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RQG 178 - Frost and Fire

by Rusty Quill
December 2nd 2020

Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia, and Ben as they return to the physical world.       

This week Zolf worries, Cel offers their coat, Azu is a bit emotional, a... More

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are sold or visit the link in this Episodes description. For more information. Hello, Welcome to Episode 178 to the Obstacle Gaming podcast. I'm your host, GM Alex Newell, With Me to Day I have been MEREDITH, Brynn Munro, Lydia Nicholas on Helen Gold on Who You Playing Self Smith. How much LaRue, Delta Ham sell Sidebottom on a zoo on I have a confession. I've been doing so much editing recently, like listening in on episodes to try and get ahead and so on that it now feels actively weird to me because we're speaking in. There's no music like nothing's exploding in the background. It's just odd. It's odd. The rial, the explosions in my house, currently a silent. I need to hire someone to follow me around with a Foley kit just to feel more at home. Very odd, Alex. You basically live in several rooms

which are equipped with a like a Foley kit on, Yeah, every soldier effort. You just gotta kind of like E auto Foley. My advice is just keep them, you know, inside. And then if you ever want to punctuate a point, just fart really loudly. Zoff Method um, e. So as people could tell from my very sketching trip in a little while for us. So I apologize in terms off picking up where we left off. Bit of a total whiplash here, So I believe that everyone had finished basically reaching out and trying to bring people back from, uh, we don't even have a word for Yeah, we haven't been discussing it limbo. And after that, I don't know what it is. Back from the dead is what I was thinking. Basically, Yeah, Basically, with that in mind, I think carefully we weren't. We were very much trying not to, like, try and bring them back, but offer them the option of coming back. That was like while there may have been on underscoring of wanting our

friends around, it was trying very much to be about them, I think. No. No point. Did any of you pick someone up and drag them? And goodness knows, as you could have done so with that size difference, E think I was kneeling reverently with a gradually spreading patch of frost. You are the person that I would like to start with. Brenkus Maximus. By which I mean Hamid. So, yes, I'm gonna pick up with you because obviously Hamid is unaware off any of these events that have been happening in some other planes. Some other estate off being You've mostly again Yes, been kneeling reverently in an ever expanding patch of frost, surrounded by an increasing crowd off, Apparently awakened creatures, both plant and animal. Yeah. So the cobbles and I were relatively knit. So there was a around building, you said that was reminiscent off the Globe theater for architectural shape. Yeah

, and we were. It was in a sort of an empty ish kind of square, and we were kneeling outside it. But not like right outside on the frost patch was spreading out from the building on the edge of the square, a pretty big distance away from us. There had been near these awakened animals and plants gathering, but sort of mimicking R same attitude of this sort of slightly reverent silence. Basically, more or less. What I am going to choose to pick up from then is it is now become apparent to you that you are all going to have to move because the frost is expanding, its not seemingly like damaging anything or anything like that. But even with the you have currently in your elements, so I believe that technically, you could stay where you are. But it is like Frost is going to start forming upon your clothes. You're going to start finding it hard to move because you're you know, your equipment is freezing in place type situation again. There's no difficulty in moving currently, but it's just

you're approaching the point off. If we don't move, we're kind of making a point. I will give a polite little cough and then say Madam, uh, Tadic a draw that, uh, I think we should just move perhaps another 10 15 ft towards the edge of the square. Mhm. The cobbled team appeared to have been more or less engrossed than not to have noticed what was going on. Yeah, I was the only one who opened my eyes in the Lord. Yeah, it not on specifically is the first to notice that you've now been seemingly surrounded by a large and elaborate array of creatures. What's going on? Well, they just seem to have I've kept an eye on it, and they seem to have come to watch. And to bear witness is well, they haven't moved and they're just standing was sort of respectfully a t edge of the square. But I just meant with the frost would be best of movement. About half of that. Yeah. Frost has been spreading out from the building. Yeah, probably a

side effect of whatever magic is happening, I would guess everyone stands and starts heading away from you away from the frost. It's clear that the actual building itself must be blisteringly cold, like there are minor weather. Eddie's happening around it because the temperature difference. I mean, bear in mind. You're not in a warm part of the world. You are quite high up in a very cold part of the world, the majority off clothing that you've seen. That has not been the sort of smart based stuff has been, you know, furs, that kind of thing. Or, at the very least, you know, big big jackets and things like that. But yeah, it's clear that there is something extreme to do with temperature happening where that building is because you're seeing flurries off snow appearing at that dividing line between the warmer and colder temperatures and things like that. And there are mists. Stepping up the rest of your party back up a little bit to the surrounding group because it becomes apparent that you're going to need to that

the frost is continued to expand a steady rate as you all draw near you dual here that there is a gentle humming coming from all of the creatures who are surrounding the area. That doesn't appear to be a discernible tune, but it does appear to be harmonized. I'm taking my lead from the Kaboul's. Basically, I'm assuming will kind of kneel down again. But just at a safer distance from the active frost. They basically set up shop. Yeah, just right at the edge of the square again. I will probably keep my eyes open, just, you know, because I can help keep my eye on the situation. But other than that, I'll be adopting the same pose they are. I would say that a couple of party members seems a little bit wary just because some of the creatures surrounding are, like, you know, full blown awakened trees that quite large and things like that. It's a it doesn't appear unsympathetic, but it's still quite intimidating in its both variety and, frankly, scale. Yeah, I will offer a, you know, a little reassuring smile and a nod to any of the Kaboul's and just, you know, trying to impart

the impression that I got this on that they are free to do as they need out of everyone. In fact, give me a sense motive, but I'm bad at sense. Motive. Alex. It's almost like occasionally make sure you have a role that you're not the best that can be abolished. Why do you think I keep separating you all it so that you can occasionally fail a role? 50? Yep, that's fine. They're reassured by your presence. And again, maybe you make eye contact with one of the surrounding creatures. They basically give a benevolent smile, but they don't stop there humming or anything like that. There's really nothing threatening there, which is a very big difference to what's happening now. Towards the center of the square. A small vortex of wind seems to be spinning up in the exact center of the building. Andi, it's almost like, if you've ever seen and I don't mean in like, cartoony sense. Have you ever seen like a real Waters about whether a video or otherwise? That's sort of how it initially snakes up and then thickens? It doesn't just go all in one go. That seems to be happening. It's not a full like

whirlwind or anything like that, but whatever has been happening seems to be coming to, ah, fairly elaborate finish. But just as it seems like this again, I'm gonna call it a waterspout. It's mostly like, you know, snow and steam and that kind of thing. Just as it starts to thicken to the point. It looks like it's reaching. The bounds of the building suddenly diminishes very quickly on DSO settles, and the frost doesn't suddenly disappear. But it ceases to advance and you start seeing it start to recede as the temperatures start to normalize and so on. The odd thing is, is there's no actual like atmospheric sounds coming from all of this. It's a silent display where the only noise has been the humming, which then Peter's to a stop. It doesn't all stop simultaneously or anything like that. It's just various various people start Thio, you know, quiet. Down until eventually everyone has on without word, everyone sort off, just heads back into the rest of the town on backs, away from the square. Mohammed doesn't move, but he's tense, like he's tensed

up because he feels like whatever magic has been enacted has concluded. Yeah, at which point then I am going to jump to the rest of the party. If that's okay, all of you simultaneously come to in your respective poses. I know that some of you were sort of sat. Some of you are kneeling things like that on The first thing that you notice as Yusof recede back into the world as it were is that those remember that there was this quite pungent smells as you were disappearing off. Those seems to have entirely dissipated. I believe all of you also under the effective in your elements. Correct. E cast it on literally everyone, literally every single person. You just Yeah, you spent the entire spell slots on it, as's faras, I could tell. I believe that none of you would feel anything other than kind of comfortable because that's how in your elements works. Looking around, if any of you open your eyes there is a thick layer of frost over everything and everyone in this building like if

you move there will be the crunch of isis. It's moving away, but you're all perfectly comfortable. I'm gonna hand over at this point because I realized that you might want to be handling this in different ways. But, yeah, you have all come to simultaneously. I guess one important question is, What about corpses? What they up thio on endure elements would not have been cast on them. Just in case that's relevant. I'm going to describe them all at once. Stand in that case. Rather than separating out, Carter is lay still with a shock of pure white hair. Now, for a moment, it looks like it might have somehow failed in some way, and then a very, very small amount. Off steam like breath, steam pops out of the mouth and the chest is moving as far as you can tell. Carter just appears to be asleep. His demeanor appears quite sort of washed out on There is a thick layer of frost upon his body. However, As he breathes, it starts toe crack and

fall away a little bit, jumping to wild, similar situation, a shock of pure white hair. Now, instead of anything else, same layer of frost on again. There's a delay on, then the breathing again. SAS Arras horns specifically appeared to have bleached eso. They have gone a like a pure, not even bone white. We're talking like it's quite, it's quite striking. It almost looks artificially colored funky. These scales themselves don't appear to have changed color. However, there is a moment again, where it takes a while for like the ice to start to crack and so on. Are the couples cold blooded? Yes, although these are creatures where some of them have magical potential and things like that, which can mess around with that a little bit in principle, yes, but again, there, at the larger end of the cold blooded things, so basking is not a very large part of their day. Yeah, like a for for larger, cold

blooded animals, it's often actually an issue of overheating because yeah, so crocodiles can die if they're out of the water for too long from getting too hot. They're kind of more the way I was looking at this, rather than like, you know, anything smaller way. It is the opposite problem. Speaking off, Merck appears unchanged. Oh, no. Without possibly noticing Merck sell will have realized that cetera is kind of coming to. Andi is aware that Satya may not enjoy the cold on DSO immediately pulls them up. Andi wraps them in presumably the first that did sell ever get made The fluffy furs by Hammond. All of I check my notes, all of you had cold weather gear. So it's fine for you to just go cold weather stuff. So just wrapping cetera up in the fluff as you do so So Astra seems to start kind of struggling away from the first a little bit. Okay. Okay. Well, then sells not going to force it. It's just a

very immediate concern with temperature and potential uncomfortableness, Sasahara doesn't appear conscious. Interestingly, Sassa only starts to look uncomfortable once you start trying to, uh, sellers confused. So e I was just wondering. I guess there's always gonna look around, sort off everybody else. And then are the attendants still there? We were kind of escorted in. Yeah, the attendance is still there. Sure, they're all stood very still. And with heads respectfully bowed, I will like address one of them and say, Hey, what do we do now? Can we do we move him, Touch him like what's the procedure? I think like I don't know, the attendant you speak to looks up, leans forward very quietly. They will improve regardless. Whatever you feel is appropriate is appropriate. We have no rules here for that. Right? So we just will help. Do we Do we wake them up

? Is that appropriate? SL is taking off their furs and putting them on Saturday so that Satya doesn't need to be held to be warm. You know, it will do no harm, though. Often people arm or calm when they wake on their own. Okay, Okay. All right. Way to say that as who hasn't heard any of this shit on as he was going Thio Immediate. Lean down and like, start smacking Carter, wake up now. Hello? Hi. Hello. Hi. As uh oh, you're back as he's going to start crying directly onto Carter's face with tears Gonna start like freezing mid air and just thinking on Oh, not quite. Um Hmm. Oh, back from hello back From where? Oh, dear. Carter just starts looking around a okay. As it is going to, like, try and

did we teleport? Is this an Einstein thing? This feels like an Einstein. Okay. Carter, actually, you should stay. You said, um uhh. You died subtle. I like it. Okay, Mhm. We've got your back. So? So this isn't, you know. Oh, no, no. Goodness. Sorry. You're not still dead. Oh. Oh, are you? Um Mm. Do you remember anything? Yeah, that was the crash. And then cut. It sort of goes very, very still and just very, very quiet and affairs to just mentally phase out. Aziz going to panic and smack him a little bit in the face with

E. I thought you were going to die again. E o about a worse than sold E. I just remember. It's fine. It's fine. I think I'm just gonna need a bit of time. Thio. Yeah, I'm very odd. Sorry. It's nice to be warm again. I Oh, do you want Do you want my coat? I could give you know you're taking the Oh, too much. Too much, too much. Okay. What about lunch? God. Oh, okay. As you can. I have a quick little what? At which point Carter just turns around. Sees everyone else. Okay, so this is like a whole thing, huh? So is everyone on that? No, no, you're You're not undead. You're properly alive, I think. Oh, can I detect on debt step? Do I have that? No

, I only have detect evil. Dammit! I've got turned on debt. I could just try and turn It Can't just legs. It s so I think I think that might deal damage as well, so I might just kill him again. E o Check for undead. Helen is just Teoh. See what happens. Okay, um I don't think that as is gonna make that connection fair, Carter is like asking again. Are they OK? E don't want I don't Actually. Uhh Solve. Who's that? Where am I? Yeah, what's up? Um, Hazel, How How? How How was wild? I think I think good. I think it went well. I mean, I just The attendant said, maybe let him wake up on their own, but oh, can't understands slightly shakily. He's not died again. So, you know, So is everyone okay then? Uhh. Look wild. Look, Kyle Carter

, leave it. Just just Please, please. I know you was struck. Doing nothing struck doesn't appear to have awoken. Never mind taking any actions. Oh, cut. Please, just just calm down. I get No, maybe not like, just don't Please don't disturb while let him come out in his own time. Okay? So I'm Look, this is my calm face. Look at my com face. What's going on? Where are we? Who's this? Kieser love were on the back of a giant bear in a city which is on the back of that bear on a big eagle person sort of invited us up on. They told us we had a way to get you all back if you wanted on, then that Z That's what we've just done, I guess. And it looks like it worked for you. So

congratulations on not being dead anymore. Carter sits back down, lies back down in the original position he was in. He just says I'm okay. I'm obviously still not well. And that's okay. No, I think you're I can Oh, I can heal you. A zoo casts lay on hands. I guess on it is going to attempt Thio just in case 16 for 16 points. It says you're doing so, which, by the way, does not harm Carter in any way. You've all been far Thio wrapped up in things to notice. You've known Carter a long time. Yeah, like once we factor in the journey and blow up you actually have on part of that is. You know, you learn to stop noticing what makes up like the person's sort of physical identity. Like a minor pockmark here. Ah, birthmark. There, a scar there. Whatever. As your healing, you notice two things. One Carter doesn't need healing. Carter's at full health. Also, you

notice that the majority when I say the majority, you notice that all of the blemishes minor like scars. Knicks, anything like that appear to be gone like the opposite of scurvy. Anti scurvy. It's just high dose vitamin C, this whole thing. Oh, like your hair, By the way, Carter, I think it's a good choice. What? Oh, Car tries to look at his hair, but he keeps it short so he can't assume produces a mirror. Whoa. Yeah, yeah. Just for the record, I'm pretty confident I ain't died before. I don't know. I might I guess you did. You know, always have white. Her? No, it's I'm thinking maybe it's kind of related to spiritually trauma. Oh, I guess. Wow. Yeah. Feel trauma? No. I mean yeah, Well, no. I mean, nor do I, but like a connection being broken or something, you know, used to be

very exciting and then stopped. And then this kind of happened, so kind of You died and you've come back. And that kind of happened. So what do you think? Distinguished or kind of like striking might make. It might make you stand out in a crowd, though, so maybe wear some hats if you're trying to be, you know? Well, you know what? There are worse things than being noticed, right? I definitely would agree. I think you look great, as he says that he starts crying again. Well, yeah, guess what, as he's trying to say, is glad you're back. Carter sits on, doesn't appear to have noticed that he cuts it in towards as a like it's It's an automatic reaction that it doesn't seem to have noticed, but it just kind of sits and sits comfortably next to, as you like. Okay, at which 0.1 of the attendants steps forward towards off again. Since you're the one who started talking, going we can way can move you towards maybe a different space if you'd prefer. If you'd rather stay here, there's no other use for this building. I

don't know what about crack and sell House house, etcetera. They're They're They're fine. They they seem to want Thio lie there, uh, cells, like perched on their haunches and kind of arms on knees and just and has put the fluffy kind of winter clothes oversee. Astra, Uh, every time you try, Sasahara unconsciously apparently seems to just be kicking them off and pushing them off. Okay, well, then, Sellers just sitting there, not processing, Really? Just, you know, this has been an emotionally tiring day on DSO. Just making sure that sassafras breathing is, uh, that's ticked. That box is ticked. So they said the tenant said, Like they can kind of wake up on their own if, like Yeah, Yeah, I No, I I heard. That's why I'm I'm just, you know, there doesn't I'm not gonna I'm not gonna do anything. You know what I

mean? Just I think like we've we've done our jobs weaken, right. So like, But I'm not gonna like leave. No, I'm not. No, no. You know, not just gonna sit. Yeah, You know, I'm I'm also I'm just point out wild. Yeah, I'm sort of Yeah, yeah. I mean, how is crack? Okay, I don't It looks like he's still under. I don't if that's a good or a bad thing. Sell only notices this. Now give everyone give me perception. Checks a role. 19. I got 25. 25. 0, wow. Because a cell only got 22. So it's just as you this time. That's that's a rarity. I don't know why you always seem to just roll poorly when it comes to perception. What first appears to be complete stillness from scratch arc on closer inspection once you actually start paying attention, this is someone who seems to have every single muscle straining while at the same time being perfectly still. This is not Someone sat comfortably. Still

, this is someone going sitting comfortably still. Okay. As he's going to go across to him then on bond. Be like struck. I'm gonna give it you for free. Struck clearly. Heard you like a slight air twitch in a slight shuffle. Um, I think it's over. Struck. It's not over. Oh, no. Um sorry, Alex. Important context. I think we're all assuming we can remember what? Because it's like 100 100%. Yeah, like straight out the gate. 100%. It feels like you went to a different room, did some stuff and then came back. There might be some time dilation effects based on the spaces that you were in, but yet you have complete memories of the event, Right? Okay. On his mere clearly cold on still Yeah, like now that you're looking. Yeah, Market murky isn't struck. I don't concentrating

. Okay. As is gonna back off, I am going to be saying now, if you want to leave wild on disaster to wake up normally, it's not gonna be happening in like, a couple of minutes. We're talking hours, so I need to just gauge what it is that people intend to do so that I can engage where to go with this one. So we'll just be sitting there. If people leave, they will ask if they can have a hot drink. I think self will, like, sit vaguely uncomfortably for about five minutes and then go over toe struck again. If struck is like, still just like tensing. That's exactly what Scott is doing. Yeah. Yeah. Hey, um, scrub. I think I think it's like properly over. I'm sorry, but I had I don't know what yours was. like I had a chat on. It was a choice for them to come back

. And I don't know what did you You went under, right? Do it again. We could do it again. Do it again. Scrub. Did you did you give him a choice? Well, obviously on what did they choose wrong? Still again. Struck. You got up. They made a choice. You gotta let him go. That's we can't. They made the wrong choice so we could do it again. We're just gonna sit here. We're gonna do it again. And I made the right choice and be fine. They made the choice. That was right for them. You've got a It's I know it's hard, but it's selfish. It's I think about that. I don't want that toe haunt you. Is it really selfish or you just a bit angry. Struck suddenly leaps up stomps over past one of the parts that was holding some men that some of the pungent incenses and so flat that bashes past it doesn't shatter, but it does fall on, then just stomps out the front of the building. Just bang just stomps off

. Uh, should I should one of us. I don't know. I don't think I did that right. Actually, maybe there isn't any way to do that. Right? Um, I am going to jump to Hamad temporarily Hamid. A short while after all of the elaborate fireworks and so on. The frost has been continually receiving. It has been not accelerating or anything, but it's clear that the ambient temperature is significantly warmer than whatever was happening. And it seems to be returning to normal. Just as the frost seems to be nearing the actual building itself. The door suddenly slams open and out, stomps, Crock, stomps out, looks around, blinks briefly at the at the light and then sees you and then stomps around, apparently to the back of the building. Just stomps off Hamid, sort of the second he sees the doors open, leaps to his feet, and as he sees Crock emerge, he'll sort off. He'll take a couple of steps forward without really conscious thought. But then, once you sort of see

scratch attitude, he'll probably just freeze in place and doesn't know what to do with himself. A that point. Basically, this feels like a sensible place for a bit of a downer break and we can come back in and pick this up, I think. Alright. Tracks. I've got a brief Stella Firma, the sci fi improv comedy podcast available on all good podcasters needs a jingle So off Ugo pressure Ooh, it's a sound you hear it in your is Where is it coming from? Missile afirma. They're gonna design a planet that is going to be so much fun Joining Texel and David A man whose great and a clone who is a food. Yes, it is fruit completely rude. But I guess they should just listen to Stella further to find out more Couple Hi, I'm Lydia. Nicholas from Rusty. Call Gaming on the Magness archives. I'm here to tell you about this week's sponsor, the CW Network. Tis

the season to be catching up on your favorite CW shows for free. The weather outside might be frightful, but now is the perfect time to snuggle up and stream every available episode of Star Girl Nancy Drew and Batwoman, all for free on the CW App With the CW network, you can see why everyone's been charmed by Star Girl, a show critics have called the lightest, brightest and most family friendly live action superhero show. Yet in Nancy Drew, everybody's favorite super sleuth is on the case. Meanwhile, in Gotham, Batwoman is taking the world by storm Catch up now for free on the CW App before brand new seasons of Nancy, Drew and Batwoman begin in January 2021 only on the CW on Welcome back. So so ifs Crock is going to run off. Then I'll go back and revise What cell would have done with no other prompts is just sit there. But now, having seen that, they will

get to their feet on bond, take their winter furs and kind of put them back on and just say I could Could one of you ask the woken couples what the respectful thing is to do for from Eric? I didn't I didn't get to that bit of cobbled customs. Should I carry them out? Yeah, well, if you just I don't wanna put my coat over him, because maybe that is something that's offensive to them. I don't know, But if you if you could ask, I will. Just sell is gonna go follow scrub. Okay, so so do I. Just just take him out or just No, just ask the cobbles. Right? Go go out. Ask them what? To Dio. I will just just I just need to check that scrap is okay. And then I'll be back. I will turn to an attendant ago. Can they come in or is okay now? Can other people come in? If they we need to Do we need toe? Okay. It's

fine. This is not a holy spot. Okay, this was zey useful place. It's not a okay. Hallowed price. Okay, fine. Okay. I will. I will go and I will go and talk to the couple. Do you want me? Should we should we take to the other two? Oh, I can carry folks buddies. I do not think and so just looks very tired. I don't think there's a rush. Okay. There isn't a rush anymore. It's okay. You got the You've got the adrenaline, right? That's what they call it the You got that spike, You gotta rush. But you you don't need to any more. The people who are back are back. We're safe. People who are not back or not, we're gonna process that and it's gonna take time, okay? Yeah, but it's it's okay, right? E Just worry a bout with Scruggs. You're you're okay And that people say things right at these times, and I'm sure that he'll

regret and you'll regret. And he'll also treasure. And you also treasure in this all this stuff. It comes out in the processing, but I'm just gonna see he's okay. You lost the others. See if we can take these people to some beds and then and then maybe we'll maybe we'll even have some sleep. Who even knows? Yeah, thanks. So sad. Laughed goes out the door. Maybe Carter wants a drink. I will shower the sleeping form of Carter. Uh, yeah, he's a can't know. Carter laid back down. His eyes are his eyes are open, but he just kind of lying there like, Boom, boom. There's no way I'm on the back of a bear. So something's wrong. I should probably lie still upon hearing that cargoes. I'm actually okay, but, you know, thanks. Okay. That's probably the most profoundly troubling thing he could have said. Yeah, okay. I'll go talk to the Cobalts, then. Okay. Um, So kata

hay house. Uh, how you feeling? I'm waiting to feel bad. That's the best way I can describe it. Oh, apparently, you're fully healed, and things kind of leans up again, Sits over. You have a momentary vision off, child. Carter sat underneath the bench as he just sits there in the sand, looking up at you. Certainly. Just by virtue of all of the blemishes and minor dinks and scrapes being removed, he does give the impression of being younger. His skin has taken a younger Hugh almost. I mean, she's been waiting it. Yeah. Sorry for scared, you know. No, I'm not scared. You. I don't I don't get, uh you wouldn't scare me except for when you died. But you're kind of accept just now with the thing you were referring

to correctly. Yeah, that that's because you're like, they're brave and stuff. Does that make sense? Oh, as you start crying again, E didn't do anything. E o Carter just kind of reaches out, but non awkwardly just kind of patch on the back, but says awkwardly, they're they're just give him a zoo. Shows like her entire face in Carter's shoulder. E s. Oh, did you hear when you did, you said you were smaller. E o e. Thought you were the cool on. It's fine. Yeah, it's okay. Good. Yeah, Fine. Everything's fine. So fine. Oh, God. I am going to use this opportunity to jump to the outside of things. Sell. Did you had to? Did you already head out to

chase down scrap? Yeah. Yeah, that's fine. I'm gonna follow you. It's very obvious. West Crock went because there are still claw marks in the frost. Once sell emerges, Hamid will run up to them and be like So what? What What happened? Uh, right. Okay. Eso just quickly you hear distant weeping Bryn. Right? But don't That's happy crying. So it's going to be right cell again. Like I just can't understand how exhausted cell look right. Okay, So some people came back and well, and Merrick didn't. And obviously spark is having, uh, a new immediate reaction to that which we need to be managed before the longer term off. Everyone on of well processing and dealing. Um, at the moment, I think we can say that the urgency, uh, off the last day or two days or three that that has

ended so way. Just we need to know. Maybe maybe you already know. Uh, we need to know how to respectfully deal with the body. We need to know how to how to take the others to a comfortable place to sleep it off. You know it slightly hysterical death. They just got to sleep. Death. It's always strange when this happens. Right? Like, resurrection is so weird on dso just sort of trails often goes to follow scrub. So I think during this conversation, Zoff would have walked past you too, to the Kaboul's once sale heads off after Sprock Hamid, we'll sort of do a slight double take and then follow on, then go over to the rest of the Kaboul's with how is just spinning in circles. Yeah, I'm gonna follow cell. Yeah, sure. You easily find Sqrat around the back of the building, kicking it Not hard. Just kind of. Hey

, uh, hey, buddy. Okay. Hey, I don't know if you wanna be alone, but I just want you to know you don't need to be. It's fine. It's fine. Spring. I don't think I mean you. You'll be thinking a lot of things, but I know if if where you were chatting to Merrick with anything like where I was chatting to saturate like it was. It was nice, right on bond. It was It was a good place. And so it's it's not. It's not that they're in a bad place, But I also know that that doesn't mean you're not frustrated and you're not missing. I'm not annoyed. Come annoyed at me. I You know, I I'm not I kind of I kind of want to say I get it, But I also know that its always unique and I'm not gonna say stupid things like It's not your fault or it's not like it's not about that or all the all the things

that you could say because I know it never feels like that. It's that, um, it's that it's that, you know, you're you know, along with it. And I'm sure you did that. You know that the decisions are made right? Like I think, whatever you said, it's not. It's not about the specifics. I hope you don't become obsessed with the little things that might have been different because actually, it's not. It's not that either. Yeah, I'm annoyed because I wanted Merck bark. Yeah. Yeah. Even when Merck didn't want to come back, I still wanted me to come back. No, but that's that's and that's that's just me being stupid and selfish. And I'm a I nobody I know. I'm sorry. Marks, Fine marks. I've never seen Mark so happy. Was it loud? How did we get How did he hear you way? Didn't Uh huh. I'm glad

it was loud. Sqrat gives a Assad smile. It was loud Is the word Yeah. And shiny, loud and shiny on spiky, loud, shiny and spiky with fire Loud, shiny America's happy Was he that guy from Mad Max? You know, playing the electric guitar on the with, you know, building size speakers and the fire spike. I'm gonna be honest. That's basically the direction that I'm going with this. Yeah. How's school? I think I think so. We're just like six. Andi, it's Yeah, that's it's it that's, you know, words on this seller saying in Taconic, eso is stumbling over them slightly. So with everyone's permission, I'm going

to jump time. I had a little bit in terms ofs off giving the news toothy Kaboul's. They seem to take it very stoically on. I don't mean that in a sort of suppressing stuff. There doesn't really seem to be much in the way of tears. It's more like a okay that could have gone either way. Okay, next steps, then. Andi. There was definitely a private conversation between Struck and rest of Kabul's, but I would quite like to jump ahead to basically end this episode on on an image, if I may, which is night falling with the keep calling it city. Technically, it's not big enough the town night falling on the town. Andi, as the sun is setting a pilot, has been set up in the square. The Kabul's basically requested. You know it needs to be a pirate. Needs to be. You know this big, blah, blah, blah Andi effectively. They have told everyone we just ask that everyone observe and be quiet on. Then the

couples you know, Merck is laid out. The couples each take a corner off the pyre and invite Hamid to be involved if Hamid's willing. But there's no there's no pressure there, and they begin to very gently light the pyre themselves, using their own breaths. It's not much it is a the way that you would blow on a flame as if it's already lit. They make a flame appeared just by blowing upon it. Everyone gonna perception check 19. Natural 20 17 21. Enough of you noticed that basically, as the pious starts to catch on starts, Thio accelerate its burn. The closer to Merck's form that the fire gets, the brighter and hotter it becomes on. But the rest of Kabul step back and then just stand watching. They don't appear to be toe attention or anything. It's just observing on the pious, where murky is burns brighter

and brighter and hotter and hotter. It isn't to the point where people can't like stand close because of the heat, but it is reaching the point where it is difficult to look at it. It is lighting up the rest of the square, as if there is a bright light like a almost like a daylight is coming towards. In terms of the brightness, he gets brighter, it gets brighter and then very rapidly diminishes into a normal flame. The couples are made of magnesium. Basically, that that's the kind of like, look, I'm going for here it leaves after images. But by that point the flames are so large there's nothing really to be seen. But you do notice Everyone who hit the twenties that at no point did the cobbled blink. They just stared the whole time. Hamad did the same. Yeah, as we will have tried to do the same as well, because she was in Mark's body. I won't give roles for stuff. I'll say it's difficult but doable and leave it at that. Yeah, I'll end the episode. Yeah, on that image and as a point of clarification, the remaining people. So we're talking

wild. Andi etcetera are basically will say, laid out on a nearby bed, but not actually like taking part in the ceremony. They are. They appear to be sleeping normally, but I would like to end. The episode on this one is a sort of a bit of a coda, but yeah, I would say that at no point have the cobbles cried or anything. It doesn't appear like they're restraining themselves. It feels more like a send off than a big outpouring of grief. That's the best way to describe it, and that's that. How we feeling I hope that the bear didn't get burned. I can confirm for you outside of Rrp that the bad did not get burned. You see, That's why they did it in the square. Always thinking little e Flora e doesn't get her e got you covered? Yes. Okay. Okay. There is Okay is confirm. It is very

important. Then I guess we will pick this up next week where we'll take our next steps. But I can confirm everyone will have time to sleep which you know occasionally I grant you. But until that time, it's by from may. So by everyone. Rusty Core Gaming is a podcast distributed by Rusty Quillen, licensed under a creative Commons attribution Noncommercial share alike 4.0 international license. Today's episode was directed by Alexander J. Annual, produced by Hannah Prising her to subscribe. Buy merchandise or join our patryan. Visit rusty quill dot com Rate and review us online. Tweet us at the rusty quill visitors on Facebook or email us via mail at rusty quill dot com. Join our community on the discord or via reddit at r slash rosti quail. Thanks for listening. It

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RQG 178 - Frost and Fire
RQG 178 - Frost and Fire
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