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S1E1 - New beginnings

by Raymond Gay
June 2nd 2021
This episode is the first one of June and I share some of my thoughts. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/raymondscorner/m... More
Hello everyone and welcome in for today's first episode of Raymond's Corner. The new version, I guess I could say. All Right. It is June one as I am recording this podcast and I have decided to really embrace the name of the program. Raymond's Corner too. Try and focus on building up the website and you know, being sure all the content matches up to where it actually should be. Instead of having it spread out over a different user names and handles of online presences. So uh as much as I can um the U. R. L. To reach this podcast is now going to be anchor dot FM slash Raymond's corner and Raymond's Corner dot com.

Mhm. Mhm. And don't forget to follow my twitter with Raymond's Corner on twitter. Mhm, mm. All right. Well, I think this is a short enough episode for today. Um I'm going to leave you guys with one thought for the day and that is simply this that I personally think it's important to sometimes when you're feeling emotional about a situation, sometimes to step back and examine those emotions and yeah, maybe think about why you're feeling the way you do, and hope that you're able to look at it in a maybe wire perspective, especially when it comes to dealing with people, because we were all complicated and I think that it is only human nature two to doubt those around us, and that our mind run away with conclusions that might not necessarily beat your all right, thank you for listening and have a fantastic day.

S1E1 - New beginnings
S1E1 - New beginnings
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