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#373: Your Untapped Potential

by Cara Bradley
December 23rd 2021
What is your untapped potential? Do you know? Are you acknowledging what is ready to wake up in you? Most do not.
I see it in you because I've touched it in myself. Everything that I say here on these morning messages, my friend is not to claim that I've got any head start on anyone or that I'm special. It's that I've touched it in my own soul and in doing this uncovering in myself, I'm able to spot it in others. That's the journey we're on. That's the journey of being human being, this this spiritual being in a physical experience. So today I want to name something and that is untapped potential. Mm hmm. Untapped latent capacities. We all have them and we feel it. We feel that we have more to do in this world. We know it. It's like an annoying in our gut.

We have more to do more to share more to express more to experience. This is the it's the evolutionary impulse that moves through us. And if we shove it down, if we ignore it, it will manifest in different ways in anxiety and panic in sadness, in loneliness, in over control, in being tedious and fixed in who you are. Don't be afraid of it, don't be ashamed of it. We all feel it. Some of us feel incomplete. Some of us feel empty. Some of us feel like there's something missing in our lives. We may feel it as tightness in our throat or emptiness in our gut. There are so many ways that can manifest. It is this quiet voice within this quickening that continues to remind us that we are these creative beings with genius, genius and vitality and energy I spoke of yesterday wanting so wanting to move through us.

We don't have to pretend anymore. We don't have to panic. It's okay there there sweetheart. It's moving through all of us just acknowledging it, acknowledging it can begin to set us free. What is yours to do? What is yours to express? What is moving through you that you have not acknowledged. All you have to do is just start asking the question. I'm turning the page, you know who you are. Don't hide yourself away, acknowledge the agitation, acknowledge the emptiness, acknowledge the quickening, acknowledge the stirring of life inside, acknowledge those quiet whispers in your ear guiding you. Try this. Do this, say that share this, Go ahead, put that out there or just do it in the quiet early moments in the morning when we allow our creative expression to move through us.

It sets us free and it may not be an end result in you know some big art piece into the world. It could just be a beautiful cappuccino that you make for yourself in the morning, allow the creative expression to move through you. I think that women especially we have muted this, we have shoved it down. We have been scared and frightened to allow ourselves to be a fire hose of creative expression. What if we I started practicing this together. This is one of the inspirations for very loosely pulling together and action oriented mastermind. I'm calling in the arena, coming together in the arena in action together, facing fears allowing expression to run through us.

I have no idea my friend what this is going to look like, but we are starting in the new year and if you're interested, I dare you to reach out to me. If that quiet whisper deep down is saying yes, I'm ready, I'm ready to start unleashing this creative expression in me because I'm going to tell you when you do, Oh man, it feels really, really good. It feels really freeing and it may just be a stepping stone to the next thing to the next thing to the next thing we are getting into action together in a new way, birthing together new ways of of living, new ways of expressing new ways of truth, telling, new ways of allowing that innate genius to run through us if you're interested even a little bit curious, email me hello at kera Bradley dot net and if not it's okay, you may not be ready yet, but what I will encourage you to do is to acknowledge what is happening inside of you get to know, become familiar with, spend some time deep inside listening to the voices that keep poking at your consciousness because if you don't, it will manifest in other ways until tomorrow be well, listen deeply and go allow that creative expression to show up in your life in who knows how, take care

#373: Your Untapped Potential
#373: Your Untapped Potential
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