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Trolling Online Scammer

by Rylan Banis
April 4th 2021
I tried trolling online scammer so that the online scammer gets scammed. I also share what scammer do and how scammer ask for money so that you can know what is spam mail when you see online scams and... More
have you ever received a fake email asking you for money and stuff? Well, I did receive a fake email once from an online scandal and I decided to play along with it and throw the scammer back. So today I'm going to be sharing the story of how I roll that online scammers. So let's begin once upon a time. Not too long ago, I received this fake scam email into my mailbox, right, open the email and let's call this person Oliver right now, Hollywood arts sends me this, right? He takes me this like on mail. Mr Bond as we would like to work with you, would you be interested in having a sponsorship with us? I'm like, yeah, this is pretty sketchy, right? Of course it is a scamming, right? There are too many red flags for it to be from an actual business. Like businesses don't approach you like this. I'm like, you know what? I'm actually like fed up of just putting all of these in my spam folder Anyway, so, you know what, let's just take, you know, like, reply back and see where this goes. I reply back saying yes, I would absolutely love to work with you. Right? And then

the funny thing is, right, I haven't told me what the intention is, what the brand is, what they work for. When you understand me? What's the sponsorship about? Nothing. Nothing. Not even a single thing about himself. Right? That's a big red flag. Then he, you know, thanks to back. You know, saying, very good, very good, very good. We would like to send you a product, our best microphone Mr bannister. Your listeners, your listeners will absolutely love this fantastic audio quality. Uh, and then I'm like, oh, so he wants to send me a so called microphone. And the funny thing again, he hasn't told about his brand. Neither about the microphone is going to be sending. Okay let's see how far you can take this. You know like this line and this coming I think what is he trying to get, you know, scammers that this agenda right? Either to take your money or to do something with you. I'm okay. You know what, tell me more about this microphone of yours. I said you know, tell me more about the microphone. Then he said uh you know like the the one uh microphone I'm sending you is from rule and the microphone was in the U. S. Women E. And he's just panned the copy, pasted the link of that microphone from their website in the middle

and send it to me, Right? So I'm like yeah I'm sorry I didn't mention earlier I worked for. Is that what he said? Okay bro? You literally this is the worst business approach and all right. At least if you're thinking I'm gonna leave it, right? At least make it look like very professional, you know, so that you can fool me into giving me like I can so that you can fool me to take away my money and all that stuff. Right? We at least good at it again. This was the amateur scandal and stuff, Right? So because this is how it's gonna be. I'm like, okay, okay, you don't like it. So I'm like, okay, then, uh, he artist, you know, uh, so after that, he tells me amazingly, he says, so we would like to know your address. We would like to send your, send our microphone to you immediately so that you can keep it for the review and for a lifetime I'm okay. Okay. And then I texted him some random address about the internet. Just some random and respect after giving him the address like e mails me back. No. D. D. D. D. D. And he's telling me our microphone has left the headquarters. It shall be reaching you soon. I mean, okay, the microphone will reach me soon. Okay, great. You know, like I'm like, first of all there's

a random address and he's not sending many microphones. I'm like, I don't know what he's going to do. Then after I just sent him the random address right then I was I was thinking to myself, it took him so long and so unprofessionally to just get my fake address. I don't know what else is he trying to get from you. Like then he asked me, you know, like the next meal after that you texted me, you know, like he said, how much would you like to take for the review? Right, as an appeared review for this product And so, so good product. Right? So, again, I've been thinking this is still professional. So, you know, you're not understanding, right? When he's asking me how much I'm going to take, it's eventually going to leader to me giving him payment information through which he wants to steal me from stuff like take money from you. So I had to make this a bit weird and stuff, Right? I mean like you're the troll. This camera is a big problem. So he apparently has so much taylor, right? Again from previous emails, he has told me that. So what happens is once he asked me this question, right? So how much would you like to take for a page review then? I'm like, okay, you know what, I have to agree with this guy, right? So I write this fake requirements and all this what I do for the product, right? Just or do you think? And then on the top right? Yeah. I've tried

the price of how much and so called take for this so called migrant from that. I'm going to review. I read $2,000, you know like and $2,000 expensive. Okay video high send uh iPhone 12 pro Max is that are just 1099 right? and $2,000 is roughly translated into one like ₹40,000 indian rupees. Okay. So after that I send them to the right and the woman they send their message. You know like he started, you know the next message that I get back from the so called Oliver is he cussing? Right? He's cussing is using vulgar language, abusive language. And the funny thing is the language in which discussing is from India it's discussing in hindi, he's cussing in hindi to me, Oliver so called Oliver from Australia, discussing in hindi right now. Local native language to me. So I'm like, oh, you know like, and I'm like, so he doesn't know that he thinks still that I'm gullible and I don't know this is a scam and I'm just still, I'm like, you know what, I have to end this cap, you know, like I have to troll him back. So I'm like, you know what I text him, you know like I, you know like I don't want to do business with you, I refuse

to review your microphone, you know, do not contact me again and that's exactly what I type, you know, and I send it and then I just stopped and I didn't know I didn't do anything. Then I get a message from back again discussing martina's using the more abusive and vulgar language. And again, I'm so what happened after he sent this? My back is after writing the customers, you know, all that stuff, you know, great things. You know, he said, you know, uh, you know what? You're being so dismissive, disrespectful to me, we won't send your microphone, you know, and all that stuff you said. You know, it's it's so fake. First of all that, and after that, I'm like, after what? After that happened? You know, after him getting hot. I'm like, can I cannot believe that I generally heard this person's feeling like such an amateur scam. But and I can't believe I scanned this guy. The funny thing is I after that I could have protected him back and I made them back. But then I didn't want to feel on his ego, right? Like I'm like, of course I was smarter than him in this case and he got rolling, stop controlling me and all that stuff. So I wanted to end it on a high note. So I did it there now, a quick disclaimer, right? I don't recommend anyone of you watching

to respond to scam emails and all that stuff or end up giving your personal information. Okay. Now the thing is I was smart definitely in this case, I wasn't as gullible and you would think like how how dumb can these people be? But don't they think how dumb these cameras are? Think how dumb some people can be? Like, some people are really gullible, right? If they get a message or a million male, a male in their mail saying you've won the jackpot For $1 million, they'll happily give the investment bank information. Right? There are some people who are very desperate, gullible and dumb, right? So it's not even about these dumps cameras, it's about some dumb people right there. There are some people who always fall for this right there message. You know, all these scam emails in bulk to lots of people all the time. Most people was marked with daily day with some gullible people willingly give the entire address and then come a few one of the people who respond back and try to pull the online scam. But I mean, and of course, uh I would again I would put this in my spam folder, this scam email which I got but I decided to respond back. I texted him back to center. I probably what I just told you and I got this idea from this comedian

called James, which he has multiple ted talks where he's trolling or lights cameras and stuff like you know like he's getting very suspicious and malicious emails from these fake businesses trying to give him diamonds in a high end business bank stuff another and he's rolling them back another right answer James which on Youtube you can see his videos, you'll understand where I'm coming from, right? So I took inspiration from him and I used it on this thrilling scam and it rolls this or landscape and I know that you absolutely enjoy watching this episode and they will love to watch more episodes like this, look like here on this playlist to watch more episodes like this and click here to subscribe to. Never miss out on future episodes on what's the next episode? And that being said that's a lab for this episode.

Trolling Online Scammer
Trolling Online Scammer
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