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103 La navaja suiza del storytelling

by Carles Caño
March 21st 2021

Ya hacía demasiado tiempo que no os daba la turra con el storytelling. Pero es que TODO ES STORYTELLING. Nunca os lo había dicho, ¿verdaad? En este episodio me saco de la manga la metáfora de la na... More

Carlos Domingo um episodio public car. Yeah, the killer was a fair bet. Lieutenant claro. Mm okay, how you know? Mhm Well, you need to present rustico is the podcast, the communication effective. E there's a real personal okay, for my fear, I believe to intra interpersonal, give my uh comment to communicate, continuum is more uh you know that the templo, you know, I can't get no matter how much more going into uh huh become movie and he was marcos Tomoko paid O Malley choking off focus on posted land tomorrow at almost no cost for a psycho.

And you gotta come on, this is our final, you know, Osama Bonnie to stop doing list. So, you know, I cannot explain to her in a Carlos, you know, uh Moscow's necesita Kentucky, you know, wannabe Solomon Philando mm podcast, fantastico. Uh huh, uh huh. Mr in Barda Nieto's les escargots position. But uh santa's Descarga, some analysts. No, it is a tv in september others media seminar. Uh yeah, I suppose apart entrevistas colorado, regular mint uh Tarragon episode solo uh factories para que with al Qaeda unanimous romano's uh september october that was mill went.

Uh you know, uh I want to report card. Uh one thing Camilla, you're going to include some analysts, apartheid the mediados de Enero uh uh uh uh uh marijuana uh Murata Murata. Okay. Any books it's to do with Paquito, Paquito. Alberta Canada with a mirror? Tengo para maxima toggle. Uh L. A. Uh huh. Okay, I get the calcium believe they want to deliver. Uh huh.

In this book, mid year, luciano keira look a mass tempo, livia ricardo molly e senior senior rez and premier pacific ocean concentration to you, Nora strengthen each minute of 70 citizen windows represent a departmental tempo uh podcast present go well. Yeah. Uh Yeah, I know, yeah, it's going to sort of some magic, you know the la cosa nostra casa uh must take a tiempo latino passell a liberal storytelling parador restaurant represented on the market.

Fierros que cosas que cosas de la vida. Okay. Does those projectors hunter, theo Maassen, Turkey. Oh mm no more than english with but its Juanito, Juanito boutique are uh part el tiempo. I stop, yeah, fantastico. Uh shark. Okay gotcha. I still podcast realize move forward and hope for cameras uh santa. Then as soon as a whole are gone expertos con personas cameras to the liberals, you know that you are gonna cause a cell in the recommended for the solemn cool. So it is a cozy and he says no no no no present uh Carlos cano to keep uh you know uh communicate podcast to communicate effectively.

Uh it is a real personal, you know that was this particular component Federal de la chunga. Yeah, yeah, no, you know, irrational company guys but not, I mean you think al was he the storytelling sk parquet tobel is storytelling? They were to total storytelling. Not story loco loco can always uh definitely metaphor terry a common no say no.

My sally yes. The yellow tango Lana has with to the historic telling. She has to get the permit a fair moussa Corsica's E la primera Premera isla case. Contact historias que esto low fares to parker cinema sapiens l office. So we're going to be the privada E U K U D. Will go emotion is who's had as historians tambien in ambito. No privados poison, internal formalist Trabajo no tension podcast story I said that's classes that form a pianist, Charles uh exploration of block articulation, right? Sophie Elisabeth etcetera and Youtube Aguirre's meta storytelling. I'm with the possibility uh yeah. Uh recommend contact experiences, personality associate uh to move in relevant content.

Emma it and wanted to publicly etcetera contrary stories square to Syria last year. A mental hospital storytelling. Uh no subsequent historia tambien. And because public also formally uh Syria sacramento. Amen to that sweet storytelling. Have a modern okay, use our owner structure a narrative to para communicado and senior Dalmatia. Okay, what is it still? Okay, can she stays? They will Altima, they want his technical she's the lady here. She's the envious of the queen Emma. To avoid plant there. Yes. The federal district narrative to significant document. Okay. When I started not to lock you in in a field or in the context of cigarette case to electoral espectador.

I don't drink. No it's not. I mean more concerned lolly and working on the tv and but you know, boys on a on a Syria and then why you're calling a persecution policy. As I said, no low representation the protagonist the policy of delinquent uh, korean etcetera Esther syria was the dos cosas typical, you know, mentally storia, which I think emotion the narrative is to okay, no civil servant momentum as part of his story a they say capital of this area. There's no Bella or the law pelicula uh esto mismo publicarla metamorphic car informatica.

Look well, look at them and says still concern is terrific films, you know, uh, continue though. So now like Fiona known concept, Charla paris is true to a narrative to upper body and fulfilling the two audience to this audience specific uh, soupy in the uh, you know, those calories as soon as the first uh, you know, those are suppressed uh, Jason cargoes, intermediaries, they own a multinational, the north Korea's Saudi anthea, your car. But you can say it's commodities are Blockchain parent. And I was like, hey, you can say they didn't get out of china. I just talked to dedicate a rather the Pacifica less context of the falcon.

Uh, ruthie on the Blockchain significantly compared to the san, Diego tampoco Hello, Hello. The roll solos protagonist as not. So yo come on, fossil expert. Oh no, it's a narrative. L protagonist ties to public to brasilia to reserve mentor. Yes, So in large format or the presentation, but no camera vista to publico Planters is true. It is a very, very well, you know, Los Angeles, you want to trust mira is contrary to public charrolastra industrial, so she has a way to, to publican respect contextual.

Plantas poses a premier kiran narrative. Oh, possibly a local party uh, into secrecy. Uh, bless them on conflict. Andrea Donna Corinthian. And to, to be respectful, Temecula Sarah's No uh possibly or saleh cuenta uh starting to use Blockchain. And Nuestra empresa seen uh huh like a movie in uh uh uh uh uh uh you know oh no okay pasta and presenting their natural opposed to yes the Partida is the narrative.

So uh huh Can I have the instrument? Come on, come on. Nobody separate. Ordinarily temple into our a loose our religion and Westra. Impressive. No. Yeah. We're planting Mysterio only name. You can say America. You can say like africa. Yeah. Is that like they're looking and you know when I study escobar Preguntas. Okay. Then respond there two random one rattle. Yeah. Historias. Yeah novellas. Yeah he said yes. Get one respondent. Harry. Notre it S. O. K. Brokerage in this area. So a lot of sativa don't told Cynthia specific to but I seven to authenticate protagonist, an interested party to as part of a well financed santiago boys boys articular. The S. Club seven.

Our final. Uh Yeah. Yeah the most does remain to go tell stories, you start to stick to a narrative to there's a room in Thailand Roswitha they'll storytelling study doing uh huh in english the language but english study doing uh Bba historia en primera persona like went to school today. No no no Bba historia uh opponent is starting to feel the press has been but the implications who because his client treasury Sofia, let's contratos, you know when you go to casa Altima formative, communicative. No, back to the story doing but I mean it's a former y super wide uh started doing science, you know the participation third participar manera no human era.

But when you look at the station clubhouse, as soon as I started doing molly and if you start doing this plant er, to politico on active, down on experience, uh, participate in the former case. Even una historia historia uh, race bureaucrat. Okay, yeah, I mean it's just component as historia no coalition ministers, a participant is own conflict, this plant there no, not necessarily restrict the material etcetera. Yeah, mm colorado colorado and considered. Of course, yeah. The formation enormous, intelligent escalante widow m primera persona parking arrhythmias que ellos solos authentic as protagonist as you protagonist to perfecto as a casa comin a Catalan is uh, uh, two A and he woke up arrow.

No, it's not impossible. Come here many Mikuni education professor is the, the instituto e Okay, mm. Nothing but uh, uh, no, I am very salty chapa to open Sando in Korea. Uh, continuing to see the Crane EOS. No, no, no. Uh, uh, the uh, the give way, it does and the mask continues to spread news is in sort of the whole group group group.

I think it was like a list of uh huh. E la Carpathia cranial in uh, elementary factor located in kabir khan impertinent. He was a tennis court or they're not laws. Mm uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, but uh, uh huh because different, you know, fundamental is much finer.

Okay, Carlo cardinals again, in metric show in my final alternative out there were experiencia can be Savalas sk is more different parking. Come on Meadows suspected he was a honda Alexandra CIA. Okay. Lana estado mirando Blando Blando at the end of this cutie endo. El final lambie sto And you had a conclusion historian, NATO and CIA protagonist and a corrector. Okay, so the difference, you know, you know, momentum rico came Cuando no separate Brando on a Charla or on a classy ephedra. Also for us to propaganda. Also Frida around the India or condo universities.

I see the grill. Yeah, freedom poquito was, uh, the fruit, imagine marta marta, uh, podcast And in the area, empress Maria inclusion university. Your former Fiona uh, episode to investigate the practice is brutal. Electrical programs come into Iraq. Uh, Gisella. There are still a few natural, no, it's the concept of a party. The barbie, no boys low, typical you when the Evel instituto you're having with uh huh, automatic and no party, no need.

Oh, which have your own, especially the police as he ran this or mariposa. Candy color Blanco Blanco Blanco. Ian to Laredo. Iraqi Cuando salio una negra. No, no, no suburbia move to America. He's uh, losing again for oppose salam salami in uh, the industrial fabric Lomo Lomo de la fabrica allowed them to escape was it's ok, Los tragos Blanco's uh uh you know, school is con tempo local career. Okay. Last police, uh currently one of the historia study telling the story telling Pero Montana simulation on a similar selection, natural carlito comprar una arana Maria and latin latino.

Uh Madonna, postponing uh Maria espana, Grenada Roth, Amarillo's growth, rose molly and fema and reported by two rows. Uh you know, I got to roll around with a female Della Monica. Ian this is tiny and los Alamos has been fast. There's a uh, you know, we had a memento because guns have been fair, Kenyan came to our Qantas grounds are of korean. Yeah, called the coca cola, mhm Claro in evident invented uh, muscle mass killings summary, you know, barbara Bonner Mascherano's, they are both Picasso.

Mermoz Exactamente, syria, Lloreda, think Roth rojo, I think Mario ian rada, mm cerebro, 30 minutes. Yeah. Oh yeah, a lot of lori petty in no Korea pascal final. Uh oh, rocco's taquitos or you know, and Llerena Muchas mas Thanos marinos and Latina. Last colleges uh, brutal. Okay. Into this, you tell him. Oh, I see, I see. Two ingenious informa's. Yes, yeah. She wanted to know uh, for my, for my Fiona she must. The manatee was certainly no compositional whiskey. Yeah. Chicken is fatty liberal robert. L coke Opara.

But I think wanda was american display car. It's a conflict pence are investigating an internet. Uh, you can say activity, you can say, you know, go to Paraguay to uh evey Historia is hereto okay? Yes, I said. Yeah. Uh, no, no less profit. I mean the instituto familiar where's lt mask uh in saudia a terrible templo, but Altima started can travel easily. So yeah, uh, you know, um, ultima Del Volumen noblewoman was controversial. Sophia Catania Parametric. Obiko corn tetra bridge. The traffic is uh on the female Kumiko champion yandong fish.

Send a message to milk the treasury about a third. Uh Metro quick. Oh la la Montana Latina 14 90 days uh with uh, I think there is something about a very uh okay so Metropolitano uh Jessica bricks and Metropolitano into a year era. Okay. List of festivals but ultimate calculus areas in cinemas una una Amongst the department of 20 metros. A group to plan your regular philosophy in. Well the next can't enter calculator. Ilaria the staple rascal Valeria del colorado. And we facile Marion. Lotta yellow cameo is for me to see regular.

Okay, walter uniform the llama, your comment and then you know calculus malaria. Pensando. Pensando a group of Iraqi. Ditto. Ditto country Angola that is closest to the president. You know uh approximate concept of the integration of the Exactamente. You're taking your solar. No, the logo. Uh Proforma Gabbana valentino, cinemas positive for Maracay podium, pasar la boca. The study went apartment 20 metros incalculable area, a regular uh differential to differential kinda yesterday development is he can I want to speak Candelaria area.

Pero uh a study doing okay in other Macondo sacramento storytelling. Okay. When I studied everything, yes, the star not in Atlanta kabir khan. You know, for my funeral chemical, personal, very personal. Yes. Study everything. He says that the queen to like it too be version historia contrada historias kato cuentas. Muchas historias Correa into okay Muchas historias chaotic, went past, no areas romantic consent. The Catalans quintas or the balcony. Well standing free endo. And to formulate to her history. Everything is professor Minty tomorrow. Conference organized historian cuentas E. V. Are listed here um for him to play as advocated, korean el pasado.

No, it's just familiar pasado park. A block and a savannah. No familiar or own amigo E two s oh with cameras, el pasado que la vida. He was angry. He like emotional, he took points affair mira seven toe is relevant. Oh Corio went to Korea. No podemos negar lo da leo leona marla's ricardo's post traumatic materia. Uh another medical psychological security. But this is not okay and I don know marathon electorally mirroring Beatrice. Quantum sufficient. Okay. Two points of fear bueno. I know you know peppy took it off, you know, but pro stress the committee.

Committee chicano 50. And it was a well, oh okay that's necessary. No pepito maintenance to fear Ferrari, freedom of your knowledge. If you're agree to la vision lib perspective. To my interpretation K office they say went okay. Yeah. So yes, stop. Was to as much e. R. To complicate the monitoring practical concepto valentina polarity. Mallam isa story everything premieres in a form a super 100 more wise the theory ultimate luxury personal the camera thomas contra. It's a scream fierce. Confiscate animals and cortex cuesta. No no no no no no no no no no no.

He bought a solo the story editing santa was 15 no faithful E. L. Final para poder presto. And there is a form of Raimondo the terror. Uh pass around to pass A and el pasado edit our strength. Yes. Uh hello Canadian task common in the area. No journaling laurel locals pesto voice calling me to get you to uh Boehner catch as well, muscular confidence were important to the dark sequence at the last course. Has to spend Cementos etcetera logo in contrast personas, personas turkana state in Gaza. No most hamburg monetary sculpture you want some process so case uh you know Largo you cannot take our kids to know, forget but the system was being done to Astoria illustrating campiness.

Well I don't know. Yeah my boy, my boy, a multi modality marking, toe pinto parlamento, no Bruce Willis no lock in to a mental hospital storytelling. Syria study writing no okay Syria extremely story as Jackie A K A L. S you know Syria again historia cuentos stories, Cortazar novellas etcetera, molly esto uh huh Usually in the mutual Liberace callen esto pero you are democratic story editing area fema yet uh propose premiere of potatoes. He was not anymore. No, it's gonna be Pistorius, yeah. State a movie in and look at each other last narrative to quinto on on a novella etcetera on Hungarian a be intimidated is important. Commercial use it as a commentator and I was super important.

But more importantly lives through Tora. Nice to. So they are most uh Poconos present minustah premier narrative narrative. Yeah, the Catalan okay, I want to focus analysis. Last structural elemental is Elena Rodina. They are where Sanchez pinol is out toward the novellas, Camilla Pihl fria bandera del congo victims. Yes. The Sun Inside and explica uh apartheid estructura de una historia Moravian roman conta. Well, well I started writing, put a logo, started writing kamasutra of film, get and participate uh study editing. But the story anything uh uh an internet story editing is to me. Oh uh story writing about apartheid, historian, novelist, post Ambien podemos historia.

Uh huh guys, but you know he is a doctor yet and fema uh it's better that is by myself simply factories in the bar. Yeah. Oh so most of Ontario's or so much as it was again, how much of our partners paramount? And the factories? The casa de la vida o podemos. The fear ser tambien you Nesta's industry historia. As if he has to be in a nice area. E tango prayer position, Rebecca casas. Okay, some fabulous. The civil, you know, Bella Okay. On three years ago. Okay, look as a proponent, he seems to want to go. They was here and able, sentimental, professional or not. Okay. The uh, arrested uh, look at, look at the mania or considered a silent.

That is a study writing and so descriptive fiction, but it was distributed to Historia especially. Yeah, interface that the quinta indicates that we've been known Astoria down the was a hero in the Havana Plantar. Universal descriptor that we study at the plantar conflict us. Uh, Tony Robbins personality, person Paraty, no idea, no. Universal party to local education with the guru with no no no no no. Yesterday there is no interest santa melayu liberal game. Okay Maria Jose Maria again, fantastical recommend. Okay central America representing Hong kong to santiago mm yell casket to liberals. Okay go to court.

Uh el clan the las buenas for tills menopausal. Alcantara sonia fertile scale apart poco autobiographical apartheid on the cement the person is not necessary. Listen, okay los acabo industries, it's a real story writing like to start with windows historia decision para tomorrow los cambios and a memento was the field. Yeah, I was just incluso boys post confronted to internal getting dressed as offender. Is that people closer, you know that he cannot stop was Yeah, a couple days to the lasting career mantas. The hospital storytelling. Okay son, you know condor historias those whose our structure and narrative as part communication senior trace story, doing a third participar, third cap. Even historia uh aprender. Algo Quattro story editing.

No, but my grandfather's or interpreter passing, if it goes to the writing fiction, you can have somebody speedos in anti is uh record are okay. Are you know, Alice to Korea kind of miracles. Parliament Benito E. K. Or cinema girls apprentice by separate fantastic open to come back at least a coronal mass collaboration. Uh, never, never recursos para. Those are the more parasol Communication senior uh movie in Torino. Yes. Oh, no, no, no, no not. Uh but uh, okay, so yes, you know, uh, okay, uh, was very much a semana que no pasa nada raro boy and released are allowed or don't liberal premier liberal movement, you know?

Um Encanto. Okay. They were interested in uh, approximate. Uh,

103 La navaja suiza del storytelling
103 La navaja suiza del storytelling
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