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Announcement: Rusty Quill Gaming and Giving 2020

by Rusty Quill
December 7th 2020

Hey everyone!

Mike here, Rusty Quill’s video guy and I’m pleased to announce that Rusty Quill’s Gaming and Giving will be back this year and we’re going digital!

Come join in as we go l... More

alright Tracks. I've got a brief Stella Firma, the SciFi improv comedy podcast available on all good podcasters needs a jingle So off ugo the pressure Ooh, it's a sound you hear It's in your is Where is it coming from, Miss tell afirma they're gonna designer planet and is going to be so much fun Joint checks a land David A man whose great and a clone who is a food Yes, it is fruit Completely rude. But I guess they should just listen to Stella further to find out more. Couple here, everyone. Mike here. Rusty Quills Video guy. I'm pleased to announce that rust equals gaming and giving will be back this year on We're going digital. Come join in as we go live at 11 a.m. GMT on the 12th of December on twitch TV with 24 hours of video games, board games in general, fun and frolics. Yes, that's right. I said 24 hours. We've made a few changes to the show this year, one of which is that

will be raising money for three charities. Mind ActionAid on the Black, African and Asian Therapy Network and anything we raised this year will be split evenly across all three of them. Last year we managed to raise just over £10,000 in 12 hours, and I'm confident that with your support will raise even Mawr this year. Plus, let's just say there may be some creative incentives for our viewers who donate, so tune in to www dot twitch TV forward slash rusty Underscore Quill on Saturday, the 12th of December at 11 a.m. GMT. To help us kick off gaming and giving 2020 on Let's send this year off with a bang. A. It wouldn't be the holiday season if there wasn't candy right. Celebrate the holiday season with the holiday crush. They've sprinkled candy with the holiday theme and fun packed challenges every week for five whole weeks, finishing on January 4th. The more challenges you complete, the better your chances of unwrapping

delicious rewards. So are you ready to crush the holidays? Play the holiday crush now downloaded from the APP store, Google Play or Windows Store for free terms and conditions apply. Looking for a new podcast to listen to? Here's what we love, courtesy of a cast recommends s 02 years ago today I was driving across the country, through the South, and when I finished, I knew I wanted to make a travel show. Think about what that does to a place, its history. You're not gonna change history. And now, with all that's going on politically and socially and the fact that international travel isn't really an option, it seems like the perfect time to explore the US Greetings from somewhere. I'm Zak Mac and tap that subscribe button because this week we're hitting the road a cash recommends.

Announcement: Rusty Quill Gaming and Giving 2020
Announcement: Rusty Quill Gaming and Giving 2020
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