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Unlock the Power of Stress-Free Scheduling

by Marissa Rehder
June 19th 2023

In this episode of the Marissa Rehder Show, Marissa talks about effectively planning your day while maintaining a balance between structure and flexibility. She shares valuable insig... More

Welcome back to the Marisa Raider Show. I am super excited to have you here today. We are going to be talking about how busy moms who run their own businesses can do so effectively by planning their day to balance that work and family responsibility that constantly seems to be pulling on each other. So let's dive right on in and I will see you inside the episode get motivated and inspired to take your business to the next level with a Marissa Raider show. This podcast was created for female entrepreneurs who want to manage the juggling act of successfully running a business and raising a family, hosted by mom, wife Ceo and breakthrough coach Marisa Rader. The show features topics such as effortless goal setting, forming successful habits, reducing stress levels, starting your own business and more. Take your business to new heights with Marissa's expertise on how to be an empowered woman in charge of her career.

By understanding how both sides can be equally important. You will learn how to make amazing things happen while also balancing home life. It is absolutely possible. Listen, now, as Marissa helps give you the insight and guidance that you need to reach all your goals. Check out our website at www dot Marisa raider dot com or follow along on Instagram at Marissa Radar coaching for tips, tricks and motivation to unlock the secrets of success in all aspects of your life. Welcome, welcome. So, so glad that you are here today. We are diving into how to effectively plan your day when you are a busy mom and an entrepreneur and you are trying to juggle all the things, all the things. So I know that as being a mom and a business owner who owns multiple businesses, we have lots on our plate.

At least I have a lot on my plate. And I'm pretty sure you do too. So between running your business and taking care of your family, it can be so hard to find time for everything and prioritize things and we know what our priorities are, but then all of a sudden something falls off and it's not a priority anymore, but it really is and then just becomes a jumbled mess. And so is it actually possible to manage both aspects of your life successfully? It is, it takes some planning, it takes some organization a little bit of grit, a little bit of determination, but you can do it. And let me tell you once you learn to effectively plan your day, it's life changing, not just for you but for your business and for the members of your family So let's dive in. I want to get started right away. So the first thing is is that you need to start with your non negotiables.

What are your non negotiables for the day? I don't care about the week. I don't care about the month. I don't care about the year. We're talking about our daily schedules today. So if you are looking at tomorrow's schedule, what are your non negotiables going to be? So I'm just gonna give you a few examples. Tomorrow, tomorrow is a day that my girls have dance recital dress rehearsal. I also need to get my four year old from my mother and my father's house somehow and that I have some orders that I really need to ship out. So, what are my non negotiables for tomorrow? Ok. Well, a post office stop is a non-negotiable meeting my mom to get my youngest daughter non-negotiable, getting my kids to their dance practice. Also non-negotiable. Super. So I have those times blocked off in my day. I can hit up the post office while I am en route to get my daughter.

And that's happening at 12 30. I know that it's going to take me at least 2.5 hours to do that to go there, pick her up, come back. So I'm gonna plan for three hours. So from 12 30 to 3 30 I'm booked, that's it. That's all I can do. Actually, it'll be 11 30 because I'm gonna meet my mom at 12 30. Semantics. I know. So 11 30 to 2 30 that means I'm home in time then to get my other two off the bus, get them fed, get them ready for dance. Make sure all of our costumes are ready. All of those things. Perfect. So my afternoon is pretty much booked because we have dancer site rehearsal until eight pm. So from 11 30 until eight pm, I've pretty much mapped out my date because those are my non negotiables post office. Daughter dance. Ok, so then what I need to think, what else do I need to get done tomorrow in order to have a successful day?

Well, I need to have those orders made and packed before I can drop them off at the post office. So I need to figure out a time to do that either tonight or in the morning. So I'm gonna set a schedule. So I'm gonna list out all the tasks I would like to get done tomorrow. Once I've prioritized my task, then I can create a daily schedule that includes those specific times. So like I said, already got my family responsibilities and working on my work once. Now, the only ones I'm really missing are my self care and that might look like just laying down in my bed and reading a book when I get home from dance tomorrow night at 8 30. And that's ok. But I'm gonna actually schedule it because taking times for breaks and relaxation in your schedule helps you avoid burnout and actually makes you a more productive person. So now I've got my set schedule set. Now I need to use time blocking.

So time blocking is a technique that you allow specific blocks of time for different tasks. So I might block off two hours to record podcasts or I might block off an hour for graphic designing for my upcoming launch, or I might block off three hours for product creation and packing and getting ready to ship them. So, what I like to do is I like to make all the products that's time blocking. Then I would take another piece of my day and I would block it off so that I could lay all the products out. The box is ready to go, then I would package all of the boxes together. So I'm blocking my time and batching things based on what flows easily for me and fits into my schedule. That way, I don't look at something like taking a product from start to finish to getting it to the mailbox. That can be really overwhelming. But if I look at just getting the cups made that I need to make or just getting the keychains made that I need to make, that makes it a smaller window for me.

I can time block it easier. Make the cups, make the keychains lay out all the orders, print all the printing labels, see how I do that I can then spread it out and fit it into those nooks and crannies of my schedule. Now tomorrow isn't a super great example of that because I basically have work time and I have family time. But on a normal day when my kids are home with me, I need to be able to block off different times for different things based on how long that specific activity is going to take me. The next thing that you might need to start considering working on that balance is outsourcing or delegating. So it's impossible to do everything yourself. So look for any opportunity you can to outsource or delegate tasks that others can handle administrative work, social media management, household chores. So I will not lie every Tuesday. I have two women that come into my house and they clean it from top to bottom.

I keep the clutter manageable. They come in, they do the deep cleaning. I had to outsource that a it does not bring me joy in any sense of the word. And I found myself just never doing it because I never made it a priority. The other thing that I outsource is I outsource some of my administrative work and my social media management to my va Shannon. And you might be thinking like cool, it must be awesome to be able to afford that. But the thing of it all is is that some months I don't pay myself because I would rather have my sanity then to not have my Shannon. Like nobody wants to live in a world where I don't have my Shannon. So another thing is, is I outsourced family involvement at school today. My husband went instead of me so that I could time block recording the upcoming podcast that I needed to get done. It's ok to outsource things even within your own household. My kids love to un package the cups before I create them.

So that's something that I've outsourced to them. It doesn't always have to be somebody that you have to pay an extreme amount of money to, to help you delegate and outsource some of the things that you're struggling to juggle and then the last tip that I have for you is to just be flexible. Remember to be flexible in your day. It's life as a mom, life as an entrepreneur. They're both unpredictable and unexpected issues can come up at any time. So be ok with adjusting your schedule as you need to be, be kind yourself have grace and when things don't go according to plan, roll with it and reevaluate for the next day, it's ok. So following these tips, you are going to be able to effectively plan your day as an entrepreneur, find the balance between your work and your family responsibilities. And just remember planning really is key to success. It's not to make you feel rigid.

It's to give you more freedom. So take the time to do it right. You will be rewarded with a thriving business and a happy family when you conquer it. So thanks for tuning into today's episode of the Mercator show. I have a special download for you to help you manage your daily schedule. So hop into the show notes. I have created the perfect day planner and you can just download it and print it and get started with how to make your days more manageable, maximizing your productivity and not ignoring your family at the same time. So as always, I'm gonna be here cheering you on until the next Monday mindset episode. Go ahead. Leave me a review on Apple itunes or wherever you listen to your podcast at screenshot it. Send it to me on Instagram at Mercator coaching and I will send you my Christian Rene's tool kit.

I usually sell it, but I'm giving it away for free for anybody who leaves a review. And once again, I'm here, always cheering you on. Thank you for joining us for another episode of the Marissa Raider show. Our goal here is to support and encourage female entrepreneurship along with managing the everyday chaos. Life throws our way. We strive to help women who want to take their lives and business aspirations to the next level. And that takes focus, dedication and hard work to get there for more great content for Marissa. Be sure to check out her website www dot Marissa Raider dot com or follow her on Instagram at Marissa Raider coaching. See you next time on the Marissa Raider Show.

Unlock the Power of Stress-Free Scheduling
Unlock the Power of Stress-Free Scheduling
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