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The Power of asking Questions

by Rylan Banis
May 2nd 2021
I share the power of asking questions and why you should ask questions. I also teach how to ask questions, why is it good to ask questions and why should we ask questions so that you can learn how the... More
you don't get what you don't ask for, but as Mahatma Gandhi would say, if you don't ask, you don't get it. So today I'm going to be sharing the power of asking questions and why you should be asking more questions. So let's begin. I feel like that I am today wouldn't have been possible if I wouldn't be asking as many questions as I asked today and the amount of things have received is only only due to the power because I've been asking a lot of questions. Let me give you a few examples of what I mean. Let's talk about instagram followers, right? I feel like we always always hate these people, you know, like who asked for followers and other stuff right now, I'm not talking about your spamming or getting tons of random followers. Also, I'm just talking about your friends when you follow your friends sometimes and you expect them to follow back and stuff, right? But sometimes it goes unnoticed, right? They don't follow you back. So sometimes he feels weird like to personally ask them to, you know, like I asked them to follow us back, You know, it feels weird, you know, it feels like you're begging, it feels like you're doing something. I used to feel the same way too until

I realized I just needed to ask and even if I got to know, that wouldn't change the fact that they just don't want to follow me, right? But even if they didn't see it, what I could do, the maximum from my side is to us, which I did. So I started, so when I was the restarting my program this year and was building the relatable stories podcast, instagram account, I just was following some friends and family and all that stuff because I'm starting from scratch again. So I need those followers. The initial attraction and stuff. So I found a lot of people and a majority then followed me back, but some of them did. So all I did was I possibly messes them. Hey, it's me Raylan from X, Y Z. That is the school, you know, like for the common common place where we will go from. And then I asked, do you mind following me back? That's it. I just asked if you mind, please follow me back. That's all I asked. And you wouldn't believe 90% of the people who my ads that follow me back and then, and then they say follow, getting follows his heart. Did you ask, did you try, you know when I before I did this, I had this negative and pessimistic mindset that people feel like that. I'm begging, people would say no, we will be ruled and I said no, I asked. And they did. And this example

can be used in very different places the next time in your grocery shop or somewhere just try to ask for a discount. Like a simple discount. Like can I get a little like one or two of something like that? A simple discount or like for a free sample? Can I get a free sample? And the the most that will happen that is a bad thing happen. Is there with a person on the other hand will say no, you can say okay thank you very much and then move on. That is literally I guess the fear of rejection of getting a no is the thing that stops us. But trust me what how much can I not disrupt disrupt your life? Right. It's just a simple law. So I know like now you have heard these tips where they use like on these regular places. Let me tell you how to ask the right questions and how to ask the right way. So you know how to Ask the right questions in the right way one be assertive. Nobody asking. You do want to be arrogant or shy. That is uh you, can you please answer my question. Can I please get a discount? Right? You don't wanna be arrogant, right, nina. You also don't want to be shy. That is can I please get a discount? So if you're a coward, right? If your cowardly for not confident enough, the other person won't be able to reciprocate the same energy back and give you what you're asking for because you're not confident

in your own self. What do you want to replace this? Is being confident and being polite. That is can I please get a discount? Be confident when you say and be polite when you see it right? We're not giving politeness for what you want to receive politeness back. 2nd is nobody wanted. Majority of times we were asking questions we answer is don't know what we want and that is a problem because that makes the other person into into confusion state and he's also figuring out what you want. And so if you, if you want to get the best answers, you need to ask the best questions and my best questions is only simple as knowing what you want. But I'm not giving a very broad question. Just giving a very simple question was simple direct answer back. Be very clear and concise in your questions and demands to get the most accurate results back for your questions we would share. Part three is be flexible flexible in the sense that Sometimes you may have demands that you ask your boss for a raise or you ask for the vacation, we ask for the discount, right? And sometimes, you know like you asked for a 10 discount right now let's like the discount, let's take the discount example for this time. So as you when you ask for a 10 Percent discount

, the and you and you happy because the grocery store person who's on the other end, she said, you know what I mean? A five discount since it's better than a no brainer flat. No, it's better than a flat. No, she actually Is getting a five discount. It's sort of being arrogant in the first place. You were not supposed to get a discount, but you asked You're getting a five discount. Be polite, say thank you and take the five discount to be flexible just because you have learned this art of asking questions or you're being confident and you're being polite. That doesn't mean that everybody else will have to a beauty, right? So sometimes you have to be flexible in order to get your demands done as well. four test people want to help you. Just goes back to the first point that was elaborating in this episode that we all have this negative thoughts that the person on the other end is always ruled they don't want to help you. They just want to see us as begging, you know, as people are not helpful, you know, unless people just want to judge you. But that's the very pessimistic mindset. I just want to tell you from this point moving forward whether it's a crust confession, whether it's asking for it, it's got a free sample or a race I just wanted to ask. I literally wanted to ask and you will not believe how people are more helpful like as and they generally

want to help. If someone asked you for help, what do you say? No, no right? You would actually say I want to help because it actually makes you feel happy helping other people out. So I don't understand why you're thinking that other people don't want to help you. That does not make any sense. And let's go over the last point. That is the point of a five be prepared for a law and I need to explain you this because when I said in the beginning, I was nine, I sold my followers to follow me back Those people and 90 of them said yes and follow it back. But the 10 out of that, the five and dream my messages and five gave me a flat out. No, I said okay, but thank you very much and I appreciated them and I didn't ask them any further. So you have to always be prepared for law. It's not everything. Sunshine and daisies, right? Not everybody is going to say yes to you, but she is. The majority of them will say yes and what's greater than the majority. Right? After all, if you're getting involved and with the majority, you don't need every single person to say yes. Right? So, and that's what I want to tell you. That the power of asking will literally change your life. So no matter which position you are in a visual situation you're in and wherever you want to use makes you use the powder passing every single thing living

in the class. You want to ask questions or any place you want to please don't let the fear of a no or a rejection or a pessimistic mindset of the other person native world back. I just wanted to stop those thoughts the moment you have a question at the moment you want to ask something. I wanted to ask him and trust me. If you just even start asking, you would be so much better than the person who refuses to ask and who's the coward. And I know that we absolutely enjoyed watching this episode and you would love to watch more episodes like this. So click here on this playlist to watch more episodes like this, or click here to subscribe and never miss out on future episodes or watch the next episode. And with that being said, that's a laugh for this episode.

The Power of asking Questions
The Power of asking Questions
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