast and talking with you. Um, it's been an honor guys massive on.

Yeah, great to where you are. I've enjoyed it. I've enjoyed it. Maybe you do it again. Something definitely comic con in London. Maybe we'll meet at one time if you, if you ever make it over to London, so let's go. We'll definitely Okay. But can I just thank all the fans in London in the UK who watched Thundercats and Silver Hawks and all that. If you hadn't watched, I wouldn't be sitting here talking to these idiots. I mean, yeah, this steady Larry Got A New one. Now, is that a big reason? Is that a big phrase? It's just a catch phrase. This is the price that we stand the fuck up. You understand? Yeah, that's yes. It's like we say, dad knock it off. You understand what I'm saying through. Great God, yes, Take care. Thank you. Thundercats are on the move. Thundercats are loose with a magic Get the role. Thundercats are easy.

That was good guys. Larry Kenney man. Larry Kenney liner from the late game. And I hope you guys enjoyed the show. As always. We did see you guys next time Oscar movements we out. Oh, okay. Mhm. Duck walks into a bar. He says, you got any grapes? The witnesses, grapes. No, we don't, we don't have any grapes. This is a bar. Get the fuck out of here. Duck leaves About an hour later comes back and he says, you got any grapes? I said no, I told you an hour ago, we don't have grapes here. Okay, we don't sell grapes. We don't use grapes. Giveaway grapes. You come back in your one more time and asked me for grapes, I'm gonna nail your web feet to the fucking floor. The leaves are later. He comes back and he says to the guy, you got any nails? Guy says no. He says you got any grapes. Oh, those those were the days there were there were days I remember.

Thundercats Special - Old Skool Movements meets Larry Kenney, the voice of Lion O
Thundercats Special - Old Skool Movements meets Larry Kenney, the voice of Lion O
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