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#7 ATTENTION! is the new currency

by Ruta Stasiunaite
June 2nd 2021

Forget dollars, euros and pounds. Your ATTENTION is the new currency. I'll explain how to master your attention to become laser sharp.

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Hello and welcome to the Redefining Success podcast, I am your host Ruta and in this episode we're going to talk about why attention is your currency. So forget the dollars, euros and pounds and forget the time as it is relative. Anyway, like Einstein was claiming and it's true quantum physics and science has proven that your attention is the new currency at any given moment. You can direct your attention to something that's productive and valuable or something that's destructive, counterproductive and rather useless. But before we go deeper into the topic, let me tell you there are two types of attention, at least at least that's how I found out for myself. The first type of attention is either you're being focused and flow and laser sharp, that's the state in which most creative ideas are born and best memories are created, so you just really feel present or you're kind of lost in thoughts overwhelmed and it's completely draining your energy.

And the way I feel in that state is as if I'm in a constant fog. Now, the second type of attention is more subtle and goes a level deeper. That's when you start noticing the true nature of your thoughts and feelings, you start paying attention if the thought is authentic, pure and innocent or does it have a hidden agenda? Like a secondary game? For example, I'll give some examples in the uh in a second, so I'm guessing it's relatively easy for you to identify if you're in the state of sharpness, creativity and effortless productivity versus when you're turning in circles and overthinking every single thing, trying to solve every problem, even wanting to resolve everything yesterday and then beating yourself up for taking so long and why am I wasting my time and all of that?

So here there is no joy, no bliss, no freedom and no peace. It's just blah like yeah, you live in a fog plus now I'll break the news to get into flow states, those in which you are creative, present, joyful, happy on demand. To get into those states on demand. You must master the second type of attention and use that as a currency constantly, which becomes your second nature after training that muscle for a while. So basically what I'm saying is that if you have experienced those flow states and it kind of happened in random moments, that's wonderful. That's great. I'm so happy for you and I've experienced that myself. But if you want to reduce the unpredictability of such states appearing to the minimum, you've got to nail the second tear the second type of attention which basically gives you the control you want to regain your productivity goes through the roof and you you will realize that even your general feeling going through the day is much more pleasant and relaxed and really worth living.

So it doesn't feel like a wasted day anymore when when you apply that. So the second tier, the second type of attention, the deeper layer of your attention is way more nuanced and challenging to master Yet when you practice it consistently over time you realize how you start living in as if it's in another dimension and is as if your quality of life has somehow been upgraded to unfold. This is where self awareness and generally awareness or in other words consciousness becomes a crucial ingredient like a prerequisite. So let's take an example of how you may use your attention as a currency to really become the master of your mind and life as a whole. So let's say you have unexpected delay in your business, an agreement with your partners is taking way longer to sign and your potential clients are waiting for it to be sorted for you to be ready.

Uh and so your mind might be creating all these scenarios of what's gonna happen if those clients simply lose patients and go search for a different lender. Your monkey mind then comes up with all these imaginary and destinations of completely failing as a company and you going bankrupt and basically going down the hill a rabbit hole which creates of course anxiety and impatience and frustration and confusion and many different feelings. So what do you do then? You start overthinking, you start nonstop problem solving, you go to sleep, still actively thinking about it, you sleep terribly because you like half of your brain is still problem solving and half of it is trying to relax which is not very helpful and you get up in the morning yet again, problem solving literally the 1st 2nd after waking up so that sounds rates right?

So now if you actually apply to the attention as currency technique, you would investigate a feeling anxious and impatience solve the problem and if you are honest with yourself you would realize no it actually doesn't. You would also ask yourself in which circumstances you are the best problem solver and if the way you approach the situation that you're facing in the present moment actually makes sense. So you would naturally stop freaking out, you would slow down and allow the space for ideas and solutions to come in. Your attention would no longer jump all over the place and you would be centered, calm and trusting that the right solution is around the corner, that's the level of awareness when you have the peace of mind because you know, you know deep down within yourself that emotions are absolutely useless and that giving your power away to thoughts is completely counterproductive and with such an attitude and peace of mind not only you will get better results, not only you will fast in the process of problem solving and and and creating ideas and so on.

You will also finally enjoy the process instead of being chronically stressed out. So you know the saying it's it's about the process not the destination that's exactly it. You will actually start enjoying it. So as a result of this episode, I want to invite you to start questioning the nature of your thoughts and feelings and becoming super firm with them. Only only only only only only paying attention to what is truly helpful and actually moving the needle. Now, I want to also remind you that emotions aren't useless as a whole because in fact emotions are your guiding system, It's like a gps. Whenever you feel that something is frustrating you, it's an invitation for you to ask yourself, why am I frustrated? What does it mean? What got triggered? Am I being impatient? Am I being frustrated about something that I cannot control? So basically it's a guiding system. And again, when you start building that muscle, practicing it moment by moment over time, you will start realizing that those emotions are no longer taking you over.

But instead you're the one in control and that is like next level of quality of life. It's seriously, I I can't even express enough. So I hope that was helpful because seriously your attention is the new currency. And if you are not taking this seriously, if you think that this is some, you know, blah blah, then you're really, really, truly missing out because without nailing it down without mastering your attention, your mind, your monkey mind, you will never be truly happy deep down, I'm telling you, you will not feel truly fulfilled. You will not appreciate what you have, you will not enjoy the process and the journey you will continuously keep on seeking and stressing yourself out and um feeling frustrated and basically resisting the situation as it is.

So I really, really, really want to encourage you to pay attention to this, to pay attention to things that are actually helpful. And if you find this episode and the entire podcast helpful, please share it with people who will benefit from it, and by doing so, you will contribute to making the world a happier place. Thanks and speak to you in the next episode.

#7 ATTENTION! is the new currency
#7 ATTENTION! is the new currency
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