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Charlie Cadbury talks about Donate Now and the future of frictionless voice commerce.

by Sam Sethi
September 25th 2020
Charlie Cadbury is the Chief Executive Officer of Say It Now, the award-winning voice technology company, who have teamed up with digital advertising exchange DAX to enable people to respond directly ... More
Hello, everyone on Welcome to Sam Talks Technology, Your weekly guide about all things Tech on Business with Sam Sethi. Hello and welcome to another sound talks technology. I'm joined today by Charlie Cabaret. He's coming back the first of my guests toe ever come back onto the show because he's got something exciting to test. Needs a CEO of Say it now, Charlie. Hello. How are you? Very good. Thank you very much for having me back. Pleasure, Charlie, before we start on about what exciting years you've got to tell us today what ISS say it. Now, let's say technology business who specifically work in the world of voice assistance like your favorite Alexa and Google assistant on more specifically in the world of voice transactions helping brands on charities transact these problems. Brilliant. Now you successful in the past. If anyone listening to your last podcast you won several awards for

the skills that you've developed for Amazon. Alexa, Now you've got a new skill out. It's called Donate. Now you tell us a little bit about what is certainly this all came about at the beginning. Off Cove it So in April this year, innovate UK who is the government's innovation agency, put out a call looking specifically for innovative ideas that would help combat the economic challenges called Pike over. So we had a little look and saw what we might be ableto effect. We saw that the charity sector was you thio be significantly down on their donations. So in an average year, takes about £10 billion worth off donations from the public. But this year that he set to be done to six billion, so it's gonna be £4 billion deficit. And we want to see what we could help support the charitable sector by bringing together two different innovations that happened recently. So, firstly, innovation in the world off a radio advertising. So you can now specifically aim audio ads, the people listening on a smart speaker

. So if you're driving along listening to Classic FM, you would not hear this radio ad. But if you're a home on a smart speaker, you do hear this radio ad allowed us to create ads which very targeted, and then we can get the listener to do something with. And then secondly, um, in the world off Alexis skills were now able to transact easier. So before May this year in the UK if you wanted Thio make a donation toe Sbtc, you would say Alexa, open Sbtc. I'd like to donate £10 Onda Alexa would then say I've sent a message to the Alexa app Can Ugo and authenticate that, at which point we got a huge kind of drop off in people donated. That's changed now. So you'd say Alexa was £10 thio PCC elected £10. I could take that from your mamma's on pay account. Is that okay? You said positive intent like yes. Yep. Okay. On that payment then goes through. So it's really frictionless. So we've put this proposition together to tide thes thes two evasion together so we can launch

radio ads. They excite people, thio then make a donation, opens an electric skill and then just using voice commands and then make a relation. That is a project which got picked up by invading. So that frictionless commerce. How long has that been available from Amazon? When did they first make that available to developers? Only in May this year. So there hasn't been a huge number of skills which be launched that take advantage of this. So what we did is once you've got some funding through, we approached a number of charities to run this test. So we need to run this test by the end of November to prove that this is a mechanic is viable for charitable donations we brought on board the N, F C, C C, the B crisis, MacMillan Cancer support and Global's Make some Noise to be our launch chatter. That kind of woman chatting. We also approached Global and Global Euro is Europe's largest radio complete. They have radio stations like Classic FM LBC Heart from about $300 and we bring them on board as our media partners. What they have done is given us 16 million ad impressions, so it means

that they will play. That has to recreate for these charities 16 million times specifically on people listening on smart speakers because it's a really good chance that excited versions and getting those people spend donate. Now I'm a radio presenter as well, and I know for a fact that the ads are not interactive. They're not targeted pretty much so. This is a major step forward for global I can imagine. Also, Alexa, for the car has come out this year in the UK and in a few years time you won't have your FM or DAB radio. You'll just have your smart radio in the car. First of all, I've got two questions. One is I can see the opportunity beyond, but I want to ask you about that. Remind us again. When will this be available for me to try? When will you launch it? Exactly? Eso the NSC to see AD is running right now. We've in order to get the best chance of success to prove this out. We wanted to make sure that as trustworthy Touchpoints set every stage of the brands, we know that these ads will be dead on trusted radio stations. Let's get a heart so you'll be listening

on those stations. Then you're here and add from one of your favorite actors. So we've got Martin Freeman has recorded the ad for the PCC on what We're enough. The contextual relevance. The listeners. We know that smart speakers are usually in the living room or kitchen, but definitely a home. So with the creative Martin, things that read what are you doing? You relaxing at home baking, tidying up? Not all homes are pleasant to be in, and the SPDC requires your support, and it's a really powerful called for action on. Then I was using the name brands to call that use the call for action. And then once you make the payment with Amazon pay, you then get on email receipts from Amazon exactly the same as in the same form as you would have got if you had bought a pack of batteries from amazon dot com. So it is a really traffic experience. We've got an opportunity with this large scale tests with this number of as going out over a former time period to really shift behavior and explain

to the public that this is a new way for you to engage with your smart speaker to really seamlessly get jobs done. Making a donation in this flow from the beginning of the 42nd radio Add to the point that your donation goes through is under one minute, 40 seconds. So this believe is one of the speediest ways Thio, um, donate, but in the future to purchase something exactly. And that's the biggest market opportunity. I think that I'm so excited about When do you think you will? Look, you're just about to launch. Donate now, so apologies for the question. But when do you think you'll move that on to the next level, which is a frictionless e commerce and frictions purchasing? What's the timescale in your head? Do you think we are a very fast moving business on? We have that road map quite well, architected. We've obviously brought global on our media partner very strategic partner moving forward. And so we're working with them on exactly what's the best way Thio roll

this out, but not including, because this is a huge opportunity for audio advertising. So whether you're Spotify Amazon music affordable, you may be looking for more engaging audio ads and way that I'd look a thes kind of skills that are the next step for an audio out is the way that you might look at a micro site in terms of the display advertising, and if you put a hold of it, display er out there will shoot two A micro cited the micro site, then gets you on the line in terms of capturing your details and pushing you to purchase, and that's what we have built fits. You've gone even further because it's in the media purchase. So it's not even the jumped the micro site to them. Make another decision to them. Make a purchase. You're literally saying, Here's the ad. Here's the opportunity. Instantly make a purchase. So, for example, advertising could change his an ad for a garden lawn mower. Instantly purchase it. The whole step is just bean shortened. As you said, it's one minute, 40 seconds. It could be the same for many other

different ad. In fact, as a marketeer, you should be then looking at how you write copy for your marketing ad because you want an immediate return on The value of the ad is no longer. I throw my ad out and I hope you'll come to my site and I hope you'll sign up or I hope your purchase. This is very measurable. It's amazing what we're also able. Teoh is target the Georgia out thio relatively tight geographic locations as well. If you can really tailor the offer and starting to lead to there is the attribution, which has always been the challenging in all the advertising on radio advertising in the past is the historically you air app Andi has a cool collection on. Then you try and measure whether you have driven people to micro site where you have driven footfall. But the attribution is a bit fuzzy and not very granular. Specifically, here we have three distinct buckets of data. We understand, um, exactly when the audio ads have add, and then we can see the conversion rate. How many people have responded

to that call for action on said. For example, Alexa Open Spc. See how many people then go into the letter skill that we've created which guides them, tell them a bit more about the charity and allows them to donate. And then we can see how many people want to have gone to the skill, then end up donating on how much we really get that really end to end attribution from airing an audio ads away down to making a payment. One question that was going through my mind when you were talking about the process there, um, I still having to invoke the skills. So is that step still or is this skill automatically loading for me. The one thing I always think Amazon needs to change its model. But the way you seem to imply it was a Martin says what he says. I then have to say Invoke the N S P C C skill or donate Now, which is it? Anyway? That's a question. So it's no automatically loading the skill in the background for me. No, it's not the way the platform most

the moment you need. Thio open the skills so the call to action is actually getting the person who's listening to the radio ad Thio use their voice and say, Alexa, Open and SPDC in this way is a very engaging form of advertising because most marketing and advertising talks ask you and tells you to do things. But this is talking to you and asking you to talk back. It's far more engaged in that, that the whole lows of insight that we can get back here. So the kind of skills we built in the past for some people am the most whiskey tasting skill for the telescope brand, and we were able to see where people spent time within that experience. So we could see whether they're more interested in the tasting experience or the heritage of the brand of the way the whiskey was made, or even what cocktails you to make with that. And it's that infighting to deliver back to the brand about where people want to spend their time and engaging with your brand allows you Thio. Then

craft the right content, copy and messaging, which you know a land better in the future. This it becomes a farm or two way dialogue with your customers rather than now. Charlie, when do you think you'll have enough data? What time frame you're looking at in order to measure success? It was really time. We've got these ads running now. We're starting to see some good data come through. We're putting the report together very much in real time. We have reporting dashboards. Andi will be able to announce this part of what we have to deliver back Thio innovate UK at the end of November that we'll be putting, you know, a big public case study out December January tiu the world. But in the meantime, we're using that insight. Thio craft the technology platform, both for the charities sector and the more commercial free Now final question. If I'm a charity or m a brand, do I approach you and say now or do I approach global in order to

partner? You've got the N S P. C s got the r and I be etcetera Another charity, I think. Oh, this is brilliant. I want a part of this. Who do they approach you or do they approach global? Yes. So just on what we contend do is we can manage the entire process. This is the the product and service offerings that we manage everything from crafting the right kind of audio energy to listen Thio what's coming out and require example on the website on then to creating the skill and then advised where and how Thio run that medium global and then we're working partnership Charlie Cadbury, CEO of Set now Thank you so much. Where can people find you again? Just giving the u r l Yeah, we are there now and let's say it's now dot Ai You can find me at Charles Caffrey on Twitter Berlin. Charlie, thank you so much. And good luck. Thank you, Sam. That show was amazing. Don't forget to visit sand talks dot technology to discover Mawr Great shows. See

you next week. Same time, same place.

Charlie Cadbury talks about Donate Now and the future of frictionless voice commerce.
Charlie Cadbury talks about Donate Now and the future of frictionless voice commerce.
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