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Trying to Rap Really Fast

by Rylan Banis
March 21st 2021

In this episode, I share my journey of attempting fast-paced rap like Eminem and Bazanji during 9th grade. My friend and I got hooked on it, creating our verses and choruses. We focused more on rap... More

have you with right rapping like a minimum of Barzanji will hide it and it's super fun. So today I share the story of me trying to wrap like a minimum Barzanji in front of girls and how I impressed tons of people in school. So let's begin once upon a time In 9th grade. Your boy was just watching some casual YouTube and you know, there are some songs that you're watching YouTube in the background. You know all these videos and we are like, I want to do that song, What is that name? Times 2000 and uh, which I hope you know, it identifies that song even Google does that feeling out is just ask Google like which song in my hearing and it will tell you. So I apparently found on the song, right? It was a strap which is like, you know, like it was so good and like it was hitting all the right tones and I'm like, I want to know what is the name of the song, right? Because you don't usually give credit to these songs that we have treaties and all this stuff. So I asked my stuff and then she heard the song and then he identified the song and then it gave me the song what the song that I went to the song and you do because apparently they're Barzanji uh rapper and the name of the song was Fed up. Now

Fed Up is a very popular rap of Barzanji particularly. It is one of his famous wraps. A lot of people use it and a lot of people love it and it rhymes on the point. It is fast. It is really well made you know one of the classics. And so once I heard rap and that one rap particularly office his rap song. I was hooked. Right, right. I was like before that I think I didn't hear a lot of rap songs. I was into rap songs. I was in the idiom but the moment I heard was sped up, I'm like rapper school, let's hop on the bandwagon. Right? So I'm like uh with my friend, I had this school friend in school right? And the moment I heard this trap I told him bro, you know what, you know what? And then I had stolen the entire thing about Arab and this rap and all that stuff. And it's like showing like he also jumped on with me what happened that is after that is since we had a common interest now because I put them in what they want to put them into my interest. We started rapping together. Now what do you what do I mean by this? Right. I mean as we started making our own raps right now, there's only a limit to how much you can like listen to other drugs and

all that stuff. Right? So we started to make our own rubs wraps as when we started, I think the lyrics like that's what rap star apart from the beach. So if you notice there is a very common theme across wraps that is there is a worse worse scores or you know like verse chorus, verse chorus, right? And the chorus is very uh and should be very good at the song. Like it should be fast preferably with Ryan. You know like it should be very good. You know, like many songs even in the medium or across the very vast song industry. The code is you know like a very famous songs that it's very ill like that is what we made for like the drop of the chorus. You know, I think the drop and go to separate. But you get the point. So again, for some of you living in the rock, let me explain to you what happens because there are so many of us who don't know what rap is. Again, I'm talking about the definition. Of course you've heard wraps of course, who hasn't? Iraq is a type of popular music of us, black origin in which words are recited rapidly and rhythmically over instrumental backing. Right, So, I mean it's pretty easy. So I was so after

I just explained you how the songs, I mean voice that is like all these lines as they say and then the chorus comes, you know like they keep repeating all this riding in all that stuff. You know the chorus. So while writing the lyrics and making our own raps, I was the person writing the choruses and he was the person writing the voices. Sources have to be long. It has to be different lines in it. I should be different, Right? Because you're going to repeat the same words after the quarters, right? The quarters remains the same in the entire song that the voices a differently for us for a second worse and all that stuff. He was apparently very good at riding horses. I was good at apparently writing courses right now with choruses. I was like, right, it had to be the same. So I had to try to make a couple of lines arrive lines and you have to Ryan, right. It has to go fast that Ryan mineralized to go, you know, all the right places. And I'm like, no, no, no, no, no. Like I'm perfect, right? And I'm making this beautiful choruses and I'm trying to see them as fast as possible. You have the only, what do you have to keep in mind? Is that the last word should Right. Right. And all the other things in the light the moment you say it, like you can understand it's rhyming, right? Like it. Are you getting

what I'm trying to say? So then you have to match the syllables right? And the syllables are very simple. And cat is one syllable and then your aero plane is three syllables. So that is syllables like the amount of the way he thinks. So I added that. Then we sat on the last bench and we were learning wraps. Right. Uh, it's not studying, right. I'm not sitting on the last bunch of our school and we started to, what we decided was, you know, we went to the Youtube and we wrote the resource, the lyrics of these wraps. And then we wrote this down in a notebook that the last page is a page full of lyrics of these usually wraps. And then we started learning them like well, you know, in these four lines of this rap and you're hunting it, you know, learning and then after we learned like wrapping wrapping it up together in the last budget, like rapping and stuff. So that is what we were doing. So what happened was eventually after doing we, we would, we got into this band running for a long time right after doing this for a month or so. We're focusing more on drug than our studies, right? Studies was completely out of the picture at this point. So why do you are tapping you on the last bench? You're like

, you know, laughing it up, pick it up. You know, reciting a rap from santa and all that stuff. What happened? Apparently there were girls sitting around this right? Since it was because like vinyl, right? And that those are here, you know like who is this? Who are these boys rapping? Like I can hear these boys, they were thinking then they looked behind and they saw us. We were wrapping and then we were shy that we only, we stopped because it's very weird when somebody else is watching it up. Of course we're not. Professional rappers will wrap on stage for millions of people and we're just normal people like a shot. And then what happened was the girls are like, no, no, no, no. You continue, continue. Are you sure about that? Were my friends? Are you sure? Are you sure? And then after a little more hesitation uh, from their side and a little bit of pushing, we decided to laugh and then we go super hard, right? We're just reading those lines off from our minds. Does that super fast? Super fast. Super fast. And the girls are you know like the bob in there, you know like and then they're getting impressed, right? And they're like they're going and telling other girls and stuff. So it was this is how easy to just to impress girls just start rapping. So after

that, what happened was they were like, oh Good. Like this easy wrapped like we're learning is good, you know, like, so we'll move on to the more advanced seven and then we moved on to Eminem's rap cord from a minute. Like that rap now of course his one uh you know like I was inside that his entire app which is very fast and it is like one of those words, uh it is one of the fastest one. So we decided like of course we'll get to that was in the middle of that song. But because it's a six minute or eight minutes to wrap or something that is longer than usual, we decided to start learning it. Of course I gave up in the beginning because I was not able to, I was learning byzantines Arabs by that point. But my friend, other friend who I had, he started learning it and my God had to learn the voices so quickly. You know like that song like half a half off half of his song was already done by that point. So I was jealous. Miley was learning Eminem rap, God, I was here learning facilities wraps right? I learned four of his raps. Like I was literally, he had more of his songs online and I was like, you know like it's getting the right beats and I'm like writing these songs down and I'm learning, I'm learning basanti straps and he's learning the

minimum snap card, right? So we're learning these songs. The thing is some people tell me, right? You know, like wrapping his accelerated speech and I'm like, it is not fully true, right? Because although I get it like, because you're saying things fast as to a regular song, we're singing in a normal pace in rap again, it's rhythmic and as you said, it's accelerated, you know, like it's sinking things fast, right? That's why the rap god and all these famous wraps are known for saying voice for a minute, right? How fast you can say. So I get it. It's a little bit speech and speech is talking, you're talking for us, but it is not talking for us is our rap, right? It is an art, which is that by your the way you say it has to line, it has to have meaning and all that stuff. So it's not very pleasant and more than just being anarchy. Have to be having the ability to end on see it now. What does anyone see it? Let me explain you know what I would pronounce, right? Let me explain. What does anyone see it. And once you just say or pronounce clearly now, we're just wrapping you have to say things very fast right now. Sometimes when I'm energetic on this podcast, I speak really fast of course you can just

press Go to here, click on these $3, go to the playback speed trap from normal and go back to 0.5 weeks and listen to it slow. Right? Of course you can do that. But or sometimes when I speak this fast, so what happens is that I'm speaking very clearly. I don't think that is the problem. The thing is when you're rapping, when you're trying to speak too fast on intention, what happens is that you may not pronounce these words properly and when you're not pronouncing the words properly, just as you like, Barzanji rebelled and dropping so fast or something, but you cannot hear it, it's not possible that cannot hear it. As in the sense that you cannot understand the world. You of course can understand their words because they mastered the enunciation, whatever they're saying, you can hear it because they're mastered the skill of enunciating each and every single word very fast. So no matter they're going fast. Like gibberish sounds are incoming words are coming, proper words, you can hear the entire world properly at a faster rate. So that is an art of enunciating and abroad enunciating insiders. Because when I was rapping right, I was rapping fast, I thought I was rapping good. Like you know what I was thinking, I'm

the best you know like I'm the best rapper, you know, I had this big expectations, but the moment I put this microphone into my laptop and I recorded myself rapping and then hold myself, I was like, whoa! You know, like I was like, ugh, I was so grungy, it doesn't make sense because I was just going fast, fast, fast, you know, like and I think because I didn't have the beats of course which these people have no bad, you know on which they are arriving that up, but I didn't have the beauty. But apart from that, I was just not rhyming, you know, like and then setting the words properly, all words are coming like gibberish blood because they're trying to go fast. I'm not able to pronounce the words properly again. So it is an art. It takes a skill to actually be good at rapping is what I'm writing Now. The thing is after I learned these rugs, what happened was they came to my mind automatically, right? Because what happened was after a lot of this page of wraps, right in the initial initial times when I used to rap without looking, of course, the book, I'm not reading the wrap. It was in my mind and I could remember the voice. Like it's in my mind, you know, like a virtual lyrics in my mind. I can see the lyrics the next time before they come and I'm

rapping. But the more I practiced, the more I practice, you know, and the wrapping right now wrapping. What happened was the lyrics in my mind completely disappeared. As the moment I wrapped everything was coming on my tongue. It was automatically, I was putting out the words, Word of the world. I was not even, I had no idea. I cannot remember the words it had ingrained into me so much that, you know, like abc you don't remember abc doing a wind. It automatically comes all the way to see like the same way the wraps when I beheaded them. They came out to my tongue. That is how good I became. Right. And I guess you can only lead to that level if you're interested in something. I'm not saying I was good at it. I was just saying I memorized it really, you know, like greatly. So what happened was after I memorized all this stuff I used to that, you know, in the last election, like every time, you know for three periods or like the teachers teaching what happened like the problem was I said girls are looking but so did boys because boys also like listen to that song. So they looked at me like bro you already learned that like I just saw this you know because I'm just fed up online

, I looked up the lyrics, I learned the lyrics and I'm just saying it fast in the time that he was saying in this rapidly right? That's all I did. He's like but bro the lyrics are so big, how did he buy all of it? Right? He's taking my book the last space and he's flicking. 44 or five pages are full of long lyrics and he's like how did he learn so much? And I was like it's easy row he's thinking it took me a year to learn but I was just trying to explain them if it's interested in something you want to take a lot of time to learn. It is all I told him and he was baffled and that is how it got impressed fact and he went around telling everybody in the class like how you know I know all the wraps and all my other friends so it was like this is how all I did was I learned, I took up this one song so is this one song I got interested in rap so long and I just started spitting out words at a faster rate you know like attempting to rap like this big rappers and that's a little for girls to make interest for all the attention to come to me for people the authority for learning Iraq you know, which is I don't know how difficult it could be. Again, as I said, if You're interested in something like 100

promise it'll come easier to you. But the unfortunate thing is now come in prison right today, 2020, I've lost interest over that right after school. I think I've literally stopped listening to that I guess I've grown over it and I'm not interested in people that you know like going really hard on it really anymore. And unfortunately I've forgotten the lyrics and I remember I told you I'd memorized it so you know like great that I used to come on my tongue. Well now it doesn't it is not on my time because I generally forgotten all the lyrics. Like I think I have for a few words here and there, but then I completely go blind because I don't know what comes after that, but who knows, maybe I'll get into the future. You know, like here's some more rap songs in the future. You know, you can recommend some of your favorite right down in the comment section below because you know, we're boys, like just starving to hear some fresh it up in the street. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this episode. And if you love to watch more episodes like this, click on this playlist and click on the subscribe or was the next episode. And with that being said, that's a lot for this episode.

Trying to Rap Really Fast
Trying to Rap Really Fast
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