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August 15th 2021
Its Okay Not To Be Okay

Its okay not to be okay ,in this episode I talk about how to be okay about not being okay and some tips on how to deal with our bad or low days, Remember every day above the ground is a great day&n... More

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August 8th 2021
Talking About Depression With Baash Junior

Hello there how are you doing? hope your trying everything to stay alive regardless of whatever you are facing, today in this episode I talk about depression with my friend Bash Junior and we talk ... More

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August 7th 2021
Skateboarding And Depression

Hello there today in this podcast we talk about skateboarding and depression with my fellow skateboarders skateboarding is not just a spot to us but also a lifestyle and it has saved us during our ... More

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August 1st 2021
Being Thankful

Hello there today in this episode I talk about being thankful with the little things we have in our lives and seeing the good in our lives than looking at what we don't have look around there is a ... More

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