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Ep. 100 LIVE - Celebrating 100 Episodes!

by Claudine Sweeney
October 27th 2021

Cheers to our 100th episode! Listen in on our FB live as we dive into a little Q&A in our FB group, Rise Up & Shine. Thank you to all of our loyal listeners for your support and sharing with us wha... More

this is episode 100 celebrating 100 episodes. Yeah, so today Claudine and I went facebook live for a Q and a session, there may be some audio glitches, but please bear with it as we dive in and get personal. If you like to watch the video, please join our facebook group. It's called Rise Up and Shine and we'd love to have you as part of our growing community of women Risers and Shiners. So thanks for tuning in everybody and here we go. You're listening to the Rise Up and Shine podcast with Claudine and Ashley as an empty nester and a mom with young kids. We have both shared very similar and very real struggles from chaos to coaches. We now help other women live an authentic and meaningful life. So tune in weekly for girl talk and tips on how you too can rise up and let your light shine bright, This is the Rise Up and Shine podcast.

Welcome everyone. This is our first ever facebook Live for the Rise Up and Shine podcast, Claudine and Ashley here and today we are celebrating our 1/100 episode. This will actually be our 100 That's so so cheers Ashley, let me just give you a lot of hard work 100 episodes, who would have thought I don't actually have a sit Well if you are then I will. Oh that's good. So if you're joining us, did you think when we started this, that we'd be sitting here on our 10th episode. No, I just really focused On, let's start one. I never looked ahead and thought what if I don't know how far we didn't think about it did we? But we got here even in a pandemic and me living mostly in Los Angeles for most of last year, that was actually rough on me. I'm sure it was on you. But the one doing the editing, we do a lot better when we, when we record live together sitting at the desk, this very desk usually also now have an office.

So now we we toggle well, and one thing I mentioned on our facebook group in our facebook group is perseverance. It's a testament to perseverance. You know, I mean there were a lot of things that have come up distance. Yes, you have to go back home to southern California and I was here and you know, some of the technology things because we all don't really know technology all that great. We're figuring it out. We're figuring it out. So yeah, persevering. I feel proud of us. I feel very proud of us. I am because we couldn't quit and people quit. So now, like I got challenged recently by my business coach to promote our podcast and not keep it a secret. So yes, you do that part of the editing. You promote great team can't keep it A secret anymore. 100 episodes. Well, we have some questions that people have sent to us. So I thought we could answer some questions and if you have any questions, feel free to put it in the comments section and we will answer as many as we can during this live.

And if I happen to get up it's because I'm going to look at those comments because I have to touch the camera. Yeah we're a little sitting a little far away. We are little is your battery. Do you have enough battery? I can do, I charged it smart. We've had a lot of technical difficulties, no one asked us that. But let me tell you, we have recorded episodes that have disappeared. What else has happened? We have broken microphones. We had no microphones zoom enough said a lot of technical difficulties over the year. Well why don't we share with people how we started? I was thinking the same thing in my closet, in the corner of my closet on her phone. Yeah, we started with a pillow fort with a pillow fort and we would just talk into it anyway. Thanks others are sound buffer maybe the 1st 10 episodes or so I don't know. I don't know it's all a blur. We came out of the closet and into the office and it's been better ever since.

Yeah, those are good times. It was it was good. It was a really good sound studio. So if anybody is looking to start a podcast or is playing with the idea that is how a lot of people start believe it or not on a phone in the closet and the closet is good because all the clothes buffer the sound and then the pillow fort was like a really fancy high end buffer whatever and now they've got king size pillows so we even have more space. We don't need it anymore or in the office we have things like this, we have little furry things and answer your things now we've moved up. Yes. Yeah we have. So yeah, when we start with the first question, okay so one more question. I got a job before Beauty, is that what you're trying to say? Yeah and also I'm going to take a little sweet, you take a sip. So one of the first questions we got was why did you start this podcast? So I'm gonna let you answer that one. Why did we start this? Do even remember?

Yes. Okay you answer. I do. Okay good. Yes. Well so we have been friends before, before we started the podcast. We've known each other for years and we went through very similar things in our life as just being a wife, a mom, a woman. Um and there were a lot of similarities and then the more we talked with even other women and then starting coaching other women and friends, family. You name it it was a very common thing that a lot of people share the same struggles. Right? And so it was really like eye opening like gosh you know we were learning so much of how to transform our lives um just with research, I was going through counseling and our own coaching and it was we found these practical and these tools to help us really transform our life and our thinking patterns and to rise up and shine and show up how we want to and so we thought more people need to hear these things and so we both were very passionate and I remember sitting in your pool at your apartment and you know the kids were all swimming around, we thought what if we start a podcast?

That it was a very lovely hot day? Yeah, so we thought why not let's go for it because we felt very passionate that these are such valuable tools that we want to spread the word. So whoever is wanting to hear and wanting to do that in their life. Absolutely great. Alright. Yeah, it kind of feeds into another question is how did we meet? Do you remember you remember long ago, I even say it was about seven years ago, 2014, so I was really young. You were, you were really young and I was still in the middle, so there you go. Um we moved up to the sacramento area and met you and your husband at church and for some reason we connected, I think you're originally from santa Barbara were originally from Los Angeles and there was kind of a connection, we knew some of the same people from down south and we just met at church and started talking and I don't know the husbands got along along when they get along.

It's always a bonus when the couples both. So that's how we met. And then the times that you and I would spend together alone. We talked about our journeys and how in the church it was very difficult, at least in my situation I think for you as well, um struggling with depression and anxiety, there weren't a lot of resources for us. We have the scriptures, but we didn't have the science, we had the principles, but we didn't have the practical is to help. So that was really well said, I'm glad this is being recorded because another bumper sticker from get it by tomorrow, but I'm glad I'm glad. So yeah, you and your husband have been really amazing mentors for me and my husband. So we've really appreciated that because you've been married quite a bit longer and your kids are grown and so you've been able to share your own struggles and life lessons that you've learned with marriage. And so Wow. Long time. 55 16. You look maybe 36.

You look pretty nice today. I don't know if it's the lighting in here. You look a lot of lights going on here. All right. Shall we move on to the next room? That's another question. Let's see. I have? Well, this kind of segue. You both talk about changing your thoughts to change your life. What do you mean by that? So if you've listened to a lot of our podcast, we're always talking about thought work, changing our thoughts. So clarify, Okay, so if anyone is familiar with CBT right, cognitive behavior therapy is very much a foundation for life coaching. Um, and transforming our mind. And one thing that Claudine and I learned is one of the reasons why I became really passionate about this is because it's also scriptural. I be transformed by the renewing of your mind. So Oh, the science. Oh God, whoa. That's amazing. Yeah. Hey, hey saying it all along, right? Yeah. So when you're in this place where you're feeling just down and inadequate and insecure and you feel unhappy and unfulfilled.

Which is where I was I felt. How do you get like there's something more I know their God promised light to the full and abundance and I'm not feeling it. Where is it? It's like I want to go on a treasure hunt to find it. Yeah, I'm unhappy. I have the quote unquote dream life, right? And but still unfulfilled. So it came down when I was doing all my transformation and learning and even going through the counseling gave me a lot of great tools but connecting all the dots and realizing how I feel and how I am showing up or not showing up is a direct result from what I'm thinking and I thought patterns and my limiting beliefs about myself about other people. Um and all these beliefs that we have formed and thinking patterns years in the making years. Um and so and really realizing that they have been developed really early on with an underdeveloped brain, still function from that place.

And so now, well, we have that prefrontal cortex, the rational, logical part of our brain that we can tap into and really rationalize with ourselves and with those thoughts or beliefs and think of it differently. So we can feel different. If I want. If I want to feel less frustrated with my Children, then I can think differently about the situation or about what they're doing or what they're not doing. It's usually what they're not doing. You're not okay, you're not listening, you're not doing what I said, you're not following my strict guidelines for you to have a wonderful stress free, painful for me to have a wonderful stressful right? Yes. So our thoughts are so crucial to how we feel. Um and then we act from a place of where, how we're feeling our emotions. I just realized I can see you just as well there as I can here. Oh, hello. Funny with this. Uh you know, it's interesting because I always thought my emotions came from my circumstance.

I was just whatever is going on my life, that's why I feel the way I feel. So it was life changing for me years ago when I learned that No, it's not the situation that causes me to feel the way I feel. It's my thoughts about the situation that causes me to feel the way I feel. And that was the start of me getting totally because I was very stuck. I was stuck and I was in a different place. I was, my kids were all adults growing up, I was an empty nester And everything was just starting to fall apart. I felt the kids were moving out. I don't know what identity, who am I now is a mom full time for 25 years and now they're not really home. And then you look at your spouse and you're like, oh, do you see a little bit more, you're like, oh, we always had the kids and binders, right? You're like, hello, I like I like that. Yeah. And there's just so many different things all happening at the same time. And so for me it was really learning that my thoughts had more influence on my emotions and my beliefs and my belief system, which like you said, some of them were formed with an immature brain the exposure and experience to the imperfect, right?

And so you become a christian for you and I, we became christians and we have all these new beliefs, but yet unfortunately there's a lot of subconscious beliefs that fight that it was life changing for me to realize that my thoughts could influence my emotions and and we can renew those thoughts and be transformed. So our life can be different. We can experience more peace despite the circumstances exam and it depends on how the meaning we're giving to the circumstances. We can even take. A very simple example is the crazy storm up in sacramento, sacramento California for those who are not here. Um but you know, some people like I hate the storms and I loved it, I can't drive. I'm stuck inside, it's cold and focus on that where some people are like I love the rain is beautiful, We really need it. So it's really the outlook that we give to it a situation, but people can look at the same situation differently and then it feeds into how you feel, right.

So if you're focused on all the negative you're going to feel off grumpy. You know, not very, pretty much every podcast episode we've recorded refers to thoughts pretty much and sometimes it might seem redundant is just we try to meet and hit all these different topic ideas and different points, but it is we try to drill it in because our thoughts are so crucial. So which went to another question that you ask your question while I have another. So I think it was your turn, but it doesn't matter how do we come up with all these podcast ideas. People want to know because 100 you think it might be easy to come up with 100? Not so my friend. Not that easy. Yeah. We've had to veto sub two. You've given ideas. I don't know what you mean, but I don't know if I like that one or I can't really Yeah, it's different when you're with two. But how have you come up with 100? Um, well there's different things. Right? We've done research our own experiences. We've asked people like, hey, what would you want to hear about?

Yeah, Do you have any other? Yeah, I do. I don't know if I want to share it because people may not want to talk to me sometimes some of the conversations I have you guys. Yes. There you go. I get them. I get ideas. No names are thrown in there. We don't throw it. Don't drop bombs. But sometimes just conversations or sparks an idea. It does. Yeah, yeah, yeah, definitely. Or even I've literally been in the grocery store and heard people talking and I was like, huh, that would be a good idea. So, and you share some personal experiences from grocery store shopping. Have I? You have, oh how angry you got about? You have angry you got about this person who wasn't moving and she was standing there in her car. Tell me she was this little lady. I'm like, I think that was a pandemic stress. That was sure that was pandemic stress. Yeah. And that we had waited in line for half an hour to get in. And don't you think last year with the pandemic and still going into it? That has given us a lot of topic ideas has brought a lot up right of oh my gosh, like there's a lot of things that people are really struggling with loneliness.

You know, I've never really thought that I struggled with loneliness until the pandemic and having the kids home and not being able to go in your lives changed. Yeah, for sure. Um really quick, if you hear a little bit of noise we rescued a little kitten and it's screwing around the room. So if you hear anything, that's what it is, it's okay. So another big question that people have asked is what exactly is a life coach? Because we are both life coaches, we have gone through a certification process and training. Um and so some people are like, well, what exactly is it? Because it's still relatively new, It's becoming more common. I think everybody knows tim Robbins, everybody's heard of him. So what exactly is a life coach? Cloudy? Well, it's very different than a therapist and I like to explain a therapist looks back and life coaches go forward. It's really helping you grow forward to reach a goal, to overcome a situation. Get unstuck to learn how to feel less overwhelming your life to have accountability.

I literally just signed up, we've talked about this so many times on the podcast, I've said I'm going to join a gym, I'm going to start exercising, I'm gonna start working out. You've driven by, I have driven by the gym, I have, we walk, but at my age I need more than walking. So I literally called a trainer which is a physical fitness coach if you'll have it. So he knows more about exercise and I do and then I have appointments and he keeps me accountable. So I'm feeling the pain today, but I need no herds, I mean, oh my gosh! But anyway, I knew I needed that accountability, I know how to work out, I know where to work out, I know when to work out, I know all of that, I needed the accountability and it's going to help me reach my goals. So that's very much what a life coach does except we coach for what's going on in your life. Yeah, exactly. It's, we walk along with you, we help give you practical tips, strategies to help reach a goal.

It also, we also help with awareness sometimes takes a person outside of your own experience to listen to you and to say like kind of connect dot some of those limiting beliefs or thinking patterns or patterns, kitty going crazy or patterns in your life, right? When we deal with stress, we end up having coping patterns, So coping styles patterns, but it's a lot of awareness because I think so many times, that's one of the things that I realized about why I wanted to go into coaching and why doing the podcast is we don't really take time to become aware of our life about how we're feeling about where we want to go, how we want to feel what gold do I have always probably not attainable, or I don't have the means right now to do it, or um and so we feel stuck sometimes we can feel inadequate, we can feel insecure. So a lot of those thought patterns and we just help with digging out some of the awareness, you know, like, well do you find that in other situations, you know, you think that in this relationship, do you, you do find yourself thinking that in other relationships and so we kind of helped connect dots, um and then, you know, with you, we ask you what is it that you want to accomplish or what goal do you have or what area in your life do you want to feel better in or do you want to show up better?

And we help with strategic ways to get you there and the accountability, the accountability is huge because it's not you didn't do your homework this week is okay, let's talk about it, you know, I hope that's not my fitness coaches or my business coach because I just hired a business coach as well, so hopefully, no, they're not like that. So anyway, they're great. It's encouraging moving forward is to empower you, right? It's to empower you, that you have so much control over what you want to do in your life and how you want to feel and show up and obviously we don't have control over circumstances, but you do have control over you and what you think and how you feel. So that's basically the coaching. That's right, yeah, I have another question for you, yeah. What is your favorite episodes so far? A friends of our, I'm sorry, Oh yeah, the other french, that's a whole nother that's a whole another facebook live.

Okay, I would probably say the one that is my personal favorite and I actually got good feedback on is one of our earlier ones. I'm trying to remember what episode it was, but it was the mean girl in my head, that one I really liked, because I still use those practical, even us as coaches, we have to coach ourselves, sometimes we coach each other, you know, because when we're in the midst of a stressful situation then we have to, you know, someone from the hours, isn't that the same? I think you've said that a lot and I've never, it sounds great, it's probably a generation think, Yes, that's exactly what it is, that the mean girl, that was a good one. That was a good one well, and it kind of makes you feel not so intimidated by this inner voice, right? It's like, oh it almost makes it feel like it's a separate person, so you don't feel shame for thinking these things and being because we're not always nice to ourselves.

But I think one of the takeaways from that was, do I talk to my Children the way I talk to myself, do I talk to my friends the way that I talk to myself? No, why? Why? Why? That's hard on myself. So that really brought a lot of awareness and I like that and I got a lot of great feedback from on that episode two was a good one. Yeah, one of my well I like so many, I did look this up and I'm like, oh I like that one and that 11 of them for me was stop overthinking because I'm an over thinker and I think and think and ruminate and no good comes out of overthinking. In fact, one of my kids is an over thinker and we're talking a couple weeks ago and I'm like, I think myself out of things when I overthink do you myself down just like it gets ugly. Then the mean girl comes, I think the mean girl comes and I'm thinking but I was talking to this child and said who is a grown adult because all my kids are grown adults, but stop overthinking it, which ties into one of the other ones That I liked was making decisions with confidence and you know, I made a decision to hire trainer, I researched it in 24 hours and booked it within 36 hours.

I just made a decision, I was like, nope, this is it, I'm doing this. I booked, I start monday and you decided not to sit and overthink it. No, I did not just acted and I made a decision with confidence and my husband was shocked. He's like, you what, you did what I said, I got myself a trainer because usually I'll ask him, I'm like what do you think? And should I research myself right out of a decision and I just said no, I want to do the research yourself out of the right out of a decision. Like I know research and overthink yourself out of it. And the funny thing cannot enlightened to that. The funny thing is the guy asked me is like, so do you have any questions for me or how did you find me? I'm like, I looked it up, there were a few of you I read and I felt that you were right and he just looked at me like crazy lady. I was like, I just felt you were the one, so I'd like to take your but I was confident, I was confident. I just, I knew I wanted this and I knew I needed to do this and so I'm sorry to Interrupt Our Little Kitten.

We see three if you want to make on my chords. Yes, episode 63. No, I can relate to that one. I I get decision fatigue. That's what it's called. Right? Decision. But you wouldn't have decision fatigue if you just made him. I know. And how many times have we been taught to think things through? Right? I think it through. Okay. So I gotta think it through and then I end up talking myself out of it. It's a balance. It's obviously there's times where we need to think things you don't want to be impulsive. But sometimes when, when all it is is bringing up fear insecurity. It's like just make the decisions. That was one of my favorites. And my husband has noticed the change because he was rather shocked that I made such a big to him decision by myself and did it and went one, it takes accountability and it's being vulnerable. You know, I think when it comes to our health, it's hard to feel vulnerable about her health when we're not feeling good about our health. So I know for myself, I'm like, I don't want anybody to know how I feel very insecure.

I told them I was like, okay, well I do. I just don't like here's who I am too young and I had to be measured and weighed and all that stuff. But anyway, and how is that process? You feel good about totally fine. Really fine. I must come with age, right? You're like, I don't even care anymore well and it came with the thought like this is why I'm at today and I didn't attach a value to it. I'm not a good place, I'm not a bad place, this is just the number, these are just the size. You know, these are the measurements, there's no value attached to it. I didn't touch a value to any of that. These are the facts and I feel great that I am getting stronger and fitter and healthier and you made that big step to go after a girl that you really well. We have been talking about it on the podcast for quite some time. I knew you were going to ask me, like you say that and I keep forgetting to ask, you know, bringing it up, I'm telling everybody I did it, cheer. That's a big accomplishment.

I'm proud of you. Okay? Yes, one last question, I wanted to address this about stress. We all feel stress, right, That's an inevitable thing. Sometimes we put more stress on ourselves and we really need to but the question specifically on this one was what does it do to the body? What does it do to our body? So and we feel stress kind of different ways generally it's the same, right? We get increased heart rate. We might feel kind of jittery, I get jittery, I get sore muscles tight. Usually it happens in the morning when I'm trying to get the kids to school. I noticed, wow, my muscles are really hurting and I'm really tense and then I get irritated and I'm short with the kids and it really does not help us to get to school any earlier. It does not. It just I say goodbye to the kids. I'm frustrated. I lash out at them. Poor kids are thinking about it all day and probably failing their tests because of their mother.

I don't think so. See where my mind goes, adds more stress. It does, it adds more stress. Yeah. Anyways, so, but you know, it actually suppresses our immune system and we've talked about this in the previous episode that especially during the pandemic, we're all feeling a bit more stress because we're stuck inside and we have limitations on us. And um not something we want right now, right with Covid so I can suppress our immune system. It impacts our digestive system. For sure. I know what I feel anxious. I'm going to the bathroom all the time. Well T M. I. But it does, it makes my gut just feel uneasy and it's assigned to know, okay, something's going on. I need to pay attention here. Um It also increased the risk of stroke and heart attack because if you think about it, we're in fight or flight mode and so our bodies working overtime for survival when some of the stressful situations aren't necessarily a matter of survival.

It's just our nervous system is responding to a stressor, right? But stressors now because we're bombarded with stress all the time and what's the word I'm looking for? The stimuli? Fabulous. Thank you. I didn't think of it. You did stimuli, stimulus, stimulus, stimuli so much stimulus I think is the check we got from. Yeah, that's president. That was not strike, it's fun. Anyway. Yeah. Hopefully. You know, I started reading a book. It's called, I wanted to look it up. It's called the body keeps the score, brain mind and body in the healing of trauma. And I haven't finished it. So I share a lot more if I'd read it. But when I finished it, maybe we'll do an episode about that. But it's true. The things that we feel, the things that we experience, we hold a lot of it in our bodies and it stores and our bodies. And I suffered for years. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus and undiagnosed with lupus. And what I realized is that I had been living for a long time with stress and inflammation and all kinds of unhealthy things in my body that you have four Children.

Four Children. Not that they were stressed. I stopped it stressful, stressful. Yeah, it is. There was one quarter where they were all in sports. So we have to work. And then we're like, yeah, never again, Never again. So we stopped that car pool, anybody, but you still couldn't. It was like you lived in kind of a rural area too. So that was that was the suburbs. But well how really your house suburbs, It looks rural while the house was 12 minutes from the mall. I'm like 12 minutes from the freeway I guess. I mean, yeah, I was in the suburbs, but but it really does. And when I was going through counseling and the trauma class through Kaiser, it was really eye opening that with trauma and all that unprocessed emotion trapped in our bodies when it's unprocessed, it's trapped. Right? That makes sense. And then it can actually, we had a little pyramid diagram.

It can lower your life expectancy by up to 20 years. That was like when she said that, what I close my eyes, if I hadn't learned how to manage stress, I'd be getting to the end. I thought that was outrageous. But I mean it makes sense. The more research I was doing and learning about stress, trauma, all that stuff on the body. Oh my gosh, I was blown away. So I'm like, I need to try and limit my stress. I need to handle my stress. I need to take care of this body and find out why it's your favorite things you're thinking, what's my favorite thing to talk about self care. Yeah. Yes, that is why I went into coaching life coaching and specifically self care because many of us think self care, I don't have time, it's selfish. That's what I don't have. The mouth care is selfish when I thought, well it's not, I don't bath, I like baths now, but before I didn't really care about a bath, I don't go get pedicures and manicures and massages.

I like that stuff. So I always thought that was self care, but I've learned self care is interwoven throughout her day, you know, important. It's having boundaries, it's saying no, it's being honest and communicating with someone to help teach them how we should be treated right is taking breaks as I give myself a lunch break because I'm building the business and working on my website and my coaching program and all that, even though the kids are gone, I give myself a lunch break, I've had to do that. I learned that from the pandemic. Even though I'm working from home, I could just keep going and not stop for a break and I was getting run down. So part of my self care is I am giving myself at least 45 minutes to an hour of a lunch break where I sit. Yeah, I watch a show and I eat my lunch and I'm not looking at anything. I'm sorry. Yeah, not an earthquake in California kind of so you know, things like that. So it's also making healthier choices.

So knowing when I get stressed out and overwhelmed, I like to eat chips and I just want to veg out on chips and not saying that's a bad thing, but all the time I don't feel good, like, oh wow, I'm proud of myself for making good healthy choices. So, you know, I give myself some leeway, obviously I'm not anti chip, but you know what I mean? You know, the and I'm going to choose other coping style that I feel better about and not ashamed about to deal with stress. So that was our stress question. So I'm not um but there was one more thing, No, but there was one more thing about the stress. You're stressing me out on the bodies, which you would really find interesting. Um and we talked about this. Okay, I'll tell you, I'm building it up. Um where is it on my note here? I lost it. You got me distracted now. Oh stress, chronic stress can also increase the speed of aging. Yeah, we just did an episode about aging gracefully.

Yeah. Um and it was not a promo about going and get all this plastic surgery and Botox, nothing like that. Not that we're saying that's bad, but we went more to the heart and the mind, right? We focus more, yeah, more on that. But it stress chronic stress can speed up aging. I don't want that, I don't know about you. I don't have already quite a bit hurt further ahead than you? Yeah, I don't want to speed it up. So that was my last question. Are there any questions do you have to push a button? If anybody has any questions or questions, you can always send us a question later. You can answer it on this topic. Ideas that you want to hear about. Yes. The last thing we do we want to say thank you to those who are watching, who are joining right now and even going to watch a little bit later because we will post this. So that way anyone who missed it can go back and watch and This actually is going to be podcast 100. We're actually going to use the audio is our podcast. So if you miss, I'm going to try to figure out how to do that.

I forgot about that. We'll we'll figure it out. Are you on kitty duty again? Well, I will close this with this. We this is our 100 episode and all you're bringing. I'm gonna because we need to see look Yeah, he's real. I know this is the earthquake little kitten stormy story is found in the stores. Found it had a big storm here a few days ago. But anyway 100 episodes. So now we're trying to get 100 reviews on our visit Apple are apple. Apple is my Yeah. Uh they do review the algorithms. You have a chance. And if you have apples, if you have a iphone, which I have. I know. So there you go. That's why we don't have 100 reviews and if you do drop us a review, that would be great. We'd appreciate that. Yes. Any closing thoughts. No, other than we are so grateful for this community for the group.

I mean we're still learning and we're still growing so we're going to do more of facebook lives. We're not gonna wait til our 2/100 episode. Don't worry, but we would love to get your feedback to if you enjoyed it. Uh any other questions? There's the kitty again. Any questions or topic ideas, anything we would love for you to let us know. So that way we can be here for you because that is why we're here. That's why we created the group for community and encouragement and also to get your guys feedback too. So we're so grateful for you guys. Alright everyone, thank you for joining in on our conversation today here on the rise up and Shine podcast. If you haven't already, please take a second to hit that subscribe button. So you never miss an episode and while you're at it, share this episode with a friend who you know it can bless today. If you want to visit us as well on our websites, you can catch Claudine over at Clotting Sweeney dot com and Ashley at mind over chaos dot com.

Our links are in the description. We also have some free resources there for you as well. So remember, ladies, no matter what you are facing in life, it is never too late to rise up and shine and live your best life. Yeah. Mhm. Good. Yeah.

Ep. 100 LIVE - Celebrating 100 Episodes!
Ep. 100 LIVE - Celebrating 100 Episodes!
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