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#370: Embrace The Suck

by Cara Bradley
December 20th 2021
Embrace the suck is a common phrase used by the Navy Seals. It's a reminder to lean into suffering (instead of pushing it away).
Embrace the suck. I love the saying something I have learned from my friends in the flow world. It's often a hashtag embrace the suck. Let's let's do this Good morning my friend Cara Bradley here, coming to you very early in the morning. It is still dark outside. I am still in my PJs and I am feeling the call to turn on the mic. I am so happy that you're here embrace the suck. It is a term that was used in the Iraqi war. It's a term that navy seals and Special Ops use and it has a lot more significance on the battlefield than it does in my life right here. But I think that there's something about the magnitude of the saying embrace the suck that really gets to what's been happening for me and perhaps what's been happening for you.

So there's a book out there called embrace the suck by Brent Gleeson. He was a navy seal and now is a coach and he helps us to see life through the eyes of a navy seal and how they learned to lean into suffering. When you can't escape it. Sometimes we can't escape it right. Life gets really difficult. And so we need to lean in and get comfortable being uncomfortable. Because what's the other option, the other option is to, you know, lock yourself in your bedroom and pull the sheets over your head. So when we can view difficulties as challenge as opposed to something that is just completely out of our control, which obviously sometimes it is, but we can view it as a challenge. Well then I think that we have the opportunity to growth to transform.

So for the last couple of weeks, as I've been talking about here on morning messages. I have been definitely going through my own dark night of the soul. And I mean it isn't like a full blown um life shattering dark night of the soul. I think we continue to go through different dark nights of the soul in our lifetime. But this one was very, very personal. It was very deep. It was deep in my soul and my solar plexus. And I've talked about it for the last few weeks and without getting into the details because honestly my details don't really matter to you. What really matters is that we are able to share our journey. We're able to share our moving through the process because we're all going to move through the sock. And so are you embracing the suck and using the opportunity to move forward in your life or are you resisting the suck?

And that's just a question you can ask yourself. I mean I think at the beginning of the suck, there's always resistance. It's like, oh no, really not again. Do I have to go through this again? So this last couple of weeks, this suck that has been coming up for me. This this revelation, this realization, this truth bomb in my own life has hurt. It has been painful. But I really have embraced it with the big open warm blanket to say there there, sweetheart, let's let's hold this. Let's let's caress this so that we can use it and move forward. And yesterday I have good news, bam. I had a huge, huge breakthrough where I recognized that yes, the way I've lived and things that have happened have brought me to this place.

And yes, it is part of my past. But no, I don't have to live in the hurt for the rest of my life and I don't have to resent myself or others. And so the breakthrough came. Now does that mean that I'm completely over the suck? I don't think so. So I will continue to remind myself to embrace it. I'm really, really excited about what's coming next for me. And I'll just tell you a quick bit about it while I still have you. And it is something called in the arena, in the arena. And I think I'll probably take tomorrow to tell you a little bit more because I don't want to go too far over time, but I want to work, play, explore, experience life in the arena with you. And it comes from that Theodore Roosevelt quote, I want to play in it with you.

Not on the outside, not observing, not just teaching, but actually getting needed me with you if you're ready if you want. I'll tell you more tomorrow. One more thing before we leave. Please check out the show notes at a couple of broken links there and I will tell you, my friend that there is no way that I could have this kind of clarity, openness, creativity and willingness to be vulnerable without the regiments that I am on, without my focus on my gut brain health. I talk about it every once in a while. The memory products, the gut brain protocols have 100% changed my life. There's no way I would be putting myself out there and promoting it to you and encouraging you to try unless it's had that much of an impact in my own life. So if you have looked at the show notes in the past, take a look again.

I had some broken links. If you don't even know how to get to the show notes, go to carol Bradley dot net, go to the products that I have on my menu and start there or reach out to me. Hello at cara Bradley net and just say Kara, I'm ready. I want to hear more. That's all. That's all. That's your call to action today. Alrighty until tomorrow go out there, embrace the suck. Hold it gently and see what emerges in the next few days. You never know. You may be ready for that breakthrough. Be well

#370: Embrace The Suck
#370: Embrace The Suck
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