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August 27th 2021
"I LOVE YOU MORE" with Laura Duksta - NYT Bestselling Author and Ambassador of Love

I this Episode we are talking to my friend and "sista" Laura Duksta.  Laura is a Speaker, an ambassador of love and a NYT bestselling author.  Her first book I Love You More More

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August 20th 2021

Toxicity is real and we all have experienced it or are even part of a toxic dynamic.   Sometimes others bring out the toxicity in us and if you see yourself being that way, it may be time to let th... More

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August 13th 2021
Yolanda Mogatusi - Film Maker, Entrepreneur, Agent of Life

In this episode I speak with my good friend Yolanda Mogatusi, a South African filmmaker and entrepreneur,  about Life as it happens, positivity, seeing the good in people and living life positive. ... More

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August 6th 2021
Acting versus Reacting

Acting versus Reacting.     What's there to think about and some of my thoughts why slowing ourselves down is important.   We often don't think about the impact we have by simply reacting... More

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