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My First Time Scuba Diving

by Rylan Banis
March 28th 2021
Today I share my first time scuba diving experience and explain how scuba diving works. I also share what is scuba diving, how scuba diving changed my life, and why scuba diving is awesome so that you... More
Have you ever tried scuba diving? Well I apparently did and it did not go very well. So today I share my crazy first time experience trying scuba diving. And I'll also share why did not go very well. So let's begin once upon a Time in 2013 was trying to get The year right? It is almost seven years back, right when I was 10 years old. We were in concord right now. It is a place of course it's like by the beach side doesn't have a place right? We travel to that place by train right? And as a long train ride of course going by car was like useless because like the amount of fuel would be wasted and planes are too expensive. So the best one would be the train. We traveled to their by train it because a lot of days but we finally reach them after it is their right. All the traveling. The things that we did there was done by a rental car and since it was sent it was beaches all around and all that stuff. The rest of it was done by boats and stuff. I know you're really asking, but

why did you go there are great question. We went for a Christmas vacation back in 2013 along with our cousins of course. So our hotel right at the start and all the stuff that we rented to stay there for that particular week was by the beach side. Like it was literally like our hotel was here, There was a little bit of sand outside. I was like a little bit of back here and then literally beaches outside right, it's right next to us so that I can literally go to the beach with the 10 seconds. That's how close the beach was. Like the show. That's what was so fun because like I love having the beach so close to my proximity to the house that I could just hop onto the beach anytime of water and that's not the best thing to write since it was a coastal area and everything was good and all that right? The fish cuisine, right, acquitted cuisine. It was delicious. Like there was all types of fish is for us to follow over there and fried, boiled and steamed everything like everything was there and like me being 45 of the previous episodes, you know, I would love to wait for and the amount of fish I wouldn't that I was like, I was having orgasm right after I'm eating so much delicious food

. Now let's come to the point that I was talking about school. All right. All right. So when we went there, right, the initial plan was like, we had already planned what he wanted to do that all the places you wanted to visit. So according to the plan we were around, let me read that It was around 18 December right? And the day when you're going to school. But I was on the 20 5th so I'm like Oh damn I want to go to school. But I Saw you know I'm so anxious I really want to school but as soon as possible at asap. But when I heard that we have to wait for 25 December that is Christmas. I was like damn it like so I had no other choice than do it. But while we were waiting right to the 25 times the other days of these vacations we spent visiting other, you know like better good places in the in the concord we visited all forts and museums were clicking tons of pictures that you know like in these sports and museums again. Got my history hasn't checked out by visiting these old places. And I was visited this place called the floating Island right now of this floating island is an island wearing it is a very small piece of land

right around half and half kilometers in square meter. Right? And it was basically floating. Right? It was very little above the water. And it's called the floating island because when it's high tide the inter island sings underwater and then it's low tide. The inter island comes over water like the water things down. And so it's like a temporary place for everybody to come there hang out and stuff and all the stalls and everything to be there. And the special thing about this place was that there were so many watersports clearly. Right. All the things like all your boards and all your water gliding and paragliding. No no no paramedics are water related but all the other water sports are played there with the war you know and volleyball and stuff. So that was a great place. I read tons of fun there but that's not where the fun stops because the thing with the compton was that their beaches was very clean and empty right? Unlike the ones in my vicinity and really close to me that's extremely polluted and stuff right over there. I guess we went on a very great time of the year or something because the beaches are empty beaches empty as a billion people and it was so empty for us. Like it was so

calm and peaceful and on top of it was clean and by clean. I mean there was no you know like the sand was sand television of black, you know like completely polluted and even the water, the water was transparently, you could see through the water. It was so clean. And I miss that experience. You know, having these beaches that actually people don't pollute and actually take care of the environment, right? It gives a good experience. Not only for you but for everybody else who will visit that, who is around you visiting that beach for that moment. I think we should really work on our skills of keeping these beaches clean every passing week after I visited all these monuments and places. I'm like, okay, this is good at all. But I went to school. But let's get to the point that that's the juice and the meat of the story that I just want to school. Whatever I'm getting anxious, I'm gonna express with every passing day, you know, like I'm having two wins, what is like uh one is actually I want to do it, I want to do it and then the other distress and other stuff like like how will I do like I'm getting now is how will the experience because it's my first time. Okay so after finally after all these 18 to 25th

like almost a couple of days of water waiting That there is like 2015 December right? We go to the judge like we celebrate and all this stuff over there and we take a cake, we need food, everything is done right, we celebrate point of a and then we reached the destination where the scuba diving thing was going on right that in there correct the conduct and the location and stuff. So after we arrived there there were two options available distinctly remember right when the scuba diving and the second is snogging. Let me explain the difference. Okay what is cool but in school but having usually you will wear an oxygen tank on your back, your beer goggles on your face which will basically told you know, so that you can't breathe with the nose and the from the time there will be a mask which will go into your face so in your mouth basically. And then you have to bite it really tight and you have to breathe from your mouth basically into the time. So that's how scuba diving works and then you can go in the water. It's not going, on. The other hand is a bit different. It's not feeling is the same to you will very loud will be gloves goggles that will the way your nose and your eyes. So that water doesn't go in there. And then you will have this small thing which

is like a thing going upwards. So it's normally you're basically staying above the water, you're looking below the water because your you know your pipe from your mouth is going above the water so you can breathe from your mouth step. But you know under the water from above the water on the surface of the water you're looking down and you know glancing in the water right? I hope you're understanding the difference is very simple. No of course. Now you may be understanding that the oxygen times and all the complicated gear and all the flip flops. They cost a lot of money. So of course school but having was much more expensive on the menu has converted snuggling. So what happened was uh let me explain to you again the procedure of scuba diving as well. I hope you understand what school what I think is like but it's much more than that as you need to wear a lot of more stuff and more equipment on your on yourself before going to school but right. Which I won't cover because it's unnecessary. But another thing that strikes me was that uh we are very, you know like uh we have oxygen and as we float on water rights, you cannot go inside water and school, but I'm so easily right? So what they made us do is they made us very Bates Bates doesn't

like actual waits longer ways to make us feel like single the water right to make us heavy so that we can sink in the water. And then you explain around and so that we can enjoy rather than you know trying to go down. But you know like we can, you know like float like you know like saying is what I'm saying okay now that you understand the process of scuba diving in the clothing and all the equipment, let's get into The funny thing is the funny thing was my little brother wanted to do school, right? And my father was like, you know what, I think you're too small for this, you're not gonna be able to do scuba diving, right? So my father was like, you know what, let's give them snorkeling, right? They paid for the snorkeling, thanks for this guy, this fee. And then when we go to the place like the boat goes into the deep ocean or like somewhere deep area so that we can actually go inside and it's my brother started to go for small click right here all the time. He's like pissed up. Like my big brother, that is me, I'm going to do scuba diving. My father and mother, elder cousins are getting to do scuba diving and he's like, why am I getting to do starting? I want to do this. But I think as well then he wears out the equipment, that some of the necessary equipment and the

floating thing, you know, like that ring thing around him and then he goes into the water and he wears that thing and he's going and he's not even able to do snorkeling right, what is normal? And I just wear the mask and look at the water on the surface of the water was floating and you see the fishes and the equity things inside. He's like, he's so scared, I was not able to breathe and he was not even able to do snorkeling, right? He's on this office, there's no chance to like sing because he has the floating around it and his legs so scared he's not able to the study and he wanted to do school. But I mean like you can understand like thank God save the money, but that is the funny thing that I want to tell you, the funniest thing and the funniest thing is, my father paid for me for doing scuba and grand and I hope you know by this fine, what scuba diving is? So I get into the question right? It's my name, right? So they make me wear the oxygen heavy oxygen dying on the back of me and then they give me the mask and then I wear the goggles and I were the weights on my stomach, right? So that I can dip the moment I depend my legs into the water it's called. And it's really you know, and then I'm going down, I'm, it's heavy. I can feel the weight on the vera

, on my, on my waste that they have tied and I'm feeling heavy. It's like pulling me down under the water and then I go and like drowning into the water. And the thing is okay, now the instructor is like, okay, now it's time for you to step down into the water, Start breathing from the mouth, you know, like this And then okay, very good. Like step one I've been trying to breathe from it was like, no, no, no, no breath from the mouth because there's no oxygen anyway because it's completely sealed. So I have to breathe from your mouth. Okay. I'll get from the nose. Okay. You know what instructor? Just close your nose and breathe from your mouth and then okay. And then I'm breathing from my mouth. Okay. This is easy. This is this is easy, then I'm okay. I go into the water, go into the water, go into the water and then himself, he's pushing me down and he wants to completely submerge because oxygen is there of course. And then then I go, I have to swim in, you know, an underwater and see all the stuff, right? So that's easy. The moment I reach under water at the moment I completely sink. Like not even a hair, hair, a single strand of hair of me is above water. My heart rate is like, even like the knights Of instinct and I'm like drowning, I'm drowning. It's like my heart rate was super up like 150 beats

per minute. I'm like, I I'm the mp panicking and my heart is like, this is a cowardly thing. You know? Like it's not able to handle it. I'm not coming on the top and I'm like, I can't do this. I'm like, I can't do this. You know what my father like? You can get the money, not go outside, Okay, Okay, Okay, Okay. I'll give you, don't mention the money here and I take it and go inside. And then again, the same thing happens and then I go inside and I'll get the same thing happens. Then everybody realized because they don't have so much equipment that you have to use the equipment for other people. We didn't have so much time to waste. So what they decided was too, you know, make me do snorkeling with the scuba diving here. So we've paid that expensive money for scuba diving and I'm basically using it and I'm on the surface of the water. I'm looking down at the things I like doing snorkeling with scuba diving. I totally fucked up. Like that was the first up and that is what didn't go very well and that is what I wasted a lot of money and they really like, which right, I could make use of the entire money that I made and I actually

had what it took in me to actually go in the water and actually explore everything and all that stuff right now. I know a lot of people would be like, I want to see a 10 year old really actually the school, but I've been here in the water doing scuba diving. Well, don't worry because that photo which you are assuming in your mind is going to be on my instagram tomorrow. So if you want to see that the link to my instagram is in the description of this video. But apart from that being said, I wanted to talk about this as well because then somebody asked me after that vacation Is again like around seven years back at this point. But I what did you thought I whenever people ask me what is your experience scuba diving? So all this is to tell them this right? It is like unbelievable, unbelievable in the sense. Like I used to always have this weird explanation for it as an I used to tell them when you're underwater, you can't breathe right? Like there's a limit to how much you can stay underwater, right? Even holding a breath. But when you're in the scuba diving gear, you can almost, you know, sell past that limit as you make how much water, you know, like oxygen is there in your tank. Uh so it's like you can literally stay underwater

constantly breathe and not have the fear of running out of oxygen and you can be carefully, I just enjoy the beauty of the ocean for what it is like an actual fish. It doesn't need oxygen, right? I mean they take on it from the gills and all that stuff. Like we're not getting into that, but they don't need to come constantly help like us, Right? They can stay inside for long periods of time. They end up like basically officials. So you're getting the point. I explained them that when they're like, what are you talking about? Like I'm like, why don't you understand? You can literally stay underwater for so long and like your regular breathing like that is this experience is just beautiful and phenomenal. You should try. I tell that to them, but they don't understand and see after all this experience, right and all that. Me wasting money and all that stuff. And I did a pretty snorkeling the trip was that pretty much never came back. We spent a few more days on the beach and all that stuff. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip because I tried it and trying is all that matters. I might go back in the future again to give it my full best you know like actually scuba like next time and this time I might look like and I really offered and stuff but with that

being said back I checked off across the school but I think of my list and I even played with snow apparently and that video on that coming soon of course. And the only the one thing that last remains on my checklist to to do list is to those guys are great. It's all these fantasy sports and then dreams people have died. I don't believe that the survived skydiving. I'm pretty positive I just spent on the way down like falling down. I just go faint and then it's the person who is carrying, we will have to do the thing and that wouldn't be a wonderful experience. But you know guys just for you, I try to stay awake while in big sky diving if I have been to do it in the future and I know that you absolutely enjoyed watching this video and you will love to watch more because like this click here on this bill is to watch more episodes like this and click your this up tonight or what's the next episode and with that being said, that's a love for this episode.

My First Time Scuba Diving
My First Time Scuba Diving
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