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Ep. 72 Conquering Fear as a Female Business Owner - The Path to Success

by Marissa Rehder
March 2nd 2023

It can be daunting to start and manage your own business, and for female entrepreneurs, there is often an added layer of fear involved. But with a little preparation, determination, and education, ... More

You're listening to the marisa raider Shell, I'm a mama of three farm wife and creative entrepreneur who thrives on helping dreamers endures make the most of their God given talents. You can consider me your newest BFF who will be in there to cheer you on and give you practical tools to use in your business and your life, all while empowering you in your faith, providing you with hard truths and much motivation to get you chasing your dreams. I am bringing you actionable tips to uplevel your life and business as a busy mom and believer. I'll share laughs and encouragement with you as you chase after your God given dreams, I believe that you've been given this one life and purpose for you to live out and if you're ready to be the rock star you're meant to be, then you're in the right place. Let's get started. Welcome back to a new season of the Marisa raider show. I'm so excited to have you here and listening today, there are a couple new things that are coming your way in the podcast and the first one is, is that I'm gonna start every episode with a prayer for you as listeners and the content that I'm gonna be sharing with you, just trying to bring some intention to this and just asking for God's guidance in your business in your life and in each episode and the other thing that's new this season is that I'm going to be implementing a mindset monday episode, which is just going to be a quick 3 to 5 minute episode where we tackle some of the biggest mindset issues that entrepreneurs and business women have.

And so let's get started. Dear Lord, we come before you today seeking your guidance and overcoming our fears that are keeping us stuck from achieving our goals. Help us to identify the negative beliefs that stand in our way and to create new empowering ones that will help us reach our desired results. Give us the strength to talk to ourselves as we would a mentor with positive affirmations that will lift us up when we we need it most remind us of what truly motivates us and fill our hearts with courage so that we can move forward with positivity and drive, help us celebrate our small steps taken towards reaching our goals, no matter how insignificant they may seem, so that we can build momentum towards unlocking the potential within ourselves in your name We pray Amen. I am so excited for this new season of the podcast, it's unreal. But today we are going to be talking all about overcoming fear and reaching your goals.

We're gonna cover the causes of fear, why it's important for you to break through these fears and then some practical strategies on how to do so I myself still struggle with fear in my business and in my life, but I have developed some tools over the years that are hidden inside my toolbox that I whip out when I recognized that fear is present and it keeps me from getting stuck and it helps me to keep moving forward and I want to share those with you today. So first let's really break down what some of the causes women have for fear in their lives and some of it is a fear of failure, um lacking self confidence, maybe perfectionism, there's all sorts of different reasons why we experience fear, but there are definitely some universal factors and I want to break each of those down a little bit further. So let's talk about the fear of failure.

This is something that I have struggled with my entire life. I don't like failing, I don't know anybody who like wakes up in the morning though and is like, yes, I hope I failed today. It just doesn't happen, but it tends to bother some people more than others and it used to really bother me, it had something to do with my perfectionism, tendencies that I carry around with me in my baggage. But what I have learned is that I can't see things as failures anymore. I no longer even use that word in my vocabulary, their learning experiences and once I reframed my mindset around what it means to quote unquote fail, I no longer fear it because I know that the more I fail, the more I'm learning, the more I'm able to move forward and so failing is just building the foundation for you to keep moving forward and when you can wrap your brain around that, it really makes it a lot easier to no longer let it keep you stuck and keep you from taking risks and moving forward in your journey perfectionism, that's, that's kind of that same thing.

We feel like something has to be picture perfect before we can post it on instagram or that it needs to fit the highlight reel. When in reality, perfectionism is just a really dirty trick to keep you from making progress, there will never be perfection and do your best, put it out into the world and then keep moving forward and the more you do that, the better you will get at it. And that's all that, that's all that you can ask for, that's all that you can do. And another reason that sometimes we feel fear is that we lack self confidence in the area that we are working in. So if it's something in your business that you're not confident in, chances are you're going to put it off, you're going to procrastinate it. An example of this just for me personally is I have started a new product based business, it's called the inspiration haven, but it requires me to take photos of my products.

I am not a photographer, I don't really have an artful eye for it or anything. Um light and the mathematics that go behind navigating all of that to getting lighting right, not my friend, my brain just doesn't really work that way. Um I can see something and be like, oh I like that. I love the way it looks, but I can't duplicate it. So I have this self confidence issue when it comes to showing up to take pictures and so a little later on, I'm gonna share with you how I've overcome that, but I want you to know no matter what stage you're at in your business, there's always gonna be that little bit of fear there, but we're gonna dive into how you overcome it. But before we can do that, we need to understand why it's necessary for you to break through these fears. And it's because you need to do this in order to reach your goals. And I know that you're here because you're a goal getter because the people who listen to this podcast are action takers and I already know that, which means you you're an action taker.

And so we have to get past this fear. So it's not holding you back. Fear limits yourself from reaching your full potential and nothing should stop you from reaching your dreams. And this isn't to say that that's going to be an easy journey. It definitely does take hard work and dedication. But if you don't take the risks, guess what, you're never going to experience true success. And so this is an essential step for you to take in order to reach your goals. So don't let fear cripple you don't let it prevent you from taking risks or trying new things because these are all necessary for you to reach your potential. So let's dive into some practical strategies on how you can break through these fears and accomplish your goals as an entrepreneur. So here are just a few of the things that I personally use to overcome fear. First thing is first you have to surround yourself with positive people who can encourage you when times get tough, who's in your inner circle, Who are you allowing to sit at your table?

We can only have an inner circle of like, it's either 2 to 3 or 3 to 5 people that's all we can handle having deep close relationships with. So think about the people that you have the deepest closest relationships with and are they bringing positivity to your life or do you need to choose new people to come sit at your table? I'm reading a book right now, it's called Find Your People by jenny Allen. And if you're struggling to find your people pray about it, ask God to bring them into your life and he will do it in the most unexpected ways. And I know that because I've been praying that for a very long time and he's brought people into my life that were like those stepping stones to the next place and not everybody stays forever. But he's taught me how to build successful relationships through these people. So embrace the people in your life and go out and find those people that you're craving to have the positivity to encourage you even when the journey gets hard okay, the next thing is I want you to start setting small achievable goals for your bigger goal.

So you have your big goal, the one goal that you really want to set, Set five many goals to get you there, work on one goal at a time, because guess what? Your brain likes to see progress, set a goal, reach a goal, set another goal, reach the goal, your brain is seeing progress. You have one big overarching goal. It's hard for your brain to pinpoint where the progress is happening because it feels like we're taking two steps forward and then we take three steps back and then we take five steps forward and then we take two steps back. It seems like we never really get ahead. But if you set very tiny small practical goals that are gonna get you closer to that bigger goal, your brain is going to have no other option but to see that progress, it gives you a dopamine hit. So like scrolling the instagram or the facebook feeds, working out those things all release, Dopamine keeps you wanting to do it more. It gives you those happy endorphins not saying scroll social media for hours because it gives you endorphins, it gives you a dopamine release, that's what makes it addictive.

That doesn't necessarily mean it's not having other negative side effects on your mental health. We'll get into that in another episode. So you need to create that dopamine hit when you reach a goal to keep your brain craving, reaching more goals. Next thing is it's taking time for self care. This is something that even if you listen to the earlier episodes of the podcast, I have evolved and brought new perspective to in the last year even and you have to take time for yourself. And that doesn't mean society's perception of self care. Self care is done right when it's done in a way that stewards yourself and the purpose that you serve here on this earth, I don't go and get my nails done because I deserve to because I raise my kids and that's just something that I deserve to do because I have kids that's no, we're not making excuses for self care.

We don't, we don't earn our self care. We use our self care to steward ourselves to be a better mom. I have a bi weekly massage because I have neck and back issues that prevent me from being the best mom that I can be if I don't stay ahead of them, make sure that what you're choosing to do, Stewart's you and your purpose here on earth once again, that's a whole episode in itself and we'll get to that in another day. Things like meditation and yoga stress relief practices, those are the type of self care that you need in your life. You need the ones that are going to allow you to keep showing up to be the best business owner that you can be. Another thing that you need to do is making sure that you have a good support system around you. We talked about that inner circle, but what about the people who our mentors to you? Do you have one of those, do you have somebody that you can go to that you know, will give you solid business advice that will give you solid parenting advice that will give you solid spiritual advice, find those people and create a network out of them for yourself.

Those need to be part of your support system and then celebrate every success no matter how small they are. Those small victories add up, that's that dopamine hit again, we have to train your brain to keep showing up. So even the smallest victories, you have to see them as victories as wins because your brain has to subconsciously learn to keep moving forward every time you get one of those and to recognize them. So knowing these strategies is definitely gonna help keep you motivated and on track in your entrepreneurial journey. I know that today you're like, wow, she's coming at me, but I have such a passion for you and the life that you're living in the goals and the dreams that you have, that I cannot sit by and watch you give up on them or to stay stuck because fear is holding you there. So thank you for joining me today for this podcast episode. I want to just reiterate that I'm here, I'm cheering you on every single week as you overcome fear and reach your goals.

If you are looking for more support than just the free resources here in the podcast, I want to personally invite you to come check out to get it done Academy, it's an awesome membership where we are building a community of women who want to reach their goals and actually get it done. There's support in coaching and resources and training videos that you have access to um every month, new new content drops, so come check it out and start showing up for yourself and for your goals and just like always I'm gonna be here cheering you on.

Ep. 72 Conquering Fear as a Female Business Owner - The Path to Success
Ep. 72 Conquering Fear as a Female Business Owner - The Path to Success
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