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by Q. Alexander
May 22nd 2022
Join me on this episode as I discuss the importance of providing quality service in business.
Hey, what's up everyone? Welcome back to a new episode of Real Talk with Q Alexander. All right. So let's go ahead and get into this episode. I wanna talk about business owners. People will provide products and services. If you know that you did not provide quality service, you should not feel comfortable taking money from your customers in full. If someone comes to you and they are very specific, they show you a picture, they provide details and you advise them that you can provide a service and once it's completed, it is nothing like what you stated that you could do or what they requested, you should immediately offer a discount or some type of solution because doing that, if you knowingly say that you can provide something and it's not that in the end and you take someone's money in full, that's like a scam.

And not only does that say a lot about you as a business professional, but just as a person in general that speaks to your character. And that is not a good thing because once you do that understand that it will affect your business, when your customers go and write reviews and then there are going to be other people who see that and you will lose customers and you will not be successful. If you conduct yourself like that, you have to take yourself out of your business and think of the day to day. Um, if you are on the other side and you go and you receive a service and it's nothing like what you were told it was gonna be or what you requested. How would you feel if they still took your money in full? It did not offer any type of discount or resolution. You would not feel ok with that. And that's the same way that you should be thinking when you are conducting your business. It seems like this world is so greedy and they make everything about money and it's not all about money.

You should be concerned about your image as well. And again, as they say, put yourself in the customer's shoes, that is something extremely important. Yes. Sometimes you may have difficult customers just making a fuss over nothing and they are being unreasonable, but that's not what this is about. This is on the the business person, the business professional stating that they can do something. And instead of saying no, I don't think that this is something that I'll be confident in doing. This is not something that we do here, but I can refer you to another business or another person or you may not know of another uh person or a business and you can advise them to maybe look online but to just take someone's money and knowing that you did a bad job, you should not feel ok with yourself. I have experienced that and I know there are a lot of other people as well.

You see a lot of posts online about different businesses just being a scam and trying to conduct themselves as so professional. Um But it does come to light because I guarantee there's always going to be more than one customer who has the same complaint, so be mindful about calling yourself a business professional um because it will come to light and it will definitely affect you. So I wanted to speak on that because also me being an author and when I have my books printed, I make sure that I take the time to go through and look through the pages of my book because sometimes there could be an error with printing and that happened on one occasion. And I offered a discount to my customer. I also offered just to give it to them um for free if they wanted it or I was going to um order more books as well and they declined.

They were completely ok with it. They were just so excited to receive a copy. They were excited to get an autograph copy. They were not worried about it. Um It was the, it was the front page. It wasn't a, a page that they were gonna have to read through. However still when we talk about quality, I want everything to be um up to a certain standard. And the fact is that I attempted, I offered, even if they declined, it's up to you to still make the offer to, to do better. And that's what I did. So again, in my case, they were fine with it, they were just super excited um to receive a copy, but that is how I would handle it. I would not feel ok no matter what it is, if it's my fragrance, anything that I'm doing and I know how I would feel if I was on the other side. Um That is how I, that's just how I deal with things in general, not even just only speaking of a business, but just in general, just day to day.

Um I'm very mindful with the way that I conduct myself and the way that I deal with people just in general and it seems like a lot of that has just get gotten lost. Um Some people just really, really don't know how to humble themselves. Um They have a certain title and just think that they can just treat people any way that they want, they feel like ok, just treating a few customers um in a bad way is ok because they feel like they have so many other customers. But understand that eventually it will affect you. We understand word of mouth. Like that's a big part of business. Word of mouth, people are always talking and they're going to tell about their experiences. So like I said, pay attention, be mindful of that um the way that you are conducting yourself. Um And I just, I needed to speak on that because again, I've seen it happen so many times I have experienced it myself and I think it's definitely something that needs to be addressed, it needs to be handled better.

Um If you want your business to thrive, you want to be successful. Um having your customers satisfied and happy is a big part of what is going to keep you in business and help you thrive. So I, I hope that you enjoyed this episode. As always, I love sharing my thoughts and experiences with everyone out there. I will be back with another episode soon until then. As always, I am wishing each and every one of you peace and blessings.

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