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The TRUTH behind 30 Day Challenges

by Rylan Banis
February 28th 2021
The TRUTH behind 30 Day Challenges is what I share in this episode. So if you decide to try something new for 30 days and attempt a 30 day challenge you will know whether 30 day challenges are actuall... More
We've all heard these 30 day challenges such as having cold showers, meditation or doing 100 push ups For 30 days, and for the vast majority of us, we have been tried these challenges including me. But what I want to ask you today's, have you ever stuck to it? And if not then what is this challenge all about? Is it really as beneficial as they say in these 30 day challenges or a system scan made up by online period creators to make money off of? We'll stick around because I'm going to be debunking this and we will find the truth. But before you begin, if this is your first time here, I share relatable stories every week on this podcast to help you never feel bored again, make sure you subscribe to. Never miss out on future episodes. And with that being said, let's get into today's episode. So before we begin again, I know as always, there is going to be some person or the other who has been living under a rock. So let's have to debrief you let me explain what 30 day challenges are. A 30 day challenges is in the name itself. You do an activity for 30 days. You take up a

habit and activity, Hobby or talent or anything, right? I didn't do it for 30 days. It can be, as I said, doing push ups, you know, like they push up school showers, meditation, right? It can be any activity. You take an activity and you practice it for 30 days. Like that's the entire point now. Now that you've done with the meaning, let's talk about how long does it Take to actually build the habit? Right, because 30 days and this can be take undertaking for a variety of reasons. One you want to try that activity To, you want to build a habit or three like you want to make new trying new things that 30 days is like uh enough period to find out what they actually like it or you don't like it right? You're not dedicating a life or unrealistic expectations from that activity. So that being said, no, let's coordinate that with How long it takes to build habits. So again, I feel like in the entire cell phone space this 21 days, even as the habit has been very like it has been bestowed, everybody follows it. I've read some papers and all this stuff and it turns out it is not as accurate as it once was

. NEW Research has come out which says it takes approximately 66 days to actually you know like what did you get used to an activity or actually make it like your habit like habit, you know as a habit, right? You that you do it very regularly all very frequently and all that stuff Thing is and and even if you take this 66 as this number of we take this 21 days as the number, the more important fact that you're forgetting is not all habits are equal, right? Because different habits require different amounts of discipline and willpower to do think of something like reading a book on meditation, right? These things can be done idea of your own home. If you have the books or like for meditation, you can just sit in that wherever you are and begin meditating, right? But it's going to the gym now, you have to go to the gym right first. Let's even forget the amount of effort it takes in the gym to move those weights. But the main factor that is going to stop you is the fact is that or is it itself you're going to the gym? So that takes more discipline, right? So that's where we're building, you know, like working out as a habit is more difficult, whereas just

reading books or like start military of course, But even meditation is also in the simpler sense, physical senses like you could just sit and you like focus on your breath, breath work stuff. But on the inside it is very difficult because our minds are very anxious, stressful and all that stuff. So what I'm trying to Get here, get to here is don't get lost into these numbers, right? 21 days to build a habit, 66 days to build a bit. Think of this as this, the number of days it will take you is going to be different than other people because sometimes this person was working out so it won't take a minute for this person to take a difficulty in actually developing their habit for him, It will come very easy assume you're you're working out because of a health condition that you want to lose. Where do you want to, you know, like gain muscle, whichever the uh KSB, you don't like working out, but you're walking out for this goal. So it will be difficult for you because you don't want to do it. Does that make sense? Because you don't enjoy it? I hope you're getting where I'm coming from. Let's get that aside and let's move on to my experience with 30 day challenges. So I'm going to list the

30 day challenges have attempted and my experience with it. So just to give you guys, uh, you know, like what I've been doing around here fastest cold showers like I used, I am a sucker for hot showers that I want burning hot water on my skin. Like if my skin doesn't burn, the water isn't hot enough right than me. You know, like I just want the hottest water. But recently I've come to northern, it's not good for your hair, Your skin, it dries it out, the moisture is gone and it like bones as came back. It was definitely showing right. So I decided to like, you know what, I'm going to shift to coil showers and basically a complete cold water cold water bath. And it's been almost six months. Then I started it for 30 days. It's all it has already been done. It's almost half a year at this point. And I'm having cold showers. It's, I think it's great that around now, but I don't mind because I'm generally enjoying this. So this uh, this activity so much that I don't even ask me right when she was generally so good, as I said, because they don't burn up your skin, didn't drive your skin and they're so good for your health care. What

is the next activity that I did? Let me tell you. The next was 100 push ups. 100 push ups Is simple, right? I did 100 push ups for 30 days, which is equal to 3000 push ups. And I would love to elaborate more on how I did it violated it and all that stuff. And, you know, the other miscellaneous Information. But you're lucky because I've made an entire episode dedicated to this and this experience I had, you know, like doing 3000 push ups. You'll find this at the bottom of the catalog. I think this is the first episode that I uploaded on this channel. So go check that out. Let's talk about 30 days. No caffeine. No caffeine mainly comes from your coffee and your energy drinks. Of course, I don't drink energy drinks. So my main source of caffeine was coffee. Although I love him. I did stop drinking it for a while, right along. The previous, yesterday, yesterday, the last year I was, I was not drinking coffee. I thought almost like for months at most because for some reason I felt like I don't want to all the love again if you want previous episode, you know how much I love coffee, but I

just did not drink coffee. And again, it wasn't difficult for me to leave. Like some habits are easy to leave celebrates a little bit. Again, depends on you and the activity itself. So yeah, I mean, no caffeine was again easy for me. Let's talk about another habit habit. I'm saying 30 days child. 30 days journaling. I tried journaling for 30 days. What do you do in journaling? Right? You write whatever has happened to you, what you're thinking and all of the things in your journal. Uh, put your day to day basis. You can be regular, it can be weekly, it can be monthly, can be yearly, right? Whichever I chose to do it Daily for 30 days And I wrote for 30 days and more. But eventually I got bored of it. I realized like this is not something I want to do. And again, in the beginning of a habit, you're very excited. The willpower is at an all time high. Your motivation is at an all time high. But then throughout the journey, the more I practice the habit. Let's meet this line goes down and then you don't feel like you want to do it. But so that is what happened And I will tell you the pros and cons of 30 day challenges and tell you whether you should try this or not, whether it is actually what doing this 30 day challenges or whether you should do something

completely different and just forget about the strength. Let's talk about 30 days of putting social media right? Uh last year I was last, last year, like around 2018 I was completely fed up with social media. I wasted way too much time progressed. It did a lot was addicted to it. I stress and anxiety. I had a lot of comparing and all that stuff. So it was basically I was at a low point in life, a negative point in life and I just hated that most united surroundings, this horrible, I decided I just want to talk to you know like remove social media from my life, tabulated all the social media for my phone for a year. I literally didn't touch any social media right? I don't think WhatsApp is considered as a social media even if it does I use it for texting right now. How can that get more social media and text social Right anyway, so I did not use social media for a year and I think I haven't made an episode on it, I still see it this season two episode I have spoken more about I think instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms right? And when I quit social media I quit instagram as well. So I I will explain in that episode my entire experience of not using instagram

for a year you know as they call an instagram detox and I want to talk about another habit, you know, people are in the working out and eating healthy or and all that stuff they have this habit of uh and it's a good habit is to track your macros, macros macronutrients. I either for dating, I got how much of it, whatever it is and how it kind of stuff. So you basically write that on basically to keep track right if you're putting without cutting weight and all that stuff. So how much like proportions, eating whenever eating blindly, thank you a bit more or less. We are completely resumption as competitively right? Actually, proportions of what we're eating that helps to all their diet and cater your nutrition in your way for your particular health goal or your fitness correct. And you want to uh you know, like build more muscle or game of it if you want to uh you know, like lose weight, eat less so accordingly and what do it and how to it, it's all attracted. So the book, the kind of stuff. And I'm on my second book, I've been it's uh this habit is very, it's kind of tedious, but I just held onto it came very easily to me. I started this around

last year and a day for 30 days. And I again, I know how to build episode uh the habit of mail on how to build habits. The episode I made on how to build habits. I've explained about more about this habit, basically in short, I did this for 30 days and I shared my secret of however habits as well in that office. But anyways, I went this habit for that. It is and I was generally loving this, right? It was not taking much effort. I thought to write down, and I have been literally been writing every single food item that has been going into my mouth since the last year and I'm continuing to write this and my book is just filled with it. It's kind of journaling because they're writing daily, intuit what everything again, It's tracking of your fool. But you get the point. Now let's talk about the pros of 30 day challenges. Right? Well one is you can understand what they like the activity or not. I you try to, you know, like meditation meditation and everybody wants to do meditation. You can try meditation of course. Now having unrealistic expectations to develop a habit and do it regularly for yours and become a monk is highly

unlikely. So they give 30 days, right. You go with an open mind Like I'm going to do this for 30 days and see whether we like it or not because you have this goal 30 days, you will give 80 or 100 for 30 days and After 30 days you you are the person who will decide whether you want to continue this habit or you want to stop and realize it is not for you. So that is what I like for 30 days and it can help you decide whether this habit is for you or not without, you know like spending unbelievable chunks of time. Those can experience minor benefits of the activity. I if you're uh if you are trying to produce an activity right? Like like meditation, cool showers, uh push ups and walk out eating healthy whatever you do this for 30 days, you will get the benefits that once meditation and working out definitely the benefits and negligible. But like how much can you actually like, like meditation takes years to master and even your games like muscle beginning, muscle takes almost months. So the the benefits of the incremental increase that will see is negligible. But for the other stuff

like reading and Your discipline and you're cool showers, like you can see the benefits and 30 days how so your skin has become smoother, how your mind has become sharper after reading books and all that stuff. Right? And then last stop, last throw of 30 day challenges is uh it helps build discipline Discipline in the sense that you because if you decide to stick to something for 30 days you have had the discipline to stick to one activity and give it your 100 for 30 days without bias and do this activity just to complete this challenge. But it is a challenge at the end of the day and you require discipline to complete the challenge, Let's talk about the Cause of 30 Day Challenge. The corn would be one One of the biggest corns of 30 days and it is not enough time to build a habit. As I said, 21 days is not enough and the average is about 60 six days and as I said, different habits that were different time limits. So if you're thinking like I will do A particular challenge for 30 days and other activity and I will build that habit, it's very highly unlikely that you would have to run for very long periods of time that

it is not enough. And let's assume like you're able to do, You're able to continue that habit indefinitely after that. You're still doing it till later after the 30 day challenge. It's probably because you love the habit. You love the habit too. It's very, you become very easy for you or three. It's a placebo effect, placebo effect meeting, you've trained your mind and believe that it takes 21 days to build a habit. So you have your body, you trick your body into believing that it takes 21 days and your body is now gotten used to it, like it's a placebo effect. You know what uh the second corner I would say would be the benefits are negligible, as I said in the pros. So basically, if you're taking men, two examples is working out and meditation. The Benefits even receiving the 30 day period is very negligible. You'll have to practice these activities for long periods of time to actually see some significant benefits. That is one corner, 30 day challenges, you know, like making a 60 or 90 day challenge. If you know what I'm trying to say, like two months or three months now, let's come to the bank of a point that you have clicked on this episode for should you try it? I 30 day challenges

and if I had to tell you, I mean the pros, you know like they already the cons, right? The corns aren't as heavy as the pros, I mean you don't have much to lose. Even if you try these challenges, what our privacy, there's a lot of something is better than nothing, right? And when You are attempting something with your 100%,, you're actually experiencing something new at the end of the day. So I would 100 recommend you to try 30 day challenges in order to build your favorite activity as your permanent habit. Because I mean it is actually good. I was uh I think you guys are very, they're thinking like made you doubt yourself. Is it? 30 day challenge is not good enough? It is actually, it is a good method, right? Because after all being well building habits, building habits is a tough procedure for some of us who are very low amounts of willpower, whether we want to build a habit, like how do we begin, where do we begin by, Do we begin and we basically get stuck in analysis, paralysis. And even if you do, we start doing a daily, daily, daily, there is no end point, there is no progress checking, right? You will do it indefinitely, will probably go down, but having a deadline, having

a short time period like 30 days, it's enough for your body to understand that there is a very small time that I can do it right, 30 days, it's a month, right? It's four weeks, I can easily do it. And so that is why I feel like 30 day challenge is actually very beneficial, right? So sort some 30 day challenges up or you can follow the ones that I did and I know you enjoyed this episode and I know that you would love to watch more episodes like this. So click here to watch more episodes like this and click here to subscribe or you know like what's the next episode? And with that being said, that's a lot.

The TRUTH behind 30 Day Challenges
The TRUTH behind 30 Day Challenges
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