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Return to Castle Drangleic - An Adventure Set in the World of Drangleic

by Honnely Sometimes
September 1st 2022

On this episode, our intrepid adventurers Ægylls and Mercy find themselves in Majula, the beginning of a new journey. 

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What what beautiful schiphol we found ourselves then. Oh yeah. Alright. Where's my massive. Alright here we go. So that's the oily brim that you had just exited is like the city square. Here's the well these are like markets. Lenny grass was like right across the town square from the inn was like across there and right underneath him is the armors. Before you continue. I think we're just going to go off into the world now. Right, well that was the question because there was rumors about something happening in the like the castle with king Kendrick and queen. You want to, you want to go read the royal decree then? Honestly I want to do that. I want to see what's up with the royalty if they will allow me, let's go read the royal decree conspicuously placed quest giving mission.

Not, not subtle at all. Alright, alright, let's go there. The bounty board still right there in front of the oily literally blocking blocking the way. Alright let's have a look. Well, like you saw the last time there were three notices on their one from blacksmith Millennia grass about the daughter one From hold on. I went from pharaohs and the last one, the royal decree from the Crimson Harold. Yeah, I want to read that one. The crimson herald. Open open that ship. Yeah exactly. Alright. It's uh unlike the other two, it's printed on pristine white, high quality paper with large and intricate lettering and signed by the crimson herald is a notice to any and all for assistance in seeking the king seeking the king.

That is correct. The king has gone missing. Oh God no wonder this place is in such disarray. I turned to eagle and I said what do you think about this dude? Imagine imagine the money of finding the king dude. Fine fine man. Of course we find the king. He always is the spot big fat and round as the kings are. Okay. I scratched my beard but then I don't have a beard. So yeah ship um how do you look like again? Are you just a regular dude? Yeah, clean shaven, long white hair. The same as last dude. Okay so I mean not not same as last dude but you know what generic protagonist looking guy guy looks like he looks like he has some sort of, you know you could, you could see him being into magic and shit. So a bit nerdy looking. Production ist looking dude great. That'll do for now.

Um I mean do we even have to go to the, to the castle if we know the king's missing I guess we just look for him. I don't know how it looks like though. Well I mean listen we can just, we can just like, you know I mean like you know like the king, we'll look at, we'll look out for him right? It's not like this Crimson Harold like meet me at this place for the mission briefing. He's just like, he's like he he will stand out right? He wow. You know, you might be trying to blend in with the common folk, Why would you be trying to blend it? He's got like silk robes, you know, crown on his head. You know if he did we wouldn't have to look for him if he didn't. He was like he's gonna look like the guy from like the burger king dude. The burger king King is parading himself around the fields in the farms. Hey guys, that's the king's right there. He's just having like a drunken bender crimson heralds.

Like someone look for the king's ship. He's gone again. He's done it again boys. Right. Well I suggest um I mean if you want to look for him sure if we're going to do that and then mercy just like grabs the thing and he rolls it up and he puts it under his armpit and he's like all right well let's just go with it. Okay. But I mean if we we know vaguely where the daughter is. We need some we need to find out some information on where he was last seen where he could have gone. Yeah, I mean how else are we going to find it? That's cool with me dude. Let's just let's just nag everyone about the king. Alright, satisfied, let's go if you're okay. Okay so we've taken we've taken as you to finish your heated debate about figuring out where the king was and what he looked like you turned around and noticed that there's a massive statue near the edge of the cliff with king Ventress depicted in glorious armor, staring off into hey dude, a guy Lucas right?

There's this dude is this way? Okay. Alright. Well I guess I guess we know what the king looks like. I want to inspect the statue. Good call, good call, good call. You never know. Do I roll or something? Well, I think first move towards jesus christ, I approached the statue. Uh What do you think That's wrong 1? There you go. Yeah. All right. Roll for perception. You're kidding. Sand blows in his eyes and he's blind. Do you have any plus checks for dust Comes into my eyes screaming agony. I want like wobble around like actually trip on a bill, like a rock on the floor. And I fall, I collapsed into some poor schmuck stall.

I think that's what happens. I don't think it's that bad. It's a natural one. Natural 1 is. Yeah. About what uh collapses into the destroying part of. You also know nothing about statues. So it's just a pretty big rock. Can I roll? Yeah, you can check? Okay. Alright. Alright. Okay. Mercy gazes up and down at the statue of king ven drink. Uh Well it seems to have been constructed here for quite a while already. You see that he has at his side, a long sword signaling that he's got quite some combat abilities. A billowing cloak and full armor adorns him except for his face as you make out that he is well not young but not old either. He's not young, not old ship. Alright. I got it.

I got it. This guy disappeared because of his midlife crisis. That's the one anyway. Alright. Sure. Okay. I know what the king looks like. Kind of I mean all the characteristics. He has a sword, has a cape. Yeah. What about his face or is the nine roll not? Does he have like a horrific nose or anything? Well the man has a beard but other than that there's not many other details that could be seen from the stonework. Alright well that's not too they went pretty cheap on the masonry here. It's just a big joke to you. Whatever man. Alright. Mercy turns around. I've seen enough. It's sucking leave, it's time it's time time to leave the town. Alright let's head out. Let's roll up. There's the big northern gatehouse and the small western gatehouse and the tiny wooden passageway.

How do we how do we get to Urban Peak? Which is where the daughter is? I want to get my man a spear so he's not unarmed. You remember the words of tour guide jim. Yeah you're just going north. Alright actually before we go does actually have a weapon. I have. I have a 100 acts and the shield. Okay that's good enough. Why are we even going for a spirit then? You have It was my spear? Why do you question my spear? What if what if the quality of this new spear is terrible and you're just like sad. I would say the quality of the first there wasn't great, it wasn't even my spare. I picked it off some dead dude. Alright, okay. I understand. All right. If we go through the north gate I guess. All right. Do do do do do do do do. And you know you get past get past. Alright, you find yourself a long long stone walkway going north. This is a pretty long stone walkway. That's for sure. This is bait.

I smell bait here. What do you mean? It's narrow. It's perfect spot for ambush. Oh yeah. Would you like to roll, Roll for perception? What do you see out there brother? Well just you wait and see. Oh fox. Hey brother, are your eyes doing okay? You're rubbing them a little bit. Yeah, you split with your eagle eyes down the pathway but nothing really catches your eye just seems like a long road until the end. Although in the distance you hear some noise is getting ever closer to my character sheet down, partially blind after all these perception checks. Alright, so there's noises, noises coming closer. Right? I actually I honestly don't know what to do about this approach. Go ahead. What are my Magic spells by the way. Other than the one I mentioned last time. Magic magical sheets. But this is like dark souls to fusion.

Do I get magic? But do you have do you have hexes at this point in time? What did you add on? Or Pyro Matt sees sole source Aries shit. Where did I save this thing? I was remember I was going towards just Sorceress I think. Right, Yeah. Are you allowing for deep sorcery? They don't technically exist? I think Deep in dark souls two. Okay, if not not not yet. Oh wait, no, I remember, I remember I have a I have a catalyst. We talked about this, right? Yeah, I have a catalyst. Alright, I think I might move towards um Param, answer at some point. What even is a warlock in this context. Param. Answer. How about that? Yeah, but I don't know. Look, if you keep your eyes open, you might meet some people who are attempting to unlock the secrets of deep sorcery sorcery. That's hype dude. Alright, anyway, I have a catalyst that I have. What's the basic one? Magic bullet one. Sure, let's go moving forward.

All right. As you go down the road, the distance grow ever closer until finally a night crashes down from one of the hills tumbling down into your path. Uh he tumbles into our path. Well, he tumbles down in front of you and lay slumped over at the side from the top of the hill. On the west side, you see a large imposing figure clad in full plate mail, with a large great sword at his side. It's the king. He's got armor and a sword. It's the king from his helmet. You see red eyes glowing and the man appears to be floating. Oh my God, wait, there's one that fell down and there's one now coming towards us floating. Yeah, there's one crumpled. There's a night crumpled on the ground and on the top of the hill floating towards you is a much larger, larger than a normal person's clad in full plate mail, great plate mail, large great, This is glowing red.

It's not fair. It's only been three seconds. Why is this guy? I want my spare man. Where's my spare in this scenario? You think we can take this guy? I don't think we can take. Do we even have a chance to do? We even have a Okay, Okay. I'll tell you what There he is coming at the top. I'll tell you what. But then at this moment a group of other nights comes up from behind you. Oh my god, okay. Right now I'm feeling confident. I think I think we gotta listen. Listen, listen, I think we gotta we gotta we gotta we gotta do some of this. We gotta do some of this. You get me alright? Uh Alright, hold on. Are we in combat now or we're just about to hit combat. Not yet. Right now. The giant night at the top of the hill has just crossed the hill and is looking down and slowly moving towards work. The crumpled night is still broken down there. The other knights have just come up from behind you.

I'll turn around, I'm turning around to the other night, I'll say I'll distract him, you guys get him. Oh my God, I'm gonna approach the fallen knight and I'm gonna you know, I use my huge stature, my powerful voice to yell and to attract the red eyed night above, so I'm gonna go forwards a bit here. Alright, that's a role for constitution I think constitution. Alright, what's taunting? I think it's that let me see my cheat cheat constitution. He said okay I have no there's no constitution as I can see. Was it endurance? What is the athletics deception just be charisma? Not intimidation. Yeah, under charisma.

Yeah, Yeah, I got plus three on charisma, plus five on intimidation. Alright, that looks like a pretty good role then we'll go ahead taunt the guy you you fat come here fight like a real man. Alright. The glowing night turns his attention away from his squash quarry and looks towards you with his glowing eyes then begins to slowly float towards it. You guys better not to fail me now I guess like the nights behind you had given a curt nod and have now drawn their foreign curved blades, foreign curved blades. Holy sh it I'm going to step aside a little bit and see what they do. They better be skillful swordsman, fancy our swords otherwise I'm gonna be very upset. All right so you just step aside. Step by step aside. I want to see what these lights do.

I mean I'm a sorcerer man basically. Alright Mercy steps aside and allows the four other nights to slowly move towards the floating figure. What did he say to get him? Why are they? All right no fear I guess do do do do do do do do I don't remember how DND combat was like I guess we'll just improvise a bit. You just play like a player is like a player turn right? But for the bad guy you have a one D. 10 ou have roles for your weapons. Yeah yeah that's what you do. Okay do do do do do do alright Combat has started against the pursuer. Oh okay It's been three seconds man. Sounds kind of ominous but too bad. You haven't played to sound like a bit much. Let's get him let's get this bitch.

Alright Let's see the night's attack. 1st 1. D. How do I do this? Ah What is the battle ax battle ax is one d. 8. Um one d. 8 Plus three. Let me see what a curved sword should be for DND do do do do do do do do do do. Ah Okay in in my attacks and spell casting. It says battle ax melee plus five and then brackets is one D. Eight plus three whatever that is supposed to mean, wow. All right four nights get the surprise blow on the pursuer as it is focused on eagles at the moment. The first slash cuts deep. Although no blood is drawn, only some vile black liquid pouring down the that's what we're talking about.

The second blow is only glancing. Okay well the other attacks are not quite as successful as the first but then that was the captain of the group. He's got some new recruits following him despite the strikes that the pursuer has taken. He doesn't appear to be deterred. Although you have one turn left before he starts his attack. Alright. You gotta Mercy, what are you doing? Yeah it's you and then mercy. Uh Well seeing how they've already saw attacking him, I might as well join the fray. So I'm going to charge the bitch. Is it like a shield bash or charge the I have a shield. Oh okay. Uh Yeah sure you can shield you can shield charge. I'm gonna shield charge mm hmm There's no there's no mention of it in my attacks and spell but just says so like I said shields in my deficiencies and languages.

Uh Yeah but when you when you shield charge you're like trying to bash him to see him. Right. What do you mean as an role role strength strength strength strength. Ah that's 16 plus three. So what's our role here? Roll D. 20 16 Weight saving throws strength plus five. Oh my god constitutional. I also have plus five. It was above where I was looking at goodness. All right eagles charges with his shield towards the pursuer ramming into it with superhuman strength. Unfortunately though the pursuer also appears to be made out of superhuman and no you didn't push him back at all with your charge. Despite how ferocious. What did you say is made of superhuman strength. Hello? Hello. This is a real far moment.

Fun movement. Your move. Mercy. Alright. Um Okay well I mean catalyst isn't really isn't A D. And D. Thing is it? So I don't know how we're gonna do this. Yeah you have well you have a limited number of spell casting D. And D. As well so I think you can just I mean the basic sorcery is um I suppose it's Solaro is the is the is the is the one it's called room. Yeah in D. And D. As well. Not in D. And D. But I don't know if it's like yeah I mean there is a Dnd spell you want you want the D. And D. Skills? Okay. No we could just adapt it I guess it's two d. four for Solaro apparently. How do you know that? I googled it. Soul arrow. Sure to D. Four. Solaro. Are you keeping this one like record. Yeah. Wait are you saying that? Okay so we're saying that Solaro is soul spirit then. Uh Wait what do you mean? So spear is like a much better is much better spell.

Oh I just mean that what spells do you have? What spells did you write wrote down? Remember the decoy one pressed indignation or whatever? Yeah I remember that one but that one's you know a magic skill. Well I mean the thing is like most of the other ones are like raise armor or give fire resistance. So I just that's what I went with but I assumed I had like so so I was like the basic spell right? Like number one sorcery I assumed I had that it would be it would be so spear I guess. So here's the basic souls. Yeah. How many you get eight casts of soul spear in the game? I thought oh you mean dude soul spear is a strong one? It's like 2 to 5 casts apparently. Is it? Oh no no no Soul spear right. No. What was I think what's the spell in Dark Souls one that you can learn from that dude like at the bottom of new Lando ruins is that Solaro long ruins soul sorcery.

What's the starting ability for sorcery? It is so it is Solaro. There's Solaro. Okay so you have Solaro? Yeah that's what I mean. Yeah. Right okay. Oh yeah that that has 30 casts. Okay that's too much for T. And D. Right and this is just one damage each time. Well let's just say you get 10 casts of it, let's see how it goes. Right and then what's the role for it? I have no clue did if a battle axes one D. Eight, I mean most of these attacks are one D. Eight. Yeah let's do two D. Four. That sounds that sounds fun. So that means to roll two D. 24 dice is. Yeah so it's just basically like a slightly more consistent version of a melee attack. Okay You do 333 damage. Great you fire your soul arrow towards the pursuer. It hits him but only a little bit of damage was done. It's fine.

He's made of superhuman strength anyway I didn't expect him to get remotely fazed by soul arrow. Okay hold on. In the meantime I'll just write down like the rough spell progression I think maybe that helps. Yeah. Alright now the pursuers got his eyes set on you. First of all the nights as the closest launches a horrific attack but luckily the night manages to dodge it escaping most of the horrific attack. What's the horrific attack on what happens? The one we explode and everything comes out of him. He missed so we don't know he attacked his forehead. Let's see one. Okay the captain of the group lands another critical blow against that's the captain right there boys. That's the captain. This guy is a veteran. What his support that's are doing much more mediocre fucking garbage these guys.

Alright. The other two worlds. Another four attacks landed upon the pursuer. Alright. More cuts appear in his armor with the same black bile dripping out of them. This time he actually gives pause and wipes some of the black bile into his hand and looks at it. Then he turns and starts floating in the other direction he's leaving. Oh fuck that. Can I do a charging attack towards him? Yeah you could do that. I think you're already like here though because of your shield. Okay I'll do a charging attack role for I'm looking at like name ballad attack plus five damage type one D. Eight plus three slashing if that rings any bells. Yeah just just roll one d. 8. Oh wow!

Eagles readies his ax behind him and slams forward, landing a critical blow against the back of the pursuer, putting one large gash in his back plate. More black bile drips down from behind his armor. Oh yeah. Holy ship dude, I should testosterone oozing down here. Alright after seeing eagle landing the most masculine blow ever. I raised my catalyst and attempt to cast another Celera. Alright. This time I'm going to aim at like you know what like you know like before he was heading his armor or whatever right? No I didn't. Okay so eagle opened like a huge gash on his back right? I'm gonna aim for the inside of that Two D. Four. Alright. Another Solaro launched towards the gash made by eagles. So that was just checking something. Yeah but unfortunately it doesn't quite hit the gap, it's quite small gap landing instead on the armor but it still does a little bit of damage now.

During all of this combat, you didn't quite notice the flapping of wings in the air. And uh is at this moment that a large bird comes by, grabs pursuer and flies away. He just fucks off. Dude that's the pursuer for you. This is exactly what they need to load the rings those hours just to pick them up and drive. You know fly them to model. Oh my god. All right. Out of battle situation. You are left with a pool of black blood. The four knights who aided you and the crumpled night. Okay. Um I actually have investigation as one of my things. As one of my skills I think perception. To investigate. Black. Yeah definitely. Alright. Alright boys watch the ship. Give Me A 20. What's your plus checks that your skills got.

Um Got to switch to that. Which one do you want? What do you see? Which one is perception or is it? Yeah. Oh what. Wait hold on. Okay. I have N. Plus two. Three. I think I see perception plus two in your skills category. Oh wait this thing. Okay I guess his wisdom that you use. Hold on. Where's my where is this thing? Oh, there's a separate one for investigation though. I think that's what Yeah. Yeah. Investigation plus four plus four investigation and then plus two intelligence. Right? No, I think you you only add one I believe. Okay. Investigation on top of it. Right. No investigation. Yeah. I think if we're doing like a specific skill check, you only roll the skill check. Its citation needed. But that's what we're gonna be okay.

And I don't know what I'm saying. Ok. Plus for sure. Why not? So that's 14. Alright. Plus four. Alright. So you walk towards the pool of black blood and you bend down to take a closer inspection real quick. This is I don't know why I have acrobatics. It's supposed to be perception. I think maybe it used to be in the service. I Don't judge. All right. Anyway. 14. Anyway, you bent down to take a look at the black blood. The first thing you notice is that amongst the pool of blood there is a locket dropped within the puddle. The second thing is that although the pool of black blood is very viscous. You could tell that at one point it very much seemed to be human blood but just rotted. Yeah, but sick from that. You don't know about that yet? Only I've seen this. Do you recognize those are the main takeaways. Okay. Do you recognize this human? But I mean I don't know if I can roll a second time.

I think that's it. Right. I stand up. I guess I picked up the locket. Can we, can we open the locket? Yeah, can we do that? Yeah, you you opened the locket, black ooze dripping all around it. And inside you see very faded picture. Roll perception. Oh God shit. Actually. Okay. Do I get perception bonus here? Do you have It's not written down. But wait, I need okay, I need to sort out my character. What the hell is going on? You Have plus two perception. Oh, alright. You wipe away some of the stray blood on the faded image and you see what appears to be a family picture with multiple individuals in it. And uh you know from your knowledge of different cultures that these people were wearing the garb belonging to the Land of Mirror Mirror.

Okay, Alright, well, I mean, we don't know anyone from mary yet, so this is nothing to me. I don't know about you. Yeah, I'm gonna wipe it off and put it in my pocket. All right. All right, well, let's make sure to write that down. Alright, can we, can we talk to any of the uh can we talk to the captain? Actually? Yeah, sure. Let me just name your guys. There we go. So, the captain is also standing around wiping off the blood from his blade and inspecting the remainder of The warrior he was just going to because he just landed 28 straight away. I will say this guy like I have in my character sheet actually that I do not, I don't respect anyone. I have little respect for anyone who is not a proven soldier, a warrior. This guy is definitely proven himself. So I'm like, I'm approaching this guy with like big eyes.

I'm, I'm drooling a bit, but I'm like, I'm like drying up my mouth to like, you know, I don't want to notice that uh, I like puff up my chest a bit, you know, to act cool after what just happened and I want to approach him like very stoic looking God. Um, and I guess I say, hi, are you flirting with this man? What's happening here? The main night turns to look at you and sheets is blade well fought warrior. It's good that although it seems that all of us together could still not topple that beast. I am Sir Alan and these are my faithful knights behind me. I respond, you know, my chest really poking out like I'm like over doing it a bit. What kind of coward runs in dcis in these circumstances. Me, I shot in the background.

No, I'm just kidding. Yes, Sir Alan, not truly a dishonorable thing. I ask if he's seen this night before he recognizes him. You recognize this foe? I Professor, I do not. I am new to these lands. Indeed. We have just arrived to seal an alliance with the old iron king. The king. Uh is this another kingdom here, like, Sorry, I'm barely holding it together right now. You know these references, You know, it's just the character to be honest, but not the king of some other kingdom. Oh no. I also know who that is apparently. But okay. It's I guess it's like Yeah, sure. All right. I guess I joined. Okay. Meanwhile, while he's talking, I woke up next to the eagle, right? Or actually no, I think I'm poking around in the blood still. Yeah, you keep going, You keep going. We're gonna change it on the board next to the blood.

Yeah. Uh I asked him if he recognizes his his armor. Like from what where he may come from. Any characteristics that you might have any inkling this guy just came out of the blue. Actually wait, we should probably check on the guy who tumbled down the crumpled still there. But you guys, you guys are in conversation angle, still drooling about this real warrior I got like hot eyes going right now. It's like pumping this crumble dude. I've completely forgotten about this fucking gleaming shining captain. That's all I want to hear about. Uh Sir Alan shakes his head. I've never seen that manner of armor nor the fact that he was floating before in my land. These are this Grand Lake Kingdom is a strange kingdom indeed.

Alright, well, I point backwards behind my shoulder, over to the crumpled soldier asked if that's one of his Once again he shakes his head as you can see we had just come from the city of Missoula and are as new to the land as I presume you are sucking champion. Just straight, just jumped into the fray straight away. You hear this? Yeah, can I get his number? Can I ask over the equivalent? Whoa. You said you said you said you don't respect people who aren't proven warriors. Not that you have a hard on for warriors in particular. Dude, this guy after the blows, he just how can I not? All right, we should actually yeah, no no no. Do you want I'm gonna I'm gonna flirt with this guy, can I'm doing it? Let's see here is it a charisma? Check, Let's see. Oh I Got Plus three Christmas.

Here we go. Ah alright well go ahead, give your best flirt. Well sir, I see your one with was very, very well accustomed around combat, I am very intrigued by your technique. Uh I would like to learn from you so if you would you know give me some of your information, I I think we should continue this discussion over a drink or maybe dinner sir sir. Alan left it is the sound of gentle wind in the summer. It doesn't help at all bro. He's just falling deeper. Oh my God you know you know I'm not going to look at the crumpled soldiers so you better go do that while I'm flirting with this guy. I go let him talk first.

I want to hear his words. Well stranger. Although we have just met it seems that there is much to be gained in jolly cooperation with one another. He he hands you a white soapstone. Yes you summit sir a lot. I'm done dude, fucking dumb dude. Whatever. Alright well I guess I poked around a bit more in the blood. I didn't see anything else happening. Um And I guess I'll walk towards the the folding dude. All right let's see. Yeah at this point so long as the nights are sort of like well we're sort of in a hurry to seal the alliance so we gotta go. We'll catch you around though. Okay. I see as he leaves, I want to see which direction does he go? Well I mean there's only one road thus far and then there's a crossroads at the end of it I guess I guess whatever.

And then they turn and go to the west side. If you're looking at the west side I'm making note of that. All right anyway you're in front of the crumpled figure. What do you do? Give him a wake up slap? No I'm kidding I guess I shake his shoulder. Alright buddy. Well you grab his shoulders and give him a nice shake. Ah But unfortunately he does not move. Well I don't know about that one. Um I wonder if I can do anything of prestigious prestigious reputation. Let me think. I don't think so. Hey, get over here. I need I need some help with this guy. I I use the like the the handle my my ex. I give him a good strike to the stomach. I don't trust I don't trust mercy to wake him up. Yeah. All right. Roll AD. 20 accidentally kill him now.

Very upset. Oh my God. Alright. You give you, give him a nice big tap on his plate armor with your ex. But the man remains unmoving. Oh my goodness. This guy is this guy's holiday, this guy. Um All right. I mean, I can't wake him up, can I? What do I have in my pocket? We just got to check what he has. All right. Can we, can we do a perception check on like his armor that saluting check or something? Right. What what he has on him? Maybe has some. Yeah, you can Probably should be you to roll 5% garbage. I'm actually still sorting out my perception right now. I'll roll for perception. You have Just 20. I have perception. Oh, I actually have plus one on perception.

Oh great. Give him a nice look over up and down. You see a man crumbled in the dirt. Uh The only real obvious thing that sticks out to you is the massive wounded and dead weight. I didn't even notice that that that is dead. Okay just I just sorted that out by the way I have plus four perception. Good I'm embarrassing myself. Please take over. Okay what role to. Okay hold on. Right. Right right. What do I have to roll? one d. 20 right perception. Oh my god Mercy opens his eyes and activates his superhuman sensory abilities. Taking in everything about the fallen knight happening at this moment. He could probably ask him anything about time of death possible causes of death and could answer at all.

But the main thing is that he notices are that both hands are clutching something one hand clutching a broken long sword, the other hand clutching the remnants. Well uh you could see a bit of a locket poking out another lock. It. The other thing you notice is that there's something odd beneath his helmet. Oh no I and then yeah to confirm you take off his helmet revealing that well he's a person alright But there's an ugly green blotch spreading across his face, seemingly rotting everything that was there. Yeah this is weird. What do I do about this? I have insight but I don't think that helps you write a check. Yes. Okay. No. Alright. What even is inside anyway green stuff across his face. Um I guess I'm like yeah I mean usually in D.

And D. Terms I think you can your character can have like background knowledge of different lower aspects. But the thing is ah syndrome like yeah it's fine, it's fine. My character has history and insight and I know all about the characters you're talking about so it's fine. It makes sense. Alright, alright. I mean within psychology identify the splotch on his face. I don't think that's like you know. Okay, okay. You want to try with rolling for insight? Um I want to do it. All right. Oh my god. Well mercy thinks long and hard about the odd green block to put on his head. He's certain that he's heard or seen it somewhere in a book long long ago. But yeah, that's just a fart in the wind. He can't remember what his dad told him. If he forgot about it, it must not be that important. Oh my god, if you look at our role history, this looks very suspicious. All right, let's go.

Um Okay I'm sure you know what this means but I have no idea. I'm sure you some uh miserable old undead focker who's uh something or other. But you got the lockets right? We haven't gotten the locket, he's clutching it. And also this dude just you know, he's freshly rolled off the cliff, right? He just rolled this just happened. I'm just yeah, No, I I just wanted to mention that I got -1 initiative. So in these things I'm probably second to you because you got plus one right? I think that's only in combat though. I think in normal times we just go clockwise, you know? Mm hmm. I reached for the market then yep. Eagles reaches out and unclassified the hand and you see a small gray pendant in his hand pendant.

Do I recognize this pendant? Do I recognize it as a familiar like symbol or roll for perception? Uh Oh, where did you roll? Oh right. In the Yeah, okay. I mean you know what the fuck Look. This is a big blur in my hands. I mean you look at the pendant in your hand and the only really striking thing in it is that you see a big symbol, a symbol of a large flame on it. And you also feel that there's a slight tinge of magical. I really forgot half blind in my character sheet. Fuck sake.

All right, well if I recognize this like tinder magic, obviously I throw this to mercy. I don't you know, you know what do I roll as well, like a bit annoyed about it as well, magic. I don't want to deal with this. I toss it to him, Make him look at it. Yeah, I suppose I rolled as well because I don't know how to do this. Please if I roll another one, we're just moving on by the way. Okay, that's fine, rolled in the wrong thing I say sorry. Alright with mercy, superior knowledge of sorcery. He could tell a bit more about the nature of the magical energy that eagles felt which was that there's a slight tinge of warding magic attached to this. What do you think? No it's not a magic, it's not a magical crust. Alright well I'll put it in my rapidly increasing collection of lockets.

Alright well I think we continue right I'm gonna like pop up continue down this this narrow claustrophobic alleyway. Oh yeah alright. You guys carry on down the road find yourself at large crossroads directly in front of you a massive gatehouse, two of the right a path leading down into deeper into some dense forest and then to the left a large path that slowly narrows down into a dirt path. You see a signpost to your right in front of you.

All right well we're going north no matter what. Right. Yeah can I can I read the sign post? I know what west and north are but I know I just want to know what east is. Mhm. All right on on the signpost says north, the gatehouse of winter towards castle drang leg to the right. You have the shaded woods into Huntsman's cops to the left. You have the small town of high rat with many other things attached to it. I have no clue where to go but I know we shouldn't be going north if we want to find the daughter. Please tell me why because last time we discussed this it was straight north. Yeah but that's the castle bro. The sign says hey hey hey yo man I don't think we should be going north. That's where the castle is. That doesn't sound like Northern Peak. Urban Peak. Is that what is that where the daughter was?

Urban Peak is the way it doesn't sound like an earthen peak to me bro. These lines are foreign to me. I heard that Urban peak is north from here and we have gone north and we are not in Northern Peak just yet so we should continue north. This eagle. Just just keep going. I mean I want to hear your opinion here because my my suggestion is north unless you can convince me otherwise. That's I don't think it's north man. That sounds like where the castle is to me. As you as you guys are having this conversation. You see a man with a large backpack, multiple scroll is attached to it deep in reading another scroll in his hands. Walk along the way. Hey hey buddy. Hey buddy what? No I'm calling calling to the scrolling reading man. It was pretty deep in thought. Can I yell at him Right?

Yeah we're gonna roll roll something here. Uh I'm gonna roll intimidation because this guy's kind of I'm not in a good mood right now. Shut up. I roll 20. Okay all right give your shout. What to the guy. Where is it? Is it intimidation or constitution? Well if you want to intimidate him intimidation way. Alright go ahead. Give your give your you get over here, that's what I say. The walking bad startles dropping his scroll and stumbles along the path. Oh sorry I was deep in thought. What what what what what what what do you want? Uh Yes he scrambles to pick up his phone.

I walk aggressively to him you know like like I'm fuming here fucking steam bursting on my ears. It's slowly backing away. I grab him by the collar and I lift him up fucking call me come here can I grab him, grab him by the collar and lift him up, fuming. Got a rage issues so help help. The bandits are robbing me. Help help that bandits. Where is other like spit all over his face while saying that. Oh God. Oh PICO. It's that way he says well where's there? Wait I'll kill you way.

I just wanted to map trying like what? Oh it's this guy. Oh my god which direction is he pointing? Which direction it is vaguely pointed behind him. The path that he was trying to say. Look I told I told you it's that way. Which way is it? Behind it is The east towards the west. West west west way. Fuck it we got our answer here. Okay a toss to go to the side. Oh it's perfect. Alright I guess eagle storms off. Right I keep on going. I don't even say thank you I'm just going towards east west. Okay, that was mercy. You weren't even using the right No, I moved myself like next to the dude. Alright. Yeah, I picked up some of his scrolls for him and I'll give them back to him. Sorry about that man and then I guess I can fall away.

You leave the poor man stopping. Yes, pathetic little man. Oh my god, that's so good. Alright, we carry out on the western world. I should have asked him something about sorcery where? I think you burnt that bridge. I burnt that bridge is already gone. It's a good place to well you find yourself right outside the city with a big sign posts saying welcome to hire at high Rat. We went west, right, there's supposed to be Huntsman cops. No? Yeah, west. This is west. Huntsman. Okay. Alright. So any point in this direction? Alright, sure sure we're in front of higher ed. Sure. Why not?

Return to Castle Drangleic - An Adventure Set in the World of Drangleic
Return to Castle Drangleic - An Adventure Set in the World of Drangleic
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