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How to overcome Fear

by Rylan Banis
April 18th 2021

In this episode, we delve into the clutches of fear and how it hindered my progress, recounting a tale from my 7th-grade keyboard lessons. Discover the unorthodox teaching style that initially conf... More

I mean, I generally don't mind fear usually, but when it comes in the way of me and my goal, right, then, I absolutely hate it, right? When it's stopping me from reaching my goals. So today I shared the story of how fear got the best of me and what I learned from it and how I overcome it so that you can learn how to conquer your fears. So let's begin This all began once upon a time in 7th grade when mom decided to put me into keyboard classes. Keyboard as in the musical instrument, right? The piano. So the thing is, once you put me for piano classes, the agenda for that was that she wanted to develop both the sides of my brain because it's very simple. But when you're using this and you're like the right and the left side of the brain gets activated and the left hand, the rights of the brain gets activated and vice versa. So when you're just using one hand, it's your it's like it's not using a full potential kind of stuff, right? That's what I want, think thought and using both hands were playing instruments. Both sides are getting simultaneously used, I'm getting trained and stuff. So she decided to put me in a keyboard classes. So she bought this beautiful

cashew, expensive keyboard, you know, this big almost. And then she put me into the skateboard classes that this keyboard classes was very close to my building, right? And there was this instructor which used to come there every week, once a week in the evening to teach me. And I was the only student apparently for some reason, which I don't know why medic used to come there that evening, you know, and used to teach me every evening how to play the keyboard. So what happened was he used to teach me this way of playing the keyboard, which I used to think personally very unorthodox and I'm calling this unorthodox of his method of teaching me is because I learned that afterwards that it isn't the official way of teaching a keyboard. So let me explain what happened. All the keys on the keyboard have its official names. But he used to tell me that this is a specific number that is that specific numbers. He used to basically teach me these keys on the keyboard as actual numbers. So that was weird. And the thing is that was the song that I had to learn after that was he used to make me write all of them in my notebooks. So that was a very tedious and long lengthy process after working there for months and my problems getting stagnated

and may not moving forward. What we realized is that so close the institute and move them in. So my mom had to do something that she had to the opposition me to another music classes to continue my classes and actually lessons right? Because she didn't want to be able to go to waste and my entire lessons of Manila in this instrument wasn't complete. So she, uh, importantly though this classes where this guy was teaching piano and keyboard and stuff and he was a bit more renowned and he was a bit more uh, you know, skilled in his craft. He had tons of students in his classes and like me, I was the only student in the previous class and he had multiple students of guitar and keyboard. So I wasn't a good hands. So what happened was in the first day when once the teacher and wrote me, my mom, my mom and brought me into this class is the sole came to me and he said, so how much do you know of the piano? I said not much. And then I played, you know mary had a little lamb, the basics and the happy boy did the song to him and he was like, okay, not too bad. Then he started pointing at the keyboard, the keys of the keyboard and started asking me, What is this key card, right level. In this case I'm like 60 9 11 that key 78

What is that key, what you do? And he's like, I can see the disappointment on his face every single time I said a number of all the keys and after the oxygen asked me all the keys almost he told me like the previous teacher was teaching me, taught me in a very unorthodox manner that that is not, that's how what it's called officially. Right then he explained to me what they were officially called and I feel a keyboard actually keyboard people possibly know how to play keyboard, you know that the case about C. D. E. And all the other alphabets actually rather than numbers. So once I learned it the right way right, he told me that he had to teach me completely from the start and you know the right way. Once I learned on the right way I was happy because then after that whenever he gave me songs I was able to being really easily and quickly I was able to hang no like develop this skill very fast. Uh the original method better that unorthodox manner. And I was also happy because when I was learning keyboard in this way this gave me the spine when it used to keep my song. So this was much better for me in the sense that I didn't have to like actually right on every single alphabet or a bit of a song

compared to the previous last night. In this last the stories, just give me the printed song and I used to just hook it in my book and I have to just receive from the book and play it. Right? So this went on for a wife. And the thing that this was specifically, I want to tell you this had a settlement of the church within the church, allowed this, saw students to play in the church once a week, right? His students would be the core and playing the mask once a week. That was the settlement. So that was a specific specialty of this guy who used to teach me piano and stuff. So cuba to be always supposed to be a better really that big thing which you see, you know like the very big wooden thing and the keyboard is like, you know like the smaller tangling ones. Okay, so that's a difference. That's what I think I'm an amateur but I don't want to say piano because I know you know, you know like audio engineers are very high musical specialists were listening and say no, no, no island. It is not, it is not a piano. It is a key words. I know. Okay, I apologize. So what happened was after I was learning very quickly, right? It was busy in the easy in the beginning, I was learning songs and I was quickly learning and giving him the songs back

. He gave me the song, I learned to play the song. I closed it. I played it to him back by heart, the song. They're really good and progressing and learning more and more songs and how to use the keyboard. I play different keys. After I progressed to a certain stage, he began began to introduce me to cards. No cards are basically on the left side of the piano, I think. And you, It's like, it's completely brings a new element into your songs that you're playing music and stuff. So once God's went to do some things got more complicated. It does not as simple as just playing a few keys on this side. Right now, you have to use this hand as well and you have to use both the hands and make you like, make play complex song with multiple fingers and stuff. Then things got definitely harder. But I still possible. I still, you know, captain up the determination was there and I still managed to possible entertaining after I learned the talk, you know, like the cards songs with God's the Sun came up to Me and he gave me 50 papers, right? We used to remind you for other students in the same class as me and the same skill level as me. Used to give them only one song that time, but for some reason, so also something in me

that I wasn't able to see me myself, He had so much trust in me, he had big plans for me. He has so many expectations for me. He literally gave me the a third song. Booker Heroines like 50 pages and he said, do whatever song you wish that he had so much trust in me. You know, when I was saying that he has big plans for me and he saw something in me, I I was assuming that he wanted me to play in the church, which I was right because after that he told me I would love for you to join the choir as in the photo, I play with the mask. So he invited me once to the, to play for the, you know, choir as well. So I'm like, I went to see and it was really invigorating, right? I sang in the choir and I sang to my heart's content. It was really joyful, you know, praising the Lord and singing of the hymns of the church and stuff. Then start asking, you know, like, so, you know, like I think you should start getting, you know, like learning the hymns and you know, like you should start, we just start playing as soon as possible in the church. You know, then what happened was my cowardly body and soul was just not able to bear it, you know, like a fathom, because my you know, after the moment he told me that

, because let me tell you this, I had I was deathly afraid, I was gonna states frank. So it was not possible for me to, you know before and I actually do a live action performance in front of the entire life months, right? So like negative thoughts are coursing through my mind and body. And so it's like, what if I miss a few keys right? What if I pressed the wrong key? Is what if I forget the song and I just, you know, they stop in the middle of the mask. What if the entire crowd and then the priest stares at me, stares at me right? Like what have I done? It's like only negative thoughts, right? I'm not seeing the positive optimism part of, part of it, I'm not thinking positively pessimistic, pessimistic, pessimistic, all negative thoughts and I'm just like, in this whole, you know, like how we are right? It feels all these negative emotions attached to just not overcome it. What happened eventually was I tried, I tried, but I eventually couldn't muster the guts to perform even though I learned these songs somewhat. So what happened was I I would like a scary cat. I just, I I decided I had a talk with my parents and I told them like, I don't think that is a part

for me forward in music, right? Rather than disappointing myself and I'm generally not interested in music as well. So I decided like, I don't want to continue this, right? So I decided to not show up to the classes itself. So I sat at home and I didn't show up the glasses After a few weeks in a row of me being absolute classes. Got whatever, right? I need a salad. Like I called my parents and me out. No, Hello. Is that okay? He hasn't been showing to the classes and my bedroom store live, you know? Yeah. Your son is fine. He's just not interested in containing the piano classes. Um, he wants to discuss the direct. So the thing is, I was really confused. Like, uh, then like that, like I was really sad that I had to discontinue that, but I was fine because I didn't have to perform and I know like the lesson would be from the story is that I genuinely handle that entire situation very poorly. But what I learned from this is that I didn't let fear stop me in the future. What I also learned is that I didn't mind not overcoming that fear because after all, it was not something I was interested

in it and it didn't stop me in a very major way, meaning it's just take the same example, right? You take a person, you tell him to sing on stage and get tell him to get rid of the fear of singing on stage when he doesn't want to be a singer or is interested in singing one bit, right? It is completely useless the same way I wasn't generally interested in piano or keyboard for that matter. It was just that my parents put me into their classes and I only did it because my parents wanted me to and I didn't want to let the expensive he would go to waste. They followed that same method of finding what your child is good at and making them develop skills in the childhood by putting with the various classes. So again, I don't blame them for that, but it's just that I again handled the situation very poorly. I wish I could do much better. But from that I learned in the future like to never give up and I was doing a little back then to actually have the courage to stand up. But after that, now again, I had this fear of the cameras and stuff. But here I am again, starting video podcast was a daunting experience for me, but I didn't let it stop me. I persevered and I'm here. I am. So what you can learn from this episode on how the country, if he has

in short, would be the same thing. One is like, you know, practice it and do it every single day until we get rid of it, right. The thing was that, that was it wasn't just I was generally not interested in it and neither did I want to see a 30, a part of future for me. But isn't this one like for me, the field was of the camera. I have to make video podcast and this is the and my fear of speaking with the camera is going to stop me from actually making this video podcast. So I had to overcome it, right? And that is why that just knowing that I cannot let fear stop me to get in my way to success. I made sure I practice speaking to the camera every single day and I made sure to practice until I got over it and I'm pretty positive now. The way I'm speaking of the camera, getting my emotions across, getting the message across that I've almost gotten rid of this fear of speaking to the camera. So all I would say is Make sure that whatever fear is like to two things, I'm not sure right If the fear is not actually going to like, you know, like come in the way of us success, just forget it. Like you don't need the sky, they have to prove anybody. Like it's not going to stop you from anything in the sky. I mean I'm assuming you want to be a public speaker, then

it will be very essential that you get the stage fright, done any other skill for that matter. Right? So with that being said, I know that you absolutely enjoyed watching this episode and you would love to watch more episodes like this. The click here on this playlist to watch more episodes like this and click here to subscribe. Never miss out on future episodes was the next episode. And with that being said, that's a lot for this episode.

How to overcome Fear
How to overcome Fear
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