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Feeling Stuck? Learn How Resisting Change Keeps You From Success

by Marissa Rehder
June 12th 2023


In this episode of the Marissa Rehder show, Marissa talks about resistance to change and how it keeps you stuck and from reaching your goals but don't worry- it's a common human response... More

Welcome back to another Monday mindset episode of the Mara Raider Show. So excited to have you here today, we are gonna be talking about what happens when your mindset is resisting change. So hop on into the episode and let's get started. Welcome to the Marissa Raider Show where every Monday we give you the Monday mindset, the inspirational and motivational spark to kick off your week on our show, we empower moms and female entrepreneurs with big goals to take charge of their lives, set positive intentions and start living a life they love. We know how busy lifestyles can be. That's why we created a Monday mindset for a quick reset. Each week, our advice will help you create actionable steps for achieving your big goals so that each new week sets you up for success. Hey, hey, so excited to have you back for another quick Monday mindset episode. Today, we're talking about what happens when your mind is resisting change.

There are so many reasons why we like to stay where we're at. It's safe, we're comfortable even if you are not in a place that you are completely happy with our brain, feels like it knows what to expect. So it would rather stay there then to have to grow and adapt and have that fight or flight mode kick in. It wants to just keep you here because it knows the status quo of where you are. And so that is one of the reasons the other is the fear of the unknown, just really not knowing what comes next. But if I stay here, I know what to expect. So we need to shift your mindset from resisting that change to embracing it. Because when you start to embrace change, it helps you adapt to new opportunities and challenges.

Which guess what grows your business in exciting and new directions. So let's talk about what makes us comfortable where we are or fear the unknown. There's a couple different things that we have fear of and all humans struggle with this. This is not just a you thing. So I want you to know that all of these things are things that all humans struggle with. You are amazing. You are wonderful, you're wonderfully made, you are unique, but these are things that everyone struggles with. So if your brain is trying to tell you that you're the only one struggling with change, tell it to and sit down because you are not. So the three things that I want to talk about right now are your fear of visibility, your fear of judgment and imposter syndrome. Those are all big things they could probably all be their own episode, honestly, their own mindset Monday episode.

And maybe I will get to that when I run out of the current schedule that I have done. But let's talk about the fear of visibility. We create our businesses, we love what we do, we craft, we make, we use our creativity in a way that brings joy to not only us but other people but that fear of visibility kicks in. What does that look like? That means you're scared of showing up and putting yourself out there and actually selling what you make or what you sell, whatever your business is, you're scared to show up because you fear judgment. You maybe have imposter syndrome where you believe that other people are already doing it better than you.

So why should you show up? Why would people want what you have to offer when so many other people are doing it? But here's the thing. Remember earlier when I said you are fearfully and wonderfully made and you are unique. Nobody's doing it the way you are. So take some time today, get really honest with yourself and say, what am I doing differently in my business or what part of me is coming out in my business? How am I uniquely showing up in my purpose in the world and know that there's no reason to be fearing showing up for other people. You're actually doing a disservice by not showing up for yourself and selling your products for your customers because they want to buy what you are offering.

But if you do not show up and you do not put it out in the world, all that does is keeps you stuck. Keeps you resisting. Change continues to fuel your fears of judgment and visibility and your impostor syndrome and it keeps you stuck because that's what our brains like to do. So how do you do this? How do you stop giving in to that fear of change or that fear of visibility, that fear of being judged when you do show up and make those changes? So today, I want you, the first thing I want you to do is I want you to seek out at least one new experience for your business, sign up for a conference or a workshop or a networking event. Do some research, find ways to help you stay inspired and motivated to try new things in your business, find someone who will push you, who will help you take those steps forward because when you fear change and you stay stuck, you do not see the growth that you want to.

You end up feeling like maybe you weren't cut out for this when really you're just letting that mindset block set in and keep hold of you instead of kind of pushing back and moving forward. Another thing that you can do today right now is to embrace failure. Fear of that. Fear of failure can hold you back. And this is something I'm gonna actually talk about next week in the Monday mindset episode. But failure is often a necessary part of growth instead of thinking about it as a failure, embrace it as a learning opportunity, use your failures as a chance to learn and improve on your business and the future of your business. And another thing that you can do is make small changes. First, making big changes can be really overwhelming. But instead making small changes, this can help you build momentum, develop more confidence in your abilities to make changes. So start by testing a new marketing strategy or launching a new product, small scale, take preorders on a product that's coming up to kind of gauge some market research for your upcoming launch, take some small steps, make some small changes because what happens is that these changes compound on each other and turn into those big changes.

You don't have to go all in. You don't have to form your business, pick your name, do all of your branding and then tomorrow quit your job. You need to do all of these small things first and then all of a sudden you'll get to those milestones where you get to leave your full time job to to run your business full time instead of having it be a side hustle, but you have to start by making those small changes first. The other thing is is that you need to get feedback from people. So I know that it's hard, especially if it's not the kindest of feedback, but get feedback from others. Take it to heart, get a fresh perspective on the things that you're doing and identify areas for improvement and make informed decision about changes that you can make in your business and then stay focused on your goals. Remember your long term business goals and make changes that align with those goals. So for me, I really wanted to grow my authority as an online business coach. The people who were drawn to me were running a product based business.

I did not have one of those I knew how to grow an online business but not necessarily a product based business. And so for me, that was a, that was a big change that I had to make, but I started small. So it seems like I went all in, in October and created this product based business. But I had been creating products with my friend Ariel through her business as an a line that I had of candles and bath salts and different intention products. And so I took that as my basis and then added to my product suite and started doing other things to grow my business so that I have a thriving product based business now so that I can prove and have that social proof that I know what I'm doing, but it seemed like a big change, but it really wasn't. It was all these small changes that I had been taking for probably six or more months, almost a year before I finally jumped and went all in on myself. But what would have happened if I would have just had this idea that I wanted to start making some physical products, but everybody else was already doing it.

They were doing it better. They've been doing it longer. So what could I bring to the marketplace? The key was to not let that mindset of fearing change. I could have kept going the way I was. Things were ok. They were all right. But now they're great even better than I could have ever imagined. But if I had let that mindset stick in and I keep me stuck, I wouldn't be where I am today. I wouldn't be talking about the things I'm talking about. I wouldn't be helping the women that I'm helping. And so stay focused on your goals and take those little changes, step by step, making them big changes. If a failure happens, it's not a failure. Another mindset shift. It's a learning experience and then seek out new experiences where you can grow. And I want to know in the comments in the reviews. What's something that you are reaching for that you no longer want to stay stuck in the fear of change?

What's something you're reaching for? Let me know, either hit me up on Instagram at Marisa coaching or leave me a review, send me an email, all of it's linked down in the show notes, but I want to know what's something that you are going to stop being stuck in and you're going to embrace the change and keep moving forward because I love to hear from my listeners. So reach out. I thank you for being here today. I hope this was a quick little mindset shift for you to start your week and, and I will be back on Thursday with a new full length episode all about how to plan your perfect day. And I have a, a little freebie for you at the end of that episode. So make sure you tune in and get a hold of that and until then I'm gonna be here. Cheer you on. Have a great week. Thank you for joining us for another episode of the Marissa Raider show. Our goal here is to support and encourage female entrepreneurship along with managing the everyday chaos. Life throws our way. We strive to help women who want to take their lives and business aspirations to the next level and know that that takes focus, dedication and hard work to get there for more great content for Marissa.

Be sure to check out her website W W W dot Marissa Raider dot com or follow her on Instagram at Marissa Raider coaching. See you next time on the Marissa Raider Show.

Feeling Stuck? Learn How Resisting Change Keeps You From Success
Feeling Stuck? Learn How Resisting Change Keeps You From Success
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