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Stalker Storytime

by Rylan Banis
April 25th 2021
I explain why stalkers stalk and share my personal stalker storytime. I also explain how stalkers think, how stalking starts, and how stalking escalates so that you can learn how to deal with a stalke... More
Have you ever been so beautiful? That stock is couldn't get enough of you. Well, I unfortunately was and I had the stalker who used to stalk me all the time, Right? And this was getting very invasive. So today I share my crazy experiences of being stopped. So let's begin. So I, uh, the first, let's talk about stalking itself. So what is stalking? Stalking means to pursue or approach stealthily? Now? Why people Stock is a great question because people, the stalker will stop the stocky zipping. That's a variety of reasons. Right? It depends on what the stalker wants from me, right? But my stock was personally obsessed with me, right? And couldn't get enough of me and neither had the guts to come up and talk to me. So yes, I was this weird born and then the stock and I had between this. Okay. So let's start with the story like once upon a time in 11th grade, when I just enrolled in College after finishing my 10 exams, the 10th grade exams, I and I was in this class. Right? And this was there was this girl in class, Let's call her anna right now. Anna seemed to have quickly short interesting to me

like university of course, like, And how did I know that she used to look at me now stop. Right. And you know, it's not like the normal looking, right? This is still the looking is when you look at the crash site, that's the look that I was getting from him. Of course, I had my fashion grooming and styling point. So I was answered right? I knew it. But so that this was the thing not dilemma being right though, she had a crush on mirror. She looked at me, she stopped me, but I wasn't interested into her as she was into me. There was not the problem was not that she was not beautiful and that was not the case. But your boy didn't want a relationship. So that was an awkward spell. You know like position for me to be in where people are crashing on me and I'm not crashing on them back and you don't want to be in this position right? You some there are some boys you know when they go damn you have a translator and you're still not doing anything. But trust me like it's America situation I'm getting back to the point. So anna started stalking me and she started looking at me and all this stuff. Right? So when she started doing this I decided to you know what I'll catch her looking at me. Let's see what happens. So she's looking at me like this in the class tonight on my face and then I'm like catcher

like this right? I'm looking at her and then the moment I look at it I she retracts against as an actress and she didn't see me. I thought it as if she wasn't looking at the crush add all right. And then quarter a few times. But after doing this for a few weeks and this exact same thing happening like she's looking at me and then me catching her and then she retracting against as if nothing happened. I got bored of this you know catch and cheese right? And nothing was moving forward. Neither was she is reducing the stocking and neither did I can go to tell her like that please stop this and all that stuff. Right. So I decided you know what I just I just forget it and move on. I won't look at her or neither. I won't let her I won't catch her looking at me. Right? So what happened was when the movement forward she was just to look at me but I didn't look at the background, I didn't catch her looking. So when I'm looking at her I know she can look at me, she's looking at me with peripheral vision but I didn't make I didn't make my head go towards that and catch her looking. I just let her look you know, look to her heart's content. Look at how much ever you want to look, just take me, take me you know like all that stuff so I like to look at me. But the problem with this was I thought she would understand that I just lost interest and I was not

looking at it and completely moved on. But that was not the case. Like it apparently got divorced. She you know things got worse as she started looking at me more, you know, like she long she longed for attention and she noticed that I was losing interesting because of course, like I'm not looking at what that means. You know, like I'm losing interest in all. Of course, we all wanted to assist to acknowledge that the moment we don't acknowledge them, it feels that I can understand from being the crash if Russia designed quite a lot of stuff. Right? What are these words like? Anyway, so what happens is the things God was and then she started stalking me more, right? She started looking at the warden's college, she started looking more in the corridor, she started falling more. Even when I'm going back home on the way home, she's falling, you know, everything and all that stuff. So things are gonna get it up here right and what is she planning to do? Right? Like what did I do? And then what happens is that I was thinking like I was genuinely thinking I needed to do something about it. So I thought like, you know what, I need to do something about it. You know what? I should just go up to anna and tell Arana I generally, I'm not interested in you. But so I please what I want you to not stop me and other stuff right

now. The problem is not, the problem is if I would event and told her that I will make a fool of myself why? It's because she hasn't officially declared. Actually told me that she likes me or she stalked me like, so she could easily brush up saying no, I was never interested in you anyway, right? And all that stuff. And I was making fun of myself because like, you know what I'm going to say that I have don't have proof. So that so that way. But this would become awkward. So I I didn't have the guts to do this anyway. So I just let it go. So what happened was she because these things keep getting worse and worse. So she's trying to make attempts to you know, like so, you know, like make a conversation with me. Like she actually, you know, like so we're walking. That's got it All right. She says, you know, she comes in clashes with you know, like the shoulder bump and the books following the cliche clashing recorded over and the books speaking up, you know the filming scenes. So she does this with me, right? And then you're picking up the books and stuff. And then she asked him, you know, can I have a match textbooks? I'm like, I don't have it, right? And that's not the Only one time she asked like after start, you know, like still more 14 15 times clashed in the corridor

and she found an excuse to ask me whether we're gonna have a match textbook. No, I didn't like what God is going to go incidences that every single time she asked me from a match textbook, I never brought my maths textbook to college on that day. Seriously. I never knew what would happen if I handed out my Master's book to who knows what you might do with it. So what happened was after this was just eating right? The things are escalating by the moment on the moment. I don't know what is going to happen. So one day what happened was I you know, she I want to tell you this about her. Also she had this one friend right? I had this one friend. Female friend whom she used to tag along with moving the entire college. Right? So what happened was I decided to text her and his friend and ask her uh here and his friends uh Do you know why I am a keeps asking me my maths textbooks then her friend this morning. No I'm completely clueless as and she was she has no idea that she was completely another. My own friend wanted the uh you know like the Magistrates movie. So then I thought like I I so I thought you know what I should just get anna's a phone

number from Anna's friend. And then I text and asking myself right they are feeling for me. So it's easier with extra because I'm a coward. So and like so I asked my friend can I can you do you mind giving me anna's number? Then? She says no. Anna doesn't have a phone number here in college right now. That it's highly sketchy that anna doesn't have a phone, no social media accounts at any other stuff. So things got sketchy after that. I had no choice to contact anna over digital media or rather than doing being person assuming that she actually doesn't have a phone after all this, This could be that Anna's friend was in on the joke and a new Anna's friend knew that Anna was talking me around had a crush on me and I knew everything because girls, ANna's friend, I keep messing it up. But because like girls share everything with each other, right? So maybe I was getting clearly right. I didn't know What happened one day was during the last years of college is when I was leaving to go home and I had an extra lecture bananas letter had already gotten over. So she was supposed to live in a letter back when my letter got over and I'm exiting towards my classes and reaching towards the gate to leave the college. I

find ANna waiting on the gate for me as usual to stop me. Right? And what I do also notices that her friend is standing next to her, anna's friend and she's anxious when you can see like she's like a fed up of waiting and she's frustrated and she wants to leave and never never passing writer. Right? When I'm passing by her to leave over here on a strengthening No, Why is he painting? Let's just go. Right, I'm getting so late. Why are we waiting? And then Ana said no, no, please wait a moment. At one moment, please, please please please. And the moment I heard that, the moment I heard that right, I understood that Anna's friend was completely oblivious that Anna had a huge crush on me. And then she has been stopping me for months. And then I thought this is a very complicated situation, right? And then the moment they passed by, right, I walked past him. Exactly. Then she and her anna and her friend started following me. Right? I said, Anna started following me, you know like as usual and stopping thing. Then I realized like, oh my God, like this is this is a much bigger conspiracy than I thought. Like this girl is not even sharing. I don't trust us to other female friend. I thought girls did this and stuff. Right? So, and I don't

know what's at play here. Then. What happened was this back and forth between us letters. Like she's talking me and me not being able to do anything about it. And maybe stuck in the same point went on for the entire year. And this stopped almost when the colleges, you know, stopped all of a sudden because of the lockdown. And then I've been at home ever since. So I haven't heard from anna. So I'm happy. I'm not getting any stalking. Although I've been thinking I'm seeing some shadows outside the windows. Just a Friday. The 13th Jason. You know, I don't know Jason bodies. I'm just joking. But you get the point race. Uh, so I haven't heard from an ever since and the college is over. But I hope once the colleges reopened, I don't have to bear with the stalking again because I'm genuinely done with it. Right? I'm sorry. I was never got in the hand that I was never that handsome. beautiful or something you would say that a girl would actually have interested me, right? I girls used to always have a different type of someone has looked up to. I never had girls who are actually generally interested in me and now having someone who's interested in me and having to the point that they're stalking me is a completely different experience. And I was talking earlier about

them less. I gave her attention the more she longed me, right? And that's basically playing hard to get. And I understood why girls play this right? Because the person of the chasing and that's the boy was chasing it. It makes the person look crazy. So that's what I understand why girls you playing hard to get all the time. And I know that you absolutely enjoy watching this episode and we love to watch more episodes like this. So click here on this playlist to watch more episodes like this and click your on this china logo, the subscribed in the in the Southern Future episodes on what's the next episode? And with that being said, that's a lot for this episode.

Stalker Storytime
Stalker Storytime
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