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Should you buy a Pet?

by Rylan Banis
March 14th 2021
Should you buy a Pet? And if Yes, what are the Reasons to get a Pet? I share the answer to that question and tell the benefits of having a pet and why to adopt a pet instead of buy. You'll also unders... More
today, we're all gathered here to answer a very important question. And that is, do we deserve pets? And if you do, should you buy a pet? Well, stick around because by the end of this episode, I will answer your question. But before we begin, if this is the first term here, I share relatable stories every week on this podcast to help you never feel bored again. Make sure you subscribe to. Never miss out on future episodes. And with that being said, let's get into today's episode. Yes. Before I tell you shouldn't buy a better Lord, I think the most obvious thing to do would be to share the fact that I have, right, I would be a hypocrite. You know, tell you that I give you advice on buying a pet if I didn't have a pet myself. Now my pet is one of a really pathetic ones. Right? No offense, But let me explain the bet that I have is a fish fish fish tank. It has several small little fishes already know. Now the thing is I've always wanted a cat or a dog, right? But the problem is my mom don't doesn't allow me to have these big pets. Right? I can get into that

later. But you get the point. The thing with the fishes is that particularly that they're very less interactive packs. You know, they were both my own business right there in the time, moving around from corner to corner till eternity because they are stuck in that small human box time and we are out here in the house in the like doing nothing. And the thing is all you can do is stare at them and they can't even stare at you back. Because if you know fish tanks are made in such, everybody from the inside there, it's like a mirror kind of them for the middle for the fishes and from the outside is transparent. F I you know like you learn something new every day but coming to the point. So it's like, I always think, you know like it's so like, you know like where did you have fun? You know like something I love women to have your dog and a cat to hug and all that stuff and all that. They come up to you and you know, having that affection and closeness. But as your face, you just stopped the glass. You know, this is all you can do is to stare at them. That's all you can do is just moving and that is how I mean fishes or something. Everyone for this feel like how was even like considered aspects I just don't understand. You know

? Well, that brings me to a very funny story now, since it's relatable stories podcast, I have a very relatable story for you again, this is only the related relatable to you on the condition that you have a fish tank, right? Or fishes in that. So this this this one happened right before uh about a year back. I'm gonna, the funny thing is like after we after you bring fish and you realize it's such an interactive pet. The only thing you do is, you know, like take care of the fish in the sense like give it food and do the cleaning of the tank and do the other uh, you know, like miscellaneous functions and the necessities to maintain their right to give them a like, So 90 of the time, but I didn't tell him, I forget like literally that I have a fish tank in the house and the people who have dogs and cats might remember because they can, cause we have that sound of barking and yelling, right? So, you know, But I generally forgot the first time in my house I walked by as if I just don't remember it. So like you forget about this stuff, right? But anyways, I'm like, one day we're like, I'm looking at the fish is, you know, all of a sudden, you know what, let's look at the first thing, right? Because like, who knows, I actually have

, I go to my first thing and it's on the desk, right? It's kept on this table. And you know, and I'm looking at the first time, I'm like, uh under the temperature. Uh we bought, we bought them fishes. Like, and I'm saying is that there are nine fishes. I'm like, wait a second. Where is the attempt to fish, right? You know, like where is this fishing on? Then? I'm like, wait, I'm not able to find it. Like how is this possible? I'm looking back at the filter and all the like different like first off he had put inside there and the tank for props. I'm looking around, you know, like the fish tank from all sides. I'm like, I'm not finding it didn't faze deserve here. Like how, what is going on then? I called my brother. He also gives it a thorough check. You know, like, you know, like they're analyzing where the heck did it is? Okay, right? Didn't become invisible fish tank. It scales are becoming invisible. I'm like, no, this is impossible. Where is it? Then my mother came when my father came there are looking at the first degree. Uh hmm. We're looking at the first thing, we're not finding the fish. Then after all this one, uh, you could say like a week later when we're cleaning the tank, right? And we're just

, you know, like grooming the tank and stuff. We find behind the tank, right behind the tank, we see something like a, like a very hard skeleton of a fish and it is super right? And apparently after a bitter for analysis, what, what do you think happened was the fish jumped out, right, there's this tank and there's this little on top of it right there, this whole for air and all the wives to go out. Another son, apparently the fish jumped out of the back hole of the tank and it fell down that it is available via zoom. And then because nobody saw it, it right? Because you know, fish out of what they don't live apparently. And they just stated that it dried the amount of dust, you know, like dust and it literally got dry, like the entire skin was evaporate. Like literally the only bone was left with that fish and it was like horrible that site and we took it and like we gave it a nice R. I. P. You know, like a funeral do it and you know, it is different. I don't understand why fishes have been literally hop off of the first time when you're literally giving you food and I usually like putting props in the first time for you to play. How jealous are there? You know, like how greedy can they be? Okay, let's discuss

about traveling right now. We have to get a bit serious because after all you want to know whether you should buy a pack. So let's talk about traffic. See, see when it came to fish for us traveling was a hassle. Unlike dogs and cats. If you can't take them, you can't take fishes. And I'm like, no, I just take the, you know, like the goldfish in the back of plastic bag. Like, no, that's not possible. So it had to stay at home. And the only alternative we had was to make someone feel the full fish on a regular or whatever the frequency was while we were having, thankfully we had a neighbor who was very kind enough to do that. So we never had a problem in traveling. Right? The fishes are always taken care of. But that being said, if you're assuming, assume the far majority. If you're watching, I'm thinking about taking a fish or some other, like, you know, like all these specs, I think you're, if you're watching this, you're looking for a cat or a dog and I don't know these type of pets. I want to see the far majority. That is. So the thing that cats and dogs is someplace on hotels don't allow your cats and dogs, Right? So that can be a problem. So the traffic is a very important factory considering about

buying a pet, right. How much do you travel where you travel and wherever you do travel is their accommodation for pets? Right, assuming if you travel a lot and all that stuff and assume you cannot take your pets? Right? So is there someone at home who will take care of your pet or somewhere you can leave the ball? You know, like your pet at like your related to your friend's place or somewhere where your pet can be taken care of. If not, then it's how are you going to take care of this better you can abandon the better leave it and it will start another. So you don't do bad things to these beautiful creatures. Okay, let's talk about this instagram world, right? Because I feel like I generally, whenever I look on instagram my explore page, the only thing I see is like very small kittens and dogs and puppies and all these cured videos are online, Right? And that's all you need to trust me. That's all you need for your heart to make because of this beautiful puppies and kittens and then you're like, I want to, I want to, I want to this out of that like, no, no, no, nothing. You don't want to think one thing I heard of that at the moment, you see, okay, I can like click like moving a clause and seeing me how we don't have all that stuff. You know, like I'm that you like, it's like love

at first sight, that kind of stuff. That's how pets get cannot take it. See the thing is that's the instagram was right. That is like expectations. Let me bring you to reality, right? Let me bring you to reality. Are you going to be able to feed it enough? And on time? Will you be able to take it on daily box? Will you be will you be cleaning up the expressions of these packs? Will you be okay with their non stop barking and meowing? I believe you will be okay if they bite and destroyed all the furniture and house? Or will you be okay if there's hair all around the house and on you at all times? See people who have pets might hate me for this. But see whenever you have making a decision, you have to always look at the decision from two sides and when you're looking at instagram, you know, like puppies and kittens, all you're doing is double tapping them, right? Nobody is putting on the images of their owners, wiping their butts or cleaning the expressions and all the negative aspects of the pack. So my intent with this episode is not the only share the good side effects, but also the I'm not saying this is a bad side, but I would say these are the responsibilities of pecs. If you cannot take the undertake the responsibility, I do not feel one

100 that you should not take effect because it's an actual creature, living creature, right? It needs to be taken care of it can take care of itself. It's not going to clean itself, is not going to feed itself. We have adopted it or you bought it. So you need to take care of its alert. You ever treated like your own child. But listen to me and I'll help you trying to make you may help you make, what am I saying? What am I saying? Okay let's talk about responsibilities. See with having a pet comes a lot of responsibilities. Are you willing to accept and do every single thing I just mentioned in the reality section like the responsibility section. Are you able to fully take care of yourself for spreading or are you the kind of person is totally lazy, doesn't have a bathroom, doesn't have disappoint, doesn't have a lot of bad habits. You know. Are you a low point in life? Are you not able to take care of your own self? Is a grooming not on point and then you're willing you know that you just saw the scout and all that stuff and you want to buy a cat right. First of all I think you should get your life in check and you should be fully responsible of your actions and your own self, your well being. Then you can actually undertake the responsibility of making another creatures like better

c uh c please understand this pet is an addition made your life to make your life and that of the better think of it as a relationship. You get into one without understanding the responsibilities and what happens then. Yes it eventually leads to a breakup and it hurts the other person's feelings. It's the same in this case for pets. Like we don't want to treat the pet inferior early because you didn't understand the responsibilities and hurting their feelings. Like I don't get a good don't like it's like you know you have seen cats and dogs like like the very you know innocent face. So you understand that we don't avoid these beautiful creatures at all. Now the million dollar question should you buy a pet? And my answer to that is 100 absolutely yes. And why you may ask, I mean there is no negative side of the bed. Only the negative side is basically I would call the responsibilities assuming you aren't responsible enough as let's Assume You're 100 Percent are ready to undertake all the responsibilities of these pets. Then I would say 100 go for it. But if

you're not able to even one of these tasks then I would highly recommend you to not take a pet because I generally can't stand people treating tracks infinitely or like not taking care of them unless you're fully like ready to take care of them and treat them treat it as your own like literally one child. I don't think you should take it. And second, if you can really considering buying, I highly recommend you should choose adopted instead because adopting instead these abandoned pets and these uh, banks have left alone. We like what they need here love much more than all these, all these fancy pants. And you know, these shops are paying for a pre member of all these breeds is what I'm saying. Let's talk about, will I buy a pet right now? It's like, as I said in the beginning, I have fish tank and it's like just very non interactive, right? And I always wanted cancer dog. So the question here is, will I buy a pet, a cat or a dog? Now I want to write I want to buy a pet. But not now, Firstly, Mormont Dialogue. & 2ndly, since I uh since uh second

, I can only be able to buy once I move on because my mom won't let me in second. I feel like I'll be my Children up by then. I still don't feel I'm responsible enough to take care of myself fully, let alone of a natural pet. But I personally want to get nothing but the best to a pet if I ever have one and I couldn't I couldn't stand anybody. I myself reading it inferior. Right? But that being said, I am really excited because like I hope you've got to answer your decision question. In short, the entire somebody of this episode will be only to be aware of the responsibilities that you will have to undertake by buying a pet or that particular. But you know what comes with that and just make yourself getting into buying it without being event might take you a bad outcome. But for you and the because who knows like that breed of that species is like very aggressive, very calm, very this very that and you know you didn't know about that. So one thing is make sure you do your research before making any big decisions. Um, and with that being said, I want to ask you is uh you know like you are relatable stories called watching. So what do you think? Right should I buy a cat or should I buy a dog? Right. Let me

go in the conversation down below. You know, I don't know what the relatable stories cord wants me to have. I think there's a long time before actually buy a pet. So I guess there will be tons of comments and then I I can't each and every single one you know like like votes and let's see which one is high and then we got the decision. Okay. And I know you absolutely enjoyed this episode and you would love to watch more episodes like this. So click here on this playlist towards more episodes like this and click here to subscribe iron or you know, like what's the next episode? And with that being said, that's all I have for this episode.

Should you buy a Pet?
Should you buy a Pet?
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