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Its Okay Not To Be Okay

by Kwasa Genesis
August 15th 2021

Its okay not to be okay ,in this episode I talk about how to be okay about not being okay and some tips on how to deal with our bad or low days, Remember every day above the ground is a great day&n... More

Yeah, yeah. If you haven't about if you haven't heard about anchor, it's the easiest way to make a podcast, it is free. It has could allow you to record, edit your podcast. Your phone anchor will distribute the point to be heard on Spotify podcast and many more. You can even make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. It's you need to make a podcast in one press. So please go to anchor dot FM FM to put the up or you can go to google play store or appstore. Mm mhm Hi everyone. My name is quasi genesis and today we are back with another episode of the regardless podcast. Uh yeah, so how has been a week? How is everything going on? And today, the topic that I'm talking about is code. Uh it is okay not to be okay.

I repeat it again. It is okay not to be okay. Uh sometimes it feels like society says you should always be happy and that showing your sadness is a sign of weakness. But this is far from true. If you were told in all your sadness or anger, you would explode one day, this is what I'm trying to say. Like the society we live in these days expect everyone to be happy. We all pretend to be happy. We put on the smiles, you know, photos on social media were quite sure that everything is okay. But today in this podcast, I want to tell you that when you're not feeling ok, It is ok. Uh you have to know that this is a bad day and everyone has bad days and good days. So stop hiring it. That's why most times you are there in your room or wherever you are right now and you hear someone like your friend committed suicide today or the other day and you ask yourself, you're like, but he was with me yesterday.

We were together yesterday. You know, and maybe he was with you. Maybe she was with you. But she was pretending that everything is okay because uh that's what the society expects us. They expect us to be happy to put on that smile every time when we are taking photos and what and everything. But deep inside we're not okay. We all have good and bad days and no one can be perfectly happy all the time. That is not being human. We are not robots. One day you feel you are on top of the world and the next day you are down, that is it. And while I'm still trying to accept this myself, I know that it is part of life. Whether or not others choose choose it. It still happens man, Today, you're feeling super happy and the next day or the next week.

Oh, the next month, the feeling very down and that one is okay. There's no issue. That's what I'm trying to tell you today in this podcast that it is okay not to be okay. Um for those who are struggling with mental illness or grief, uh dealing with this pressure of trying to let ever know that you're happy of trying to let everyone know that you're that you seem happy. It can be more challenging. A lot of days are low when you're dealing with the pressure and stress anxiety and all other issues. And sometimes when we are feeling down, we put on a mask to hide the darkness that rise behind the smile, Getting out of bed can be a major task by itself. Sometimes even me sometimes just getting out of bed and taking that shower and move.

Moving on with the daily cause of life is always one of the hardest tasks. Started with the depression at times. There is no apparent reason for why you are feeling this way. It just happens uh when it feels as though a crowd is hanging over our heads. Those are the days we push away the most. When your friends call you, hey, can you join us because you're fitting down? You tell them No, I'm busy. Even when you're not busy, I think we have uh you have ever seen these memes on facebook or what's up where someone says I am busy but he's just in bed sleeping. Yeah, that's the depression man. Maybe he's not busy physically, but he's busy uh in his mind trying to figure out how to move on, how to do things, how to move on with life and sometimes we push away people, we do this because it is easier to try and forget about what is going on and not bother others with our problems, but getting through your problems and ignoring your problems are two completely different things.

Whether that is talking someone about what is going on or maybe finding answers to what is causing that emotion or using coping skills such as drawing yoga, mindfulness and so many other health ideas. There are ways to help people get through the bad ways and it's okay to feel down. Yeah, I'm going to share with you some tips for those days when you feel trapped when you feel down, when you're not okay and you don't know what to do. Try to be social. Uh this can be very hard, especially if you don't want others to know what is going on. But it can help. This could be as simple as starting a small conversation with your friends, teachers, with your family or anyone else or even your boyfriend or girlfriend or maybe even your parents. Uh so try to be social when you're feeling down because when you stay in your bed then you're giving a chance to to that depression to that stress that anxiety to that worthiness.

You're giving it a space not wanting to talk to others, switching off your phone because you don't want your friends to call you when your friends invite you and you don't want to go there, you're giving a chance to the depression to eat you up. So try to be social when you're feeling down, when you're having those bad days, uh, use coping skills. Uh, the list of coping schools could go on for pages and they are unique to each individual. There are some healthy coping strategies, including january ring coloring, playing a sport or going for Iran. I normally go to play some games with my friends and I also always try to be social like this friends when I'm feeling down or even skateboarding. Uh, yeah, Also another tip is to let yourself feel, let yourself feel when a lot day hits.

That doesn't mean you have to shut out what you're truly feeling inside. Whether this may be uncomfortable at times, But acknowledging your feelings can help you move through them. Remember you're not alone and you're not bothering others. Everyone in life has problems. We also has problems. That doesn't mean that you are adding to me or to another person his own problems. If you share how you're feeling, you are not a burden because sometimes you feel like, okay, if I tell genesis my problems, maybe I'm being a violent team. If I tell my boyfriend, if I tell my parents or if I tell my friends, maybe I'm being a button, that's what our mind makes us think that if you share your problems with another person, that you're being a burden, that you feel ashamed that you want to be respected, that you've been respect, been respecting him on. But for me, whenever I have new friends, I always try to look uh deep or true father more than that smile on their faces and I always want to hear the, there are a lot of their stories.

You know like uh what's going on? Not just not just like, hey, what's up? What's, what, what, what I always want to know those deep stories because I know that sharing your problems is one of the best working strategies. I have found out that whenever I share my thoughts and feelings are weight is lifted off my shoulders and a sense of relief comes over me. Uh let me tell this. I remember when I was uh, a few years ago I was having issues with my school to sean and this is it. I had, I paid, I paid like half of my tuition and so I was remaining with another half of my tuition and I think we're like two months away to do the final exams. So I was depressed. I was stressed about it. And one of my friends asked me like, hey, what's going on? Uh you look stressed And I told him that uh, I haven't paid my uh petition.

So he told me that how much have you paid? And I said I've paid the half. So uh, I still need to find the other half and I don't know where it is going to come from. And my friend told me you have paid to have I haven't paid any single coin. And I was like deep inside, I was like but you're always happy, you're always free. Uh Like there is nothing going on. So when I told my friend that I had paid half of the tissue and I was stressed that I hadn't paid full of it and he told me he hadn't paid any single coin. I felt really I felt like a weight was lifted over my shoulders. But I was like, this guy hasn't paid any single coin and he's happy, he's enjoying life and I'm here. I have 3.5 and I'm stressing. So I I felt relief and that's what I'm telling you today.

You might think you're the only one has big problems. Uh But once you share because once you share then also the other person also opens up, opens up. That's it, That's how it works. If you tell me your uh anything about your depression, your stress and everything. It will be easier for me to also open up and tell you about mine. And sometimes when you share with each other, then it feels normal. Like to know that you're not alone. Someone is going through the same thing or even it's going through worst. Then that's when you start appreciating life. Uh I was listening to this uh this song and it has a part where it says that I know you're going through hard times and all that and I've been there before and sometimes I go back there. I know what it means. Sometimes I still feel low, let's still feel depressed and everything. But every day about above the ground is a happy day is a great day.

If you think about it, the journey of life is filled with ups and downs, which is what shapes us into the people we are when you are having a bad day or a good day. Remember that people do care about you absent some courts which which say that Uh don't share problems with people like 80% uh happy you have them and like another percent don't even care, but I won't tell, you. I don't agree with that one. We all have people that care and we also have people that don't care and that is normal. Even me, even you, you have people that you care about and you have people that you don't care about. You have things that you care about and you have things that you don't care about. So that's life. So I want to do that in your circle, in your family, in your relationship. There's always someone who cares, so don't treat people like you that uh people don't care. Everyone has their own struggles and it is okay to struggle.

There is no shame in admitting that you need help. That's the first step to becoming okay. It's easy to let emotions cloud over our judgment, the challenge in life and at being successful is being able to control yourself. If you know today I'm having a bad day, you learn how to control yourself because you know I'm having a bad day, but this bad day, oh, bad week opened math, it's not going to stay, I always tell you that no one can be depressed, no one can be stressed for a whole year. That doesn't happen even for a month, you cannot happen. So the moment you start knowing that there are bad days and there are good days, you will start knowing how to treat you bad days and how to treat the good days differently. It's easy to judge people in a spirit second in a microsecond. However, I believe there is more to each person than we just see, There is more to each person that than than that person you just see and think that maybe this guy is this one, maybe this guy's this one, maybe this girl is this one is like this, it's easy to judge, even may I judge sometimes the judge people, but then I always uh know that there is always more in people than what we just see.

Everyone is fighting a battle in their life. So learn to be kind, if you cannot be kind then lets people be who they are. Yeah, we have to be mindful that everyone is dealing with their own wounds. There is often a reason for seemingly irrational behavior, Everyone behaves in in some kind of way because there is something going on. Yeah, facing your trauma can beat hunting. However, that's uh that's the only way we can start healing after coping with our past trauma. If you know this is a bad day, then you know how to work through it, it will be painfully initially, you know? But you will feel more free afterwards. Like like these days I feel more free because I know some some days I wake up when I'm sad when I'm angry about my life and everything, then I know that okay today I'm having a bad day so I will try to do everything that I can for this, but they're not to affect me if you need help, don't be afraid to seek professional help.

You can go to the hospitals, you can go to to some mental health centers, seek more professional help. Another tip is remember good memories. Uh like I said in one of my previous episodes known as uh count your blessings. It's definitely easier to remember negative memories, sad moments when you're feeling low compared to positive ones. And in the same vein, we often remember the bad character characteristics in people than the good. However, don't let that negativity cloud your mind cloud your memories. Don't forget that our memories can be inaccurate. It takes effort to remember the good memories. But if you don't do it then who will remember the good memories because you are the one who enjoyed those memories and they are in your mind. Uh Another tip is you have to open up man.

It's easier to get shut out and shut ourselves when we are heard by the people around us. So don't let others belittle you know your worth and stand your ground. It can be scared sick up and you might even be concerned about the stigma surrounding mental issues. Like if if my friends know that I'm depressed or if my friends know that I am stressed then they will not treat me like they've been treating me, but maybe it's maybe it's true. Some of them won't treat you the way they have been treating you, but maybe others will treat you uh with respect because that is being normal. Uh circumstances outside your control can affect your happiness but don't let any person or even take away uh that choice to make different decisions that need you to becoming happier. Having emotions and feelings doesn't make you weak.

Having emotions and feelings makes you human. It is okay now to be okay. You may say that you don't see an end to your pain, but as I as I discovered the only way out of your pain is to go through it is to admit it is to admit that you're having a bad day to admit that you're going through that time and then learn how to go through it. It sucks. Yes. And it's painful. But you will come out stronger for having experienced that pain, no matter what you're dealing with right now. Yes, it is easier to write it without even having been in your shoes. Or if you feel me talking through this podcast, you might think maybe everything is okay. But uh admitting that you're not okay, might not get you anywhere in life that you have, but you have to suck it up and keep going. There is nothing wrong with that admitting that you are not okay. And knowing that that is okay is the first step letting go of the pain.

If you're going through a hard time, seek out the support of people who love you take as much as time you need to feel the emotion and recover. No matter what the external world tells you, you don't have to be perfect And it is okay if you don't feel okay, as I always do it in my uh previous podcast, I want to share with you with some lyrics uh there from this song, it's called Hold the line uh from Abyss Rest in Peace and here summer. This is the best part. Uh we don't we don't get to die young. Trouble keeping our heads sometimes we just have to push on. We don't get to give up this life. All the breath in your lungs is stronger than the tears in your eyes. It's do or die. But we are alive and why we are here.

We have got to hold the line. So if you're listening to them and they are going through a hard time. Mhm Prince hold the line And also just like I said, we have to keep pushing on. We have, we don't have to give up on this life and every day above the ground is a great day. This is life and we are meant to pass through these things. So if you're not okay admit that you're not okay and find ways how to deal with it. If some of the ways how to deal with it out of your control, then let it be, Tomorrow is another day. Also a big reminder is that we have the regardless. Shuts out T shirts. They are already out in there in different cars and you can grab one at only $10 if you around Uganda. Also my friend bash uh he was supposed to be here in this episode today but he he will, he will, he will be with us in the next weekend.

Also he has shut uh tomorrow is better shots from bash they're also out and you can also get yourself one at only $10. You can check it out on his WhatsApp on my WhatsApp. You can preorder and thank you for listening. Your neighbor wherever you're coming from. My friends from Uganda. Us a german kenya, many, many countries. We are reaching out to many countries. So today the episode was about it's okay not to be okay and that's it. It is okay not to be okay if you're not feeling okay, that is okay. Your human and there's nothing long with that. My name is Wasim genesis and this is regardless. Thank you. Mm.

Its Okay Not To Be Okay
Its Okay Not To Be Okay
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