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E89. People and Their Expectations

by Kenneth Brady
June 27th 2021

On This episode Kenneth talks about the expectations of others, and how is mom played a part in getting him on camera.

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I can't wait to hear your podcast. Welcome to positive lines on podcast, this is your host, ken Kenneth or Kenny and we're back with another episode. What's up everybody today? I want to talk about people and their expectations of you and I had this conversation I want to talk about since our last month but a conversation with my mom yesterday like triggered it and like, okay, now I can put this what I want to talk about it, some context and people in their expectations of you start like basically the day you, your parents realize you're born whether you are going to be a boy or girl they're gonna they got the expectation is boy if he might be a basketball player, whatever football player. Girl she is she going to be a doctor, what's their name gonna be like they already expectations already being placed on you then as you're born and you become yourself.

Like it doesn't stop there. Like your friends got expectations to school, got expectations. There's grade. You gotta like like everybody is placing these expectations on yourself. And recently this conversation with my mind, she was placing some of her expectations expectations on and it was me being more famous and I'm like Where is this coming home for 1? Why? You know I don't care about fame and the family do one is like it's coming like well where is this coming from from my mom? Do she see something? I I don't and I understood what she was coming from. But I also wanted to like get to the root of your life. Like why do she do she feel like I'm not famous and like at all Like do you feel like I'm laying or something like that? Like what was she trying to say? But it caught me off guard because I didn't expect it mm hmm like what it came down to it was like she feels like I should be seen more because I'm a positive person.

Like she don't, she feels like I shouldn't be hiding must like, like not being on camera that I'm like, I don't want to be that I never wanted to be just on camera. That's never been me. She was acting like, are you scared or like is it right? I'm like, if I don't want to do something, I'm not gonna do it. But she was trying to place her expected like, no, you should just take my advice and I'm like in the back of my head, well it wasn't in the back of my head. I told him I'm like, I'm not about to take your advice. Like it helped me looking at your life and like not to say she's in a bad life but me just facing off the decision she's made in her life and the advice I'd be giving her most of times she don't take it. But she ended up finding out the hard way. But I'm like, mom, I'm not bothered to really try to take your advice when I've already got my plan set and a lot of times people don't have a plan. So the expectation that people's placing on them, they like abiding by them. They, they're following that.

I did that for the longest time when people say you should do that. I did it. You know how many times people say you should do trucking deny it eventually did it or you should do youtube. I tried to do youtube. It didn't work. Nobody actually said, hey, you should do a podcast. This is my decision. This eventually one of my choices going into the military uh was that I was on my brother. So I don't know if that was truly my, the city, but it was my decision to go to the room so like I could have told them no but step people are placing expectations on you from the day you were born. Yeah. It's just, it's basically being a slave to what someone else wants for you out there out your life. And it's probably, I don't know, I don't know why my mom truly wants me to be famous. Like is it gonna benefit her? I mean yeah, I could see how it would because I speak of her more highly than my brother does.

Like the way he'd be talking about her be so negative like so I could understand what she comes from, but at the same time I was telling her, you should get on like the internet yourself until your side her story. But she was like, no, I need somebody big uh platform to talk about it. I'm like, you know, you don't, all you gotta do is get on camera and go live and do it like it may not get as many views as you want like and that's with me. Like that's why I probably, I don't be on camera that much because when I do post on Youtube, it only get a couple of years. I'm like, man, I ain't about to be uh huh posting content. We're getting little numbers. But I got to understand like every little number count. That means it's like one person. There's one person out there that wants to see it. It was always more than one person. But yes. Like uh huh Getting my now my understanding. Like I'm having an epiphany like it don't matter about how small the number is because eventually it's gonna grow eventually catch on.

But even if they don't still is the effort that I put into it. But I don't want to get I don't care about being on camera. But once he enters that boil down because of the numbers. Mm I might have to meditate on. But still those expectations that people be placing. Only like it never truly stop. Even when you're getting into marriage. Like your wife or your husband expected would be a certain way. And that's not the case for my relationship. I don't think people to say like I'm following in a spot in a place in life where I truly say what's on my mind. Like I don't place more expectations on my wife. Like like I realized overall, I got a little bit of narcissistic ways And we all do. It's not just me But most of the time that's pointed out in certain certain individuals And then there looked at as overall being narcissistic people, but that's not the case. We just have some parts of us that could be uh negative.

We got parcels, that's positive. That goes with anything that that's life period. You have to have a good with the bad, there's not one person that's all positive, you know what I'm saying? Positive minds only, like, they're still negative thoughts that come like, but I do can stop those thoughts, but that's another story. But anyways, I forgot what I was talking about. So my goal, I didn't remember what I was talking about, but something there pop up. My goal is so every day just try to talk for at least seven minutes only like on the podcast, that's what I'm gonna try to do every single day and you don't know every time I say something, I eventually do it, but I don't do it off the back up, but eventually I will try to do every day. I was I'm going starting from today, I'm gonna try to do every day at least seven minutes, 10 minutes.

So anything you got to be that long, right? You gotta talk for that long, just like for my morning when I wake up, yes and say what's on my mind and then just posted or about my day. I'm so used to being Uh talking for 30 minutes, 45 minutes an hour, but I'm like, I got to do that, I'm gonna start to look at my podcast as music. So when I do my podcast is like, I'm in the studio and I'm in my comfortable space. So that's another reason why I don't record because I'm not always in a presentable fashion when I'm talking on my podcast, like right now, still in my pajamas basically. So it's like, I don't feel like getting dressed up and brushing my hair and things like, like that's a hassle sometimes, even though eventually I do that, right? I mean, good. I mean, I'm having another pick me. I can't do that. That would make me get up early, get dressed instead of being in my pajamas until whenever they start my day whenever.

But that goes around with me not having A structure as far as having a 9-5, having evolved or having something I have to do. Like my life is like, I run my life. So when I feel like doing stuff, that's when I get to it. But as far as like the podcast I do, if I'm going to do it on camera, if I'm gonna be on camera, that's gonna make me be more up, it's going down. I can see how deposited behind that and the benefits would doing This little project. That's what I'm gonna call it, I'm tested for 30 days, 30 days, but I'm gonna let you all know if I do this and I'm on camera. Like, don't expect for me to have on a different outfit every day. Like for real, I don't that's not what's in my closet where I got it closed, but I'm not about to be trying to look fresh every single video or whatever. Like that's not me. Like I'm not about this. I mean this is a business.

I am a business so I can't invest in my clothing, but I don't like to spend money on this, my clothing when I invested my money, I like to invest in stocks. I'd like to invest in food. I like to invest in just my ideas. Uh huh. My business is so another thing, wait, I don't know where I'm going. Maybe this isn't for another conversation. I'm gonna go with like we're gonna talk about eating another. Maybe we could do that tomorrow when I'm on camera. So We're gonna just end there here. This is not alone episode. Like I said, I'm starting something new. So for 30 days, starting today on the top, I'm gonna get on camera and do you know, I'm going up do my podcast and maybe it's going to be short, I'm gonna be long. So I don't Yeah, I gotta, we gotta sack hearts something like because I ain't gonna be able to talk to your our everyday or 30 minutes every day.

I mean I could, but I don't want to place too much on my plate. My mom always said that's what I do, But I'm like, man, I got to keep myself busy. So yeah, I have automatically get up early every morning. So all I gotta do is brush my teeth. You take care of myself and get dressed and come in my office. You can't go wrong. That's all of that to do. I didn't clean up. That's another thing I ain't doing. Hate trying to clean up my office, trying get everything. But that's what comes with being instruction. You can get order. So all right, this is a fool. I think I'm taking off project I'm taking on and I may not be successful. But if I skip a day that I have to start over from, uh, I'm gonna have to start over. So if I do five days in a row and I skipped one day, I've got to start back over from day one. So that's how I'm gonna do it. Like that's how early 1990 go talking about.

You like listen to this video. I mean listen to this recording for 30 days and Stop one Day, start back over. So all right. Ain't no telling how long this project is going to take. But the initial day, it's like For the next 30 days, your boy was trying to get on camera, if he's going, I'm going to do it at home, put myself out there and that this is actually me conforming to what my mom won't, even though I'm saying, hey, I'm gonna do what I want. But hey, I'm testing myself because I feel like I am not afraid in my life what is holding me. But there's really nothing to hold me back from getting on camera. It's just myself. So anyways I told my mom every time I talk to her like it flipped. I mean a conversation about something that happens with my mentor. Like what happens with a few people I talked to like every time I talked to him idea comes up. Yeah. I mean, I think that just happens when I talk period right? And at the point when you're talking to somebody that make you think or say something that trigger and then that idea comes up or is that just me?

And once again I'm rambling. But this episode was really about people placing their expectations on you and for me, I feel like I'm performances with someone else and what the world wants because she wasn't the only ones that it like three other people who said, yeah, you should be more famous. So I'm like, well if people saying I should be more famous than they finally taken notice to what I'm doing. And three years ago that wasn't the case because I thought I was supposed to be way more famous three years ago, people like now what you doing this whack, you're crazy, You don't believe in what we believe in uh you want something else. So I'm like now people are like no you own or something. So they have the contradiction in that. But Once again I'm a start this and then for the next 30 days go put myself out there. Yeah, it goes like I said, don't expect for me to be writing a different outfit every day. That's not gonna happen.

Put piece uh Yeah.

E89. People and Their Expectations
E89. People and Their Expectations
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