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#524 REVING The Word: "Do The Work" - Philippians 2:12 - (Intervals)

by Alisa Keeton
November 30th 2020

Enjoy this REVING The Word podcast/workout with Alisa Keeton, the founder of Revelation Wellness®.  Push Play the next time you go for a walk, run, hike, bike or anytime you are moving y... More

This is a podcast review from Mrs Sentimental, and she writes, I absolutely love the four part dynamics of this podcast. The teaching type ones are great. I've learned so much from ELISA about health and fitness. Three guest speakers. Always fun to be introduced to revving the word almost always bring tears. Good, healthy, ugly Yuck! Tears. These stills are perfect for a shower away from the business of little kid Mom Life. I can't recommend enoughto everyone I talked to these days. Mrs. Sentimental Thank you so much for leaving a review. We're going to be sending you a love greater than fear package. Would you just email info at revolution? Wellness or go Let them know we read your review on the air and we will get that care package out to you. Listen, everyone, would you do me a favor? Well, I know Thanksgiving Week is behind us, but we're in the holiday season of giving and receiving. I would be so blessed my team would be so

, so blessed if you would take a moment Now toe leave a review. I know, I know you hear it all the time, but if you've never done one. It really does. Uh it pumps up the ratings of the podcast so that other people can find it. ITunes will not care about it unless you care about it. So every time you leave a review, it does that, and someone will receive a love greater than for your package. If I read your review on air, so here's what you dio. All you gotta do is kind of go back into your podcast app and under the magnifying glass, hit a little search magnifying image and then type in revelation. Wellness hit the icon of the show as it pops up. And then when you get to that page scroll all the way down past all the episodes that you have and it'll say, write a review, it's really simple. All you dio leave any review that feels true to you. I pray you do it just it Z something Thio give back to me and my team. It would be such a blessing because I can't

give you all a love greater than for your package. But Jesus knows And this is how we spread good news. This is how we take back the airwaves. Everyone So join us in that. Okay. Today we have a very near in dear podcast episode of reading the word. This one came in real time from the Lord Interrupted the usual scheduled programming that I had. And you know, when those happened it is a timely word. All word is good but this one was burning in my bones So, friends with no further ado Let's move our bodies and do the work Talk to you soon Peace Getting the playlist going in 321 play Yeah, okay. Yeah, We're gonna work today, You guys, here's the title of this thing Message Do the work

Another title that I love Do your work, do the work Do the thing that Onley you could do do the work So here's what has spurred on this deep dive into Scripture I just got in last night and I couldn't get out E had a conversation with a fellow revelation. Wellness instructor and thes instructors are amazing. They you know God calls you by name. Not because of what you could do for him. Simply because you're his period. He wants to be with you. He wants you to be with him. But here's the thing about God. He doesn't. He doesn't leave it at that. In the beginning, we were told Be fruitful and multiply Eyes. Be fruitful. Means be exactly who you are. Very

good. I created you. Good. Be that not because nothing makes you good. You are good because I called you good. Because I bless you. Good. You're good. Because you are a reflection of me, and I am good. So who we are has very little up. Mm. What's the word I'm looking for? You don't need to be doing something to be good. Okay. But then here's the trick. Not the trick. Here is the thing. God calls us to be with him because of who we are. His But then he gives us the purpose. Do that. Do this. Multiply this. Take this idea. Do that. Take this message, write the book, whatever it is. And here's the thing. A friend of mine were talking, and she's like, how doe

I know where the warfare is. How do I know that if it's just me or, you know, how do I know where the war is? She's trying to accomplish a dream and a goal like is the is the war with someone not getting the concept is the war with publishers is the world, right? Where is the war on? I've told you guys, the war happens in your mind for the affections of your heart. But it will come against the work. The Lord is against the work. The minute you start thinking, you could do the thing. Make the change, Theun. Wars on the war will always come for the work. You've gotta do the work. You got to do the work and this is where I can. If I could

do it for you, I would do it On a scale of 1 to 10, everyone start moving towards the seven. We get the rest of this song to get your heart rate up. Where you're feeling your breath, you're engaging your muscles. You're not anxious about anything. You're getting inspired, informed and inspired by the Holy Spirit. So God, come, come light us on fire. Not because of what we can do for you, but because of who we are. And when we know who we are, you call us to the work. You give us a purpose. identity and purpose. God way invite. You have radical life changed today. God in Jesus name. Amen. Alright

, So second or Philippians 2 12 Paul says therefore my beloved as you all as you have always obeyed. So now not only as in my presence, but much more in my absence Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. For it is God who works in you both to will and toe work for his good pleasure. This is the word of the Lord. Thanks be to God and working and working and working, working, working it up Work out your own salvation Work out your own call work, do the work Y'all We can spend

so many times so much time thinking that the enemy is in our way But he's not going to get in your way unless you're doing the work. Make the change. Do the same. Stop the behavior. Ask the question Holy Spirit. Why do I do this? Once again, I'm doing what I don't want to dio Holy Spirit. Tell me why that's your work. Here's what I would say Work the hell out of you. There are lies, insecurities, threats and have come against you. Not because of what you can do, but because of who you are. Because those who know who they are wake up every day to

do the thing. Jesus knew who he waas. So he came to do the fathers well with wars against the work. And I'm tired today. I'm just like, fed up today for all of us. So we've made the war, but well, maybe the war is over there. Maybe it's with them because they don't understand me. Maybe if this happened, then have you done the work? Do the work. So before we got going today, I Googled what makes change? What is it that gets people to change? Do the work right? Cause work means it's not comfortable. Come on. If it's not, it is comfortable. That's vacation. Yeah

. Uh huh. Enjoy your Sabbath. Sabbath hard, rest hard. So you rise toe work here we owe. When I say go, you're gonna do a 32nd work. 32nd rest. Kohli Spirit Come. I want you to break up with paralysis by analysis, with the overthinking with the accusing thought with the lie that it won't be good enough. Name of Jesus. Are you ready? So long. Come on. Because you are fruitful because you are hiss. You've been given everything set. Go 30 seconds. Go. So

I just love come to solve this sometime. Come on, push towards the eight Which towards the nine have fun Do the work. Do the work. Come on, For some of you later today the work is gonna be to say no to the temptation to quit. Recover everyone, Repeat after me. You're gonna clap your hands. You're gonna say this. We don't do that anymore way. Don't do that anymore way. Don't make excuses way. Don't say Well, maybe this Maybe that. Do you know what todo then do it. The Bible says to know what is right to do and not do it. ISS sin

30 seconds. Go Increase! Throw off the sin. Say this. I'm gonna do the work. How about this? I do the work. I do the work. I cannot come down. God is building in me and I am building with my hands for his glory and my joy. Santa recover person to may. If your question is how do you know if you're under attack The enemy It's in the way of your obedience to the work. He is not going to get in your way. If you're not doing the obedience to the work, he doesn't care enough

about. You go 30 seconds. He only cares about himself and you're not doing the work. Is you caring for yourself? And he's like, Great, I'm in good company. Come on. 10 seconds breathless 43 to recover Easy. Nice. Come on down towards a six. Who you can get a moment to breathe through your nose. You can walk. You could crawl. You're going to do the work, though. Come on, you get it. This is you. There's no way you can keep showing up here week after week and

not be doing the work. It's not about the weight. It's not about the food, but yet it's there distracting you trying to interrupt the work. Listen, move towards a seven now. Good locked in 71 minute. Don't matter what, So the enemy will not get in your way until you start the work. We see this all the time with a revelation. Wallace instructors as soon as they sign up. First of all, let's back it up before they even sign up tons of opposition because they're even doing the work of thinking about it because they keep doing drawn back. They keep being obedient to the Holy Spirit that's pulling them towards

this. So right there, Boom, right there. He's in the way. He'll get in the way of the cost. He'll get in the way of the time he'll get in the way with your effort accusing. He's the accuser of the Brethren. Thio get you from doing the work. So listen to me. Some of you you need to sit your butt down and right, some of you need to sit your butt down and menu plan. Some of you Neto freeze your credit card in a block of ice or throw it away. Do the work go towards an eight. I'm pretty sure of our next T shirts coming. It's just gonna say, Do your work. Do your work. Don't

do someone else's Do your work. Who's in being a Listen. If you're gonna wear that shirt, that means you do the work. You do your work, work out your salvation. You're in eight. Hold onto an eight. How do you know if your night you cannot close your mouth to breathe. Hold on to a night. Now, here's the thing. This song doesn't seem to support the eight, but it does trust me because your greatest work is to be hiss and to know and enjoy God. But it doesn't end there. That is your groundwork. Your greatest work is to be hiss to know and enjoy God. Here's

the thing about enjoying God. It's not content to float on the surface. Joy produces something. How about produce? Produce? It's good. More that. Okay. Enjoy your God. Produce starts coming out. Some of you need to see this. Somebody need to see your body right now. Budding Produce fruit, vegetables. Goodness. Come on. Come against the lie that you are garbage or trash or something to shame. Lift your head. You're stay in eight. You could easily slide back in the comfort, but you're not. You're in the flow Me in the flow where you're working it out on

the Holy Spirit. It's grabbing you firmly by the hand and say, Let's go Run with may do what only you can do. God does the rest. He will light you on fire with a vision A lot of and you will know it's his. When it seems way too big, do the work do your work for you are God's workmanship created for this purpose of good works that long before he laid the foundations of the world he had you in mind, love. Then he put some muscle on it. Pay attention. So what your body is saying for me tonight heavens

were made, Just wants of your hand. I shave just one. Yeah, From your come on, just one more. Work out your own salvation, your salvation Not your husband's. Not your kids, not your friends, Not your neighbors, Not your enemies. Work out your own with fear and trembling that you know to not do what his rightist sin God make us right King of kings come crashing in eradicate from us Stripped from us What is not right stinking thinking, Paralysis

by analysis. Audience of one. I want my That's who we do. Of course, you do it for the audience of one. By the way, that'll stop some of you from doing the work. You're so worried about what? The critics, they're gonna say who cares. Throw it off that it's sin that entangles Work out your own salvation. Do the work You are you are you are the one who waas you are the Greek for this phrase. Work out when Paul says work out

. You know, I've looked up that phrase because we don't see any stories in the Bible of people doing purpose way. Do hear stories about food. She's awesome, which just tells you were thrown toe laws and rules. And we need guardrails because everything is permissible. But not everything is beneficial food. It's just it's primal space of desire. You're hungry. That's why Jesus says I'm the bread of life. You're thirsty. Drink from me. You'll never be thirsty again. But work out means before I say this trigger warning. All the recovering strivers Trigger warning. I'm gonna get to you in a second. E Think I'm starting this workout today with those who are

in lethargy Lazy. I love you. I don't call you lazy. I call that spirit lazy. I call that spirit one of slumbering arise and awaken to this working out your salvation with fear and trembling. The word workout in the Greek means to perform, accomplish, achieve. And this is the big one. Forward. I love this. Ready? Bring about a result. Uh huh. Right. Come on, show something. Evidence that you know it's God and that you enjoy this God and that this God knows you and enjoys you bring about a result. Strive

for that. Remember, it comes from knowing you're hiss done. Deal Signed, sealed, delivered. You are good and all the goodness of God has been pushed into because it's on your lips and you desire It means it's already in his heart and on his mind, he desired you to bring about a result. Do the work. One minute. Go to a nine. Go, go! Give me your best sustainable effort for one minute. Yeah

, yeah, yeah Accomplish, Achieve Come on now with this striving comes patience, Pace of grace. But Grace is not permission to take a pass. It gets you off the bench since let's go, let's surprise ourselves. 543 Recover! You're going to do that again for one minute. So I need you to recover 20 seconds. You could be just walking, clapping Tassan strive

to enter the narrow door. Broad is the road to destruction. It's the comfortable one. Squeeze through it's set. So one minute. Go via nine via nine. And listen, if you're just learning your nine this it's okay if you're like Oh, man, I do 10. I got nothing left. What notice everyone. Our brains have a seat belt. They conserve energy. They always hold back 20%. But not when the Holy Spirit that leads you into all truth shows up. You want 90? You get 90% effort. 20 seconds more. Engage

your core. Breathe oxygen. Eight. Yeah, Recover one minute. Oh, war. It's for the work. And it occurs in your mind for the affections of your heart. Because from your heart, well flow thief affections of your life, It will bring about a result. If your heart loves God, the result will be you love people. You find it outrageously hard to be offended by them. Ha ha! That's a work. If you want more of that, say more that God

stop three to go one minute to a nine again. Come on. It is not comfortable now, as I'm gonna go quiet, you're gonna be a nine on. I want you to invite the Holy To tell you what is the thing in your life You need to be a nine about You can't sleep on it. Yeah, come on. 15 seconds. Yeah. Do you do the work? The enemy comes the obstacle. The opposition comes second. You

get in line with the work and the will of God for your life. Recover away right now just in case anyone is getting triggered to strive to perform in a way that is not godly Hebrews 4 11 says, let us therefore strive Thio, enter that rest so that no 1 may fall by the same sort of disobedience. Thief Hebrew authors recalling the Israel lights who failed to enter God's rest. So even though they were out of Egypt, there was still Egypt in them. The work and what didn't come from rest accelerate those a 10 Have fun Blow the lid off 20

seconds seconds 20 Great! Now I'm showing up looking at the chose was made for You know that I was made for this Whatever. Let us strive Dr you wanna know? You need to strive to dio to be in step with the Holy Spirit Relations 5 16 tells us way Have to walk in step with the spirit because the flesh no help at all. The flush just gives into the desire Yes, the whims of the flesh drive accelerate. Here's the thing for fully spirit wants the will of God for you more than you want it

. It's too big for us. And that's why you need a helper. Ah, helper that was made for three to recover Proverbs 13 for the soul of the slug Erred trays and gets nothing while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied Slug erred for supplied Which one? You fall into work from the overflowed Go accelerate The I was made for this You know that I was made for this 30 seconds I don't care what you dio I want you to punch, clap, Stomp

this We don't do that anymore way Don't do sluggers way. Don't do insecurity. Come on! You are insecure. You are insecurity off God he keeps Watch over you Your promises on the will of God. Three to recover. Come on! You made it Mhm! Well done! Here may rest, Riel rest Because he what? God awakens you. There's some of you who are about not been awakened. And at this is where the polarization of the church and the unhealthy nous of the church happens. There are people that just show up, go through the motions, and they're totally asleep because their pain is too heavy to awaken to. So Jesus

or the Gospel becomes a Band Aid, a numbing medication on. And then we get the other side, the Pauls Peters, that they are awakened. They are awakened to this love. And then there quickly catapulted into I gotta do something. I got to say something and you understand both of those past the midline of righteousness. God doesn't want you sleeping and being a slug erred. Nor does he want you striving and performing for the adoration of the world to get your value there, cause that's what the elder brother was doing in the prodigal story. Look, 15 he didn't really love the father. He just wanted what the father could give him. And when he didn't get what he thought was coming to him and it seemed unfairly

distributed all his unhealthy rised up. Both parties are using the gospels, Miss. They've misappropriated it. They're not using it properly. riel. Rest comes against resistance, while lethargy and laziness masquerade is rest. Riel rest for the people who need it. It's going to come with resistance. You can't trust God to provide for you that you can't trust God to help you with your hunger that you can't trust. God rest, riel Rest will always come against resistance. You'll think I gotta clean up. I got this. Martha in me, e I know Jesus is here, but let me get things ready. No

, he's here. Rest on left Their G and laziness. The slugger in it. It's just masquerading his rest. Listen, if you're rest doesn't require the submission of your flesh. You're not resting your sleeping. If your work doesn't require the submission of your flesh, you're not working. You're striving for worldly gain. Your striving toe earn someone's approval. You don't do that anymore. You don't do that anymore. Do you understand? This is all a shedding away. You can't rely on me to tell you under arrest and work in your life. I get the thea honor of inviting you into these

thieves 30 45 minute sessions where we practice this rest and work resting in our identity working in our call, resting in our identity. Everyone open your left palm up I rested my identity. Say that left palm open I rest and my identity I'm a child of God. I'm good Workmanship and open your right hand e rest and your identity and you work the purpose of God out in your life. Open your right hand. I work for the purposes of God e bring about a result left hand open. I rest in who I am, Right hand open. I bring about a result e

don't sleep. I don't slumber. I'm not a slugger who craves and gets nothing e have the soul of a diligent one who is richly supplied e have so much to stay on this Yeah, this feels like a timely word because I think some of us in the time we're in we're falling asleep again. We're tired. We just feel tired. And here's what we need to do today. We need to get back what's been stolen. That we are fruit, that we are good, that we are his workmanship. And from there we have been called bring about a result or friends. I'm inviting you There's some of you. What is it? I need you to respond to this podcast. If you've listen to this podcast, go over Thio Either our Social Media Channel channels or leave a review or something that you know it is time to do the work

. It is time to bring about a result. And I got more to teach on this. I'm gonna I think I'm gonna follow up teaching. So stay tuned. We need to understand some of the reasons why you get stuck. I'm constantly looking at what brings about change. And as I was researching today, one of the greatest things that brings about change time and time again is some type of life catastrophe. Why? Oh, why does it take ah catastrophe for us to awake and let it not be so? You have probably already had one. I know for me, I've had mine. I've had my life catastrophe moment. I was ready to give it all up. Done. I can't go one more day with you. God, it's too painful. It's too hard. I feel all it did. A catastrophe exposed all the things in me that needed healing. So that's the good news of bad news. It's always good news waken do this, friends. It's time some of you the cravings, the food addictions

Theobald, session of body image. I know that's our camp but I have to go bigger than that because it's not about that. You will just chase the vapor around because you might get food under your feet But then it becomes something else. So we have got to get down to the root issue off the good work that we are to know it to receive that truth, not just read it, but receive it and then do the thing sacrifice or obedience required sacrifice. The enemy will come against your obedience. He does not care about your disobedience. He doesn't care about you. He only cares about himself. But the minute you start caring about God and obedience to do the work you have an adversary. So don't be surprised You come here We read the word we'd be still we breathe. We do all the things we know to dio to get in our skin where the Holy Spirit lives and lives to intercede. Thank

you, God! For this time some of you open your palms and receive God. Thank you that you have given us an identity that we rest in that we are who you say we are. But they're not right hand got on this other side You desire to bring about a result. And if there was ever a time on the Earth for result of your people to show evidence of your fruitfulness in your goodness, your faithfulness, it is now to 1000 generations. Graft them all in God, the Gentiles, the haters, the insolence. Everyone who calls us stupid God, let us love them in greater return. Give us greater measure of mercy and grace and forgiveness for people than that produces work and brings about a result. Thank you. Got him that the way up is down now have your way in Jesus name. Amen. Let's

your girl When spirit car se e Because comes lets you you're being That's a write off living guard Come fall of fresh on me Come awaken me from my sleep Blow through the caverns of my soul

pouring So with we owe

#524 REVING The Word: "Do The Work" - Philippians 2:12 - (Intervals)
#524 REVING The Word: "Do The Work" - Philippians 2:12 - (Intervals)
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