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How to talk to girls over text | Flirting with girls

by Relatable Tales
April 11th 2021
How to talk to girls over text and Flirting with girls is what you'll learn how to do from this episode. I'll share how to talk to girls and texting rules for guys so that you can learn the texting ti... More
do you find that when you taste girls? Girls often tend to find you boning or an interesting? Do you want to learn how to text goals or flirt with them? If yes, then that's great because that's exactly what I'm going to be teaching with this episode. So let's begin. I'm going to be covering three topics in this episode and they are one how to text girls to how to flirt with girls and three how to find an inside joke or find girls guilty pleasure. So let's begin with topic Number one, that is how to text girls, I'm going to not give you any tips or tricks which have already heard on the internet, but I'm rather going to give you a mindset which is far greater than all of the tips you have holed up there now and that is to have fun during the conversation rather than impress the other person on the other end I go, that's where the funny thing is we all have this notion that in order to you know, like to have a conversation with a girl or a crush on a girl friend, we need to constantly impress the other person and that's where we go wrong, right? Because the moment you're trying to impress the person, you're not having fun, right? You're impressing

, you're not having fun, you're boasting, you're like and it seems weird, right? So when the other person on the other hand, you see the girl girls can often, it's very easy to spot for them to see you impressing them and we were impressing them. The thing is you're not having fun and you're not having fun, she's not going to happen and it's going to become a weird atmosphere. So that order that it's very simple, you want to have fun and when she sees you having fun, she'll have fun as well. They ask them, what is this? Having fun? Like, can you define fun? Very simple. Having fun is basically the complete opposite of trying to impress the other person. It basically means who genuinely get to know the other person by conversing with other person, sharing memes, sharing jokes, cracking jokes and all that stuff. Not try not trying to impress the other person, but having a genuine, natural conversation with a woman, right? If you genuinely think like you have this type of woman that needs to be oppressed or this girl that you have things that she's a price and boys need to compete for her, then she's a narcissistic woman, right? You don't want a person who thinks the other price that they're not real people. You need to have people who

you need to have people and converse with them and treat them like actual people. If you try to download like shower cowgirl with two very compliments or trying to save for her or trying to impress your becoming basically all other people in their inbox or trying to what is the difference? She doesn't want people are going to basically become a servant and swimming for her. She wants people over to treat her like actual people like an actual person rather than you know on a pedestal. So that's very simple. So once you have done that right now, once you've learned how to the mindset that we need to you know keep in mind we're texting them now you need to move on to the next to that is how to flirt with gods. And I want to show you this method that is called as the push pull technique. Now the push for technique is very simple, it is defined, it is broken into two parts The push and the pull bush is expressing this interest in a girl. And pull it is expressing interest in a girl. So push pull is basically expressing interest then disinterest. And I'm going to increase attraction that you might be wondering, Right? And how does uh why how does it increase attraction? Right. So let me explain. Your Only didn't push that. The only didn't push for expressing

disinterest. Playing hard to get giving me signals. There is only a limited time of trying to like time until the person will follow you. And after that they'll actually give up on it, right? They're not interested in so too much disinterest bad idea. Okay, let's try the other ones. Like, you know, a little put like shouting, it complements your something putting around the pedestal. She'll find he was very unattractive and nobody wants someone is constantly bragging at the feet. You know, like you're giving yourself, you know, so we need to push and pull your giving the best of both worlds. You're giving, you know, like you're giving compliments also and you're like taking it back also like you're floating basically. That is why it is a floating technique. So let me give you an example of how this works. Okay? So I don't want you to do this site. So this is an example, right? Hey, you look nice. She thanks. Hey, I hate you. You know, this is not a push pull walks. I don't give a compliment. Then you take it back, right? You want to try something like this? Okay, try this one. He you look nice. She thanks. He I've seen better. You know, like I've seen better

. So the thing is like this is how you want to try, right? This is just one example of how you could try to push pretending that is giving a compliment and take it back, right? Not make it like you're giving away, like you try to be flirtatious. Another thing with everything is to have a practicing without practice, you're going to come up with like the first example I share, you're going to come across like that. And second thing is, you know, this technique is very, very contextual, right? So I can tell you like this this this this is that's right. I can only tell you that you need to see something good and then counter it with something you were pulling it back. That is how you can make it. I cannot give you actual examples because this technique is very, very contextual between you and the person who were texting and very situations based on what is actually going on in the conversation to be used. Second of all this, this technique can be easily used wrong. That's why I say practice because the timing needs to be right, right, and she needs to understand that you're joking. That is to be a flirtatious vibe, flirtatious atmosphere, because if it is not, this is how it will come off. He you look nice, she thanks, He hired you. See, this is not flirtatious site, so it is very different. The

timing, the white, the way you said, how you said everything makes a big difference. So basically what I would need to do is try to learn the push pull technique, you know, like trying to get used to it. That's really, really happy is what I'm saying. And the last let's move on to how to find inside jokes on God's guilty pleasure. But this is like a very important dry factor, you know, of the aspect of conversing with girls and having a fun time and now that makes me I have this one girl, Okay. I have two girls examples. I live with this one girl first have this one girl, a female friend, okay, Who loves cats, right? And the majority the girls for this point will also be applicable for this, right? This girl and she likes kittens and even like small puppies and kittens and stuff. So every single time, you know when I'm scrolling and explored beach, I just tag, you know, like act and I write the doors. Him and I just send it to her and every single time a target and a tiger and a cat didn't post a cat post. But every single time it should be about the post, she goes, oh, like adorable. You know, like genuine girl's reaction, like the feminine reaction after seeing something very cute. So this is how you can trigger that. You're like, oh inside her uh

was guilty pleasure and guilty pleasure is having these cats and stuff. Or on the other hand of the second husband. Uh So she's a fully okay. And she specifically loves anybody write a very uh local uh this is called a delicacy at a fast food kind of stuff. Now, I don't know what if we could call it faster. Okay. But you get the point if you have a native person, you know, so so the thing is uh with lockdown and stuff, a lot of memes were made right on how you cannot eat fast food and how these beautiful delicacies I didn't eat foods should be eaten. So every single time when they explore bitch. And mind you, I didn't know this girl a lot. Okay I didn't know this girl but the thing I can easily flow it with her and I could just find an inside joke between you and me. I just want to randomly texted or you know like found out what she actually likes and she came across she likes funny for him once she told me that she likes funny but all it did was every single time I was scrolling my explore a bit and I found the money for the post and I just tagged with that and she went into like the images like grueling and like oh you know like you know like laughing and like I was getting the

inside joke right that she and I are inside On the job that she likes funding for a 40. So I kept dragging around this post and she cannot eat it. You don't accept eliciting a reaction out of her the night she is longing for eating food because she's in the lockdown and I'm giving her all these are not sending her all these mouthwatering foods. So that's an inside joke. So I need to find out most of all that is what the girl likes right once before going to find out what this girl likes. And then I want a tiger in this and you won't elicit a reaction out of you don't want to. But they will even the reactor like how girls, they all say something cute adorable, all these terms, etcetera. So, I'll give the last example by connecting all the dots. So first when I said, you want to have fun. You want to get to know the person. Like the first point, Once you get them in the likes and dislikes, you want to come down to the this uh this what is that? Finding the greater pleasure. Okay, so okay, so you know like 90% of the girls like you packs kittens born animals and other stuff. But it is very easy. So you know, let's just start there when your kid in fourth and then send it. Uh so the girls or adorable. Okay now you found the inside

so that they like tax and then I start flirting with them. We're using the same inside joke that's between you and them. And so that complaints the entire time trying to of how you need to converse with regular to see have how to have fun, how to, you know, find the girls greatly pleasure making insider between them and out of love with them with the push politically. So you know you like absorbed all the value from this episode and I'm ready to convert the woman with a powerful and I know that you absolutely enjoy watching this episode and would love to watch more episodes like this. Look, click here on this village to watch more episodes like this and click here to subscribe to never miss out on future episodes or what's the next episode. And with that being said, that's a lot for this episode.

How to talk to girls over text | Flirting with girls
How to talk to girls over text | Flirting with girls
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