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September 25th 2020
Charlie Cadbury talks about Donate Now and the future of frictionless voice commerce.
Charlie Cadbury is the Chief Executive Officer of Say It Now, the award-winning voice technology company, who have teamed up with digital advertising exchange DAX to enable people to respond directly ... More
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August 10th 2020
Faisal Galaria talks about the rebirth of Blippar and the future of augmented reality.

Sam and Faisal talked about his recent tenure as CEO of Blippar. Why now is the right time for an Augmented Reality (AR) rebirth and what are his expansion plans globally for Blippar.

We also... More

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July 13th 2020
Mukul Devichand talks about why the BBC is launching their own smart voice assistant called ‘Beeb’.

Sam talked with Mukul about how this very early beta project fits into the wider BBC strategy across multiple services to act as a trusted public service voice assistant to the vast array of conten... More

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June 13th 2020
Martin Steers talks about the Community Radio Awards and the New UK Community Radio Network.

Sam Sethi had the pleasure to interview Martin Steers the station manager at NLive Radio and Chair of Community Radio Awards.

We talked about how NLive is continuing to run their station thro... More

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May 3rd 2020
Nigel Eccles talks about the growth of Flick & the on-going litigation of FanDuel

Sam talks with Nigel Eccles about his new company Flick. A companion app for sports fans who want to watch a game while chatting online with likeminded fans and friends.

Nigel talks about how... More

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April 30th 2020
Jay LeBoeuf talks about AI Powered Podcasting Studio Descript

Sam talks with Jay LeBoeuf about Descript’s latest version 3.4 which now includes live transcription, overdub and publishing to the web.  This is on top of its already powerful realtime audio and t... More

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April 29th 2020
Tommy Nagra talks about BBC raising £70m via the Big Night In, his love of Liverpool FC and Diversity in the BBC.

Sam Sethi talks with Tommy Nagra about the BBC Big Night In and how in less than three weeks it managed to put on a live show that raised £70m. 

We talk about how Tommy started in the BBC and... More

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