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Ep. 50 It Takes a Village

by Marissa Rehder
March 31st 2022
Being a mom... More
Welcome to the self care with Marissa Radar podcast. I'm your host, Marissa and I am a certified life coach and self care expert. I'm making it my mission to help busy women build a self care centered lifestyle because self care is so much more than just pampering yourself. Society leads us to believe that basic rights like taking a warm bath or having our hair done is self care. But I'm here to change that narrative. I'm going to teach you how I went from overwhelmed, stressed to the max and burned out on life to thriving and loving the life I'm building and it all started with making a commitment to myself. So what do you say? Are you ready to commit to your own personal development journey? Let me lead you to the path of happiness and contentment. That's right. The one that leads you to a life you truly love. Let's get started. Hey, welcome back to another episode of self care with Marissa raider and today we are diving into one of the things that is going to make you the most successful mom and entrepreneur because as a mom and entrepreneur, I know how hard it can be to balance it all.

It seems like there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done and when you're trying to do it all on your own, it can feel downright impossible. That's why I am so grateful for the other moms out there who have been where I am and understand what I'm going through. If you're looking for support as an entrepreneur Mom then look no further, I am going to share the types of people who will help you get through anything we've all heard that it takes a village and that's exactly what this episode is going to break down for you, the exact people that you need inside your village. Recently I read a book called You'Re Not Lost by Maxie McCoy and in it, she talks about having a girl gang, so today I'm going to share with you the people who you need in your girl gang. So the first type of person that you need is someone who leaves you feeling high on life after you've been around them, this is the energizer, it fills you up with positivity and light and you can't help but just be in a great mood anytime that you're in their presence.

The second type of person that you need to have in your life in your village is someone who just gets you those people where you don't have to explain anything, there's no judgments being made, literally, they just get you there is something so freeing about having that person who just understands you to your core without having To ask 1000 questions about everything. They just know they know where your brains are going, they know how you're getting from Point A to B and why you're doing what you're doing. They just get you the third type is someone who will celebrate your successes, this is the triumphant contemporary, This is usually someone who has their own success. So it might even be the most successful person that you know, because they know what it takes to get those wins and they know how hard you're working towards it and they can't do anything but celebrate right alongside you because they are just excited for you as you are the next type of person that you need is someone to dream with, who will support your goals.

This is called the manifest er because this person will light the fire in you to get you going to accomplish your goals and chase your dreams. No dream will ever be too big for them, nothing will scare them, They are going to be right beside you, cheering you on and telling you to get after it. Someone else that you need to have in your life is someone that you can go to when you're down, when you're down and out, this is your recharger. Someone who will listen without judgment doesn't want to fix the problem, but supports you through it. All. The next type of person is someone who believes in you maybe even more than you believe in yourself, guess what they are. They're the believer, believe it or not. This person knows you so well that they know more of what you're capable of than even you are because they don't see those doubts and they don't have those fears about you. They are confident in the person that you are and they are there cheering you on every step of the way the next type of person that everyone needs in their life is the spark.

This person is the one who gets everything moving. So you've been sitting on that idea for a book for the last two years, not anymore because that person is going to get you moving. I have a friend who is my spark and I have been wanting to create another deck of cards. So I have self care cards and affirmation cards. I've really wanted to create some prayer cards and I just haven't had the motivation to sit down and do it. I've made all the excuses. Why now is not the time or I don't have the time to do it. The truth is, it just wasn't a priority. And my friend Ariel, I love her to pieces. She is my spark. You guys, she told me, hey, we are doing a christian women's event in a week. You think you can have those cards done, you could do a pre order form for him and instantly I was like, yeah, yeah, I can do that. And without her, those cards would still be sitting in the filing cabinet of my brain waiting for me to create them.

The next type of person that you need is someone who's going to help you organize and plan the things, this is the planner, everyone needs, this person in their life. If you are not an organized or planner type person, find someone who will help you strategize, create the plan, map it all out so that you can keep moving and chasing your dreams. The next one is an anchor. This person just feels like home. You may not see them all the time, but every time you do, you pick right up where you left off, you know, no matter what you say, they're going to be there for you. That's your anchor and everybody needs one. And the last type of person here that you need just in your daily life is someone who can help you see four steps ahead of where you are now. This person is called the strategist. It's going to help you see what's already inside you and allow you to make decisions based on what that is. So I know what you're thinking, That's like 12 people.

I don't even know how many it is, I didn't even count them And some people might serve as more than one person in your village. So your spark may also be the person who celebrate your successes with you, that triumphant contemporary or they may be the person who dreams with you and supports your goals and the person who feels like home might also be the recharger that you need and that's okay, more than one person may fit more than one role and you may have more than one person in that same role in your life, but when you're choosing your friends and who you want to spend time around, keep these descriptions in the back of your mind because these are the type of people who are going to help you stay grounded, be organized, find success, reach your goals and manage all of the chaos of running a business and raising a family for the second part of this episode, I want to break down the business people that you need inside your life.

That doesn't mean you need them all at the same time, but at some point in your business career as an entrepreneur, you're going to need these types of people in your village. The first one is a business coach, they can be a valuable, valuable asset When you're first starting out as an entrepreneur, they can help you develop a business plan, set goals, stay on track. If you're feeling lost overwhelmed, this coach can give you the guidance and support that you need to get your business off the ground. Another time in your business when you might need a coach is when you're pivoting when you're trying to go in a new direction and just feel really stuck and the tasks of everyday business running have become mundane and you need the outside fresh perspective, that's where a business coach can come in the next person that you can add to your business villages, a mentor, they are experienced entrepreneurs who can offer advice and support throughout your journey if you don't have anyone in your personal network who can fill this role.

There are so many mentorship programs out there that can connect you with someone who's been through what you're going through. Having a mentor is a great way to learn from someone who's already been successful in business. This may look like joining a mastermind or a group coaching program. This might be finding a successful entrepreneur in your community or joining a women's entrepreneurship group either in person or virtually and finding people that you look up to and learning from them, the next person that you can add to your village to take some of the weight off of you and some of the overwhelmed is a virtual assistant. As an entrepreneur, there's no such thing as having too much help. A virtual assistant can take care of the day to day tasks that you don't have time for. Like scheduling appointments, handling customer service inquiries, managing your social media accounts, this will free up more time for you to focus on running your business and growing your client base.

The thing with this is that there are awful lot of people out there right now that are wanting to charge high, high dollar to be your virtual assistant but keep Looking, you'll find the right fit, you do not have to pay $50 an hour to a virtual assistant to do some of these day to day tasks. I am in the process of hiring my first virtual assistant in a while. I had one just didn't go the way I wanted it to. I I have control issues, let's go there. But needless to say I am now in the market for a new virtual assistant. I've got systems in place, I have routines down and that was part of my problem to begin with this, I wasn't quite ready to hire one. I knew I needed to because I was getting overwhelmed and I had too many things on my plate but I didn't have the systems in place to hand something off to someone else. I was still having to micromanage it all, which wasn't okay. That defeats the purpose of having a virtual assistant.

So if you are to that place, make sure you have systems that are in routine. They are already habitual that you can just seamlessly hand off and say this is what I expect. This is how it needs to be done and let them go for it. Something else that you can do is hire a web designer. If you're not tech savvy, then a web designer can definitely be a lifesaver. They can build you a professional website that reflects your brand helps you attract new customers. Having a strong online presence is essential for any business at this point. And if you're not sure where to start, then a web designer can help you get on the right track. And yes, there are web designers that you can pay thousands and thousands of dollars to, but there are also people who will give you templates for A fraction of the cost. My current website was a template that I bought from somebody else. I think I paid $180 for the template and another $150 for them to install it. I went through, changed all the texts, changed the images on it and it's serving its purpose.

Right now someday when I can afford it and I'm in a place where I need a more equipped website, I'll hire a high end designer. But for right now that's where I'm at in my business and that's okay, that's what's working for me. And so don't let some of these things be like, oh, that's off the table. I can't afford that. Start looking at where you can build your village, what is going to be the most impactful for you. And with tax season just around the corner, I highly recommend hiring an accountant as an entrepreneur. It's important to have someone in your corner who understands the ins and outs of business finances. An accountant can help you keep track of your expenses, make sure you're staying on budget. Having someone to help you manage your money will free up more time for you to focus on running your business. And the other thing is that when it comes to tax time, all of that's done for you and you don't have to scramble trying to get everything put together at the last minute, maybe talking from personal experience here, but our tax guy loves it when we come prepared.

Well by we, I mean my husband, I am never prepared for that meeting, but it's something that I'm working on, but an accountant will really cut down on that. So when you're building your business village though, you can't do it all all at once, but you need to look at the pieces of where you're lacking or what's not your favorite thing to do. What could you have hand off and be okay with not doing as a part of your daily business tasks anymore, find the people and and let it go, let them help you. So like I said, these are just a few of the people who can help you succeed as an entrepreneur had a mom, building a supportive network is essential to your success. So reach out, ask for help when you need it and it's okay to admit that you can't do it all on your own. We all need help sometimes. So I'm curious what other types of support have been helpful to you and your journey as an entrepreneur mom.

So share in a review on the podcast here and I am going to be picking one lucky person who is going to be getting a one on one coaching call with me just for leaving a review between now and the end of april so leave a review, let me know what you think of the podcast. If you love it, share it with a friend, subscribe, do all the things and let's keep helping more moms become successful business owners while keeping their sanity because that's what's really important and until next episode, I am going to be here cheering you on, That's it for this week's episode of self care with Marissa raider. Thank you for joining me and listen, if you enjoyed it and thank your BFF or any other woman, you know, might benefit from it, send them a link, share this episode or screenshot it and share it on instagram and tag me at marisa dot raider and hey, if you haven't already come hang out with me on the gram where I share all things building a life you truly love in order to help you be the best version of yourself.

Until next week, I will be here, cheering you on

Ep. 50 It Takes a Village
Ep. 50 It Takes a Village
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