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Body Transformation Through Sustainable Dietary Habits and Exercise

by David Rachal III
August 31st 2021
No one knows how hard it is to transform your body than a skinny guy trying to add muscle. In a world where losing weight or gaining weight has been the focus of fitness marketing, Body Transformation... More
backing up, I'm beautiful everyone Rise Rise purpose. Yeah, you are see in the welcome welcome welcome back to Rise purpose podcast. My name is David ratio the third and I'm your host. Hey, today's topic is going to be very interesting. I brought in someone special uh he's not only a body transformation specialist but he's also my homeboy and he actually has a life insurance business. So ladies and gentlemen, I'm bringing to the table today. Mr Malik I McCoy, he is the real McCoy this dude got into fitness you know, and right after college I remember malika being a skinny guy who just wanted to gain muscle mass and you know he and I know he did some research, he did his due diligence and man, he just went into these books and magazines and you know he ended up taking a bill phillips approach to uh muscle building.

After attending muslim media media in 2000 and so that was a extremely positive experience for him. After seeing some progress in his with his fitness goals, he actually decided to pursue a career, helping others to do the same. He went through four different certifications and personal training and fitness nutrition because you know when in college he knew that personal training was not an option. And so his fitness journey took him into bodybuilding stages from uh new york all the way to las Vegas where he had the privilege to work with some of the top names in the sport all the way up to Olympia. And so for those of you who are not familiar with the Olympia, that is the biggest stage that you can possibly uh interact with when it comes to bodybuilding, he's still growing his athlete and a fence professional down to this day, so ladies and gentlemen, with that being said, I want to officially welcome mr Malik, I McCoy Malik, I welcome to the show buddy, thank you, thank you.

David, appreciate you having me on here brother. Yeah, absolutely, absolutely, my man. So yeah man, um I wanted to get into today's topic for discussion transformation through sustainable dietary habits and exercise. I think most people feel like they've heard it all malarkey and you know, these fitness gurus that are out there man, this they're talking they're putting out you know, stuff and content on I. G you know, instagram online programs and stuff like that man and you know, sometimes and I'm not saying always, but they promote products and services that they did not use to get to where they are. Oh yeah, many times unfortunately, yeah, man, so, you know, I wanted to bring someone who not only has transformed his body their body, but also you have worked with people to transform their body and there is a there's an entire process of science even, you know, an art to body transformation, so you know, I'm excited to jump into this brother and so I want to start off by talking about the carbohydrate versus fat myth, you know, so it's like, you know, there's just so much information that it's out there in terms of carbohydrates, you've got to have carbs.

Well, uh and then of course there's the ketogenic diet, you know, it's like well fat, you know, it's keen. So dude, help us with understanding this man uh car versus fat, Right? Right. So you know, um you will find as we go through this uh this interview, this conversation that my approach is very balanced. Um but I also believe that when it comes to carbohydrates, carbohydrates are what you call their their situation, their situation of macronutrients. And what I mean by that is, carbohydrates are necessary for a particular amount of workload. Um the average person, the 9-5 person that's sitting at their desk, what have you um even if they're a weekend athlete does not necessarily need um a lot of carbohydrates, um you can't function without them. It's not necessarily something that I always push because most people can't necessarily handle that.

Um But if you think about it, you have what's called essential amino acids, which amino acids for those of us who are not familiar are the building blocks, building blocks of protein. Um So amino acids is what makes up your chicken fish tune a state etcetera, and then you have essential fatty acids, essential fatty acids are necessary, you need to take those in so that your body can have a healthy uptake of vitamins E and K. All of those are fat soluble only. So if you don't have enough fat in your diet then you're gonna end up deficient in one or all of those. Even vitamin D. Would fall into that category. However to pivot back to the carbohydrate side of things carbohydrates um and it really depends on the person's circumstances. If a person is like myself or like I was when you remember as you mentioned back in high school I was I was super skinny.

So if that is your if that is your situation then carbohydrates are a godsend because carbohydrates give you energy to get through workouts. They also helped to preserve muscle tissue. If you have the type of metabolism where your body is going to feed on itself. If it doesn't have enough calories, then yes you absolutely want to get those carbohydrates. However, if your main goal, as far as body transformation is what most people call weight loss but probably more accurately could be described as fat loss, then you want to significantly reduce the amount of carbohydrates that you take in. And the reason for that is because as most people know carbohydrates are your body's preferred source of fuel, right? So it's not going to necessarily eat at its own fat stores because the bodies the body is designed for survival.

So only taps into those fat stores as a last resort. So what we have to do is trick the body into feeding on its own fat stores so that we can get that weight loss transformation and the best way to do that, you know as I mentioned, but to reiterate is to significantly reduce or even maybe for a short time eliminate carbohydrate intake and when I say that I'm specifically talking about the starchy carbs, you know um cruciferous vegetables also count as carbohydrates but obviously you want to keep those in there um to make sure that your circulatory system um your heart etcetera stays healthy. Okay dad, that's good stuff man. Um it's good to hear that, you know when you bring up essential amino acids essential Um fatty acids but at the end of the day and through my 21 years of being in health and fitness, I've never heard of an essential carbohydrate.

Exactly, but you know, hey man you know carbs taste good man, they taste good, you know and you know when you were saying trick your body into going to those fat stores and doing some spending there when it comes to caloric expenditure man, it's like you know spending from your savings account versus your checking account, you know like man that's just so counter intuitive, it's like why would that, why would I got a checking account? So why would I spend from my savings account, it's like I've been building that savings account and most people don't get it man, it's like no you gotta spend from my savings, you know, you've got to get those savings down, man. So yeah, so carbohydrates are, you know, just like I said, you know from your checking account and that's something that you use situational, you know, you need to feel boom, you go into the checking account, you know, you need to get gas boom, you go in the checking account and so it's situational because yes, it's designed to be used immediately by the and I know we're going into science and you know, I'm going to try not to geek out riser purpose nation, but it's hard for, you know, you've got those three energy systems, you have the foster jin energy system, you have an anaerobic like politic system and you have the aerobic energy system.

And so you know, our first movements are geared towards, you know that the black politic system, where are we using carbohydrates primarily? But you know, eventually, you know, you do want to, you know, engage in physical activity and eat a certain way so that you are tapping into your aerobic capacity for utilizing those fats. And they, you know, even with the anaerobic blacklisting system, they can use fats as well when carbohydrates have been exhausted. Yeah, yeah man, you know, I love this stuff man, I love this stuff. So I mean it's it's not a you don't have to figure it out when you have experts available to you and so we're so happy that you came on up to us. So do you know, um proper hydration is, has always been something that I feel that people overlook, you know, when it comes to water, you know, the whole concept of how much water we should be drinking.

So ambiguous, 64 ounces, Well, 64 ounces pertaining to who you get, you get Shaquille o'neal 64 and he's gonna, he's gonna pass out before the, before the first quarter is over. Exactly. So it's like, you know, these generalizations and I'm not beating up on America's nutritional guidelines, but I am beating up on America's guidelines because we've gone through so many different things throughout our history, it's always good to understand, you know, what, what are some of the proven methods in terms of, you know, proper hydration or sufficient, sufficient hydration that you've come across? Yeah, I have, I have a basic formula that I give to everyone and it really is dependent on your body weight. So you basically want to get in two ounces of water for, I want to say it's um each half pound. Um so For me, I'm about, I'm about 1.70. So, and these are baseline numbers, these are couch potato numbers.

So if you're outside, if you're exercising if you were in a hot or humid climate or even an arid, obviously an arid climate Then the need for this is gonna go up. So for me at about 170, lb, my baseline is going to be 90 oz of water. So we're already above that 64 oz, that's just been throwing, you know, throwing out there. Um, so to give you an idea about how much that is for me, that's, that's going to be about three quarters of a gallon and you know, a lot of people, uh, you know, that's, that's a lot of water, but we're not really taking into consideration how important water is just for organ function. If you're not taking enough water first, A lot of people that have back pain, I think it's muscular, it's because they're dehydrated, you know, their back is killing like I haven't been doing anything. I don't know why my back is hurting me, etcetera, etcetera.

Meanwhile, you've had three cups of coffee and and two cokes and maybe a glass of water for the day. And so what's going on is your body is telling you, Hey man, I need, I need some water. So if you want to function properly, you're gonna need to get some water in, in my system. It's every every every excuse me, every organ, so your kidneys, your stomach, your liver muscular contraction. If you want to have healthy skin, hair and nails, water is essential. The other thing that water also does is it carries nutrients. So if we want to pivot back, just for a second to the body transformation goes, if you're doing everything else properly, you're getting in your protein and the proper amount of fats and the carbs that are necessary for you. If you're not drinking enough water, guess what? That food is? Just gonna sit there. It's not gonna push out to help you recover from workouts to help you make sure that you get um sufficient and a proper amount of uh what's the word, I'm looking for good sleep, we're just gonna go with good sleep because all all all sleep is not is not the same right?

You know you have you have a sleep where you like you feel like you just didn't get sleep at all and then you have a sleep where you wake up without the alarm and you feel refreshed and water is essential to all of those things? It it really is very foundational. Absolutely, man, I'm so glad that you said that because once again, you know, throughout my career of working with clients and patients, man, I've talked about the importance of hydration, man. And you you touched upon back back pain and you know when you look at it from what's going on within the body, those disks that actually provide a nice comfortable cushion between those spinal vertebrae, you know those discos, how do you feel like this are filled with fluid and so water is very essential to make sure that there's a nice comfortable cushion between those vertebrae and when you're dehydrated, they flatten out friction is produced at a very high level, you know, then you have inflammation and that bag praying continues to perpetuate and people like all I gotta do is drink more water.

I'm like, that could very well be a solution, could be that simple, it could be that simple man. And just, you know, it's, it's um, I don't wanna say it's mind blowing because you and I malika, this is what we do. But dude, on the other hand, it's like people that don't believe us, they'll go out and research it. Uh yeah, they're analyzing every little bit of what we're saying right now, go out and look it up because they validate what the experts are saying it is because you know, these days an age, unfortunately when it comes to the fitness industry, everyone an expert and it's sad to say that, but hey, it is what it is man, a lot of these, I'm glad these genetic freaks, like I drink soda coffee and I'm great. Uh yeah, man, so I'm glad, I'm glad that you're talking to us about this. So dude, people want to make changes man, this, this whole quarantine 15, the pandemic pudge, you know that I put on, dude, this is, this has been a serious and uh, it's been dark days for a lot of this man were absolutely, you know, we're our metabolisms, our mental health, our, you know, our weight game, you know, it's, it's just so much going on in the wrong direction.

So, you know, of course there's been this big hoopla about gyms being closed. It's like, oh, we need gyms, but at the end of the day, gyms aren't essential exercise is, but then like, you know, the need for moderate exercise as a stimulus for physical change. I don't think people understand the importance of moderation, right? And consistency. So can you talk to us about, you know, um that in terms of physical change? Yes, absolutely. So just to briefly comment on the moderate side of things, the reason that I like to focus on moderate is because as americans, our tenant tends to be go big or go home, right, that's fine. But is it sustainable? So you want, you want to pick something that fits your lifestyle. Um, and so many, so many times, you know, people look at the quote unquote fitness gurus and experts and stuff like that and what we have to remember is that those folks get paid to work out a lot of times they don't really necessarily have a family, some of them do, but a lot of times they don't necessarily have like kids and a wife or husband that they have to go home to.

And so they can afford to spend 23 hours in the gym. But for the average person just wants to be able to function and play with their Children, 15 2030 minutes of exercise four times a week is a sustainable, sustainable amount of exercise that they can do. And again, as you mentioned a little while ago, you don't necessarily need a gym to do that. Um, bodyweight exercises that you can do at home. Um, I've had people dropped 10 15 £20 just exercising at home with minimal amounts of equipment. You can go to, if you just a person that needs to have equipment, you can get resistance bands from your local retail store, whether it's walmart target or, you know, even, um, whether Ali's marshals, like all these little stories, they have resistance bands, you can pick up for a little bit of nothing and, you know, pick three basic exercises, you know, you can do like a squat, you can do that with the resistance band or you can do it with body weight.

Um, You can do some type of curling exercise. Um, you can wrap the band around the door and do some back exercises and you really can get a full body workout in 30 minutes or less. Now, granted it's always better to reach out to somebody like David or myself, you want to work with somebody that really knows what they're doing and can guide you properly as far as exercise, um, execution because we don't want your hurting yourselves. But at the end of the day, the most important thing is to get moving. You know, so many people are like, Oh, you know, I wanna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna walk every day for 45 minutes. We'll burn if you've been sitting, if you've been sitting on your keister on the couch for the last five years, not doing anything, you're not going to go from that to a 45 minute walk and be able to maintain that consistently. I'm sorry. That's, that's just not realistic. Right. Let's start off small, you know, less. Instead of instead of having such a big goal, maybe next time you go to the grocery store instead of looking for the closest spot park, away park, away from the store and, and walk all the way to the door.

Um, if you live in a relatively safe neighborhood, you know, just walk from your door to the corner and back and gradually increased. I'm all about being gradual with the changes because we are capable of all out intensity. All of us are. We've all heard about the mother who lifted, you know, the car off of the child or, you know, we saw that lady on Tiktok fought a brown bear off of her dogs. She worked out a day in her life. But we want something that we can sustain that fits into our lifestyle. Yeah, absolutely. And you know, I'm glad Malki that you mention the fact that, you know, when we look at these, these sources of inspiration on instagram and things of that sort where these individuals have wonderful bodies. I mean, yeah, they don't live the normal lifestyle that we live. So that takes time and pete some people don't get the concept of the process and it is a process, it's one, whereas you, it's a process of getting out of shape and it's a process of getting back into shape.

Absolutely. And unfortunately, you know, we're more conscious of, you know, getting getting back in shape than we are because it's just all of a sudden you look down, you're like, damn, whoa what happened? You know, it's like I can't put my finger on what happened is because so many things transpired over the course of time that we don't understand that, but you know, to move in both directions, it requires consistency. So you were consistent at integrating poor lifestyle choices and I say lifestyle because there's so many variables that are there absolutely, you integrated poor lifestyle choices over time and that's why you're where you are versus okay in order for you to move in the opposite direction, you have to incorporate positive lifestyle choices constantly in small portions as you mentioned in moderation over time. And I think once we grasp that we'll be in a much better situation and that's why for me, I continually promote being healthy or being fit because you have to understand the health component first before you can get fit and some people like the foundation.

Yeah, yeah, you got some people want to go go hardcore, let me get fit. All right, let me go, let me go, knock this out. Hey, knock yourself out. That sound good. But you know, I always allude to celebrities that have been historically out of shape all of a sudden they, they jump into a personal training program and kill over. Yeah, that man, but you know, exercise can be detrimental to your health when it's un advisable, you know, based on your current medical status. Uh, something that most trainers don't really dive into or even understand and you go to too much too soon. Right, right. Rhabdomyolysis. Excuse me. Yeah, I guess since I said that I should, I should kind of talk about for those folks who don't know what it is wrapped in my license is an extreme case of working too hard and the body basically completely breaks the muscle tissue down.

It can literally put you in the hospital that day. Yeah, it's, you know, way beyond regular soreness. So yeah. And so malika, what that being said. Uh, some people who are, who may have heard about it. Can that only happen with cross fitters? No, that's a great question. Make it happen to anybody. I mean, you know anyone, anyone that goes from, as I mentioned before, a long period of in activity to, yeah, I'm gonna get, I'm gonna kill, I'm gonna kill the, the work. I might, I mean, I hate to put it like this, but you might want to kill the workout with the workout may end up killing you. It's always better to be slow, slow and steady. Like we learn from the Aesop's fable back in the day, you know, you don't you don't want to be the hair in this one. You want to, you want to be the tortoise and make those consistent small changes so that the compound effect at the end of whether it's 33 months, six months or a year is going to be you moving closer and closer to the health and whatever your ultimate goal happens to be absolutely fantastic.

So, man, um and of course we're talking about getting healthy and you know, body transformation and a part of that. You know, we, we we we talked about carbohydrates, we talked about fact, but I mean overall healthy eating, it's like now, you know, now that you know, safer to somebody's in this mindset to change their physique, um how important is nutrition and then also talk to us about how expensive it can be, right? So, you know, you have the, you have all these arbitrary numbers out there, right? People like, oh, it's 40% jim is 60% nutrition or it's 80% nutrition and 20% gym Dude, it's 100% working now and it's 100%, you know, eating what you're supposed to eat, you can't, you can't neglect one for the other and so nutrition is key, right? If let's, let's look at it this way, it doesn't matter if you have a Ferrari or if you have a Honda, if you're not putting gas in there, you you're not going anywhere, right?

So you have to, you have to fuel properly. And I'm so glad that you asked about the expensive side of things because that is definitely something that I've heard so many people say, oh, it just costs so much to eat healthy. So let's, let's kind of put it in perspective, right? So yeah, it may, it may cost you more to get a couple pounds of chicken breasts than it would a bag of potato chips, right? However, that being said, um let's just take, for example, I haven't been, I haven't been to a fast food restaurant to eat and forever, but let's say your average um what do they call those combo meals, You get the sandwich and the drinks and the fries and I'm not, I'm not being facetious, I really can't remember right now. Oh, it's, I mean it's just a combo meal. Okay, okay, great. So yeah, average. Your average combo meal is what, $789 right? And that's one meal if you go to even giant or Wegmans, which their prices are probably a little bit more more than say like a Target or walmart For that same 9-10 dollars, you can get two or £3 of meat, you can get a few pounds of vegetables and if again, if your body calls for it, you can actually even get a few sweet potatoes And that same $10 instead of being one meal can be five, so I'm not trying to hear, it's too expensive to eat healthy, you know, as americans um office job people, they probably spin, I would guess estimate probably like $10, a day if they're eating breakfast and lunch at work And then, you know, that's not even dinner, if they turn around and then they get a frozen dinner, then you can easily add so you can, you're looking at $20, a day just on eating, I'm not a math whiz, but you know, you take the time and just put a fraction of that money towards make using that same amount of money to make healthy choices and going to places, you know like Wegmans or Giant or even like whole foods, you know, which people say whole foods is more pricey than those other places dimension.

That is true, but if you compare it to how much you're spending by eating out, then it really, it really is a wash um and he kind of lost my train of thought, but essentially um at the end of the day, you actually come out better eating at home than you do eating out and as far as the time aspect because I know a lot of people are gonna say, oh I don't, I don't have time to cook. Um if you have a favorite favorite show or you like to sit down and watch sports or something like that. Ladies and gentlemen, you have time to cook um invest in a crock pot or something like a uh I forget the name of the new one. They have one as a combination. Maybe you can help me out with this David, They have one that's a combination between a crock pot and a pressure cooker. So you can either cook it for a long time or be done with it in 2030 minutes. Do you remember the name of that right now? I don't, I don't know, I forgot the name of the exact item but I do and it's uh we have it, it's a, it's a ninja.

Okay. It's as a slow cooker feature. It has, you know, you can do the pressure cooker. I mean, I mean it's, it's like an all in one and man because it, I mean it's a so much shine. I mean I can put, I can put, you know, I can put You know, vegetables, I can put potatoes, I can do, you know meat, you can put them all in there and then boom, put it in there 10 minutes later. It's done. Exactly, it's done. They put it in containers and put it in the refrigerator, boom, there goes the excuses about not having healthy food, just take it with you to work. And you would be amazed at that with that one change, even if ladies and gentlemen, even if you're not working out, you make that one change, you're going to be surprised at how it improves your cholesterol, levels, your energy levels, your sleep quality. Um if you make that one adjustment, Yeah, no, I agree with you, 100% of Malika and some people don't realize that we are habitual creatures and there's certain foods that we eat over and over and over again.

So why not purchase them in bulk, purchasing in bulk? Do you meal prep? You know, because meal prep is definitely a time saver. I mean you can produce, You know, 2-3 meals over 2-3 days and just grab and go, especially if you're, you're out there and you're working during the pandemic, you're meeting in the word or you know, you're working, you're working at home, you want to make sure you get your meals in, you know, you gotta do is pop it in the microwave and you're good to go. And so you get that measured nutrition and you're getting in there on a consistent basis and I know that's what we're talking about consistency and making sure that uh this is something that's sustainable, but the expense aspect of it, you definitely end up spending less and if you're eating out as you, as you said, you know, you're spending 15 $20 a date that's 300 to $400 per month. And I get you if you do your meal prep and you get the foods that you normally eat, put it into you know these containers and just have Just a set system of how you use this using a pressure cooker, not only gonna save money again until you're gonna save at least you know you know 50% of what you would normally spend by eating out.

Absolutes yeah man. So good stuff man, good stuff. And um I like the fact that we're talking about moderation because one of my things with rise of purpose is that I'm always teaching people about moderation and it goes back to a client that I had when I first started off training malika this lady and just for the sake I'm only gonna use the last name, Rest in heaven. MS Brown. Uh but she started Training with me at the tender age of 85. Yeah. Yeah so MS Brown she was 85. Uh she had she had type two diabetes but MS Brown came in to start training, she's like I need to build muscle, I need to get stronger. And I was like you know okay cool. And so I kind of pigeonholed her at first because I'm like oh she's 85 any five african american woman. She's never exercised before. Oh man I wanted to put her on all machines, you know, let me be right, She quickly got bored.

So I was like okay well let's let's do a squat evaluation. I did a squat evaluation with MS Brown and do she made ask the grass looked like it was something she created back in the early nice. She dropped well below 90° bring up. I'm talking about there was still some spring in this chicken man. So I was totally amazed. So I was thinking MS Brown, and she she worked with me over the course of six months and I was just amazed at this lady is 85 years old and she's functioning better than Most 30 and 40 year olds that I'm aware of. And I actually, what was the key element of what she, you know, she felt was the key to her longevity and MS Brown says she always did everything in moderation, right? Just like I do everything but I do it all in moderation.

She's like malika, she would drink her beers, she would drink her wine, she would drink her liquor, you know, she would have her desserts, but she did everything in moderation. She also made sure she had her fruits or vegetables, you know her grains for proteins, she did everything in moderation. And so I adapted this saying that in order to do everything in moderation, you do everything in moderation, right? I like that so you can do everything in moderation, but we're at a moderation. Yeah man so um yo Malik I appreciate you have you know being here man once again this is Malik I the real McCoy and he has come to us today to talk about body transformation through sustainable dietary habits and exercise and of course we went into some some nice golden nuggets that uh that's here for you to take with you and implement immediately.

I appreciate your brother. Um I know they're going to be some some members of the rising purpose nation that they were gonna have questions you don't want to talk to you and you know talk to you so how can they get in contact with you? Well a couple of different ways that you can reach me, you can just email me at my gmail account which is Real McCoy Fitness at gmail dot com. And that spells M C KO Y so R E A L M C K O Y and then the word fitness at gmail. And also if you want to schedule a complimentary consultation you can do that through facebook um same spelling, Real McCoy Fitness and I'll get the notification or you can just ask me questions there directly through facebook messenger. Fantastic. And for this podcast I will definitely make sure that your contact information is available to our audience so then they can reach out to you directly and ask questions you know I don't believe in filtering or being a middleman when I bring my on, I want my audience to be able to directly connect to my I guess because I'm bringing, I'm bringing you guys on here because you are a subject matter expert and not only in body transformation and so hopefully you got that but Malika, I absolutely want to bring you back to talk about life insurance man and something that I am still kind of trying to grasp the importance of it and I know that others are out there, there's like this whole life insurance thing, okay, we gotta dive into that so we're gonna, I'm gonna bring it back man and we're gonna talk about that.

But hey Malik, odd, I appreciate your time today brother, it's been enlightening, I enjoyed speaking with you about these things that are important to all of us and once again this is Maliki McCoy, my name is David Rachelle the third, I'm your host for rise of purpose. Remember we engage educate and empower you so that you know better, do better and be better until next time continue to rise anything before get me brown fabric beautiful every way by purpose. Rise the purpose you are more than you see in the mirror and that man breaking up

Body Transformation Through Sustainable Dietary Habits and Exercise
Body Transformation Through Sustainable Dietary Habits and Exercise
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