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From A Constant Chase To Living An Awesome Life with Anurag Gupta

by Ruta Stasiunaite
October 22nd 2021
Hello and welcome to the Redefining Success podcast. I am your host, Russia. And in this episode we have a very special and the very first guest of the history of this podcast which I'm extremely excited about. I came across this personality while binge watching Youtube videos on topics on passionate about and in this case it was an episode of one of the most controversial spiritual teachers who smokes cigars while sharing his wisdom. His name is Valentino Massaro and I definitely recommend checking him out. And so today I'm having a conversation with Anurag Gupta who has been closely working and have become friends with Trentino after decades of working in the personal development industry and although Anorak is not seeking publicity, he is dedicated to redefining success with various purpose driven projects while having a ridiculously awesome time. I honestly was blown away by this conversation and had to really listen to it myself several times as there's so much gold in it.

So just so you know, he starts by explaining what his life mission is all about and how that plays out in the context of some of his previous clients. I do really hope you have as much fun listening to this conversation as I did. Here we go. Well, my life's about is like source and harmony to bring source and harmony to everything. Um playing the game of altering the trajectory of what's happening in life on the planet. Uh and having as much fun as humanly possible while doing it. I want to see if I can be the first person in history, dies from too much fun um you know, and uh yeah, so it just redefining life and what's possible and I do that because that's what I love doing, you know what I wanna do? These business workshops and people are like, oh I'm struggling, I'm suffering so much and you know, from the business and stuff like that and you know, go, oh um and it's causing them so much pain. They go, whose business is it mine? Yeah, who started it? I did. Who keeps it?

I do okay, you're an idiot. Well if you're not just making choices that are uh fuck yes for you, then it's a no, and if why are you putting up with that kind of makes it's kind of like this watching a tv show you don't like complaining and not changing the channel, I think we met and listen, I have compassionate and so it's like, so it's at some level you get I would invite people to get that, that's just playfully just being an idiot. Like I could change this thing, like uh you know, I work in every year in the business, what that looks like in a business people, I'm having so much trouble. Why were these people and they don't do their job and they're not doing it well they're doing it wrong, I said, oh so you know what you're paying people every week to um do bad work to not get stuff done and to irritate you. No, no, no, that's what I'm paying you to do this, but they're doing that. They go there I go. So then we argue a little bit and I go, okay, let me ask you this every week. Do are they don't do their work, They do it badly. And do they irritate you every week?

Does that happen? Yes, every week. Do you pay them? Yes. Okay, well then you're paying them to do that also, which makes you get what I'm saying? Like if we step back, we would see that everything is happening, We're doing it. Absolutely. So in your experience, working with those people who own businesses and they seem to be doing things that you that, that they don't want to do. And oftentimes they don't even question themselves. So how do you, how do you start a conversation with them when they think they want to change? But then they're in that loop of making same decisions again and again and again. I didn't tell me you don't want to change because if you did, then you would now listen part of that part of that saying, hey, like this makes you, it's just a, it's just a fun way to interrupt, you know, because, you know that because like you just said, they're doing it again and again and then people go, if they've gotten to me, they've already read books this and got all these positive things, it hasn't made any difference. So I want to interrupt it.

The idea is to interrupt with my, with with a loving heart. I want to I want to say idiot, like I would say to my child, don't run in front of the car, you know, I'm yelling, but I'm not I'm not trying to be critical, I'm saying, hey, wake up, you're being an idiot one, well you're constantly doing stuff that is causing your pain and you're not changing and they go, but I can't, it's my business making me all this money. So I'm like, so why don't you shut it down? But I can't why not sell it? What people like actually you can, but they're but they're in this crazy like reality, like I can't like, no you can, right? So it's like and that one of the first things I want people to get is two out of the loop where they go um that they go, no, no people come and they go, I want to change and I want to change and nothing is changing, and then people try to help them change. And I go, no, you do the first thing you need to get if you don't want to change, why do you think they don't want to change?

Because there's something about it is working. I mean there's a whole list of uh reasons um the fundamental one from my, from my view, right? This is my view of it is after studying lots and lots and lots of things about human beings and lots of different methodologies. If I would if I were to make it as simple as possible, I would say the biggest motivator of an adult in making decisions is avoiding discomfort. And so there's the discomfort of the change of the effort, of the uncertainty of whatever and whatever they're doing is buying them something, otherwise they wouldn't keep doing it right? So I have a view which is that The nature of intention, I have an experience that everything is happening, 100% consistent with your intention. whatever your intention is, that's what's happening. And people go, people go, I want to be in a committed relationship, and they just keep picking the wrong person or they keep sabotaging the relationship and we dig underneath it, we realized, oh their real intention is to make sure they don't get really hurt again.

Mhm. So what's happening is totally consistent with the real intention, which probably means that they don't really know what they want in the first place. They don't really know what their intention is. Most people are working from what they think their intentions should be and therefore hiding from themselves what their intention really is. Mhm. I helped a guy who wanted to really increase his business and nothing, nothing we did made any difference. It's the same stuff like somewhere else, I doubled somebody's business. And then we looked at and he goes, oh his real intention is protect my balanced life because he worked really hard to get into this place. And now he has a baby girl, he does the iron man, he's like this. And and then uh oh, so actually he said in his words, because the right thing is grow my business, but his real intention is to protect my balanced life, which means don't let it grow anymore. Otherwise it'll mess up my balanced life. So he's actually succeeding in his real intention. So if people are whatever they're doing, my view of it is, it's like this. I used to say, people are like, oh you're so busy at work and I don't have a minute a second.

And they go, that's not true. I said, oh no, but I said, well I can't I can't get away, I can't make time for this meeting. And said, alright, if a family member died and you have to go across the country that you would you go think, oh, yes, well because you can make the time, right, then they go, no, no, no, that's uh that's important. Okay. I said, well look at this. I remember my first business, had a had a photography business at a photo lab. I work seven days a week when I was getting it off the ground and I would work two or three times in the week, all night on late in the dark room and I couldn't make five minutes to see my family or my girlfriend and it was so busy, so busy, it was real for me. But then my favorite band in the world at the time, the who was having their last concert ever in Toronto, and suddenly I was gone for four days. Mr So that's not somebody dying, that's just something I made important. You get what I'm saying, we're so full of ship. The whole basis of the work is that were full of sh it, if it is your intention, you'll figure out a way to do it. So if you're not doing it, it must not be your intention. And that's the thing, that's what I meant. Also, that I think a lot of people don't ever questioned themselves, they're so on an autopilot for most people, it's very uncomfortable to even ask themselves, what do I actually want, what my intention is, they're not honest with themselves.

So, I wonder what, in your experience, when do people start actually asking these questions to themselves? Um almost never. Why do you think that is? That's a good question. So, let me see every I cannot, I can almost, I'm not just trying to think, I don't know if I can remember any time working with tens of thousands of people, Somebody's ever come to me and said, hey, can you help me figure out what my intention really is. People have only ever come to me and said, hey, can you help me make something happen, you know, whatever or give me freedom or whatever, they say they've come to me with their intention. With whatever intention they bring to the table, but I don't know if anybody's ever asked until I've done this work with them and they go, oh my God, I must until I brought it to the table. I don't think anybody's ever asked me to help me get clear about my intention. And I, I actually just think Ruta that it's simply because in our environment, that's not where in any of our education or anything, has it been brought forth even even in a lot of this kind of work, If this read books, I don't, I don't know if it ever says, hey, you should question your intention.

I'm not, I don't know, I'm not saying there isn't, I just can't recall anything. I think mainly what, why not is that it's, it doesn't even exist as a topic. And I personally think it's the most important topic because everything flows down from there. See, I stopped leading a lot of workshops and stuff like that because people were coming with an intention without realizing it to not to do the work, but they knew work needed to be done. They didn't really feel like doing, you know, like the discomfort, so they just show up the workshops and make them feel good, but not really go out and do the work and then and then there feeling like, oh I'm doing work doing work, it's like having a gym membership and then not actually exercise. That's the thing that most people want a quick fix. They're like, oh it's come to a workshop, I will come to, I don't know, 10 coaching sessions and my life is going to be, you know, completely turned around, I will be happily, you know, happily ever after. But that doesn't that way, nope, instant gratification, I mean, so the finish, um I think one of the most powerful these people can do is to get clear where they're coming from, what's my intention, intention alters everything, it alters what you do and it alters, how do you do what you do?

Could you extend a little bit on that? What does it mean where you're coming from? Yeah, sure. Um so over almost three decades of doing this work, the biggest shift I've had in that time is this shift of, I used to navigate, most were taught to navigate from where am I getting to, what's my goal, what do I want to achieve? It could be material, it could even be spiritual, but it's still wanting to achieve something, wanting to get to uh million dollars wanting to get to bliss, still wanting to get somewhere right? And I made a particular kind of success like in the world of redefining success, that kind of success is no longer what I pursue. But against the standard convention is very successful because I could help, I could take anybody's goal and help them exceeded whether it's relationship, whether it's financial or whatever, let's set it out, let's go for it. And we would meet or exceed that. The point of navigation is where am I getting too?

Where are we getting to the point of navigation? And because the world likes that, I was successful at that did well. But no matter what, whenever we got there, there was still something missing. Some kind of Peacefulness and wholeness. And so I threw myself into that because we can reliable like that. Didn't still something missing, spent time studying, learning, enquiring time and jungles. And then something started to alter. And what alter was is that, oh, instead of the point of navigation, where am I getting to? It became the point of navigation is where am I coming from? And it came? No, no destination. No, that is that right now. Where am I coming from? Am I coming? Let me give a few different examples. Ultimately, it's about a point of honor. Where am I coming from? And they're coming from? My calling? My purpose staying true to something. And the thing about it is that when I was helping people getting somewhere, where am I getting too, I could tell you for sure we're gonna get there or better. But I couldn't tell you for sure how you're gonna be like, are you going to be completely at peace instead in this approach.

Where are you coming from? I can promise you one 100%. You have no idea where you're gonna end up. None. But I can also promise you you're gonna be at home and repeat you see. So, you know, like, I could be, yeah, my intention is also like, where am I coming from? Like, so I could have an intention to uh you know, to like to never get hurt again. And that's where I'm coming from and therefore I don't let you get too close. Did you get what I'm saying? All right, Coming from uh love fully expressed. And that will be a different, you know, where I'm coming from now. Does that put me more at risk and stuff? Yes, it does. But where I'm now, I don't know what it's gonna look like. I have to if I if I come from that whenever I come from, um it's going, you know, often where we were coming from, I wanted this and I wanna make money, I wanna it's all about control. We don't like the discomfort of not knowing how it's gonna end up. But if I'm going to come from, I'm gonna love with my whole heart, no matter what it's going to go, where it's gonna go.

I don't know right, But it's even as simple as like, I could have a sale script. You know, some companies, they have a script, sales people, you've got to read this thing and it could be very, very well done. Now, I could have an intention or it could be coming from a place where when I read it that I want to get your money, so I can have my commission, I could be coming from there, that's my intention to do that. Or I could be coming and that will give you one kind of experience or I could be coming from, I really want to take care of you and hope you get what you need and that will give you different. Now, I could read the same words in the script, but if I come from one place versus the other place, it produces a completely different experience in a completely different results. Absolutely. So two directions I'm now contemplating on. So the first question that I have is about to control, people are afraid to give up their control, and on the one hand, they're afraid to give away the control over the external environment.

But in fact, by surrendering to that, coming back to where they are coming from, they actually take the control back in their hands because it's really reconnected with who you are. Yes. Well, the thing about it is, it's like, um you have to give up, well, you don't have to recommendation is to give up control of the outcome, but maintain complete control of who you are. So you never sell out on yourself in order to chase an outcome. So it's a detachment from the outcome. So you you basically are focusing on your free self expression. Being as authentic as you possibly can be. Yes. And then you ended up wherever you end up from being yourself which you know people like but then it doesn't people you have to give up the addiction to the picture we've gotten. We've inherited all these pictures of what success should look like. So go back to the whole you're how you started this. So one of the most important things I do is I help people get become aware of and break the addiction of the picture looks like this looks like this needs to look like this because in order to get it to where it looks like they sell out on themselves.

Now if you just be yourself and be true things go differently. They don't go to the words that picture, they go to what is an expression of you and some results don't happen. Other ones do some people go away. Other ones show up. But then you are in an environment that is you that is aligned with you and you love waking up in that environment. It's just not gonna look like what you think it should look like because that picture is formed from outside of you from this from lac police from all sorts of different things. So what is then your opinion about setting goals also, does that actually make sense at all? Yes, I have a view that everything serves a purpose if it's used properly, it's how do I use goals instead of how do I be instead of being used by them? So in my work, because of what I would say, we don't have a source for relationship. The goals, I first have people get rid of them all completely so they wash it out of their system and then understand about how to create goals as possible guides, not as rigid things to get to.

What comes in my head is how to heal your nature of being a progress junkie, how to stop chasing shiny objects, how to interrupt that spiral and really just let go detach from any any expectations. That's also what's happening, right? So if you have goals, if you have a vision and you're really chasing that, that's expectations, yep. And all of it means even if it's the most it's even worse if it's a really, really beautiful, beautiful, beautiful vision because it becomes even more important to get there, which is even more like that when I get there, I'll be happy, which of course when I get there, that will be, which of course means this is not it. You know, I have a joke about think calling creating a new organization called 12 step program called achievers anonymous, our addiction to needing to achieve. So, you know, one of uh Regularly built people multiply their companies and stuff like that now it's a work on quality of life and one of my best success, this is the guy, we took this business from $2.2 million $1.2 million dollars and from eight staff to three staff.

And his life is so, and he only does work that he loves now and he spends more time with his family, mountain biking and then traveling, which is what he always wanted to do, right? So, but people like what? Yeah, here's one of my success stories. We cut his business and have, that's the funny thing that I come across so many people who are chasing destination somehow. It's so hard for people to actually get it. It's such a simple thing yet. Such a nuanced thing. So what do you give us an advice for people who start with to start enjoying the journey? Mostly. I haven't succeeded in like having a few statements and everybody else gets like, this seems to be so built into us. I I, I I tend to have to work with people for a while to really pull out the programming. I'm not saying there isn't a simple way, but I can say a few things I haven't successfully come up with like this and this, You know, in fact one of the things that I really take people's asses on his embodiment.

Like I say, stop, like saying phrases like, hey, it's the journey and this and that if you're not actually gonna fucking, like, put some attention on it, stopped seeing that ship. Well, you know, so, but you know, one of the things is I talk to people, I said, I said, look at look at why are you doing this? What are you doing this out of this will make more money? Why? Because that's what I want to get a promotion. Why? Like, because, well, because then I'll have more of this and this, I can go, okay, why? Because then this, well, why? Because, well, because then then I'll be happier. I said, oh, I see. So let's get clear first of all that the goal isn't a bigger house. The goal isn't more money goes in, that the goal is I said, say to be happier or more fulfilled. Yeah. So let's just clear about why you're doing all that, ultimately, Is that okay? Cool. So, can we just jump to what I call the Endgame now, and just focus on that and cut out all of the steps in between. Are you open to doing that? And are you open to to letting go of your attachments? Yes. To what you think is the path and something like this? Sometimes there. Yeah, sometimes you can see this is the right answer is yes, but they don't let it go.

You know, when I opened up a lot of my business workshop, I have with the people I said, tell me before we start, so we can deal with your addiction to more. What will make you happier getting more or not wanting more. Every single time I've ever asked that question, the first person always says this can't I have both because they know the right answer is not wanting more, but they're terrified to give up their attachment to getting more. So it's about understanding that fear, that attachment, that addiction, like, oh my God, like look at you and I could say, listen, most of you in this room, you have a certain amount of money and whatever you do, right? Maybe it's a little, maybe it's a lot. But you know that I went to a younger, if I went back in your history and if I went back in your history, I could find a younger version of you and if I said to that younger person one day, you're going to have this much money, which is the amount that you have now. If I went to that person and said one day you're gonna have this much money, that person would go, oh my God, if I ever had that much, I would be so happy, Oh my God, that would be amazing and here you are, you've got that much that the younger person would have said, oh my God, so why do you, you just, you try to people like stop and feel that, right?

Get this. And I won't, I used to, but I won't get behind people and just increasing anything from that space anymore, because I've already done it lots of times and it didn't produce anything. Um sometimes I'll go over this thing, which I call the myth of performance. I think everything we deal with is a myth, but in this particular case, oh, I'll use an example of what the company that did it with. Right? So, um there's a couple of guys, they were in a workshop that I did in Cuba there from L. A. They had a marketing company, they did the workshop a year later, they said, Oh my God, it's been amazing. We applied to stuff, we tripled the company from 6 to $18 million. We landed this massive account from Nike and other things seems like all this right, would you would love for you to come and do some training with the whole staff? Yeah, should be in my colleague we went and I could see and I did, I always do some preparation. I'm interviewing talking to people and I go, so you guys, What do you what impact, what's what's the on your, what has happened in the world of performance?

The world of this is for me in the world of redefining success and performance, right? Said, well, we've tripled our performance, you know, 18 million in a year instead of six. I said, Okay. From my perspective, Your performance has dropped by about 67%. That seems kind of weird, right? Well, here's why so the same exercise, I just talked about white, what are you calling? Oh first I asked people, let's first define performance. So we did a bunch of work and basically came to the conclusion, if you have more of what you want out per unit of in, right, more MPG or more, uh, you know, you put effort in or you put energy in and then you get more out per unit in. That's an increase in performance, right? It's simple math. So Okay, good. So what is it? So the output needs to be what you want? Yes. So what do you want this more money? Yes. This that how this car, is this, that what you want us to be more happy? Yes. Yes. Okay, good. So I said, I've been talking to you guys and your now you're, you're bigger.

You've got these more clients, you're busier. You're a little bit, I found your like about the same as last year, you're a little bit more, uh, more work a little bit less exercise, less family time. All these different things. Right? So I would say you're slightly less happy than you were at this time last year, but let's even say the same. Let's even say the same. Right? So performance is more of what you want output per unit input. You used to be this happy with $6 million $18 million dollars to make you the same amount happy, which means your performance has just gone down the tubes. Imagine if it took my card suddenly three times as much gas to go the same distance. What are you chasing? Where are you going? That's the thing that it seems like we are so used to measuring our life in whichever shape and form in money, in toys and how many cars we have in houses we buy and how many vacations we are able to go to and it's just collecting stuff accumulating stuff And what about just getting rid of any measurements and just focusing on what is right in front of you right here right now and what you can be grateful for here, That's why I recommend at a foundation of profound gratitude.

You clean up your life, you know everything. The integrity of the physical space was just clean sh it out and then just a truth and if you do that, I literally will promise you, I will absolutely guarantee your life will be spectacular. I love this. And what you're basically saying is decluttering life decluttering mind from all the mess from all the noise from all the stuff that actually doesn't make any sense to me, what what that means is we are so over complicating things like it's all possible scenarios to avoid just decluttering, we'll say, oh but maybe I will try this and maybe I will try that and maybe I will do this and then I will be happy while in fact it's as simple as simplifying your life. Mhm. It's one of the reasons why I don't do workshops in that anymore, because I saw my view of you as an addiction, people not wanting to go and clean up what there was to clean up and that creates a certain kind of disquiet or an unease or a lack of peace and instead of going in and cleaning it out and getting peaceful, just like taking a drug doing another workshop in another book, getting another hit of a new distinction of a little high and they try to, instead of cleaning that out, distract ourselves and listen, I'm all everything I say, I recognize in myself, everything I say, I recognize myself, I'm not pointing any fingers, this is what I discover.

Well, let me get this, let me get uh and then I was like, I need to go, no, I don't, I just need to stop and clean my stuff up and then I get really peaceful versus uh let me get a new Prince Avenue distinction and you whatever and uh it feels good for a while or at the new workshop and then then it fades and because you know, and if I just clean everything up, I don't need to go anywhere or do anything. Uh huh and then I just stay true and I operate with honor now it's just about living with honor. Be true to my purpose the of service. And uh I mean I actually I'm working on this thing I just call it hebrew for a short H E B. A. Because I have a view. I don't know it just it's not just theoretical I've done it and I've worked some people through it. I can also I can guarantee a really just just a joyful, remarkable life. All you need to do is have enough and be awesome H. E. B. A. Just have enough. Be awesome. Have enough. I have enough to be awesome with others. Have enough if you had enough and you just spent all day just being awesome. I promise you I promise you I absolutely promise you like that's now if anybody is listening to this listen they'll know the logical at least don't even take my word for it.

Just try it for a week or two whatever like that. But you know what? Even though it's there, the math is simple even if people understand it, they get it, agree with it, they won't do it because that's how totally foolish it we are. I promise you I promise you you just have to make sure you have enough and you just be awesome. Like really with others, with others. Just be awesome with life, be of service, be awesome. You just have an open heart and a smile on your face all the time, even though I'm saying this and people understand the formula, they still won't do it. I'm guessing now this is a complete assumption that still, even there are, there are a lot of people who don't do it, but I'm guessing that you had experienced when people actually did it and they really committed to themselves. 100, of the time when people did it, it was effective. They go out, they 100% of people did it. Life got better than they ever imagined. And part of it was is they were trying to have their life be better. They were just focusing on, it's like this, you're, you're playing football, you're chasing the ball, your attention is on the game, you're giving it everything to the game and then you go, that was great. You're not going, am I happy?

I'm not happy and getting what I want? No, you're giving to the team. You're giving to the game. What do you think? These people who are committed to themselves? What distinguished them from the ones who didn't It was authentically their intention to elevate their life. They already wanted to elevate their life before I presented it and they were willing to use whatever was presented where it says, I'm going to listen to what you present and then decide whether or not. I think I'm going to, well, people, I said you should get clear if it really is your intention to elevate your life and if it's not, stop reading this stuff and stop listening to me and stuff like that, because you're just giving yourself more stuff that you're gonna make yourself wrong for not doing. Uh that's such a, such a pattern. Also, so many people actually, and including myself, I beat myself up for for not doing things that I said like, let's say intention to do or to be this person and then if I don't accomplish it, as in I want to be a better person today and then I would beat myself up simply because I am low on energy or something like that is such a, such a trap to not treat ourselves well, not love ourselves enough to accept all of ourselves with all the flaws with all the awesomeness, all of it.

Yeah, or there are no flaws. There's just you, there's just you, oh um good at this. I'm not good at this. Other people there. Oh yeah, they're go, they're just just you, I wonder how do you deal with your own ego? I decided I don't have one. I started to have this observation. So it started like this in my body work. So like when I talked about intention, right? Everything is given by your intentions. I want to be in a relationship, but actually real intention is don't get hurt again. I would, I used to call it like your default intention and people go, oh my God, I need to get my default intention, I need to get it and I go, okay, let's do the work. And then they would get it and they wouldn't change anything. They just would walk around giving people knew more enlightened excuse for their behavior. They wouldn't go, oh now I'm going to step outside of it. They would say, oh here's the reason for things you get that because that wasn't the purpose of it, I'm going, it's not like it's just a it's just a way to look at things to give you access. And so, and then I started to see something similar around ego, oh that was my ego, that was my ego.

That was like I could say there is a default attention, I could say there is an ego, but I started to see how much I would then put blame onto it and then I was now a victim of it. So I decided to then I looked at this, I read up on it and you know somebody made up the term a few 100 years ago, right, going like until that there wasn't one, somebody then said there is and then like okay, so then I looked at it and I found something interesting which is that if I say that's the ego and it's this thing over here, I don't have a lot of access people go this and the ego, death and I can't this and you'll never get over you always have your ego to deal with. And I'm like, let's break it down into the exact, the actual thing that's happening. The actual thing that's happened. I could say uh my egos in the way right now because I can't be myself or I could actually go what's actually happening is instead of focusing on what I want to accomplish, I'm worrying about what people think about me right now. That's what's happening. Do you know what I'm saying mm hmm. And I can change my point of focus.

I could go up that's that's my ego. Or I could go uh Oh I just caught myself. I'm worrying about people think instead of focusing, I'm going to turn back and go focus on there. For me it became much more accessible. So I'm not walking behind the americans. I don't have any go like I don't have those concerns. But instead of saying it's my ego, I just go, oh yeah, sometimes I have those concerns And when I noticed them I switched back to other concerns that are more aligned. Mm hmm interesting For me actually it does help a lot because in the very beginning when when I was completely identified with my thoughts it was just very unproductive. And then as soon as I learned all about that about consciousness and awareness and all of those topics, it actually became very, very helpful not to blame it on the ego, but rather to kind of befriended. Yes, it's even simpler than that because uh first it was like okay, ignore, then it was like let it be, then it was like, but when you redirect it, it ceases to exist, you don't have to let it be or ignored or anything.

It just isn't, it's a lot simpler than you think it is. And listen, I thrown out most of the work that I've done over decades because I realized it was effective but it contributed to people's believing it's very complex. The simplest state that I've got to so far is I said, like I said, my view is everything comes from intention, whatever your intention is, that is what you're going to cause in physical reality. So then I said, oh, I should help people get really clear about a powerful intention instead of don't get hurt again. What is, you know, like that? So it's like um, so then that's what created the work of the calling which was the people After a lot of experimenting, I discovered that there is one type of intention That so far 100% of the time it leaves people fulfilled and that type of intention is being of service whenever difference for another human being, you're always like yes. So there was, so I discovered from experimenting that that type of intention was always fulfilling. So I said, I think maybe that's how it designs to be of service, then I also found is that um instead of creating it, it's more of a discovery.

It seems that everybody has like something that's them, that's what they makes the heart full to bring that to the world. And then so help people get to that. And then we discover it's really simple. Either you're coming from there or something else. And if you just practice coming from there and more and more and more, all the other stuff just disappears and doesn't come up again. It does. Then you notice it and go, do I want to worry about what people think or do you like my colleague is, you know, creating source harmony. And so and I just simply go worrying about this and I mean, no, I think I'll go back to Source and Harmony and I do and then I just practice going back regularly and all of this. And I'm not I'm not dismissing or criticizing the constructs of ego or this or consciousness or higher self yourself, but we made all that sh it up. But talking about like it is the truth and real. I won't do that. I'm not even saying what I'm saying is the truth real? I'm just saying, oh I got access out of it a much much much simpler access and people should do whatever they want, as long as it gives them gives them access. But you know, you asked the question is about how do I really date the ego. My my breakthrough was student no longer go that I have one.

I just act different ways from different concerns at different times and I can totally, there's just a little too big. I know there's just me, I'm going to be responsible for what I do and who I am and where I'm coming from and uh I don't have to go somewhere else. I don't have to connect with a higher lowers out here. I am. I'm the source of my existence and practicing that has made my life really, really simple and clear. So how do you actually practice that? Because I think most people, they follow thoughts as they show up and by default, most people have rather negative self talk for example a lot of doubts and security fear all that kind of stuff. And that requires practices to direct your attention to something that's more productive. So how do you practice well if you're really committed to something and it's important you put structures in place. So one of the things that I teach is a thing called intention architectural environment and if something is your intention, you will create an architecture and an environment to support it.

If it is your intention to become an engineer, you will, you will create the architecture of getting at university and starting color like you'll set up the structure to help you fulfill that. So if your intention is to be your calling versus an indian, you set that up and this is another place where people are full of sh it, they do it in the workshop and then they don't put any actions in place, but here's one of, one of the most valuable things I did right here. I would have like a post it note, right? It says ask and it just says, where am I coming from, because you're right, you've got all that other stuff. But the thing that I discovered this is one of the most important things I discovered what I'm talking about, people can be listening to it as hard. It's not hard. It's not hard. People have, I'm generalizing, people have made it hard because they got insights into it from workshops or books and then failed to execute on it and decided it was hard. It's not hard, it's just habit. So, um, I learned very clearly that every time I had a great insight and I'm going to do this every day now, I never did, I never did, I never did and especially like where am I coming from or my conversations because the moment something's coming at me, I forget.

So I put a reminder in front of me, where am I coming from now and then I would catch myself see if I go back whatever decade and a half in here, I'd be like, oh my God, I would be having, wanting to um, to look good or whatever and be impressive in this, right? And I would say, I would say beforehand, lucky, I don't want to come from there? Uh, and then very quickly I forget that and I'd start worrying about that without realizing it. Goddamn. But now. But instead of that, if I just put up a note up here, right, where am I coming from? I would like correct constantly. And you do that for enough time. It becomes natural. So do you want to live free of various concerns and fears? Then put stuff in your environment to help remember you do that. It's not difficult. It's just not your habit. It's not difficult. It's just not your practice. It's not difficult. Absolutely. And this is so funny because most of my clients, they're like, yeah, but I still fall off the wagon. I've been doing this already for 456 months a year.

And it's still, I still fall for, for the negative self talk and this and this and that. And I'm like, just be patient. It's a practice practice practice, repeat, repeat, repeat. That's what it's all about repetition. It's all repetition and they should do it minute by minute or hour by hour. Not every other day. And if they, if they're willing to spend four years. So they could be an engineer for the rest of their life. They should be willing to spend one or two years to be free for the rest of their lives more impactful in their life to be an engineer. It's kind of funny how people go, oh yeah, it's totally fine to invest that many years in being a concert pianist or an engineer or a doctor or whatever or a teacher and they'll go, yeah, that makes total sense to invest that much, but they don't want to invest months and months and months into being completely free in a line for the rest of their lives. That's another thing I tell people that makes you a bit of an idiot. Like wow, you know what, what's going to make way more a difference in your life is being aligned and being free and being peaceful. But you seem to think that's not worth investing months and months of your life into.

That's strange to me. People have morning rituals and they have spent 30 minutes on meditation, but then for the rest of the day, they still continue doing the same thing and that's why I think it's so important what you just mentioned that it's not about day to day or month to month or even hour to hour. It's really moment to moment commitment to becoming a better version of yourself to kind of reprogramming your mind to such an extent that you are so even obsessed. Like I am obsessed with that and I think that's exactly what makes a difference that I even rarely get frustrated or super sad and stuff like that. Not to say that emotions aren't helpful, but it's such a difference when you commit on a moment moment basis and here's what it is, right? People are. I would say this is how absurd it is from my perspective and I include myself and when I got like, it's like, uh I would say why I'm like peaceful and grounded and free and uh having a great adventure of life, because that's really important to me.

It's more important than fulfilling my purpose being of service in the world and and that's the fallout of that. Now, there's a moment to moment and if it gets disrupted for a moment, I attend to it, I corrected, it's not perfect again, maybe get triggered, I get this and that, but it's that's off for me, right? People react that way if their wifi goes out, but they don't react that way. If their alignment of self goes out, they'll get really shitty and react right away if they don't get the internet. You know what comes in my mind now that a lot of people would have other excuses, they would say, but I don't have the time for this. It feels like it's too much of an effort. I'm so busy. I have so many things on my plate. I don't have time to think about what I'm thinking and doing moment by moment go excellent, well then you should you should become a masterful sufferer then. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna tell you, I've actually done arguing with people that okay, fine. That's what you're saying is it's not important to you, but it was important enough for me to go to that concert sport like this. I said, you know, you don't have time. You know when people ask me time, I've told him this and said, okay fine.

You know what? Before I ever give you any coaching, how to make time, what you have to do is videotape yourself for 24 hours and then sit down and watch it and then you come to me and you tell me you don't have the time. You're so profoundly full of sh it. And the fact of the matter is if you if it's not important for you to be peaceful and free and do the work to be that the rest of your life, then don't do it because whatever you're into you, you make time for. So I have no problem with you saying I don't have time for this. That's fine. I shouldn't work with you because that means it's not important for you and I don't want to waste your time and money or my time with something trying to get you to do something that's not important to you. If it's important to you, you will make the time. How do we know Because you and I have always done that for all of history. So let's at least tell the truth and say it's not important. Watching netflix is more important. It's more important that more important. I can demonstrate that if you if you put effort into that moment by moment, you will actually produce more in your work and other things in a week, then you would be without doing that.

And you can even see the logic of that because you're, more grounded, more peaceful, more thoughtful and where you're coming from and therefore more effective. But if you want to have this argument with me, I'm actually not going to have it. You can be right and you can continue to live as you do because that's what you're arguing for. And you know, some people, they come to you as if you are a rescuer, like you are the one supposed to save them to bring them to the contentment and happiness and please save me. Please tell me what what I'm supposed to do, how I'm supposed to live my life. Well in fact they have everything they need. You are just facilitating their their journey. But at the end of the day, you're not responsible for the results. And I think this is this is the thing where responsibility comes in. Most people, they don't take the responsibility for what they actually want and this is important. And I tell people and I invite anybody is listening. I said listen, don't do this work unless you you're already accountable for the outcome. Let me give an example. I had a friend who hit a like a depression and it's giving some coaching and that and one day she's like screw it, I'm done, I'm pulling myself out of this, I'm done with this space.

And then she said, okay, I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna do yoga twice a day, I'm gonna eat real clean. This is many years ago in the movie, The Secret came out because I'm gonna watch the Secret everyday, focus on this and you know uh you know what are my receptivity for and stuff like that? She did every single day On the 7th day. She got a call from the director of The Secret. She never met her before, like anything like that. She's also a comedian and she does comedy around this kind of stuff. And they said we're doing these conferences of Secret and what the bleep do you know we know and we want you to open with your comedy act. We heard about it. It's like magic. Like magic. Right? Like well then a year later she got into a depression again and see what did I do that? Oh yeah, that's right, I did this and I did this. And then so she did, she was like, oh yeah let me do that. And then she put in the tape what secret did every day and nothing happened. Because the first time she was like, I'm getting out of it. I'm gonna use this this this and I'm getting out of it the second time. It's like, oh yeah, that worked. So do it to me because she put the causality in the thing versus in that first time she had already chosen, she already was created herself as responsible and she was going to use what was at hand and then she made what was at hand, what was available to her.

She made that responsible. And when she just did it that way, it didn't work then. So one of the things as I'm, you know, really working on is to get people like you want me to stop working with people that haven't made that choice because our integrity is out. If we allow them to think they're working when they haven't made the choice, That's what I believe. And I totally that's my opinion. You get that. Nobody else has to agree with me. That's fine. Because the problem is if they haven't made that choice and you do a bunch of this work, you can produce some improvement, but it doesn't handle the core items, right? But that's why I tell people, I said, oh listen, um let's lift the fog. People think they want they have an intention to life to be different than it is. But they don't because otherwise it would be different. It is. and I don't mean that bad. I don't mean that being something I said stop if we always fulfill our intentions, then this must be your intention because this is the way that it is and why that's important is to get like for instance, I would go out to this guy helped give my business and wasn't working because he discovered that his intention is to just get by and he has it like uh I should be more, I should want to grow.

But he didn't his real intentions just get by. So even when I did a bunch of work with him, he applied it and then he would just work less hours because as soon as he was getting by he would stop and I go, dude, if that's what you want, then just relax and enjoy getting by. And that's why the work of the calling is to get what am I here for him and my calling my purpose of being a services source and harmony. That's why I'm having this dialogue, all this work of getting underneath what serves people and I have a commitment. I have a commitment to make it available to all humanity to have it make sense to have it be fun to be engaging. And actually were people who right now aren't really committed to irresponsible. I totally believe they can make that shift. I'm not dismissing them, but I also don't want to work in a lie and I want to create the space where there's, you know, people get it, they start to desire it because they really see the difference all of that. But I believe how to create that demand and desire is to do it with the people who are responsible, demonstrate the results. So people can go, oh, it's like this, it's not a little improvement, it's not like less pain, it's not relief from my current life, it's profound alignment in the fulfillment of who I am. I have a question then related to responsibility.

I feel like a lot of people don't take that responsibility because they don't believe in themselves or they don't trust in themselves enough that they will transform themselves. They don't trust that it's actually going to happen. Yes, what do you think is the missing key there? Because if people actually believed it, then they would commit, they would actually take responsibility. They would do the world, would commit to going through the practice and repetition moment by moment and all of that. So where is that missing piece? The missing piece for me is I do work with people wanna start working with them on like trust himself is one of the cornerstones that I work. So before I dive forward, let me clarify before and said, hey, let's get to work and we would just dive forward and then you have all this completely different levels of impact and result, right? Until I realized what's the difference between different people and it's exactly what you said, uh not believing it's possible and not trust himself. So I now begin with work.

I actually, even if people say the right words, oh yeah, I totally know it's possible. I already know that's a lie as a generalization. So I go, okay, let's do some work. So I I work into areas and one of them is the trust itself and the other one is what I call softening reality, having them get that they don't know what's real and what's possible and having them get connected to what's possible. I also point out that everywhere that I carefully work in ways and with principles that every single person has done or been in sometime in their life and people are being right now. So the mind can't go, that's not possible for me. Like, you know when I gave that example of uh oh no, I'm too busy, I can't, Suddenly I went away to a concert, everybody's done something like that. So I go, let's look in your life where you just what you did this, you didn't think so then you did and then like that and then so we look so we can find reference points, Oh yeah, that's right, Oh yeah, I did. You know, So I do address those, I go, let's say backward first and address those things to create a space for the work going forward to be done, you know, and to deal with that, you know, that you can't or it's not possible, is a lie that you, that you don't know how it doesn't mean it's not possible that it's not true, you interest yourself, we may look at how people have maintained that, so they don't have to take the risk of going for it and they may be dealing with the failure, You know, when I remember myself, my own journey, what really shifted for me to commit to myself was this is asking a simple of a question as what is going to hurt more, the feel in trying to go on this path or to just suffer continuously for the rest of my life, would I rather just at least try and then fail or will I never try to live a life of fulfillment and joy and have fun and be awesome, like you say, that's one single question, how would I feel if I didn't even try, If I was 80 or 90 years old and I would look back at my life and I would be like back, then I didn't make a commitment to myself and so my experience is, is that it's good to have a bunch of things like that and everybody is different and some people a question like that some people, you know, there's some people like that, something that works for everybody, it's not the same thing for different people, one of the things that I take on, which I called gradient management, like managing the gradient and its uh if I really are and thoughtful, I can find the right gradient for every person and for some people, it's like I said, hey, don't worry about the story about having to achieve the whole big thing, let's just take these little practice and do it every day, Can you do this practice?

I find the practice that they can do nothing, nothing else, Let's just do that every day after two weeks there, like it's a little different and then they start to get, oh I can see a possibility that I didn't see two weeks ago, I wasn't trying to get them to see the possibility I was just getting them to do the practice and I know they can do every day, so it is a little bit of thoughtfulness and design and art to it, We're all authentic, all unique, all have different perceptions, I call it different maps, like we have different maps of paradigms and how we perceive and what actually works for us, so absolutely makes sense. Yeah, and I would love to come back to the topic of being of service because that's also something massive and you mentioned how your purpose is to be of service to others to humanity and so on and I feel like a lot of people and including myself in the past, I would be this, you know, I do stuff, but then I also at the same time expect something in return until the moment when I realized that this is such a trap and I am going against myself and I really had to question my own paradigms.

So I wonder how would you help someone who is coming from that place, from taking stuff or giving in order to receive Yeah. See the thing about it is all of this work I do. I can do that successfully, but I can't do it with a simple answer. I work with them over time, you see, and that's that's also one of the things, this is what makes this kind of dialogue tricky. I get totally where you're coming from. Here's what I can say, what I do is I for each person I design months of work dialogue support alteration of their life that over time they start to see things differently. I very rarely been able to change everything with just one conversation. So, you know, to understand what their fears and concerns are. One of the things for instance that I'll do sometimes have to do with a number of times is moving the conversation of the trust of self, right? Have this exercise. I will do things like this, for instance, the worst case scenario exercise. He said, okay, well what are you afraid of c um you know, people I'm afraid of, I'm afraid of this.

Well, that doesn't work. Well then. Well this could happen. Let's just say we have a business and I'm afraid that I would lose my business. Right. Okay. So what then I won't have any money. Okay. And so what? Well so we get to the worst case scenario of this. I have nothing. I've got no money for live. And I said, okay well then imagine that already happened. Imagine that happened like a month ago. Where are you? Okay? I'm at my mother's place. I'm at a friend's house. Okay good. Like that's in reality you're actually you actually are okay. In reality you're okay. But you can't just intellect. You have to do it. Feel the fear, feel it right, okay good. I said then now you have to do this, you have to write out right out 1020 actions that you would take next. Yet you write them out right now and people got back on my feet. No that's not an action. I'm getting a job. No. Oh I would talk to these people and say I'm looking for a job. I would make my C. V. I would go online I would spend a couple of hours a day looking I would start to find investors for my new, you know their actions you would take and as they start to get into the actions they start to see, oh yeah my friend's place and I'm doing actions and okay good.

How long till you get until you actually at least are you know, have a thing or money like that to God for No, I will not take me more than three months. For sure. I said, okay, good. Let's make it six months. Right? Let's just do that. Now I'm saying this, but you have to do it this exercise with presence and feel it and take the actions. And then I said, okay, 12 or 18 months from now, how is life? Almost 100% of the time? Almost 100% of time people would say I'll be really happy. We got almost its life will be better than it is now. Why? Well, because everything that you're that you've got anxiety and everything about now is gone. And when you rebuild from nothing, you don't bother putting in stuff that it's not a line, you've learned a lot, you've learned lessons, you've done some of this work and so therefore uh you have a bunch of stuff around you just from inertia just because it's already there. Now you don't have that much and now you go, oh everything you've learned, you put together a life that is more aligned from your preferences. So almost always the worst.

The outcome of your worst case scenario of losing everything is that you have a better life. Now, the thing about it is is I do want people like that to get this and that also trust himself. The trust yourself is that you will get back on your feet if you lost everything. And then not only do you do that, Not only do you have more stuff aligned, but this background fear that's always there. Like what if I don't want to lose everything, want to lose, you already lost everything and you got back on your feet. So that fear is gone, it's always there in your life. It's like, oh it's either gone or reduced. So all these different ways that life gets better. And anyway, so the point is as I do work to have people understand first of all and get beyond the fear of not getting stuff back and not like, you know like there's there's work to do and people to feel it experienced at this. Also we do the work to come from a place of just this is what I'm in service of like playing the game like like when you're on the football field or you're playing guitar, you're doing it to do everything you have.

And then if you play really well, maybe you win, maybe you don't, but you, you know like but you can't go, I need to win and then you can, you're not looking at the ball right? So we do work and um to create trust where we have, you know, time working here, that's fine, you can't trust everything good, let's in this situation, let's just come from this place that people like wow and what gets produced is like wow. And then you do it enough times with them and they start to build trust and coming from that place because they see what happens. And so it's a combination of all of those things, there's as more, but you know over time we do that work uh to the people start to trust a different full flow of source coming through them. And as a result they probably also start seeing the point of truly being of service to others people that lost me when I was a lot of business and stuff like that. This is an old statistic, but when I was in the region there was a statistic in the in the In the US in the 1990s or something like that. And it said that uh 90% of the self made millionaires, people, you know made from nothing by themselves had been bankrupt at least once you learn from your failure to learn from this, you learn like that.

And it's like, you know, it's it's a it's a whole different set of being everybody's afraid. I often tell people, I said, you know, one of the best things that could happen is if you lost everything at the end of every year In 50 years, you live 50 lifetimes, you create entirely new adventures and new things, you wouldn't be stuck with the old stuff and you know, five years ago, I gave away everything, I just have two bags in a motorcycle and other before the pandemic, I never spent more than two weeks in one place and I chose the next place where to rise or I would choose someplace. That's very intentional because it's gonna be amazing or this and that, so I've just been gone from amazing thing, the amazing thing most of the time, having no idea what's going to be almost only one way tickets without knowing where my next ticket was going to be until I got there and I can't even tell you how ridiculous my life has been. All I do is go where I can be of service and I was going to serve and what am I working on and amazing. So, you know what you just said about those people who have failed or went bankrupt, the successful millionaires, self made millionaires, why they actually succeed at the end anyways is because they're forced to look their fears straight in the eyes instead of trying to play safe and tiptoeing through life and like maybe this will be too risky, maybe that maybe this maybe that, but there are just, that's it, I'm bankrupt, I'm facing my fears now, we could all leave it, yep, and that's it, you know, that's I I know it could be hard for people to hear, but it's like, you know, like the best thing is to not be afraid of losing and people, but what if I lost everything and I'm not trying to uh, insult their fear and concern.

I'm just saying, yeah, okay. And you know what I'm like, like it so much I gave everything away so I can have the space of nothing and then see what arises when I have nothing to hold on to, nothing to maintain, nothing to be attached to. And it just, whoa. And listen people go like, okay, you have kids, you lucky you have kids and have a place to raise your kids and but you can still have much less than you think you need, you know, and still not be attached. And there are people, I could introduce you to people who had three kids and they lost everything and stuff like that and they still went to the parents of the kids and they rebuilt and even their kids are better because they got what it was. The kids are not, are less afraid. It's, there's no, but no, but I'm special and I can't lose everything. You know, like for whoever says that, I can find you somebody who they were this or they had kids or their whatever, right? And they still did. And they were, almost all of them will say, I'm saying almost, I haven't met anybody but everybody I've met because I have interviewed lots of these people and they said that's the best thing that ever happened to me. So I don't mean this is theory. I don't mean this is a robbery, positive thinking and I'm not meaning to be installed.

People's fears and concerns. I'm just telling you, listen, this is really how it is. If you if you look at it like um like skiing at the beginning when you're learning your even your what to do, you're ineffective because you're afraid of falling, you're trying to not fall. It makes you when you give up, trying to not fall, then suddenly you start skiing smoothly. So if you give up because you actually can trust that if you do fall, it's not gonna hurt that much and you can get back on your feet. It's the same thing. If you do fail, it's not really gonna hurt that much and you will get back on your feet. I do mean that with my whole heart and I wish people would go for it and understand they can trust themselves to get back on your feet, but like you said, but not to end your life going, I didn't go for it. So what is your definition of freedom and success? Alright, well, okay, you're going to get it. Well, you're gonna get the answer that's real for me, but it's very different. Okay, go ahead. I know that I support people in like the freedom and I also don't work on success or say, let's redefine that because what you call them no interest in that.

But really I only use that as a part way strategy to get them to where I'm committed to, which is that you don't care about any of that ship at all, ever again, you don't care about being happy about being free or about success or about any of that. All those words are done, done. So I'm gonna lay this out there because what I'm about to share for me is my work continues to evolve, but this, for me is a progression that's been really, really important and I invite people to look at it. I started by helping. I always wanted people to be happy, so help me And what do you want to grow my business to help the guy triple his business. It wasn't any happy. In fact, he was more stressed running a bigger business than I did other uh modifications. It got better and better than I got, wait a minute before I help people achieve their goals, I should help let's get to a more social place where the goals are coming from is more alive. So we would do that and they have more beautiful goals and we would achieve them still something machine. Then more variations. And then I made a breakthrough and then I thought, uh huh And always, whenever you think you're brilliant, it's a good sign that something's off go, which is why do people want all those goals because they want to be happy and fulfilled and joyful.

And then I was like, so then I'll just work on happy and fulfilled and joyful and I thought, see not material, it's just here, that's the right thing. Huh? But you know when you're starting to judge someone else. So then I help people with that and I got pretty good at that. But there was still something missing which you would think is strange with having people reliably, you know, get some access to that, but something is still missing because like somebody said, attachment to things spiritual is the same as attachment to things material that was still chasing something. We're still getting somewhere right. So then I went away for a while this, that whole thing and shifting, you know, especially my time in the jungles and that to where you're coming from and living from someplace and this and then getting your game your purpose right? And that's the game like my game of source. It's like, so when you're playing football and you're going and you're playing and you're chasing about like, you're playing your game, the game, you love the thing that what your life's about when you're playing, you don't go, I feel good, I feel bad my happy. Am I free and like this and you know, you don't care, you're the game and like holy sh it when you're really playing the game, you don't care about any of that ship it um I think that's the that's where freedom is not when you're like trying to get freedom, there's just, it's just not caring at all.

Oh my God. And I said like, who cares about happy, Happy? Like when I'm in the rotation about my happiness, how do people think they're like, they're looking at me, Do they like me? What do they think? No, I'm in the game right now, when you're in the game, the other thing, it really elevated because a long time ago I got thinking about to stop worrying about how I feel because I felt trapped by chasing good feelings, avoiding bad ones and that was like a prison and I got, oh my God, when I'm in the game, sometimes I'm upset because they squirt sometimes I love it because we win. Sometimes I have a cramp something, but I'm okay with all of that. When I'm in the game fully, I'm I have a context, a space for all of the experiences of life, up and down. You get what I'm saying, it's like, okay to have them is that there's a there's a space for them and a whatever it is. And it's like, oh, I don't sit there and worry about how I felt during, when they just, I felt it, I felt they score, you know, okay, done or game, Chase the ball, love it. What, what sounds acceptance, acceptance of the present moment as it is.

No, but not quite because I did used to say all that stuff and I still do sometimes, but you don't even need any of that because when you're in the game, you don't go, I need to accept this. You just do. That's the thing. Because I want, like, this is all. That's why I said I threw out so much of my work because I realized I was making it more complicated for people that it needed to be and they were trying to figure it out. I'm like, no, let's just get your purpose and have you play that and get better and better and playing that from coming from that place. You stop worrying about all the other stuff. You don't have time to go out to my family happy or not like that. Okay, I'm going to have people get to the source of things and sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose and sometimes something like this and whatever it is and it doesn't matter. You don't even have to bring acceptance. You just are in the game, your present, just about being fully present. So it's as pure as being can be just be. Yeah, just be and, and, and, and, and it's like, oh, I have this source, something wants to come through you to be of service and there's that, whatever that is and then designing your life around that and, and what I'm talking about every single person has done that in their life, whether they play football, whether you play guitar listen or when you're playing pictionary, you're like, you're having the old go and then afterwards afterwards you go, that was fun.

But in the moment you're like, but why couldn't why was it so much? Because you got out of yourself? You were in the it's not even significant. It doesn't you get what I'm saying, You could just be playing pictionary and having a hilarious because you're like, outside of yourself, you're just like totally into the game. So I already know that every person can do what I'm talking about. So we should be more monkeys. Love it. Thank you so much. I mean, I'm blown away by this conversation. Thank you so much for all your insights, all, all that you had to share. This is a beautiful addition to the people who are listening to actually just be and in your words to be awesome. Yeah, well if you just go, okay, I'm being awesome with the people in front of me like that, just like, and I swear everything will just alter right away ego. No, it could be awesome like this. Like it works. I get into like, I'm liking this function what I'm irritated by something as a way man. If I was being awesome right now, how would I do and be?

And I just like, I have to give up being right, you have to give it like that. But if I it's so cool if I just shift to that everything all this, like my mind, it just disappears in a second just by choosing to be awesome. I love it. Thank you so much and it's been such a pleasure. Do you want to share anything how people can find you or anything like that? If people have questions, they can find me on facebook like you did or uh oh and my nickname is rag. So that's how to differentiate between other and regrouped as I guess or thank you for, I don't know because I don't actually search that. I'm just because you found me that way. So I'm saying I guess like that I don't have like, I don't have a website, I don't do it, I don't, you know, continue and inviting me to do the things I don't maintain, I have no public presence. I just, I'd just like to do my work. I like to work with people I don't like to the right people find me and I'm happy and I'm just happy. I just work like that. And so if I'm not, I'm not promoting anything, I'm just here and the right people find me and it always works out to be a lot of fun like this, you know, and it's like, okay, whatever whoever shows up and uh, you can do, you know, it's me because what I use facebook for is I post jokes.

That's how I found you or rather that's how I knew that I found person because you are posting so many jokes, I mean my thing is everything for me is to be intentional and potential doesn't mean serious is I'm not going to either, I'm going to use it for something or I'm out and so what I like people smiling. So I like finding things that to me make me smile and then I share it and it makes even one person smile for me. That was worth the use of that effort. And looking at the time I spend looking for them reading different ones. Always reminds me the funny view of life you know like which is another amazing important nugget that people take their lives way too seriously. So having more fun, laughing more smiling more just being awesome, more, all of that, that's that's what life is all about. Yeah, I would say that make that the most important thing and then you figure out other stuff that you want to do that is I I hope you enjoyed this episode. To an extent that it's not just another conversation you've listened to, but something actually shifted in your understanding about life, your mind and tensions, et cetera.

So I invite you to ask yourself where am I coming from and give yourself the time for the answer to come to the surface. Life is too short to waste it on purposeless chasing. So if you'd like to dive deeper into your personal growth. Don't hesitate to reach out to have a chat about that. And if you find this episode and the entire podcast helpful, please share it with people who will benefit from it, and by doing so, you will contribute to making the world a happier place. Thanks and speak to you in the next episode.

From A Constant Chase To Living An Awesome Life with Anurag Gupta
From A Constant Chase To Living An Awesome Life with Anurag Gupta
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