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March 29th 2023
How To Increase Your Mobility To Improve Your Running

Have you thought about what the long game looks like for your running? You know, like what you can do right now in order to log enjoyable miles and even race well into your 70s, 80s, and dare I say... More

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March 24th 2023
Super Shoes: Can They Help You Run Faster or Are They Just for Elites?

If you’ve paid any attention to elite racing times or even had conversations with anyone in your running group, then you know all about “Super Shoes”.

If you’re a new runner, “Super Shoes” a... More

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March 22nd 2023
Information Overload, Optimal Training Paces & How to Know When You Can Handle More Training: Training Plan Rescue

There’s a lot of content for new runners just getting started and of course a ton of books, videos, etc for experienced runners trying to break through plateaus and achieve that final 5-10%.

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March 17th 2023
How do Antibiotics Affect Running Performance?

Antibiotics. We’ve all likely taken them at some point to fight off a lingering sickness or to help control more serious infections like strep throat, ear infections or bladder infections.

B... More

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March 15th 2023
How Runners Can Sleep Better And Recover Faster

Are you getting high-quality sleep on a nightly basis? If you’re one of the 67% of Americans that report frequent sleep issues, perhaps, you’re not but you’re looking for answers.

In this ep... More

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March 10th 2023
Learn How to Target Your Weaknesses by Training the Right Muscle Fiber Types
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March 8th 2023
Your Fueling Questions Answered
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March 3rd 2023
5 Lessons Learned from our 2023 Winter Running Retreat
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March 1st 2023
Fascinating Training Lessons From Ethiopian Marathon Runners

Why does it make sense to Ethiopian runners to get up at 3am to run up and down a hill? 

Who would choose to train on almost impossibly steep and rocky terrain, in hyena territory? 

A... More

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February 24th 2023
Why You Don’t Need to Train Faster to Run Faster

One of the most difficult concepts to master as a runner is that you don’t need to be running faster, longer or harder every time out to improve. 

In fact, sometimes running just below or sl... More

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