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Ep. 111 Creating Vision For 2022

by Claudine Sweeney
January 12th 2022

In the words of Robin Sharma, "Don't live the same year 75 times and call it life". This is the year, ladies! Living the life you love takes creating vision for the life you want. Today, we dive in... More

This is episode 111 Creating Vision for 2022. You're listening to the Rise up and Shine podcast with Claudine and Ashley as an empty nester and a mom with young kids. We have both shared very similar and very real struggles from chaos to coaches. We now help other women live an authentic and meaningful life. So tune in weekly for girl talk and tips on how you too can rise up and let your light shine bright. This is the Rise up and Shine podcast. Hey everyone good to see you over there. Claudine good to be seen over here, Ashley, It's nice to be back after a week, but I know for both of us it has been quite a week, right? Um well I want to start off today and share a quote actually that we came across that I, I loved and I laughed because it's so true that I want to share with our listeners right now. This is from Robin Sharma and it says don't live the same year 75 times and call it a life right?

Right, Wow, that's so profound. I thought that was a great way to think about it, right? Um well Today we're talking about creating vision for 2022 and with that being said, we're trying to create something different, right? We don't want the same life. I mean maybe everybody's life out there is already perfect and exactly what they want, but I know I like a little variety. I'm always trying to grow forward, Improve areas in my life. So I know I don't want to live the same life as last year. I want a new year, right? And we're still in the new year, it's fresh, we're two weeks in two weeks in, in 2022, 20, and it's going to be a great one this year, right? Everybody is going to be great and it is what you make it right? And that's why we're going to talk about creating vision. So I was thinking a lot about this as preparing and I'm thinking like in the past, I didn't really have goals or resolutions. I just didn't really do that kind of a thing. Um but I realized I thought, well I can, it doesn't have to be something I do necessarily.

Like I'm not one of those people who I'm going to go on a diet, right? Or I'm going to try and I was thinking, I wonder how many people are now saying I'm going to do the vegan diet or popular one of this year that came up on my Alexa is the mediterranean diet, That one, however does seem intriguing. Um but it can also just be how you want to feel or how you want to show up and that's actually more of mine or it could be a balance. I did, I tell you one of my goals this year, three months, I might have probably not another a half marathon. I haven't done one. Yes, I guess any time you run more than a block to me, it feels like a marathon that's Where I'm at. So actually running again for more than three minutes just doing a marathon for me. So that is something I'm doing obviously. But this year I know many of us, even mom's coming out of the, well, can I even say coming out of the pandemic because we're kind of busy here.

Right? Yeah. It might be a little early for that, but at least going through nearly two years of the pandemic. I think a lot of moms specifically are really wanted to show up differently. I think we learned that I think what God showed us in our lives and within ourselves is that I think I want to grow in certain areas of my life and that could be patients. That's a big one. I know another very common one that I hear from other moms is being more present. That is huge. Do you even as an empty nester feel that sometimes you just want to be more present in the moment. Yeah, it depends what I'm doing. Yeah. Because what happens is you can be thinking about the next time I'm going to see the kids or the next time I'm going to see the grandkids and so it's a lot of future living instead of enjoying Yeah. That's a big thing I think to be present in the moment and enjoy that moment because obviously once your kids are grown, The challenge is now what right? Like what am I going to do now, which so my vision for 2022 is going to look very different than your vision for 2022.

But being present. Yeah, absolutely enjoying the moment. Even until I get to see the kids or the grandkids next coming throughout. Yeah, yeah. I can even be, I want to care more about my emotions, like my emotional life for my mental life, right? My relationships. Um, so I know we've talked even last week in our last episode more specifically in depth about our coaching programs and that is a big one. I know for me focusing primarily on stay at home moms because what happens our role becomes our identity and we forget we forget that we forget where a whole separate being, right then our role of mom, why homemaker caretaker, you know, all that. So, you know, putting more intention into our spiritual life and our emotions and mindset and relationships and even our environment. That's what I tend to focus on. And I'm still, even though I coach these things, I still do this for myself, Right? Absolutes have to, you know, it's so funny, I'm listening to you talk and your mom, your stay home mom with young Children.

So a lot of things, you're visioning for your 2020 to our states of being, you know patient and present And it's funny for me as an empty nester. A lot of my vision planning for 2022 is in doing like I want to take trips and I wanna, you know, I want to redo my pantry. That's an actor, you know, I have to do. So it's interesting how in different stages we have different ways of making, you know, making our visions of being states of being are states of doing and of course we both have both. I know there are things you want to do like I know you did, I saw it was a total disaster right now. But So actually share with me some of your visions for 2020 to like give us some examples and which maybe I'll digress right now, you know, last year I think we did an episode on goal planning or visioning for the sure did take action, make it happen. But then there's you know, a little thing called a pandemic. Like you mentioned almost two years in that Hit two months after that episode aired that one.

If you guys listening want to go back, that's episode nine, check that out. So we're talking right now about planning for 2022, but there has to be a spirit of flexibility involved because we really don't know what's around the corner. I was the one who thought that two weeks after this pandemic started, it would be over and here we are almost two years. So I was wrong white. so but we still want to have, you probably know I'm not, I don't like to gamble, but The the truth of it is that we still have to make plans, we still can create a vision for us because you're right, I love that quote as well, I don't want to just have 75 same old hum ho boring years Yeah, totally boring for me. And the other thing is I believe that we are creating God's image and God was a creator. So I think we have that in us to be creators to create a life that we love living. I really have firm convictions about that and also that our lives are like the town, but you know, what do we do with it? Do we glorify God with what we make of our life, where we just living this life like okay, you know, I didn't steal or kill anyone and I'm just going to stay safe in my home and just keep going and yeah, at the end of our lives were like well that was I didn't do anything, so that actually goes into, I also wanted to reference episode 37 choosing happy because sometimes I know for myself of being a stay at home mom um raising my kids and doing the house and dinners, it can feel so mundane and I just feel like, well I guess, you know there's not much to feel, you know to do that will really make me happy outside of those things granted I love, you know, I am so happy about my Children and my husband and having a home, I'm so grateful for that and they do bring me a lot of happiness.

But that again is tied up in our role. What about even just stepping out of that and doing other things that make me happy. And that's what we talked about in my program is what makes you happy, right? What more things can you put on or can you do that will bring a little bit more happiness to your life? And sometimes we do, we just think, wow, this is it. You know, once the kids are grown then maybe I'll do more of that stuff that makes me happy. You don't want to do that, don't do that, You don't have to write, you can do it right now. Well, you know, and some of us think that happens that life happens to us, but really life life happens for us and we're involved in making it what we want it to be. And I've really explored and done this for the last few years, It's been amazing what powerful tools, it's very powerful, like we get to live the life we want to live, it's not like, okay, this is you and this is all you get and this is you and this is all you get. Like we have the ability, I believe that God given ability to really make and do great things, I mean he's given us his word, his spirit, his son.

I mean how can were set up for success? How can we not succeed? And yet sometimes we're stuck and we feel overwhelmed and we look at our lives and you know whenever we look at our lives and go well when this happens then that, that's not a recipe for success. You know, I've known, I've known a family really changed us. It was about 20 years ago we were in our thirties and there was a family in our church who's daughter was the same age as our oldest and um, she was a senior and she was almost graduated and then they were going to be, you know, a little bit more free I think. Yeah, her brother was older. So this was their last child and the dad went out driving one night and flipped his car and was paralyzed from the neck down. And that really taught me like you can't wait like and we stopped then and there were like, yeah, we're not waiting to travel or live life because we're not guaranteed that when all the kids are grown, that's a little plug for you, stay at home. Moms start living life now. Creative vision that is enjoyable for you now and don't wait until all your kids are grown because you're not guaranteed that we're not and another really close friend of ours, he passed away on their trip to hawaii.

So when their kids were still young, so you can't say, well when the kids are grown, then I'm really going to live life well, yeah. And don't totally ditch out on your Children and never see or speak to them again. No, no, no, no, don't go that completely. But it can be perspective, right? It really does give perspective because if you think, well, I'm just waiting for the right time or I'm waiting, waiting for the right stage in life as well. When is that what happens? And you say this all the time, right? If we don't plan, then we're doomed to fail because then we're just waiting around really essentially fail to plan. You plan to fail than I do. And I like what you, if you check out claudine instagram and do it better daily. She recently posted something on her calendar with a bunch of sticky notes of places you want to go and you already are being intentional of these are the places my husband and I want to go. So let's put it in somewhere. Let's see where it'll fit. And I thought that was so great because I want to do that more with our kids. You know, we want to go do something new, not like we've traveled California, let's go outside of California, our Children have not been on a plane yet, you know, which they get to this week.

Not this week. I'm sorry they get to in a couple of weeks. Um but that was also because by default we're going with the family. So but just are, you know, little four circle of four to go do something new, but we have to sit down. We have to be intentional and put it on the calendar somewhere and start planning it. Yeah. And that's what we're talking about today. So we're, you know what we ask when we're asking each other ourselves, Our listeners is as a christian mom, what do you want to do be or feel in 2022? That's the question I love sitting at the beginning of the year and looking forward and planning it and just having ideas. Now, the trick is not to be rigid, right? Obviously we've learned that the last two years because we can make great plans and then, you know, something like a pandemic pops up has other plans. God has other plans. He's like, I know you wanted to do this, but we're gonna do that. So there's a balance between making plans and then not being rigid about it. Like being able to be flexible. Like that's why we use those post.

Its like we talked about all the places we'd like to go and actually that was just the first six months, we're still waiting on europe europe. Didn't make the post it because it's still pretty locked down, but that was the first six months and then we're placing it in, we're talking through looking at our schedules going, this would be a good one, this would be a good one. So a couple of them are booked, the others are kind of flexible because we don't really know. We have to also be like, oh I don't know what's coming around in april or may, we don't know what the world's going to look like yet. We don't, we just don't know. But there's planning and there's flexibility and that's a great way to, you know, plan out your vision well and I'll share a personal example of a plan I recently started. That's something you have actually been really good at when you have young kids at home um and more applicable to stay at home moms also with young kids because we're not going to europe, but I made a dinner plan for the month and I didn't, you know, I've never done this before, but I've wanted to do it and I thought there's no way that sounds like so much work and oh my gosh, yeah, and it was really easy because I reorganized our pantry and that was a God given um prompt because we had an infestation of moths.

So I, I've been meaning to do it. So God is like, now's your time. So after the holidays, kids were still off of school, I came, I took everything out, went through everything and I painted it. I got it all organized baskets. Thank you. I'm so excited about it. But I thought, you know what I have, I just did our big grocery shopping. I'm going to, everything is organized and I can find everything. So I'm going to print out a monthly calendar and I'll go through and see what we have already that I can start playing and just putting meals in. And again, I kind of go back to the free spirit side. I'm not rigid, right? I'm a free spirit. I am not rigid at all. Okay. This is a plan. So I need to stick to it and if the kids are like, I want something else, nope. Yeah, but well I'll tell them or even for myself, if we happen to feel like we want something a little bit different for dinner tomorrow night, then hey, we'll switch it, switch it with something that's already in the calendar and just flip top it. Right? So that goes with a little bit of flexibility, which I like because I can't be too like my goal, one of my goals this year is to be more focused and scheduled have a good routine.

Um, but I still, because being a free spirit, I need the flexibility and I'll feel too stuck and like controlled and you know, in a box and I don't like that. I don't thrive on that. So knowing that I still have the flexibility, you know? And my husband even said this is great. And I said, you know what babe? It'll save on my shopping and it'll save on money and we will throw a lot of things out because I may almost minus like three or four days. But made the whole calendar on things we already have. That's great. So yeah, You have a 30 day supply of food in your house. Pretty much. Yeah. Wow. That's amazing. Because a lot of the perishables, I mean fruits and vegetables. That's a given. We're going to have to do that on a weekly basis. Your protein. Yeah, but that's all frozen. Do you have another freezer that I know about? We've learned to live pretty minimal in this house, I tell you. Um, but yeah, a lot of rices pastas, you know, that kind of stuff. But yeah, I'm Just wondering how you're storing 30 days worth of protein. I'm like, even my freezer is so small.

Anyway, back to vision planning. Maybe that's a vision. I need to have a bigger freezer. We've talked about this on the podcast before that dinner is very stressful. I'm sure many moms out there for that. Dinner is a stressful time of the day. So to be able to go even the day before or the morning of go and look what's for dinner tonight and how do I feel? Do I want that for dinner. Okay. Do I need to take something out of the freezer? It takes no effort. So the 10 minutes, that's all it took me to do, 10 minutes to make that and it takes no effort. I love it. This is turning into a meal planning podcast. I know that's a little plug in there. So back to vision planning, which that's a good one though for some moms for their year to reduce stress and chaos and overwhelm at dinnertime, which that was always a big one for me too. That could be part of your 20, vision this year. I'm going to make meal planning so that I can feel more peaceful and less stressful. Yeah, I was, I was always, I was always the one that it was like four o'clock was like, oh, you know, what am I going to make that too many years?

And we were always on the go and rushing in sports. It's different time now. People aren't on the go and out as much, but when it goes into how moms want to feel, right? So how do I want to feel, do I want to keep running around like stressed and rushed and overwhelmed and okay, what's this? And just feel like I'm always two steps behind? I thought, no, it's just a simple effort and that will really limit that. Right. So I can be more present in the moment. So let's say four o'clock comes around and my kids want to play a game together or go outside to, you know, go on a walk, it allows me to. So yesterday I got to go on a walk with my kids because I didn't have to sit and think about what I wanted to make and look at recipes. So I got to be present and going back, I think I might try the same thing even though the next week. Um so let's talk about some of the practical. So we know like for me again, I believe it's important and I love the creative nature of trying to have a vision for the year And I think about that scripture in Proverbs 29, it says when there is no vision, the people perish and I know that's more of a you know, God's vision and a little bit more of a plan, but at the same time, I think when we don't have a vision for our lives, we just kind of stagnate, we get stuck.

So I really believe there's a truth in that having a vision, having dreams for our own lives, being co creators with God and creating a life we love is just part of the blessing that we have as being humans here on this earth. So let's give some practical. So having a vision for 2022, like we've already talked about, it could be state of being, it could be things we want to feel like peaceful or present or grateful any of those things or could be states of doing like for us travel or redoing the pantry. I'm loving that when I'm thinking I have to redo my pantry now. Could be a goal of mine, but how do I want my life to look like? How do I want my marriage to look? How do I want my relationship with my Children to look, how do I want my work life to look? You know, all those things Really sitting sometime the first thing I think that it's important to do is just be still set aside some time, 30 minutes an hour, whatever you have. I mean it's obviously a little different for the stay home moms that have kids, especially little ones like my daughter has very little free time because her kids are you know, 1.5 and 3.5 she doesn't have a lot of alone time but she can make this happen.

But to be able to be still to just take some time to really sit and give some intention to what do you really want Because sometimes we're so busy in the throes of everything that we go go go and we don't even sit and be still think about what do I really want when I want to add a couple of things to be still and listen listen to what comes up and self reflect. We don't do that, you know, like you said, we go go go or caring for something or someone and or there's always something to do and a lot of times there is, but a lot of times we it can wait. Yeah, but really to be able to stop and be still and you know self reflect a little bit, Yeah, that's a great one and with that too, once we self reflect and we see some of the things that are being drawn up in my heart, I want to seek God's guidance, God help direct my steps, I pray that all the time. It's been one of my key prayers for years now for five years at least God direct my steps, this is what I desire, this is what I want, direct my steps seek God's guidance constantly.

Trust for sure. Then be specific like you were saying, I mean be specific about what you really want, what do you want for your relationships, what do you want for your emotional well being, your physical really be specific and write it down, write it all down And that's where yeah, if we go back to episode nine, take action, make it happen. That's a great resource to go and listen to um that will help with being able to specify those goals that you have for this year. For sure talked About Smart Goals on that one, right? Yeah, being specific is the first step, Yeah, there you go. I knew that came from somewhere, that's exactly where it came from. So that's it. So I mean it's a great year ahead of us. I believe it's going to be the best year out of the last few. That's for sure. I think we're going up, but I say that I don't know, but I believe it, I believe it's going to be a great year. I love even numbered years. I don't know why, but I love even numbered years. That's interesting. An interesting fact about you and just have fun with it, be you know, visualized like I love this creative vision because you can and that goes with part of being still is visualized when I was doing that and even journaling, it was really helpful.

It's really powerful to journal. Really powerful because that actually taps part of your brain the basal ganglia that helps with problem solving and you know, order and being able to and be able to process, right? So be able to just visualize it and visualize what you want this year, what you want to do this year and just kind of like a daydream, you know, just kind of daydream how you want to feel how you want to show up, right? Yeah, I love it. And lastly at least last thing I want to say going with that is when you write things down or your journaling or even visualizing, always do it in the positive. Like I am peaceful don't say I don't want to feel stress. The brain doesn't compute negatives and so all I hear is is I want stress. So I always say in the positive, I am peaceful, I am present for me. I am a traveler. I have an organized pantry as if it's already happened, right, that there's a lot of power and you're not going to feel it or believe it necessarily at the moment that you will, if you keep speaking that to yourself and making it a habit, then it will, it will come to be pretty Amazing.

So Ashley, here's to a great 2022. Can't wait. We'll have to reflect back at the end of December and see how our vision planning, how accurate and how helpful it was. But I do believe without a plan, you're just going to have that same old year again. Very true. Let's make it fun and exciting this year. Everybody make it the best one yet And we wish you again a very happy new year. We know we're almost halfway almost halfway into or we are about halfway into January 12. Here we go. Until next time. Alright, everyone, thank you for joining in on our conversation today here on the rise up and shine podcast. If you haven't already, please take a second to hit that subscribe button. So you never miss an episode and while you're at it, share this episode with a friend who you know, it can bless today if you want to visit us as well on our websites, you can catch Claudine over at Claudine Sweeney dot com and Ashley at Mind over chaos dot com.

Our links are in the description. We also have some free resources there for you as well. So remember, ladies, no matter what you are facing in life, it is never too late to rise up and shine and live your best life. Mhm.

Ep. 111 Creating Vision For 2022
Ep. 111 Creating Vision For 2022
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