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Ep. 49 Quick Win- Having Gratitude

by Marissa Rehder
March 29th 2022
Want to know the secret to happiness?


In this episode, Marissa shares how gratitude can change your outlook on life and create happiness.


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Welcome to the Self Care with Marissa Radar podcast. I'm your host, Marissa and I am a certified life coach and self care expert. I'm making it my mission to help busy women build a self care centered lifestyle because self care is so much more than just pampering yourself. Society leads us to believe that basic rights like taking a warm bath or having our hair done is self care, but I'm here to change that narrative. I'm going to teach you how I went from overwhelmed, stressed to the max and burned out on life to thriving and loving the life I'm building. And it all started with making a commitment to myself. So what do you say? Are you ready to commit to your own personal development journey? Let me lead you to the path of happiness and contentment. That's right, The one that leads you to a life you truly love. Let's get started. Hey, welcome back to another quick wins episode of Self Care with me, Marissa raider and today I want to teach you how gratitude can change your life and the lives of those around you.

Like I said, it's me marisa and I cannot wait to introduce you to a way of living that will make all of the difference for you in every aspect of your life, Your relationships with others will improve as well as your relationship with yourself. And it is so simple. All it takes is five minutes per day, talk about a quick win. So first off, I just want to talk about how gratitude really is a powerful tool that can change your life. It sounds too simple and too good to be true and then there's that thought of is it becoming toxic positivity if I have this gratitude built into my daily routines, but it's not when you are grateful, you are going to attract more opportunities into your life because other people are going to feel that graciousness inside of you. God is going to see that gratitude and what do you want to do when somebody is grateful for you?

You want to do more of whatever you just did that they're grateful for. It feels good. And so here are just five ways that to practice gratitude every single day. So the first thing is just write down three things you're grateful for each morning when you wake up, do an act of kindness for someone else. Take time to appreciate the beauty around you and thank God for the amazing world that he has provided us to live in, create something new or take on a creative project and spending some time with loved ones. All of these are just super simple, but let's break them down just a little bit more. So writing Down three things that you're grateful for each morning when you wake up can be difficult, It really can. You're just waking up, you're like, what am I grateful for today? If it doesn't feel seamless in the morning, turn it into a nightly routine, see what you're grateful for throughout the day and tack it onto the end of your day. But the reason behind these three things that you're grateful for is because that even in some of the most difficult things that I've gone through in my life and I'm not going to air them all out here in this podcast episode.

But I I just, I can't even, I can't even tell you some of the difficult things that I've gone through, that there have been lights at the end of the tunnel. There were things that I learned from every single one of them. Did it suck going through? It absolutely wasn't the worst. Absolutely. Did it almost break me more than once. Absolutely. But there is something that I have found in each of those situations that are positive to me now for who I am and what I'm teaching and who I've become. And so even on the worst of your days or the worst week or the worst month or the worst year, there are always things to be grateful for and that doesn't mean that you have to ignore the hardship of the stage that you're going through. But the more things you can be grateful for and the more you can focus on the good things in your day, in your life, in your week, in your month, the more you're going to recognize those opportunities, think about when you have that negative friend that you hang around and all you can see is the negativity and you walk away from hanging out with him and you're like God just feel bad now imagine your whole life like that.

Your brain focuses on what you put in front of it or what you think about the most, it's going to find more of those instances in your life. So if you're focusing on the negative, that's what's going to happen. So starting your day off or ending your day with three things or five things Or 10 things, whatever it is that you're grateful for is literally going to change the outlook that you have on life. Doing random acts of kindness for someone else is such a soul booster. It's something that we are called to do. We are called to be selfless beings who treat others with love and respect and how we want to be treated and when you do something genuine for someone else that kindness sparks joy in you and it allows you to just have gratitude for that person for the act that you just did and then it grows the third one is taking time to appreciate the beauty around you Right now.

I was debating on even recording this episode because it is so windy here in Iowa today that the windows on my house are literally rattling and whistling and it's hard to take in that beauty. The beauty of that wind because it's not always the most pleasant but what I do think about is that you know what, it may be windy, but I can enjoy the sunlight that is streaming in my office windows right now and I can be grateful for that. It just gives me that perspective that even though it might not be perfect, which nothing ever really is, there's still goodness in my life, in different portions of my day, in different areas and just really appreciating the beauty around you that God has created for you is just such a heartwarming place to be. So I suggest that you do that any time that you're just feeling down or you're getting into that negative mindset, just take a deep breath, look around and see what beauty there is to appreciate.

The next tip is creating something new or taking on a creative project a lot of times my creativity sparks happiness in me, it creates joy and when I am able to, it doesn't even have to be a craft or something huge, it could literally be creating the smallest thing. But using that side of your brain to sing your favorite song or jam out to your worship playlist on your way to pick the kids up from daycare. No, I'm not talking about myself right now. Yes, I am, yes, I am. But using that creative side of your brain allows you to be present in the moment. It allows you to quit analyzing and breaking down all of the things that might be weighing you down that day and it just, it creates happiness. It really truly does and the last one is spending time with loved ones and I dont have siblings.

So this, this is hard for me to understand a lot of the time when I talk about spending time with your loved ones because I have friends who are like spending time with my loved ones usually ends in a fight or somebody's on somebody's nerves or you know if you have multiple kids, I see it every day with them. Like it can be a tense place to be spending time with your loved ones but truly being present with your loved ones, not being distracted by your phone, not being distracted by the tv. Just really being with them and appreciating the good qualities that they bring to the table can be so powerful. It's such a great reminder of the goodness in others and how others make you feel and just the pure love that is present between you and the relationships with the other people that are in your lives and so being grateful for all of those things and just really using the gifts that you've been given to be grateful for them and show up every day and know that it may not be a perfect day.

But there's always something to thank God for is is the key here. It really is going to change your life. It does not take a lot of time but you will be so grateful that you have started this practice sooner than later. So, until next week. Well not next week, a couple of days from now, when I release my big episode for the week, it's gonna be all about building your village to help you achieve the things that you were meant to. So do not miss that episode on thursday and until then I am going to be here cheering you on and reach out to me, let me know what you're grateful for today. I cannot wait to hear it. That's it for this week's episode of Self Care with Marissa raider. Thank you for joining me and listen, if you enjoyed it and thank your BFF or any other woman you know might benefit from it, send them a link, share this episode or screenshot it and share it on instagram and tag me at marisa dot raider and hey, if you haven't already come hang out with me on the gram where I share all things, building a life you truly love in order to help you be the best version of yourself.

Until next week I will be here cheering you on

Ep. 49 Quick Win- Having Gratitude
Ep. 49 Quick Win- Having Gratitude
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