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#8 Redefining productivity

by Ruta Stasiunaite
June 2nd 2021

Juicy topic for all the ambitious high achievers constantly working their asses off. A secret solution to all of your seeming issues with productivity.

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Hey, welcome to the Redefining Success podcast I am your host wrote to and in this episode we're going to redefine productivity, super juicy topic for so many of us, especially the ambitious, high achievers constantly working their assess off. So if you're anything like me or anything like I used to be, I was uh productivity junkie, I would say um I remember I used to beat myself up for not being productive at work, would feel disappointed in myself and just generally low in energy and then when I started my coaching business, the same tendency continued and I literally re created the 9-5 lifestyle and Actually I got even worse than that, I started working 9-9, almost burning myself out um which is probably something a lot of you are experiencing if you're running your own business, I'm imagining that this might be your lifestyle as well or at least to some extent and well the question is was I productive doing that?

Well yes, I did get stuff done and it was productive to some, to some degree, but was it fun? Well that's a different story, That's a different question. Um Now I am not suggesting that 9-5 is a bad thing per se because um it's really about how you do it and not what you do, because if you love, love, love, love, love what you do, Then maybe you are working 24, I mean right now I can tell you that if if in the beginning of my business, it felt like I was working 9 to 9 now, I feel like I'm working 24 7. However, the 9 to 9 used to be a very dry way of productivity, a very old school Way of productivity while now 24 7 is a lifestyle, it's when I feel most in alignment, I'm super excited, I'm just literally obsessed with what I do.

So most gurus out there teach about morning routines to set the tone for the day and then setting intentions, schedule your day precisely increased motivation by setting attractive goals and have a nice vision ahead of you, kind of like having a carrot on a stick to move you forward and although it might work for a while, it is not very sustainable and it is not that fun, I think you would agree with that. Um so maybe you're experiencing it right now, you maybe want that sailboat or maybe you are dreaming of that amazing house on the coast, so you put that onto your vision board or install it into your imagination, so you're chasing a destination, an end goal and then productivity starts wearing off after a while because the distance between you and your goal kind of stays more or less the same and you're enjoying the process less and less, you're just doing what you gotta do and you feel kind of draining yourself out and emptying the cup and that is a trap my friend, so to be truly productive, that's why we're talking about redefining productivity to be truly truly productive.

You must must, must must must must must find join joy in the journey itself, you must be grateful for the process. I would even recommend adding growth or progress or improvement to your top values list. If you don't have one yet, maybe you do, you should definitely have a values list what is important to you. So when you add that growth or progress or improvement as one of your top values then you don't become a desperate seeker. Never never truly appreciating the achievements, but instead you start focusing on becoming a better version of yourself every single day. And so to find joy in the process you might need to reevaluate your life a little or maybe even quite a bit because I know that a lot of people do lots of things which which they don't want to do, I used to be one of them as well.

Um when I started my coaching practice, business lifestyle uh journey I became all of it. I was a marketing specialist, a social media manager, a sales rep, a customer service person, a website designer, a website developer, a graphic designer, a copywriter accountant, I mean seriously you name it but do I enjoy all of these roles? Not at all. Not at all as soon as I let go of the need to do it. Although not only did I become more relaxed about myself and my business, I also started actually enjoying the journey as an entrepreneur much more and instead of copy pasting what I saw others do because that that's how it's supposed to be done, quote unquote, right, that's what everybody else is doing.

That's what successful people are doing. I started doing things my own way and I cannot express enough how liberating that was because for example, I recorded the trainings for my online course, mastermind your freedom, sitting in a freaking car, I drove my car to the ocean because that is my happy place. That is where I feel most aligned and most happy and most just blissed and why? Because on on one hand side because yeah, sitting in front of the ocean just makes me feeling amazing. And second of all who ever said how trainings are supposed to look like whoever decided how trainings are supposed to be recorded, where they're supposed to be recorded that there, you know that you're supposed to be sitting uh in, in, in the house, in a studio and then looking super professionals and, and and wearing fancy shmancy clothes and a suit and whatever who ever created with rules like that, there are no rules.

So moral of the story is that when you do things which excite you, which create perfect ecosystem for your creativity to flourish when you tap into your zone of genius as much as you can, that's when you become so much more productive and guess what you also get much better results. Why? Because people can smell authenticity, uniqueness, authority confidence, all of it, they can smell that you have genuine intentions. They can smell that you are coming from a place of true self and not pretending anything and not doing something out of a need or wanting something in return. So and before you think, but I still have all these responsibilities, I want it or not and it's still not, you know, it's easier said than done. Nice, nice thing, rhoda, but it doesn't apply to me.

Let's break that broken record once and for all, because for example, I do still do my own accounting and I do still, let's say spend time on designing things and even creating my website for example, but I no longer focus on following through a to do on my list, which doesn't feel right in that specific specific moment, which doesn't flow just basically trying to push through. I used to waste weeks and weeks on a project which just wasn't flowing wasn't the right thing in that very moment. So again, as an example, instead of remaking my website, which I tried my energy, my enthusiasm and love now goes into my podcast, I love working on this podcast right now.

And then when I, when I need to do less exciting things, it's not that big of a deal anymore because my energy is pumped with excitement and appreciation. So what am I saying is that yes, there will be time when I will sit down and I will be excited and enthusiastic to work on my website because I will have more clarity because my focus will be much more laser sharp because I will be simply inspired and I will follow that feeling. So what I'm saying to you is do things which feel right at any given moment, Always, always, always if you're stuck on a task, if drafting that email doesn't flow, shift gears, do something else instead, even just go have a cup of tea and then you will come back and you will be inspired again for example, so believe it or not, you'll get so so, so much more done this way, productivity will no longer be a Strategy, strategy to push through or to force things or two, I don't know come up with solutions simply because you are like a bulldozer, but rather it will be a byproduct of loving what you do, who you are and shifting your attitude about things which are less exciting.

Maybe they are less exciting, but because you will be so pumped with energy, it will no longer be such a burden. So I hope that makes sense. And from now on, I want to ask you, do you want to do more of what you love and less of what slows you down. Are you ready for it? My invitation and even request from now on is that you don't waste your life this way anymore. Stop forcing things which are not meant in that moment. Now, in that moment, it doesn't mean that it lasts a year. It doesn't mean that it lasts a month. It doesn't mean that it even last a week or a day. It just means that in this very moment it's not the right way to spend your attention, to spend your energy to spend your capacity to create something. So again, it's all about using your emotions and using your attention in the most productive way in the most resourceful way and really using that as a guiding system.

So is that a deal? Mhm. I hope it is. If you find this episode and the entire podcast helpful, please share it with people who will benefit from it once again. And by doing so, will you will contribute to making the world a happier place. Thanks and speak to you in the next episode.

#8 Redefining productivity
#8 Redefining productivity
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