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161 Holiday Recovery

by Claudine Sweeney
December 29th 2022

The holidays can be a busy and exciting time. Everyone has gone home and it's time to take down the tree and decor. It might also be time to's important you take a little time for yourself to recov... More

welcome to rise up and shine. We are two women at different stages of life who have overcome feeling stuck and are now living life fully with peace and joy join us weekly for a real raw and faithful conversation about our trials and triumphs bringing hope, insight and weekly tips that you too can rise up and let your light shine bright we're Back and I cannot believe it's 2020, a new year is upon us. So Ashley, How are your holidays? Well my holidays were good. Um it seems like the stress really ramped up for me. Uh you know, I have a birthday party for my daughter in december and then planning for christmas and I usually cannot get my act together to buy christmas gifts until right the weekend between my daughter's birthday and christmas. So I'm rushing and this year we were in my, my hometown and so sometimes it's a little easier because I can ship the gifts down to my mom's house but I forgot to do that this year.

I think one of them made it down so I had to get creative and hide those gifts in our trunk and we have, you know, one of those small SUVs so the trunk is exposed. So I really had to get creative to kind of put blankets on top, make sure you know the kids are buckled in their seats and I'm slipping in the gifts and so that was tricky but all in all it went really well, the circumstances and different situations kept happening that we're starting to get me frustrated and flustered and I felt, you know, myself almost starting to lose my mind. And so it definitely this season was a lot more fighting than it has like the last year or two. Um, you know, because I really tried to make a change in my life to limit the stress, but unexpected situations happened. And so it was really frustrating and I was trying not to freak out. You know, they were very costly, you know, home improvements.

We had our plumbing that went out. We had a nice little visitor in our attic who decided to chew up our water lines. And so it was the morning after my daughter's birthday party and I walked down the hall past the playroom and I just hear this heavy drip and all this water was coming out of our vent in the playroom and it was seeping through the walls where the wall meets the ceiling and I just flipped out because my husband was running in a marathon. So he wasn't home. And I went over to the laundry room to see if it was sleeping on the other side of the wall. And it wasn't like, oh God. But then when I turned to walk away, I looked down in the entire line, the room was flooded with water. What are we gonna do is what you need before christmas and travel and everything else going on. And even during my daughter's birthday party this year, we kept it kind of low key. We invited her friends from school, her classmates and some friends from church and, and family of course.

And so we had a movie and popcorn night, which was great. She also ended up getting sick that day of her party. She was just laying around and just had no energy and had a headache. She said, I thought she just was tired or dehydrated, but um, if she's laying down or if she's still for five seconds then yeah, something's wrong. So, but she pushed through and you know, I just thought she was tired or dehydrated and the birthday party went well. So it was good, it was calm. But um, right after, you know, we just had that plumbing issue and then we had to scurry to get the kids out of the house, you know, and to meet my husband to watch him run his marathon and cheer him on on the sidelines and I thought we were gonna miss that. And so we just had some unexpected things happen and then when they're costly around this time of year, when you're traveling out of town or when you're buying christmas gifts and it's, you know, I really had one week from my daughter's birthday party too, you know, christmas pretty much and it was, I felt myself struggling struggling to keep my peace of mind this year, right?

And then you traveled down for christmas to spend time with your family. So even all the preparations for traveling and getting the house situated so you could take a week off. Yes and I had to start early, I had to make a list of things to pack and I separated it for pack for my son, things to pack, for myself, things to pack for my daughter also who's going to help take care of our cats when we're away and um I was also making a plan what to do when we're there and so I was getting excited about it but I knew I did not want to save all that planning and preparation, you know, for the week of, so I had to start like two weeks ahead of time so that helped alleviate some of that stress on the front end. Yeah, so that way you're looking forward to it rather than already going into it burned out, you know, Wow that is a lot of stress going into the holiday season during the holiday season, so now that the season is over, what are you doing to start 2020 strong?

You know, one thing that really helps is my mind can go back to the previous month and just think of all the things that went wrong, you know, I can think like, oh my gosh, why did that happen? Oh that was such an inconvenient time, oh my gosh, that was not necessary, you know, I can kind of go back and focus on the things on the circumstances that happened and that can get me down and really, it's like after those things happening, unexpected, we also had some other previous, unexpected expenses happen. I mean, our fridge went out, our laundry, washing machine went out, you know, it was just a crazy time, but especially financial wise now, it just after the holidays are all said and done, you know, I was so geared up for 2020 I kind of feel like, you know, I mean, I feel like this holiday hangover, you know, I'm just okay, like, can I just have a week vacation from my vacation from the holidays and just to recover, because that, you know, it takes a lot of energy to keep a right frame of mind?

It takes a lot of energy even to be disciplined with eating, you know, and sleeping, you know, I just felt the piece that I was holding on to start slipping from my grasp, you know, with all those circumstances coming up, I just was fighting so hard to keep my peace of mind, that it was exhausting and I could see myself going back to the same patterns I did before, you know, to kind of cope more coffee, more tv just lay in my bed a little longer and so that was really challenging. Um but Claudine 2020, happy new year to you, how are your holidays and how are you recovering now? Well, our holidays were amazing. We were able to go down to southern California to spend time with our Children and our grandson. So that was great. And the holiday itself was wonderful. If there's anything I've learned is not to have any expectations and just accept things for what is, so being in this stage of life, I've learned the less expectations the better.

So I try to go into the holidays or times when we travel with our family just to not expect anything, but just to allow what unfolds to unfold. So that's helped me a lot. So actually this year was a great time with our kids. Um the time leading up to it as you know, was filled with work deadlines. So there was a lot of work to get done before either of us could go down south. There are a couple of points. We wanted to pull our hair out right couple times a couple times were like, oh, we don't have to do this, I'm done with this, right? And I also had a couple of real estate transactions at the time that we're a little problematic. So that added to the stress level with other business deadlines and in necessities to get done and then some challenges on that by, it was a lot to do before we could leave, but that's okay. I'm work hard, play hard and as you know, tomorrow I'll be sitting on the sunny beaches of Mexico. Can I come?

Absolutely everyone's invited you go to lots of places I want to go and relax and it's hard when you have open ended responsibilities that have not been complete. It's hard to even consider going into vacation enjoying it right Because you are bringing in so much stress already on your mind that this has to get done or this is still not done or you know, it's kind of open ended and so it could be hard to enjoy when you're actually on your vacation. Did you find that at all or did you, were you able to kind of compartmentalize and separate yourself and enjoy your time with your family and the holidays, you know the hustle and bustle. I was able to enjoy time with my family because I made a decision to get as much done as possible beforehand and then put it aside and be okay with it and be okay with it that if I didn't finish everything as originally planned, it was okay that my that time with my Children and my grandson were far more important than business deadlines.

So luckily I did get almost everything done. So I feel really great about that. But I was able to just focus on my family at that time. So Claudine, I want to ask you, I mean now tomorrow you're gonna be able to walk on the warm sands of Mexico. But for the rest of us who are going back to real life. You know, I don't have a lovely vacation planned after my holidays. So I am back home, you know, it's 2020, the holidays are over. I do not have warm sandy beaches around me. So what is some advice that you would give for those of us who do go home, you know after the holidays or even when our company leaves, if they stayed with us? Um just to recover From the hustle and bustle, right? The stress, the planning, the preparation, maybe the financial burden, what are some advice or some suggestions that you would give to help recover, you know, and get geared up to tackle 2020?

Well, you know, for me, I love looking at things with a holistic approach and so for me it's always about mind, body and soul and you made mention earlier about getting your mindset into the right place and I think that's so important. The holidays could have been everything we had hoped for or they could have been a disappointment and everyone's in a different place and I had a great time with my family, but for others it could have been an opposite experience. It could have been a lot of disappointment. So it's really changing the mindset, working on the mindset, accepting what was and releasing the expectations that we had, that it wasn't what it could have been and just letting that go, not ruminating on those things in our minds. You know the disappointments, the frustrations, the letdowns just really releasing them is so important and really all it takes is changing our mindset, right? I mean it's a simple practice but it's hard work, you know, it's not easy but changing our mindset and choosing to focus on the positive, you know?

Yes, there may have been family drama, yes, there may have been crazy circumstances that happened, there is still some positive there. If you look for it, right, that's so true. It's like really searching for the good that no matter what there was good in the circumstance and choosing to think about those thoughts, the thoughts that service the thoughts that make us feel good instead of focusing on the negatives, on the disappointments, on the frustrations doing that helps us release the negative, hurtful emotions that we feel, you know, and I was just thinking, it popped in my head as you were talking that a lot of times our brain or our minds will want to focus on bigger events, you know, so the bigger events happened to stick out in our minds and this happened. Oh that happened whether good or bad, you know positive or negative, but when we feel it could be really hard to find any positive in a situation, there is positive there, it just might be a smaller thing that happens, you know, I mean it could be, I felt the sunshine today, I haven't felt the sun in three weeks, you know?

Yeah, I felt warm sun, it could be maybe I don't get along with my sister or a cousin, but I got to spend time with my nephew, you know, I mean, it just takes shifting our focus from the negative situations that happen and find those little positives, There's lots of little positive throughout the day. I got to have a Starbucks, you know, who knows? Maybe the Starbucks had my pumpkin chai latte, that's out of season now, you know, something like that. It does not have to be anything big, but we do tend to focus on the big events that happen and if there is negative circumstances going on, then that's what our brain is going to want to focus on. That's absolutely true. And I love that saying where our attention goes, the energy flows and our emotions are energy and what we choose to pay attention to in our minds, our brain, those are the emotions we're going to create. So that's a really great point. Now let's talk about our bodies and our physical wellness. This is a time of year with all the holidays where a lot of us can overeat. We can over drink.

We get little to no sleep and our bodies are really struggling to recover from a month six we of this kind of activity. Yeah, definitely. Any time I'm looking forward to the holidays and going down to visit my family. My mom's friend makes these delicious cookies, all different types and when she gets to go pick up her cookies from her friend, I'm just, I look forward to and I'm really excited. But afterwards I tend to feel, oh my gosh, I just, I should not have had all those cookies, especially because they're some of my favorite cookies and she makes these amazing gingerbread cookies and it's, I'm addicted. But afterwards I feel, oh my gosh, you know, and so just all the food, all the drinks that we're surrounded by at the holidays. And I mean it's like in my mind, it was as if it was the time to break all healthy lifestyle, right, healthy eating. I'm like, forget you, you're out this month. I know I see a holiday buffet and I think it's all you can eat and I'm never gonna eat again, so I better eat it.

All right now, that's what we feel like it's scarce, right? Our brain does tell us that we think this is scarce and I'm never gonna have this ever again in my life. And so we can drop a lot of those habits. Maybe we leading up to it, we had healthy habits, but when we all get together for the holidays and the food and the drink, oh my gosh, like you can tell my mouth is salivating already, you're making me hungry, but afterwards, you know, you just feel, oh my gosh, you don't feel great. You know, you feel so unhealthy. I do not move my body, you know, I mean, we around the holidays, we tend not to exercise as much, you know, I mean to move our body 30 minutes a day is so important, but it's hard that time of year. And another thing drinking water, you know, we probably did not drink enough water. We're probably not moving our body enough. We probably just overloaded it with carbs and sugars were probably also not sleeping well. That's another thing visiting my family. I see them a few times a year and so I want to be the last one to bed and spend as much time with them and then having younger kids, I'm up early in the morning and if I hear my mom and I know she's making coffee in the morning, it's a special time to be able to sit and have coffee with my mom and so I'll be up a little early and I'm just not on a good routine and I know many of us do that.

I like what you just said about routine. I think that's so important to recover from the holidays is to get back into our routine as quickly as possible to get back to the healthy habits we already have and perhaps start some new healthy habits. I know for me drinking water is something I'm not really good at and after the holidays I really need to pay special attention to make sure I drink plenty of water. Another one is sleep, making sure that we get a solid eight hours of sleep every night if that's what your body needs and get rest during the day. I need extra rest after the holidays during the day, maybe because of my age, but probably because of all the activity I've been doing for the last six weeks, making sure I cut out sugar and flour for me, those are really inflammatory and I know I feel better when I eat less of those. But the holidays can be a time where I'm eating more than ever of flour and sugar. So for me in january it's a great time to go in with extra water, more sleep, less sugar, less flour, making sure that I'm up taking my vegetables and fruits.

Head healthy habits. Yeah. And moving our body, you know, it's very important. It's funny, I forgot that one you remembered. Well, you know, because that is not that has not been in my usual routine and I've found so much importance and I just feel so much better. And I personally, I feel like it really was a huge contributing factor for me to get out of my depression that I had. I made it such a high priority to go walk and then start running and you know, and make sure that I'm moving my body. Yes, I forget to move my body, especially right now we've had a lot of rain but I will be walking a lot in Mexico so well now we've talked about our mind and our bodies and we also need to pay attention to our spirit. You know we sometimes get so busy in the hustle and bustle of the holidays that we forget the whole reason for the season and january is a great time to reconnect, to really take extra time to focus on our spirit. Take time to pray, take time to read our bibles to really reconnect with our creator with God.

A great way to do that is perhaps practice a sabbath 24 hours of rest, take a screen fast, you know, put away our phones, put away TV put away all the distractions for 24 hours, just get that rest that not only our minds and bodies need, but our spirit definitely needs that's another option. And also I love the practice of gratitude. You talked about it earlier but really spending time getting out a list and spent time to write down a list of all the great things that happened on the holidays and even if there were challenges and frustrations and disappointments, there's still some good things you talked about that earlier and being able to write them down really, it's important to make it connected to our hearts right and there's always something to be grateful for. It can kind of get buried in the muck of the chaos. But you know, when we dig all that out, we can find that gratitude, that gratitude is there. We just really have to focus and pay attention and look for it. Sometimes, sometimes it might kind of take a little extra effort to look for the things we're grateful for.

But there is always something to be thankful for. That's right. It does wonders for our heart and what a way to start the new year with a refreshed body of fresh mind and our fresh spirit. Absolutely. And you know, some of us may have had a great holiday, a great time of the year and really just flourished and just had an awesome time with our families and really kept our head above water and really kept our peace of mind. And some of us may have had a lot of moments where we felt flustered and frustrated or disappointed or discouraged or you know, I mean, depending on your experience of what you had this last holiday season, you know, just keep in mind that that was 2019, you know, we are now in a new day, 2020 It is so exciting, it's a new day, it's a new year. So we can leave that in the past, you know, and we always can learn something from what ensued. You know, whatever our experience was, we can always learn and we can always grow, but we also get to move forward and create a new reality.

You know, create new goals, create new experiences for this next year in 2020. That's right. I love the idea being that we are the creators of our lives, that our lives are by our design and we are so excited about all the things we have prepared for this coming year to share with all of you, it's going to be a big year. Friends were really excited, we're so grateful that you've been following along with us and listening to us and we just feel very grateful for you. Our listeners are friends and we wish you all a very happy New Year Friends. Thank you so much for tuning in with us today. We hope this episode has brought you one step closer to living the life you love. Until next time, remember the world needs who you were made to be.

161 Holiday Recovery
161 Holiday Recovery
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