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RQG 177 - Last Words (Part 2)

by Rusty Quill
November 25th 2020

Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia, and Ben as they speak to some departed friends.

This week Cel finds a puzzle, Azu is offered a hiding spot, Hamid feels a chill, and Zolf finds what he's lookin... More

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couple Hello and welcome to Episode 177 of the article Gaming podcast. I'm your host and GM Alex Newell with me today. I have that MEREDITH Brynn Munro, Lydia Nicholas and Helen Gold. And that's as close to a slow shill intro is I can give you That's That's what meditative sounds like when you still have to intro an episode. How you all doing? Well, who are we playing? Yeah, I don't know who I'm playing anymore, so that's how I am So chill. He's forgotten to do the intro. Well, here's the thing, you know. Are we all playing? Aren't we just all always playing in some ways is off. Smith hammered salary, not a hand. Sell Sidebottom on a zoo. So it just happens without you know Alex. Yeah, so? Well, I think this makes

me so. I love that he can't mess up the order anymore. That was a trick. He could only pull within person recordings. Yeah, we tried that in the first remote recording a point at the screen and then went way Get to always do the order and he can't mess with Yeah, take that. So I'll have to find other ways to mess with you. Speaking of which, let's go into an alternate mind space together but separate. So I'll let people bid for it. Who wants to go first when we go in the order we had before, so it's because I don't remember it. So I'm I'm vamping around that I have no memory of the original order tellin me, Okay, we'll go, We'll do that. So starting back with golf, then you have clearly moved through a significant portion of the city with your eyes closed. It is clearly making it easier for you to do so. In fact, it's reached the point where, as you're walking, you

will stop as if, like just deciding to obviously step around something just based entirely on instinct and then continue. So this is not just the way is clear for you, like you are actively sort of, weirdly enough, just your instincts are right. You feel yourself passed through the denser city with the closer alleyways and so on on. Then you feel the space start to open out a lot more. Andi, As far as you can tell, you appear to be heading back towards the dock where you first came in shock. Eventually you feel the telltale smack off shoes upon. Actual boardwalk has opposed the thicker palisade that makes up the rest of the city. Also slight clarification. I didn't come in on the same doctors. Everyone else. So is it back to the ship? Or is it back to the left? Back to the ship called. I will carry on until I either hear him say hello or literally walk into him. You continue walking and then feel yourself brought to a stop. Cool. Naturally, I should say. Then I will open

my eyes. You are right at the edge. Off the dock to your left is a completely fine on original vengeance in inverted commas it is ship shape and ready to go with no issues, no concerns, no problems whatsoever. On Dwight Oiled is sat with his legs dangling over the edge off the dock, looking out towards the, uh, apparently now clear rolling hills. I say hills, rolling mountains, Andi forests and so on. Even from behind, you can see that he is slightly younger. Andi, your first impression is that this appears to be the wild that you were meeting all that time back in Paris. Well dressed, good hair at ease. But again, this is from behind. He is staring straight out and you are immediately behind him. Oh, good. Insufferable as well. Brilliant. Um uh, I'll, uh, walk up to the edge and sit down beside him with my legs dangling over the edge to another

thing to notice. There is nothing underneath this palisade. This place is apparently just hanging in space. There is landscape underneath. It's not like a yawning void or anything, but it is very, very far away. And it just appears like this city is a fixed point in the sky is the best way to describe it, I guess because the bear is a living thing as well. There's no other living things around on Dso wild is just their legs dangling over the edge. Just looking out. Sure, you can see he does not have the scar. Sure. Hey, he turns in seizure. He's off, turns back and looks out at the horizon. Um, do you? No. What happened? Do you know what's going on? Yeah, it feels like for the first time I get to have a break. Yeah. Yeah, Well, e guess I guess that's why I've come to talk to you about Could

just join me. That's okay too, you know. Hey, Pat. He passed the deck next. Him room for one more, etcetera. I'm not done yet. Andi. I'm here to ask if you Oh, or not, because you come with me. Uh huh. If you want. Uh huh. Wild kind of looks out of it. I mean, you say, if I want, But that's never really really what it's about, is it? It's less if I want than if I can If I get to No, no, no. In this case, um, if you want, I will turn around and go back on. You

know? Believe you hear on that. You're welcome. You're welcome to stay. I'm not done yet. I don't want to stay here. Why not? Just I've got things to do on. You always will. If there's one thing that I've learned is that there's always something to do That doesn't mean that you actually have to do it just means that there's something to do. I've got things I want to do. And if you don't, that's fine. Well, yeah. No, that's fine On I will leave you here. It's up to you. How about we just have a sit? Yeah, for once, for a bit. Fine. Do you do you want to talk now that we have? I mean, I don't know, times even moving. So maybe as much time as we want. Or maybe not. Well, yeah

. Or we could just sit here. I don't know. This is, I guess, sort of your whole space. So now you say that he looks over at the ship. If this was my space, I would be somewhere. Ah, lot nytr, you know, filled with soft beds, Andi, ideally, there would be, you know, music. Well, apparently, Yeah, well, you could always learn an instrument. And I told you happened when I tried to learn instrument, right. You might have all the time you want. Now I'm going to use this opportunity to jump to Helen. Yes, Helen? Yes, I'm here. So we last left you in a museum being shushed. Yeah. Yeah, I'm heading towards. We're heading towards the shirt, right? Yes, yes. Are you attempting? This is gonna sound odd, given the scenario. Are you attempting to move inverted commas stealthily? No. Okay. You are echoing

on clanging throughout the space. It is someone in full plate armor walking across stone floors in large echoey chambers. Okay. Once as you realize is how loud she is because she she does have, you know, a sense of what is appropriate and proper for the saturation is definitely turning actively hostile as you are clanging around, she's going to try Thio. Be quiet, but it's very difficult when you're just wearing metal on your on the stone floor The mawr You attempt to be quiet the loud you are on the angry of the hushing sounds are sorry she says Sorry Ohh Clank Clank Howard's all you're getting is hushing sounds and disapproval from the unseen people in the museum as you clank around the space

making far too much noise and clearly unwelcome. Mr. Carter, Um, Professor cart, can you give me a perception check? Yeah. Oh, good. 25. You hear it? Ever so quiet. Screech screech of pencil on paper in an adjoining room. I find that room and opened the door. There are no doors here. There are only doorways atyou clank over it. Honestly, no eso disapproving. Everyone's so disapproving. Yeah, on Do you find yourself in a another ancient history room? In terms of the organization here, it makes no sense to be clear. I realize you're not an expert, but it doesn't appear to be a raid by, like era geography. It really does just appear to be a random assortment off. This is ancient stuff. It's more like

if you asked a kid to describe a museum, what would be designed as opposed to an actual, like, organized taxonomic category system or anything like that? Sure, inside this room is a similarly apparently random assortment of ancient artifacts. On there are a couple of stone benches in the middle of the room. You can hear the stretching sounds coming from one of them. There doesn't appear to be anyone in the room. Howard, a small boy pokes his head out from underneath the bench. Toutle head looks atyou very wide eyed and then ducks back And the screeching sound Stop! Oh, baby. Got a broken Helen. Very sense motive. Yeah. 0, 25. Again. If they go, the child is clearly terrified of you. Oh, as the

how close is she to the bench? How close you want to be to the bench. Okay, that's fine. What she will do, then, if she will sit down on then she's gonna be like, I'm probably still too big. And this is going to lie down on her front on, like, Like, Like Like, Like Like Like if you're gonna try and, like, see under the bench. The child Carter, Uh huh. Is scooch to underneath the stone bench in such a way that you would not have been able to see him from the doorway. He appears to have a number of schoolbooks laid out on the floor seemingly haphazardly, and he appears to be sketching something in what appears to be a math book. Hello, Howard. Hello. Um, I could be quieter. I'm sorry. That's all right. I'm very loud. Yeah, you

might not want to be. They don't like that here. Well, we should really be in there. They don't like they don't like kids in there. Well, who cares what they think? I mean, I do, don't you? No. Why not? That they're really angry, though. Well, sometimes people are angry, and it's not really your fault. It doesn't seem to make a difference. Hm. People angry at you a lot. You know, schools just rubbish. Really. Everyone in it's rubbish. He catches himself being a bit loud and kind of pushes back down. Uh huh. What would you like to do? I don't know. No one asked me that. I don't wanna do maths. Hate mass rubbish. Oh, I'm bad at Massa's. Well, it was fine when it was just numbers, but it's not just numbers. It's letters to Why the letters in maths? It

doesn't make any sense. It's not mass. That's English. But hey, English as well. It's all just become one big pile of Uh huh. What do you like doing? Quite like drawing? It's quite fun. Can I see? Oh, well, kind of holds the book close a little bit. Uh, well, I'm not really gonna be drawing, though, so I don't think that's e Yeah, right. Just thrusts it. Unlike unceremoniously at your face. Okay, what's he drawing? He appears to be doing a bunch off at first, So there's like, two parts of the book. There's first half where he's just, by the way, he's just just writing over the mass that's in there, which, by the way, even to your I just like, yeah, that's wrong. That z just all wrong like this. Oh, no. Oh, may Come on. He's just sketching up straight over the top of the either working that's in there. It starts with syriza sort off still lifes off the stuff

within the museum, it seems like, however, they're growing increasingly elaborate as you start adding extraneous details. Or it's like it's not just a broken pillar, it's a broken pillar is part of a building. It's a broken pillar of part of a building, which has a large crowd of people looking up. It's a broken pillar of part of a building, with a large crowd of people looking up as a ceremony goes past. And it's just him slowly, seemingly elaborating on the things that are held within the museum. It's very good. Yes, that's yeah, that's exactly what she says, she says. You're very good artist. We had to bother, does it? What's it matters. It doesn't have still got do maths. Well, only for a little while, somebody say. Who's they? You mean they kind of pokes his head out from under the thing and just looks at one of the other rooms on, then pokes his pokes back underneath the bench? Mhm. Well, it doesn't matter what you want to do. You just end up doing whatever it tells you to do anyway. Yeah, uh, as he says, that's

not always the case. Um, listen, I think that they might not come in here while I'm here. Um oh, I'm a zoo, by the way. Hey, how's you? Hello, Howard. Shut up. Just some space under the bench. I'm not sure I'll fit, I'm afraid. All right. I am going to jump to sell. Yeah. Cool. So we last left you in a tunnel with a long let's say, Matt, I forgot what the word was. What was the word I used e Think you said mat on the floor? Yeah. I kept wanting to say tapestry, but you don't put tapestries on the floor that stops. Being a tapestry starts being a That's the word. Yeah. No, it za woven. It's a woven mat. Let's leave it at that. And you were in a corridor that led towards a warm looking fire around the bend. Cool. So walks along

heading along. You hear the distinct sounds of movements seemingly echoing through the corridor sort off like a gentle stretching here. A gentle scuttle. There it is not like drawing nearer or anything. It's just this constant sound of gentle movements all over the space. So as they walk along will be quietly talking, assuming that there may be smaller creatures around that one of those maybe etcetera eso. It's a reassuring kind of tone, like the kind of thing you do with a small child or a new animal where you're not sure what kind of the languages that they might be speaking so kind of Indra Connick Uh vory gently kind of. Hey, see Astra ITT's me sell If you remember, this is a really lovely tunnel. There is a loud cry from further down the tunnel Hey! Oh, hey, Cell! Hey, Sasahara

, buddy, How are you doing? Hi. Come on, Look, sell jogs down to meet etcetera. So you turn a corner in the tunnel on, then find yourself opening into a larger but not large space. It's at this point that things get a little bit weird for your perspective because first of all, you find yourself face to face with a Sasa who is your height, right? Yeah, almost. Yeah, the space around you. It feels like someone took a quick sketch of a chemistry lab. Aunt smashed it into Mr Tumnus is study, right? Got you. Yeah, that's the quickest, easiest way I can describe this. So it's heaven. Basically, I think a combination off like creature comforts so that there is a fight. It's not a fireplace is an open fire leading to ah, hole in the ceiling, which seems to be taking the smoke on. It appears that everything around the space is again. It has comfort in mind

, even if it's not elaborate. It's like think more cushions and rugs and things like that. There appears to be something cooking on the on the fire. On around the place. It feels more like things have been kept by virtue off just being interesting. Eso It's not that there is a full chemistry set up bubbling away so much as like there are the makings of a big elaborate set up that is currently being assembled by Sassa. Apparently. Hey, this is this place is is wonderful. What are you making? Such was their going Okay, so I have some six millimeter condensers. But I'm considering stopping to the 10 millimeters because they just seem to have, you know, a better precipitation rate. But I really don't go, Don't go smaller and just double of the length. What? Double a precipitation? Lengthen recurve it back in. What are you trying thio achieve? I mean, what do you think? She just gestures to the rest of the room and then starts assembling to apparently utterly incompatible pieces. Senator

, do you know where we are? I mean, yeah, it's my place. It's a lovely place. I know. That's why it's mine. That's e mean, You are lovely and you deserve lovely things. I do. You're right. You can stay, right? So Sasa is there holding a tripod on a Bunsen burner and then just kind of holding them both and then puts the Bunsen burner, like in the tripod and leaves it, and it isn't quite right. Nothing's It feels like almost trying to build a chemistry set. But everything is just cross purposes. The dots are connecting for some reason, etcetera, I I'm going to stay here with you a while, but there's there's if you if you understand what's happened, right? That there was a ship on things went wrong on we Yeah, yeah, yeah, that we lost. So I I know, I know, I know I know that I've just got to sort this. If I could just sort this, then then we can get on E

. I just need to sort this. What I'm what I'm thinking is do you need help? Do What I'm saying is, you can do you want We lost you. But there's there's a way back. And you Do you wanna go? Yeah, that's fine. That's fine. That's fine. We just need to finish this and then we can We can do whatever. It's fine. I just need to finish it. Okay. Well, let me help. Okay. Cool. Right. Okay. So where does this go? At which point you're looking at an enormous, like the size of SAS or a conical flask. Just unnecessarily massive on the set up so far. Could probably fit on a small table. I'm This may be a rolling point because sellers trying to work out if this is unsolvable puzzle, give me a I will allow you to pick either between knowledge engineering or craft alchemy. Probably. No. You know what? Craft alchemy for this one. Okay. Lydia is so clever, it would never have crossed my mind. That

is unsolvable. I just feel like. Okay, great. Let's go. E o. That is a 31. Yeah, yeah, directly. This is an unsolvable puzzle, Andi, that the second that you solve a problem, nobody. Because that just makes a bigger problem further down the line. That's just going to be this. Just it clearly will. That place that story? Oh, yes, Very much so. Yes. A so, like cell has they did, like, one or two adjustments before. Kind of realizing this on they they kind of breathing and turned disastrous and say, um e think I think what this is, cetera. This is This is the ultimate puzzle here, and it's it's wonderful. I can see so many different ways to solve it, but I think there'll always be something to solve on. But this will be here when you come back later, right? But But

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a little bit colder, too. If you're in, your element was not still active. People would be leaving because it is consistently growing cold. Away you are. Are you eyes closed or you eyes open. Probably eyes open. There is frost starting to emanate from thesis Tral space. It is creeping across the ground slowly. But obviously there is a you know there's a small amount of snowfall and so on, although the area seems to be kept broadly clear. But there is an active ice patch working its way out across the floor of the space. It's not near any one of the party as of yet, but if it continues going, eventually everyone will have toe up and move. I will glance at the other co bolts just to see how many of them have their eyes open. None of them there. Breath is like frosting in front of them. But again, in your elements is a wonderful spell. Yeah. How long has it been? Roughly a couple of hours. Bit longer. Yeah, about that. Okay. I will keep my eyes open on watch for the

progress on. Yeah, If the frost is, like, you know, get a bit closer. I will quietly and politely, you know, prod the rest of the cobbles in tow moving. But I'm not going to disturb them unless I feel like I sort of need to, I'd say before it reaches that point. Yeah. You notice the second element, which is hard to tell at first, but it just catches your eye. You noticed that a ring of people seems to be very gradually and organically forming at the very, very edge of the circle. So where it sort of turns back into alleys and so on. You know, one person takes place there, and then another person takes place at the far end. Another person over here, and it takes a little while for you to realize. But it appears to only be awakened creatures, interesting trees, animals, stuff like that on. They appear to be doing the same sort of thing that happened when it came to the, you know, the route through the city where it wasn't. People actively like bowing

heads reverentially. It's just sort of taking positions, almost similar situation. They seem to be taking positions around the central space. They don't. They're not trying to interact in any way but it has reached the point where it's like, Yeah, there's there's an active crowd forming very, very slowly. Okay. At which point, I'm going to dive back to the rest of the group. I'm going to start with this off, okay? Never have I ever crushed a boat. Sorry. Shit on blamed it on someone else. You know, this game will be a lot more fun if we have something to drink. What? Yeah. All right. Wild stands. I think there's something left in my cabin. All right. He just leads you through to the cabin, opens the door and then steps into a broad and airy Parisian apartment, follow women on, then heads in and grabs a drink from a cabinet Starts pouring you both. It seems to be a measure of some kind of spirit. Oh, this is nice. And remember it. Oh

, thats places. It's not all that you know. It's OK to start with, but big plans. Yeah, takes a drink, but it's nice to have somewhere Thio fall back on, you know, have a bit of a break. Yeah. Plans. Oh, yeah. You know. Oh, I know I've been doing a lot recently, but I think once amount of uni I really need to look all right. I really need to look towards a career world. You know, I didn't know you when you were a uni. What? Hang on. Who am I? What? It means Ulf. Okay, She's you. How did you meet me? Cool. God, you're going way back then Wilde opens the doors to the balcony and then steps out looking out across the Parisian skyline. I mean, I'm trying to think when we got mates, actually, honey. Yeah? Did I crash your place one time present

? I did. You broke into Amad department? Yeah. Yeah. God. Oh, yeah, because I was doing that. 00 no. I was doing that piece on Burti, wasn't I? You were? God, that's a blast from the past. Yeah. How long ago was that? We'll just sort of bleeds into itself, doesn't it? A little bit. Yeah, but you were working for that for a paper at that time, Weren't You know, I can't have done cause I've only just finished uni. So while we were on the release on Bertie, it must've been a paper or something, right? Yeah. So what's with what's with all the questions. All right? Okay. It's fine. We have all the time in the world all of this stuff that we could do big plans. But we don't have to do it now. You don't have a moment. You're dead dark. No, you are dead. You died. I saw you die. You've always been very dramatic. So if you do know that, right, like you just you

kind of need to learn to just just pull back a little bit very intense all the time. Wild. What? We were in the vengeance. We went through the Boeri Alice and the engines went down on. We crash landed and you died. Why you having to stay this in such a heavy? It's fine. Just have a sit and have a drink. For once off, I am here to ask you if you want to come back to the world to live again. I'm saying it's fine, like we have all the time in the world. We could just have a bit of just chill time like, look, if there's one thing that I've learned okay, is that it's fine to be ambitious, but sometimes you need a bit of you time. You know, I agree with you, but fantastic. So join me some you time with a version of yourself, which isn't Really? Yeah. Very deep here

. How? How? She just invited you for a drink. I don't know what sort of state you're in. Obviously, I don't think I can know what sort of state your end given the state you're in. Um, but I'm here for a reason. Not just toe hang out with you. Although that would be nice if we ever got a moment to just hang out. We do right now. Just five minutes off for once. Just for once. We took five minutes wild. And now we're in your apartment in Paris. Fine. Where you wanna go? He goes to the front door on. Opens it onto a park at night. You don't recognize the park if you want to go there, Let's go there. But I we're in a situation

. Just a look. Either you want to stay here wherever here is, or maybe move on wherever that might be or you want to come back with me, give me a sense motive. Oh, not 20. So that is a 29 wild getting really angry and he's hiding it well. Just talk to me. Honestly. Why you? I'll tell you what, I'll talk to you honestly when you talk to me honestly, just say Just say the words wild. We need you to fix it again. Wild. It's gone wrong. Help wild solve this problem. Wild won't take long. Just give me one of them. Just actually talk to me. Honestly, for the first time. Just what is it? What? What needs fixing what's gone wrong? What's on fire? Who died? What do I actually need to fix it? Because right now this is the first chance I've had. And I don't know how long I've got finals coming up. I've got all of the interviews

that lined up on top and everything's piling up. And all I've got is people asking me to fix things and I keep doing it. I keep fixing everything. Brilliant. So tell me, is off. I thought we were friends, but no. What do I need to fix? You don't wanna cheat off me that it needs cheat off me. It's fine. Cheat off me like everyone else does. It's fine. You don't have you need. You don't have exams. You don't have interviews. You are dead. You have no responsibility anymore. And you don't need to have any responsibility anymore. That's okay. But I'm giving you a simple choice. You come back with me or you don't. That's it. There is no other motive. Yes, things are broken on, things need to be fixed and things need to be sorted out. But that doesn't have to be on you. And it shouldn't be just on you. We're all responsible for everything. Andi, you died in pursuit off a fix. And it would not be fair for me to tell you that you have to come back. So why are you

here? Like what? What actual point? Why? Why would you not just let it lie? Then toe ask you if you want to come back? You didn't choose to die, but you can right now choose to stay dead while just sort of takes a moment, finishes his drink and just kind of stands there. Kind of just absorbing. I know better than a lot of people that death ain't the end. Yeah, I'm a cleric, for goodness sake. So there is a a natural order to things on. People die and they move on, and that's just how it works. I'm just tired self, that's all. I'm sorry. I'm just I'm just I'm just I know wild. I am tired, too. Everyone thinks that they're carrying this, but they're not, because you know what happens if they dropped the ball. I pick it up and I pass it to someone else. And if no one else is there to pick it up, I carry the ball myself. That's that's just how this works. I'm just

tired. I'm just I'm just so tired off. I'm just so tired. Do you really think you're the only person who feels like that? Everyone feels like that. Aled. The time everyone's tired and everyone has work to do on. So we just go back and carry on until eventually we can't That's not not necessarily no, if you don't want to. I told you when I first came here, I will turn around and I will go back on my own on. That is fine. That is your choice. But I want you to understand the options. Just give me a reason other than because there's something that needs doing. That's all I need. Just one reason other than there is another job for you. Wild. That's all our need. Do you want there to be another reason? What did I just say? Obviously I do. Yes, because

I need you Wild on fair. We go on. Honest answer from Zoff Smith. You never thought I'd hear it. You were just angling for that, you bastard. No, I wasn't just angling for that. But it's nice to know, all right, yet what I didn't want to say because it wouldn't be fair. Oh, nothing's fair. Look at it. Fine, it's Do you want to come back or don't you like, Yeah, I've said it, I know, but it's still your choice. Here's the plan. We're gonna finish up these drinks, we go out there and then we just We'll figure it out. We always do. It's fine. It's just it's just useful to know I'm not just beating my head against the wall for no reasons off. You know, mhm. Look and I will grab him by the lapels and pull him down to my height. Mhm. When

this is all done, we'll go on holiday or something where I I don't know. I don't know where he's gonna be left after all this is done. But give me a sense motive before I continue. Uh, 11. You're fairly certain you've already won him over and that he's messing with you by this point. Solve, I won't come back with you unless you tell me where we're going on holiday together. Such a dick. Come on, s I'm gonna use that opportunity to bounce Thio as you. All right. So car has been script script screeching away. You feel like you've hit a bit of a static point? The best way to describe it is you just have the instinct that nothing here is going to change unless you make the change happen. You're a fixed point. I mean, I had I had that idea anyway. Alright, so he's drawing so as he was going to say, Howard Hm? What

do you remember? Apparently nothing. No, I mean, how did you How did you get here? Oh, well, you know, I always come here is the only place people leave me alone. Oh, I'm sorry. I'm not leaving you alone. Yes. All right. You all right? Oh, Oh, I mean, it helps that your proper skerry. So if anyone tries to pick a fight with me, I'll just, you know, point you e will happily fight anyone who tries to you. Yes. Which fight, Bear? Oh, yes. Really Would fight to bears. Try what? What if both the bears had, like swords? Well, I've got several axes, forearms each. Look the point. Howard, Um, do you want Thio come out from under that bench for a little for a moment? Not really. Because if I do, everyone's gonna yell at me again. So I'm

fine. I'm just saying, I just told you I'd fight bears for you. Think I can't fight them off? Well, yep. You're not gonna be here forever. Then it's just gonna be yelling again. It's just gonna be, uh, Carter. You don't know what decline. Whatever it is is don't do. That is annoying. Don't eat that. You'll be sick. Maybe I want to be sick. Okay. Sometimes, you know, it could be like, how do I know? How am I gonna know? Unless I'm allowed to, you know? Hm? Well, it sounds like you quite like breaking rules. We just know that like breaking through, which is most of rules are stupid thought by stupid people. Look, she's gonna reach her hand out across the floor, and she's gonna be like, Why don't you come out? And if anyone yells at you, I'll hit them with my ax. What are you when you're not there? You can't hit everyone with an ax. I know. I've tried

. Well, you are quite small. How about you just try it? So what you're saying is because I'm small in your big I should climb out of this bench. No, no, no. I'm saying that right now, you can depend on me to protect you. And I would quite like Thio. See you stand up. You don't You don't need my help, though. Look atyou. Like you said, You got your big ax and and your big armor and your the all of that is e Don't bring in like I'll just stay here. It's fine. I get it. I'm useless. I don't have anything to help or do. So I can just stay here at least out of the way. It's fine. I get it. It's not nice, but I get it. It's fine. You're very young, Howard. Nothing stays the same forever. Meaning what? Maybe if you come out, something will change. So if I just wait

, okay, I can hang on. So what you're saying is, if I come out from under here, I change. But what if I change worse? I'm just hearing I'm hearing a lot off. How would I want you to come out from under the bench? Good. That's just the point I don't wanna do. I'm told I wanna do what I wanna do. Six do. I'm told. Mm. No one ever told me to do anything good. People always ever told me to do stuff that I'm rubbish at. Every time I do stuff that rubbish out there, just tell me to dream. Or and then they get annoyed me for being rubbish at it. But I'm only rubbish because they told me to do it. They hadn't told me to do it. I would have known I was rubbish. It wasn't rubbish. Won't be annoyed. So people just telling me to do things that make him annoyed. If I climb out from the bench, you're just gonna be annoyed. Same as everyone else. I won't be this time. I promise. Please, no need to say please. I'm your massive and I'm really small. It's fine. I'm not going to drag you. Find

what? What? What? Howard just sort off pokes out from under the bench and just stands in front of you. Child. Howard is a little streak of nothing like Child. Howard is tiny, big mop of hair, tiny everything else on. He's just they're holding all of his like Messi books really angrily and just looking at you. What? I'm here. What, What, what as he sits up because she was previously lying on her front, wasn't she? So as he sits up and she goes, Do you want to be in this room? You said, You know, it's rubbish, but it's the only place I gonna be. I can show you other places if you like. You promise. No one's gonna be annoyed at me for just being there. So how was a kid at the moment? If there was an adult there, someone would see, as you look really hecking sad. And then she's going to say everyone will be really pleased to see you. Actually, I think that

seems to upset not, You know, like, that's awful way, but in a no, they won't. No one's ever happy to see me. I am. Yeah, but you're different because you're like, you know, cool. Mm hmm. I only hang out with cool people. So Howard kind of preens himself just a little bit and stands up a little bit straighter on in the act of standing up straighter. Just seems toe age up. Not in a like, oh, how horrifying. But more like, somehow you find yourself staring in front off. Now, a young teen instead of a very young child. Really? Oh, yes. Everyone I know is very cool. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So, like, what kind of things you will get up to? He's continuing to sort of progress. Let's say I know two people who can make things explode. Really

? Oh, yes. A tous point. Your your Ah, young man Carter. Not necessarily the slightly older man, Carter, that you know what you're getting there. I know someone who got hit by lightning, like three times. Wow. Still had loads a hit point at this point. If I may, I'm going to suggest that if you were to be leading Howard away from the room while talking. He would be following you too, engrossed in what you were saying, Thio realize before as it goes on, though, she's going to say. But you're sure you want to come with me? Yes. Well, yeah, obviously. And you don't want to be here. There's rubbish. No one's been struck by lightning here. I've been here ages. All right, then. Howard, why don't you come along? I'll tell you all about a group of people I know who

are excellent building things. You wouldn't believe the things that they could do and so fast. And she keeps telling him about various other members of the crew. And yeah, at which point then I am going to jump across to sell. So last thing we heard is this is This is an unfixable problem. Sasahara just kind of puts a pair of flasks down angrily. In fact, one of them shatters a little bit. Cracks. Let's say on a saas returns to you looks as if from nowhere properly upset. You know that you can't just leave it unfixed. You have to solve the problems. You don't solve the problem, that it's just going to get worse. So we've got to solve it. Because if we don't solve it, then it just gonna get worse. So if we just do this now, then we can go back and be fine cetera. I I know exactly how you feel, right? I do. I know that sometimes you feel you need to solve the thing. And you can't think of anything else until that

thing is done. But there's but what I've learned. And I'm so old, etcetera. I am so old. I have learned so many things so slowly, right? Sometimes things don't get finished, right? And that has to be okay here. But I can finish it. If you just help. You could get this done. Done it. We've done it way. Fix the first problem. And then? And then another problem came and then another. And this is if we finish this, it'll fix all the problems. It won't. Satur, What I'm saying is that this this is endless. And that's fine, right? If you want to solve these problems forever, but that there are other kinds of problems back back on the bare back. But where we were, you know, those problems I just I think that we work really well together, Andi. I mean, you have to remember that. Of course, while we don't obviously showed tons of time of them hanging out has been explicitly said that like

Sell hangs out with Sata doing like detailed work that while Sattar was in their hearts body, it's out there with the logic puzzles like they spent a lot of time together. So it is that kind of like with the tip. Yeah, but it's like you don't you don't show that that is right here. It's right here. We're so close. Well, I'm sure, like maybe such a reaches on sort of grabs two completely different components. Like, I know that we're just like and then e just so close. It's just right, so close The thing The thing about these puzzles right is that they always lead to other things, and that's that's what that's what being is right. I thought that was started being alive. It's like but it seems, is even bigger than that is that whatever you dio, it becomes something else, and that's that's that's great. You don't get to get a completion score, though always on problems, and I think this look, I

just i e feel like there were other things that we left unfinished, and you can choose to stay here. These are some really cool problem Problem with that. You've got really incredible equipment here. I mean, I have never seen a flask. Us bigas that onda spiral izing on that. Wait, no, no, no. I'm not gonna focus on all of the truth. That's really cool as well, I think. No. Okay, See, Astra, this this place is cool. It's wonderful. I'm so happy that it's it's here for you. But there are other really cool problems. And your friends? Andi, I hope I'm your friend. Andi Weaken. Do more stuff back back on the on the ship. So it za choice, Sasser. But there's there's I can't I can't way won't be able to finish this, right? It's not, uh you fix it and then you move on to the other thing. You don't get to complete everything. You're gonna have to choose either

. Traces. Fine. They're both valid puzzles. Sauce for a kind of takes a moment, puts the two components down and gives a bit of a this will still be here, won't it? It'll still be here. I'm pretty sure this or something like it. Even better. Sartre gives you a sidelong glance. Give me a sense motive. Oh, okay. Now that is. This is not sell strong 0.7. Oh, gives you a sidelong glance that could mean yeah, yeah. I'll make you a deal. Okay? We don't solve this now, right? But you and me solve this later when we get time, you know, we've We've We've dealt with everything else. It's all done. It's all solved. We can come back here and finish this together

, etcetera. I would like nothing else. Better in the entire world. You promise? I promise. White, hang on it. Come in. Such a kind of gestures with it are no closer. Yeah, Yeah. Closer. Yeah, right close. Okay. So actually reaches out and plucks the fang from behind your way. Cool. I think I should end the episode there rather than return toe. Hamid, we'll leave that for another week. Well done, all of you. There was a version of events where you wouldn't all manage it. And I thought I'd give you a challenge you can't solve with a dice or quote all the hit points E waypoints all of us. Just like Thio While Do you like him? Your friend or you did come close. She did come close, but it's

all good. Well, I'm happy to say that. Slight spoilers. We shall be returning Thio the quote unquote real world next week But until then Bye, everyone. Bye, Rusty Call Gaming is a podcast distributed by Rusty Quilon licensed under a creative Commons attribution Noncommercial share alike 4.0 International license. Today's episode was directed by Alexander J. Annual, produced by Hannah Prisoner To subscribe, buy merchandise or join our patryan visit rusty quill dot com Rate and review US Online Tweet us at the rusty quill visitors on Facebook or email us via mail at rusty quill dot com. Join our community on the discord or via reddit at r slash rosti Quil, Thanks for listening. This

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RQG 177 - Last Words (Part 2)
RQG 177 - Last Words (Part 2)
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