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#526 REVING The Word: "Do The Work" PART 2 (Psalm 128:2) Intervals

by Alisa Keeton
December 7th 2020

Enjoy this REVING The Word podcast/workout with Alisa Keeton, the founder of Revelation Wellness®.  Push Play the next time you go for a walk, run, hike, bike or anytime you are moving y... More

Okay, Special alert. As of today as you hear my voice, you have eight weeks to get into our next class of revelation. Wellness instructor training. Let me ask you this question. Have these podcasts been changing you? Do you notice something happens when you move your body and hear God's truth? Are you becoming more connected to yourself more available for breath and peace? And Thea Bility to think about what you're thinking about? Well, that is all happening because of the neuroma genesis that you are getting here. We know that when bodies move, minds renew. And guess what? The world is filled with a lot of bodies. I cannot get toe all of them. And even if I could, I would much rather be face

to face and name to name. And you know, people who know people. You have a sphere of influence. And I don't care if it's just one person. And first of all, start with yourself. You wanna be more free, you wanna be more whole. You wanna teach what you know and get on into Revelation. Wallace, instructor training. This is not about you becoming a rock star fitness instructor. That is so lame. That's so 19 eighties. Come on. We've come farther than that. We know that all movement matters that worship is wellness. And that community is greater than comparison. That's what we're going to do in Revelation. Wallace, Instructor Training Platoon 26 is now enrolling. So good news. All online. You do not have to get on a plane, a train or an automobile to come to us. We are going to come to you and our first pass it. This was our last class. And you guys, I can't wait to do it again. I almost feel like we should do this more

often. Way should do this more often now that we can come to you. But so I don't wear out my wonderful team way. We're doing it again, and it starts on February 2nd. Our first class will start on Tuesday, February 2nd. Virtual retreat will be April 8 through 11. Theo cost you guys right now. It is a 50% off of our usual pricing. You will save $1000 off of what we would not. You would normally pay to become a revelation. Wallace Instructor. The cost is 13. 95. And if you pay with an early bird deadline, so if you pay by January 19th, you're actually getting an extra $200 off, taking it down to 11 95 which is 50% of our usual pricing. It is way worth it. We got so many great testimonies of people that because they did it at home, they were able to encounter the Lord in a very personal

, beautiful way. Um, not to mention their kids got to be a part of it. Their husbands and their wives were listening in which I'm all like, That's just amazing, because in the end, we are raising up family. We want to be the body of Christ side by side airs and co heirs with Christ. So let's do this. Sign up now swept up on the show notes, Find out more information. Need to download a packet if you've downloaded one before downloaded again because the information changes things you need to know. Um, in all the specifics, be sure to attend a a zoom call with one of our enrollment advisors. That's been fun. A few other people be on there asking questions. Who knows you might find someone in your in your neck of the woods right there with you going through training so I can't wait. We're counting down eight weeks. Don't wait. Get the early bird pricing. Get in here. And not to mention if you sign up early. Bird, you get in four

weeks before I will be doing some personal coaching with you guys back in your Facebook page for Platoon 26. For those who are here four weeks out, I'm gonna do some pre train game with you. OK, guys, Thanks for hanging out. Here we go. Revving the word today. Talk to you guys soon. Peace. Getting the playlist going in. Three, 21 play. Alright. Deep breath. Inhale. Exhale. Do a few of those in your nose in through your nose, out through your mouth. Exhale while I'm super excited to be with you today because you guys, um kind of little e think a holy fire underneath myself for sure, and underneath some of you And I told you last week I think we were gonna continue on

this conversation from God's word about Do the work. Do the work. If you missed last week, go on back to the last, reading the word because this message is here to bring good news, not toe. Add extra weight of striving or performing or doing. But as we learned last week, that word work out from Philippians. When we work out our salvation, it means bring about a result. Have evidence that you have been transformed by the love of God, right? Go from death toe life Old to new. There's a work. There's a transformation

work that's been done. And then once it's done in us, natural next step is to want to do it for others. So we're gonna keep pressing into it today, getting excited here. Me. I am not here to throw on a heavy yoke. I've done that. I am so anti the hat. But yet we're so prone to polarize, right? We go well, Lisa says not to strive. Uh, and then we just call it Grace. No, repeat after me, everyone. Grace is not opposed toe effort, but earning? That's a Dallas Willard quote. Races not opposed toe effort, but earning. That's the work to do in us now. Whatever we feel like, we're tryingto earn

either man's approval or gods. We are playing a fruitless game. We've lost. It's gonna go nowhere. And that's not you. All right, so today scale of 1 to 10 get your heart rate up right now are get your intensity level up to about a seven. We're gonna do a little bit of a surge in this song. Wake up our soul If it's downcast, it's gonna get up. So, Lord, thank you for today. Thank you. That you are calling us to yourself and where you are there is freedom. The freedom to do what we ought not what we think we want. So come on in. God, everyone say come on and got opening my heart and

my breath and my mind to you God, Come on in. In Jesus name. Amen. Give me a favor. Accelerate. Go! Yes. Yes, I can Yes. Fire. And I just can't put it out. Good. Go ahead, pull it back. Pull it back. Nice. Alright, Scripture. Today someone 28 to you shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands. You shall be blessed and it shall be well with you. Accelerate! Have fun! Go a

white pull back now. Do you hear what it's saying. I'm gonna read it again. Thinking pictures. Yes, I can. You shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands. You shall be blessed. And it shall be well with you. Yeah. Uh huh. We flourish. We are sustained. We are fed by the fruit of our work. Yes, It's like we are in the ecosystem. Do you see it? You don't just get to sit back and have What is it? Palm branches cooling you off as the Holy Spirit feeds you and you do nothing. No, there is. Ah, work

. Now I'm gonna go deeper today because I have a concern. You're gonna just pull back scale of 1 to 10 B A seven, six or five. Whatever you want. Okay, so the sun hear me if you're having ah, hard time bringing about results. The end. You're doing the work. But you're not. You're not seeing results. You're feeling like maybe I got it wrong. Listen to me. Oh, your adversary. Your enemy is not attacking the work because you're doing the work. He is attacking who you are. Ha ha. He's attacking who you are. If you're not

doing the work sure you're just You're not being attacked Your sleeping right? Because the minute you start to rise to do the work war on So everyone We're all awake here. None of us are slumbering. If you were, you would not be here. You would not be intentionally bringing discomfort upon you. This is healthy stress. There is a healthy work for you to dio This type of stress brings about fruit. Your body benefits from this work. Too much work? No mhm. This is why I cannot be your holy spirit. You need a living

god living inside of you. You accelerate both towards an eight. Come on first. And here's I'm here to tell you everybody. You have a work. A fruitful multiply. Speak life. Yeah. Love is patient. Sometimes the work it's to be patient. Pull back. And this is why we give you the revving. The beast still in Beloved. Remember, if you're having a hard time bringing about results and you're doing the work, get back into the stronghold. Be still and no, you are loved because you just need patience. You just need patience and God uses that time toe work out of

us Theme things that we want from God the unrighteous nous of our motives. Patience. I understand. Accelerate. Come on, Have fun. Sure, sure. You first you are. You are fish. Come on, Come on, pull back. Yeah. Alright. So here's what I want you to know. This is why you guys are so set apart This whole song. Do whatever feels good work. Notice that you're not. You're not on the brake pedal, but you're not shoving the gas pedal to the ground. Yes

. Is keeping in step with the spirit? Do the work. There is fruit for you to eat, Blessings for you to receive That will only come through your own hand. Come on your own hand Seek God's face on your hands will get toe work. It's like looking at him. It's like you're an artist but you can't help but hurry up. Find a pen and a pencil and start sketching. When you see him, your hands get to work They throw themselves up in the air on they worship and they quickly grab a pen and a piece of paper and start writing down what you have seen and what you have heard. God Come. Let

us see your face and our hands will produce fruit I wanna play Okay. Right now the Holy Spirit inside of you is cleaning house way Got work to dio We got calls to make way Have words to say way have visions to bring the pass And the enemy knows that if you knew this free gift of God's grace that is not opposed toe effort but earning because you are his child. God's workmanship, Theo Enemy knows if you believe in this grace that you just might get to get to work. I

just heard the Lord say that he wants you to use your mouth as you're moving your body. Start confessing all excuses. Say God forgive me for Say it. God forgive me. Four. Use your mouth. Go Now that I have See, I am responsible anyway. Better have held you. I'm sorry. Oh, wait. Last right there. Weight loss. Now here's I want you to know this is really cool to me. Oh

, there's something called Edgar's Edgar Dale's cone of experience. It's basically kind of dissect how people learn how they learn, and some of you have heard this, but here's what I want you to know you are in a whole new category because you are here right now doing something with God's word here in a whole new level. And you are the ones to bring about the fruit. That will be the blessings in your land and bring provisions. You're the one. Everyone, 30 seconds. Accelerate. Just 30 seconds. Go! Come on. Yeah! Yeah. Five

, four, three to pull back. 30 seconds. I like a good 30. 30. Listen, you wanna walk? You wanna stand still? Take your breath. I don't care. You define what work is going to be for 30 seconds. For some of you, you might move to an eight others. 7.5 others. You want a 10? You go do the worker. Three to 30 seconds. Go. Come on, head up. Strong feet engaged. Core your entire being right here. Right now. Hey, seven, six, five, four

, three to 30 seconds off. You're learning right now. You our modeling you are simulating. You are experiencing a lesson doing the work. You could be at home. You could have passed on this, But the spirit of God is not content to flip on the surface. He's gotta work to do in. You ready? Go. 30 seconds. Go. Yeah. In a vision for the work. Get a vision. What does it look like for you? Do it. Keep going. Keep going. 5432

Good job. Oh, pull back and have some fun. Uh huh. Uh huh. You know? Come on. That's right. Doing it. It's a whole another level. I'm just hearing it. Gone are the days way. Don't just read the word or hear the word. Okay, so here we go. Well, this is how important I need you to get this, because this matters. This is why I show up. Okay, Edgar, jails come to experience. You can look it up. There's all kinds of of these out there. The learning pyramid. Basically. How does learning take place? Ready? Here we go. You learn or remember

10% of what you read, 10% of what you leave. So if you're someone who just snuggles down with your bible and you have no pastor preaching over you, you have no community. You're tryingto keep it personal. Private separation of church and people. Good luck, by the way. Uh, listen, the Lord can do a lot with 10%. But, I mean, why do you wanna leave anything on the table? Next thing people remember and have probable outcomes to 20% off what they hear. Black. Hi. Here we are. Right now. You're hearing things from me. Yeah. So that's good. This is why reading your bible and

going to church and hearing the big sermon. Fantastic. Okay, now we're getting somewhere. Now we're at 20% to people generally remember 30% off what they see. This means viewing images watching videos. Hello, Red. Well, TV. What? You images to be asked you, toe, you want to see you? I want you to see I see you. This is why when I read Scripture, I ask you to think in pictures because there's more likelihood for it to stick. If I was on the stage when I teach, I'm always asking the word. I'm a visual girl. I have a heart background here. Got it. Make your artistry, Steny. So

great. 30%. Okay, that's getting pretty good there watching videos. This is why. Hey, guys. Shameless club end to be here giving e gotta go. $50,000 way Need to hire from video production. We need someone living here in Phoenix, Arizona. We have a studio that's ready to infiltrate the airwaves. E gotta pay that salary because images. That's what got us in this trouble, you know? Look at the Bible. People would get distracted by the worship of false gods, the high places, the altars, the they what he called statues. Oh, you can't have a baby here

by this God of fertility images. We want to see the unseen. That's 30%. All right, now you're ready. Now we get into a whole another category, Alright? Yeah. Peace People generally remember 50% off what they see, And here this means you've got to go somewhere. This is why, If you've ever been to our rev on the road are live events. Lord, bring the events back. You gotta be somewhere alive and watch a demonstration. See it? And here it at the same time. Okay, that's good again

. This this could be great. Teaching great leadership in a church. They're not just going to stand up there, read the word, they're gonna unpack it, give you Cem imagery, some visuals, something to think and see. Because 50% of the people will be affected by that. Watching a demonstration. This'd is well where we start to get towards application. Ready? Here we go. Next level, everyone. E don't care. Do whatever you want with this song. I gotta get you to see this Thistle is why you are set to do the work. Praise his name. People genuine generally remember and are able toe act on 70% of what

they say and right. Oh, now we're in my ballpark. You have to participate. Participate thing is why I believe in writing things down. You can't just say I'm gonna do the work. Thank you. Thank you. You got to get to the 70% place where you're riding it down and you are saying it out loud. This is where community matters way. Need your community. You are invited to four. Now, listen, I prefer face to face, and we'll get back there. Don't find a revelation, Wallace instructor, but we know it's hard in this time. So this is where we're gonna take the airwaves over Facebook page our community Facebook pages. Write it down. What's the

work? And don't don't do it for public accolades. It's got to be personal to you. Write it and say it. Let it be known. Let it be found by someone else that if someone found this journal of what I am dreaming of able, call me Cu cu pants. Write it down. Have fun. Come on. Right RC, 70% You wanna be 70% likely to do the work. Participate in it. Look at what you're doing right now. Come

on. Why I ask you use your mouth. Say it and I love it. You guys, when you write things down that you hear in these podcasts and then you share them social media Everyone stand back. That person is about to catch on fire! They are flammable. The eyes of the Lord roam throughout the earth looking for someone like that to catch on Fire to be a burning bush They will burn and they will not burn out darkness. Participate in hands on workshops doing a rubbing the word. Come on, don't friend Where

that's all it's gonna okay. Guess what? We're not done. There's more. Uh huh. I love it. The Holy Spirit is like a mattress salesman. There's more. I'm getting crazy. There's more. People generally remember on are able to produce an outcome 90% of the time. When they do it, 90% of what they do, what they simulate, what they model, what they experience as a lesson. Hello. Hello. Reading the word experience

. Your God. Come on. You shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands. You shall be blessed and it shall be well with you. Jesus sifted high. Jesus is lifted high. Jesus is lifted high 90% of what they do. Do you? Now see what I mean? When I say the war is against the work? I'm positive, I think Satan theme Enemy of all

that is good. The prideful one. I don't know if he's all that concerned about those who read something or those who hear something For those who see something or those who hear and see something or those who say and write something down Stone it's those who do something Do the work. Say it with me. Do the work. I do the work 90% of what they dio. This is how the person becomes the change. You want to know when you know you've become the change and you're becoming more and more changed. You teach others, period

. You teach others you come to serve and not to be served. Right. Come on. You want to make a change? Make a move. Hmm? Do something. Teach another, do the real thing. You can start to cool down now. Friends, This is why our revelation Wellness Instruct their training shoes thes people get to the 90% they dio they have to actually do it. They don't get to just say I'm a believer. They gotta do believing Ha ha ho, man. This'd is why there is such resistance here

. There's a lot of good work getting done on. And now tag, you're it. You wanna bring change, do change, act on it. Come on, guys. And I'm gonna back it up. Some of you are like Lisa. I've been doing these podcasts. I'm still e feel fat out of shape. Deter heavy down casted. Okay, Remember what I said. If you're doing the work and not bringing results, the attack is on your identity. You don't know who you are or who he is. But when you know who you are because of who he is and that you are his child and that he did not create you to lounge but

to work. Ah, good work thing. You will. He'll be like Jesus says, If you love me, you will just naturally want to obey my commands. Sacrifice precedes the obedience of doing. You gotta put something on the altar on listen theory. Alter the fire. You gotta keep that thing burning day and night. So if it's been a few days since you've had to sacrifice your pride you're stinking, thinking You're critical spirit. Your fear of man. You better get Thio get put something on the fire. You are You're living in false humility. It's not riel because

I love you on. I don't want you to hurt. I tell you this message Be a living sacrifice. Living sacrifices naturally rise to do the work. Are some of you Ah, lot of you Please hear me. Don't make a mistake like I did in my orphan, Miss. I got to work because I was so running scared. I just wanted love. But I was earning it and I was expecting it and I burned out. Start in your home. Start first with being kind to you. Forgive yourself is home okay? Be present. Listen, time

is on God's hands. If you have a dream, you just got to keep doing next. Right thing. The next little thing where you are modeling God and there's no more important place that we can model God but in our homes he's raising a family. Be that be family. Be humble. Be faithful. Be available. Be teachable. Start with the hair. Don't get busy writing the book and shushing your family. Listen, you could have conversations about having some devoted time, but if you're called to something, your entire family is called to it. That's how God works. The bodies foot can't go somewhere without bringing the shoulder

. It's a on. If mind can inform the foot and the shoulder off the obstacle ahead. They could work together to squeeze through it toe step over it to press out from underneath it. Simulate model. Do you remember? Yeah, teach. Others teach. Others teach others. Start with your closest. Show them the gospel you guys were in the Christmas season. Right now there's a song with Old Holy Night. There's a line that says his law is love and his gospel is peace. Mhm. Everyone can say they love and love is a law. But it is. Is there peace

as where there's peace? There is the gospel. It reconciles fractured things so that you can do whatever it is from a place of wholeness. Not from striving, not from orphan thinking not from Ah, fractured life. Do it. Do the work, man. God, thank you so much. Thank you for this. Thank you. That I am surrounded not only by a great cloud of witnesses but the word made flesh, as the people do. These podcasts as they engage with us as donors as they so here, as they speak of this as they go teach another as they share the good news. Because this is new news. God, for such a time as this, we thank you. I thank you that I am dealing here with the 90% now. God, open your palms, everyone! Now

! God, we asked, and we humbly some of you need a Neil. We ask for the grace that is not opposed toe earning or toe effort, but earning God oppose us toe earning. Oppose us when we have stopped putting sacrifices on the altar. Remind us quickly. May we be quick to recognize the flame? Gone has gone out. May well be quick to return to your goodness and your mercy. And may we be quick to teach another to be a living sacrifice The word made flesh walking on the earth Light salt on the earth Have your way God, I declare this a season of doing the work and I bind up the spirit of striving and performing. And we are not orphans at those

who follow God, our sons and daughters of God And wherever you go you are bringing goodness and multiplication of goodness on the earth. We're here to serve. We love you Jesus. Thank you for setting us free. Thank you for the price you pay. Thank you That you are coming. You are coming in this season that we remember you were the gift The punishment that took away took away all our imprisonment and is by your wounds that were healed in Jesus name. Amen. Thio! Mhm! Mhm! I'm sorry Within I've come with my engine. I'm sorry when I forgot your Inna take me back

to where we started I opened up my heart e I'm caught up in your presence. I just wanna sit here out of your feet. I'm caught up in this holy moment. I never want to leave. Oh, I'm not here for blessing. Jesus, You don't owe me anything. And more than anything that you do, I

just want you. I just want you and nothing else. Nothing else. Nothing else will zoo. I just want you and nothing else and nothing ISS, nothing else will do.

#526 REVING The Word: "Do The Work" PART 2 (Psalm 128:2) Intervals
#526 REVING The Word: "Do The Work" PART 2 (Psalm 128:2) Intervals
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