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Ep. 110 What Coaching Can Do For You

by Claudine Sweeney
January 6th 2022

Today, Claudine and I talk about our individual coaching programs and what we can do for you. From stay-at-home moms to empty nesters our programs are specifically designed to meet your personal ne... More

This is episode 110. What coaching can do for you? You're listening to the Rise up and Shine podcast with Claudine and Ashley as an empty nester and a mom with young kids. We have both shared very similar and very real struggles from chaos to coaches. We now help other women live an authentic and meaningful life. So tune in weekly for girl talk and tips on how you too can rise up and let your light shine bright. This is the Rise up and Shine podcast. Welcome back listeners today Ashley and I are going to be sharing about our coaching programs. We get asked a lot what kind of Coaching We offer, right, and it's a new year. We're going into 2022 strong, can you believe it? 2022, I can't believe where 2021 go, I don't know right, that was crazy for me. But anyway, so Ashley and I obviously have been doing this podcast together for over two years were both certified life coaches but we have different um niches that we serve different women that we really try to impact and reach out to.

So Ashley of course is in her thirties and really works predominantly with stayed home moms and I am much older than in my thirties and work with empty nesters, predominantly women whose Children have either already left the nest. So they're empty nesters are about to and that's a different um life stage than I have no reliability to that you don't. So that's why we work so well here you can hit all kinds of women in different stages of life. The principles and the practical czar the same. The scriptures and the science are the same. But who we reach out in the different life goals were trying to reach. So actually, why don't you share with our listeners a little bit about your coaching and your program? Absolutely. So my coaching program is called mind over chaos coaching program And it is because I developed this years ago as a blog. Actually, that's how I started when my kids were really little. And that mind that just came to me that title, that mind over chaos and it's stuck.

And I thought, oh my gosh to keep my mind like sane, right to keep my sanity over chaos because I can't expect chaos is going to ever go away. Right, stress is inevitable, things are gonna happen. But how can I keep my mind and my sanity over it all. And so it's interesting as it transitioned into the coaching program, it just fits so well and as stay at home moms, that's who I reach christians specifically christian stay at home moms because that's me right? I experienced this myself and I was able to go through such an amazing transformation when I learned these tools and I just felt so passionate that I need to share this with other women who were in that stage of life because it's gosh, it would have saved me so much headache if I had known these things sooner. But what happens is stay at home moms is we feel like we're just surviving were not thriving, some might, but most of us, you know, there's a lot to take care of, right, We're responsible for the household, the dinners, a lot of the cleaning um depending, you know, especially if your husband goes to work and so the home is your job.

I'm also balancing your own breaks and self care. That's something that totally goes out the window when you have Children. You know self care, what that's selfish and that's one of the lies that we tend to believe as home moms, we feel like we're failing right. I'm failing as a wife as a mom. I'm not showing up as my best and kind of constantly feel like you're missing the mark or that you're falling short. Um I personally have struggled with depression and anxiety as well and I've had to work through that. So another challenge that we have is stay at home moms is being present in the moment and really enjoying our time, our quality time with our Children or with our husband and just being just being still. That was a tricky one, you know, just be still and know right that God is God and but I can't be still, there's so much to do even when we get sick, I can't be sick, there's so much to do, right, this is just such a waste of time.

So we have a very hard time doing that and we desire more peace and less stress. And again, that presence, right? And patience is another big one. How do I stop getting so frustrated at my Children? Um, so I needed you 20 years ago. Where were you and your coaching program? 20 years ago? I needed you. Yeah, I wish I knew me earlier too. But the thing that I want my clients to know is that you can thrive in motherhood, right? You can feel peace during the chaos. You can believe you're an incredible wife and a mom. You can be more patient, You can find balance, You can stress less, you can live presently in the moment. You can master your time and your schedule. Um, you can self care without really taking precious time and sacrificing that away from your family or your responsibilities. Um, and you can truly and deeply love your life. That's a big one, right? We feel like it can become such a burden.

There's so much and we're falling short all the time or we believe we're falling short then that's where we will live. Well just experience this stress and overwhelm and burnout and I I've been there. And so what I do is I focus on six different essentials of soul care. And so first is spiritual, definitely first and foremost and what I have learned and what I've spoken to with many other women is that as a stay at home mom, our role has become our identity. I totally lost myself. I didn't know what my strengths were anymore. I just was barely surviving right? I was barely keeping my head above water. So being aligned with God and jesus and the spirit is first and foremost and knowing our identity just within ourselves and not outside factors, right? Not outside things. Um, the next focus, it's our emotional care and emotional care is very important because again, like I personally was feeling I couldn't handle my Children's emotions.

I couldn't really handle my emotions. My husband couldn't handle my emotions. I don't know what's going on, but with that into my third essential is mental care. So really caring and being intentional in how we think and choosing our thoughts wisely, right is a direct direct factor of how we feel and our emotions. And so I peel back layers of that. And then the next one even is social care, right? Our relationships with our Children, our husbands are friends. Are we going out with our friends? Are we seeing our friends? Are we getting that bucket filled? Right. Um, the next one is our physical care. And so how are we caring for our bodies? We know as christian women? Our bodies are a temple. Right? How well are we at that time even training my daughter drink water, drink water because she'll complain. I have a headache and well, when's the last time you drink water didn't really drink anything for a few days, but I wasn't thirsty girl.

By the time you're thirsty, you're dvds. And so really even how caring for our bodies, what we put into our bodies and even if we exercise and move our bodies and how directly related that even goes into our emotional and mental care. So a lot of these are intertwined and the last one is environmental care, that's our environment, right? So that could be decluttering, that could be um minimal izing that can be focusing on one area at a time to clean or setting up a set schedule, you know, certain practical Z And so really what I do with these six essentials as we talk about practical XYZ right? We have our foundation, the bible, the scriptures and we bring in specific practical is to help master a lot of these areas and really live intentionally rather than on default because what we do is we live on default and we're stressed out overwhelmed. You're burned out. There's too much to do. So little time, all the things you know, you've said and thought um and so together we peel back some of those layers and get to the root of why we do those things.

We don't focus heavily on that like our past, but there are some underlying beliefs there that we need to dig out to help us become aware and start to make new choices. So what we do first to start off with is I ask you how life's going right now, how you're feeling and where you want to go and so we set up a goal and that could be any of these areas that you want to target. Um and we focus on, you know, we focus on them one at a time because there is something that you just want a little bit more of right to have some of that balance and whether that is self care or exercise or grow in your relationships or you know, something around your house, whatever that may be, um we're going to get to your goal and we're going to, I'm going to help walk with you and help keep you accountable and encourage you and help even ask you, you know, to help discover these things and where you want to go and how to get there, the steps that will help you. That sounds like a great program actually again, no no joking aside, I really could have used that 20 years ago, I lived definitely in survival mode and I've said now that they're all grown, I've said I lived most of my life just overwhelmed.

I have four Children and I kept myself very busy because I was one of those that believed the lie that we talked about in our last episode that if you're not busy, you're lazy. So I was very busy busy busy on the go all the time and part of it was the Children of course, but part of it was my own doing, I could have said no to a lot of other things Um but I really needed that because it's not a healthy place to live, overwhelmed, you know, it's not and the kids don't benefit from it and time goes so fast now that I'm on the other side of it. I'm like where did all that time go, where those 30 years, my oldest is 34 and the youngest is 26, so Whatever the difference is 26 years, I was actively parenting um with them in the house as they were not adults yet. So time goes fast. It doesn't feel like it when their little, it feels like, oh my gosh, my oldest daughter right now is to Children and it just feels like I have no time for myself, you know, and I'm like, I know I do, it's just a season, it will end and your, you know right now there are 3.5 and 1.5, 1 a half is you know, challenging, remember thinking actually, I think this was yesterday, I must have been driving or I had some quiet moment where I was just pondering and I remember thinking gosh, I wish I could have a do over right and just do over what I know now I know I would totally parent differently.

I would show up differently. I would take care of myself because I was the last on the list. I wasn't even on the list. No, I definitely wasn't. No. And that's what happens, especially a stay at home moms, like I said, it consumes our identity and I do want to point out to what I do in my program is I have I have group coaching and I have individual coaching. So the group coaching I find so much value in because of community because what happens is a lot of times we feel like we're alone, people don't understand and it's to show each and every one of my clients that you're not alone and that we're in this together and to have compassion and that camaraderie with each other is just so powerful because when you hear one of the clients being coached, then you start identifying with it right? I can totally relate to that even just hearing someone else's story. And so and it's really empowering and inspiring and so that's why there's so much value in the group coaching and then one on one coaching is for us to work just one on one privately and we really get to peel back those layers and dig deep, just focus on you and where you want to go and how you want to show up and help dig out some of the things that are keeping you stuck as well And a lot of that is our beliefs, our beliefs really keep us stuck, this old default way of thinking.

So claudine you the empty nester, Why don't you share with us, your coaching program as well? So, like I said earlier, predominantly I work with empty nesters are those soon to be empty nesters and this is a difficult coming to you and I know except you already know everything because I'm sharing it with you now. So, Um so that's a difficult time for me because I had four Children or two or however many you have, that was my life, like you said, that could be your identity and I spent 26 years parenting full time. So I was predominantly a stay home mom for Children. I always worked part time, but predominantly my identity was caught up with my Children. So I didn't have a career. My kids, my home was my career. I had a little part time jobs, things I did a real estate, which I did uh still do part time, but my Children, my home was my full time work. So when they grew all of a sudden I was like, okay, now, what? All of a sudden I had all this free time, which I thought when they were younger, I couldn't wait to have all this free time because I was going to do all these things for me now.

But the truth of it is after one or two appointments a week. I'm like, okay, well I got my nails done, you know, or went to the gym yippee. So I needed more. I got very lost during that time. It's also a time where many of us start losing a parent or a loved one. And so there was a lot of loss. I was very stuck like now what we can feel like, well the big part of my life's over now. I'm older. Another lie. We didn't talk about that last time, but as we get older, we start thinking I'm too old. I'm too old to fill in the blank to start a new career. I think I'm too young. Yeah. Yeah. Well between us I guess is the perfect stage, but it's just a lie because you're never too old. Like the grass is greener. Yeah, yeah, Yeah. So that's who I predominantly work with and I'm so excited for 2022, I am launching have just launched a group, a yearly program called the Courage Club and it's similar to yours in that I meet with groups of women together.

It's online, we have community, we have classes and we have coaching. So you have a year's worth of transformation, right? Like it was just January one and I'm sure a lot of people set resolutions right? I'm not a big resolution center, but many people set resolutions and then usually by about today or next week, it's all over right. But this is um, a package, a group package where you spend an entire year and we're going to dive deep and have that accountability, have that community, have those worksheets and videos and classes to really make it a year of transformation. Instead of trying to just make a resolution, how about we make transformation instead. That's kind of my new thing. And then of course, I also offer one on one private, which is deep dive more personal obviously and can go deeper for one hour at a time per week for 12 weeks. So it's a great time to make the second half of your life the best half, you know, I never thought of it that way.

I just thought, well when I'm 50 then we'll just retire and travel the world. Well, that hasn't worked out for a lot of people, their finances haven't, there's a lot of disappointment at 50 I find at least in my life. And a lot of my friends, our kids maybe aren't choosing lifestyles that we would have chosen for them. Our finances may not be where we thought they should be our marriage. That's a big one in my age range. A lot of times we're now living with a roommate, we look over at our spouse and go, well that's nice because we lost touch during the years of raising Children. So there's a lot of, there could be a lot of disappointments and frustrations. And so coaching helps us, like you said, decide how do I want to show up. I mean we get to decide what kind of marriage we want, we get to decide what we want our finances to look like we really do. And once I understood that I had the power to make these choices that I could be intentional, like you said about it, it changed everything for me and so now I help others, I help others live their best life now uh, and be transformed, make the second half the best half and that's part of coaching.

You know, we help provide that direction and challenge and support and motivation and celebrate with you when you reach your goals because of course our goal is to help you reach your goal. And lastly for me too, I had to really realize that I couldn't just let the second half drift away or waste away. Uh that scripture in Matthew 25 kept coming to me, you know, the parable of talents were so familiar with it and sometimes we use that for investing money. But if I felt like God was speaking to me and he's like I've given you some talents, I've given you some gifts, what are you going to do with them? And I'm I like to hide my talent and gift right? Where it's safe and it would be really nice to just be safe and comfortable, right? But then I really felt convicted one day and I love the message version. It says the master was furious. That's a terrible way to live. It's criminal to live cautiously like that. If you knew I was after the best. Why did you do less than the least? And that was personally challenging to me where I realized no, I need to live my best life because sometimes I think just you know, fly under the radar live small, it's safe.

No one will comfortable. Yeah. Who doesn't want to be safe and comfortable. We teach that all the time. Right? Our primitive brains are wired to be safe and comfortable. And yet we read this scripture and I'm like, wait, God has given me some gifts and I feel called that was part of it to to coaching. I don't want to be, I don't want him to say this is a terrible way to live. If you knew I was after the best, what am I doing to make my life the best? How am I taking what God has given me making the best out of it? My best looks different than your best then Susie Q's best. But what am I doing to make my life the best And that's what you and I both do with our clients. We help them live their best life. Now that sounds very inspiring Claudine. I look forward to seeing what God does through your coaching program and learn some of the great practical that you share for empty nesters because I'll be there in a few years. You got quite a few. Yeah. Well kind of my daughter is going to be out of the house in like six years. Yeah, that's kind of 6, 7 years. That's kind of crazy to think of.

Um Anyway, so yeah, guys, that's just what we do when our coaching programs, we really wanted to take some time on an episode and dedicate to share what we do um for each of our different demographics, right? We do have demographics, very similar tools and practical als um all with a very godly christ centered foundation. And so if you want more information to find out what we do, whether you are in the empty nester stage or nearing that stage or you are a stay at home mom then check us out. So Claudine website is Claudine Sweeney dot com and you can find her information there and where you can sign up or even just learn more if you want to learn more about what she does specifically what areas she targets. And for mine as well at mind over chaos dot com where you can also find out more information or schedule a free call, we offer free calls that we will just talk with you one on one privately just to figure out where you're at and where you want to go and what goals you might have in your life or if you feel stuck where you know how we can help you.

Um and also just to remember that you don't have to settle for a life that is less than what you are capable of. So if you are ready to rise up and shine and live your best life and experience really life to the full right abundance. That is why we are here. So please check us out. We would love to connect with you and get to know you and help walk with you on your journey. Wish you the very best and we'll catch you next time. Alright everyone, thank you for joining in on our conversation today here on the rice. I've been shined podcast if you haven't already, please take a second to hit that subscribe button. So you never miss an episode. And while you're at it share this episode with a friend who you know it can bless today if you want to visit us as well on our websites, you can catch Claudine over at Claudine Sweeney dot com And Ashley at mind over chaos dot com. Our links are in the description. We also have some free resources there for you as well. So remember ladies, no matter what you are facing in life, it is never too late to rise up and shine and live your best life mm hmm

Ep. 110 What Coaching Can Do For You
Ep. 110 What Coaching Can Do For You
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